June Made It – Voting with HEART

I mean that literally!

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Happiness Is…


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June Made It – the last 3 entries

Now this is by the ‘skin of your teeth!

3 more FAB entries before we ring the bell to close the June Made It and throw open the voting

Smitten Mittens by Nice Piece Of Work


Creepy Carol and Her Cowl by Nice Piece of Work

Here are two gorgeous winter-warming entries by Jill of Nice Piece Of Work…one modeled by her beautiful daughter Alex, and the other by the….umm, Carol.


Owl Hats By Beatrice Ryan Designs

Topping our list of AMAZING entries are a couple  more delightfully colourful owls by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs!


Thank you to all of you fabulous folk that read all the Made It posts, all the LIKES, the brilliantly entertaining and encouraging comments. Each and every one is love and appreciated!!!

Thank you too to all the entrants, the entries are just INCREDIBLE and I know that we’re all going to have a hard time voting for our favourites!


Photo (11) copy


Voters Choice



June Made It – get your VOTING fingers ready

Woop woop! It’s almost that time of the month, yipeee….there are literally hours to go until VOTING begins ♥

Before I get on with introducing the last (?) batch of entries, here is a reminder of what’s up for grabs!

Photo (11) copy

June Made It challenge prize – 1 x Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton in Mixed Greens, 1 x 8mm Tunisian Crochet Hook, 1 x Beaded Tassle Kit

There seems to be a lots of chatter on some blogs about Tunisian hooks, so I’ll be interested to see what the winner produces with it – no pressure though 🙂

Righty O, let’s get on with it…please forgive me once again for the lack of a decent intro to each entry but I have 3 kiddies downstairs, on school holidays, yelling at me to take them out!


Traditional Smock

OMW, how stunning!! And the smock is pretty delightful too 🙂 Thank you and a warm welcome to  Stiches N Dreams for your gorgeous entry ♥


Flower Power Bag by Little Poppits

OOOOOH I WANT, I WANT! Check out this FANTASTIC flower power bag by the lovely Laura of Little Poppits 



Cute Cardi by Cute As A Button

Just by the skin of her teeth eh, heehee! Another cutie pie crochet cardi by another lovely Laura from Cute As A Button…and it is ♥



A Mystery… by Oh Sew Tempting

Intriguing! Welcome back to Avis from Oh Sew Tempting with her mysterious entry! I will leave this one to YOU to investigate ♥


Tunisia Hook Holder by Kaiserin

See, there it is again…Tunisian Crochet! Check out this super duper crochet hook cover by Kaiserin of Empress27


Rag Rug by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Owl Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Feast your eyes on not only this stunning Rag Rug and this delightful Owl Hat… there’s a whole lot more to ogle over from Elena of Beatrice Ryan Design


Rose Earring by Kake’s Crafts

How absolutely gorgeous! I ADORE these delicate little rosebud earring by the clever and talented Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts


And lastly, I may owe Jill something here and I have once again failed miserably to get something of my own entered! BUT, it was a close call….

Photo (12)

Future August Entry in the making!

All I can is that I WILL x 1,000,000 be entering the AUGUST challenge with my Lucy inspired Granny Square cushion ♥


I’ll be checking in a little later with any last minute entries and ring in the VOTING! Bye for now xxx

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June Made It – 2 more days!

Hello from a wet, cold, rainy Cape Town! It’s so fffffreezzzzing and gloomy here, I posted this pic on my Facebook page to cheer me up

new-best-flower-computer-background copy

Absolutely did the trick!

Wow, so yes…there are really ONLY 3 days left until the June Made It closes and the voting begins. I am proud to say that I spent some time working on my entry today and just have to cross my fingers that I get it finished time   and I WILL get it finished in time! A certain coffee date of mine commented on the fact that she noticed that I actaully hadn’t submitted anything into the challenge for a while now AND I had the audacity to enter something my daughter made last month…eeeeeeek!


Yes, you recognise her don’t you! The lovely Jill from Nice Piece Of Work and I got together last Thursday for or a cuppa,  a great chat,  and shared an ENORMOUS slice of blueberry cheesecake! She came laden with all sorts of goodies:

  • the fab crochet hat that Jill made for FB giveway which was won by my sister-in-law
  • this ADORABLE froggy beanie that I won on her Jam Tarts giveaway
  • photo (1)

    How cute is my boy?!!!

  • AND the 2 Bead Tassle sets that are going to make up this month PRIZE (woohoooo)

So Jill, I am going to make sure that my little fingers work themselves to the bone and produce something decent to enter this month!

Here are the latest entries into this months challenge!

Sweet enough to eat <3

Cupcake Dress by Millie On Her World

Are you just as blown away as I am??….especially seen as though this Cupcake Dress  was an AFTER THOUGHT by the wonderfully imaginative Mille On Her World after the postman let her down! Flippin awesome.



Jean Skirt by Projects by Mtetar

This is where you go when faced with the dilema of chucking out an old pair of demins!!! This Jean skirt  made by the super-stitcher   Mtetar of Projects by Mtetaris  is just another fine example of how one can bring new life into an old pair of denims!


Baby Blanket by Aviena

Happy Times by Aviena

Thank heavens for new bundles of joy…and especially little nieces in this case!  This uber- trendy, fabulously cuddly Happy Times baby blanket ,  loving handmade by the talented Aviena of AvienaDawn makes me go all mushy…those little picot stitches……ahhhhhhh!


True Colours Afghan by Elena

If you haven’t already, please pop over and have a look at all the amazing crochet goodies that  Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs has been producing for Alpine Originals Artwalk at which her work is being featured. This True Colours Afghan is her latest offering….WOW!


Circle of Roses Lamp by Aviena

Circle of Roses Lamp by Aviena

Another beautiful project by Aviena to woo us with! What a brilliant idea to decorate a lamp with these gorgeous crochet roses – I too will be looking at all my lamps in a new light (soooo unintended!)


Thank you ladies



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June “Made It” – some patriotic Whimsy, a little Fairy, clever Crafts, funky Feet,a comfy Cushion, a cute Cardi, some sweet Socks and the softest Shawl on the planet!


The great thing about Father’s Day is that it’s yet another great excuse to get crafty so I hope the men in your life got lots of glittery cards, tons of crocheted/knitted warmies and stuffed themselves silly with homemade cupcakes/pies/chocolates etc. I’d love to say that my hubby got lots of homemade things (oh, ANY excuse for me to sit down and crochet PLEASE), but instead he got a  FULL ON party with 50 friends,  mounds of delicious curries, a massive chocolate cake, and DJ which kept everyone boogie-ing on the dance floor until midnight. OK, so it was his 40th birthday which basically turned into 3 day affair. I mean, really. What a cheek to turn 40 AND have Father’s Day the next day AND a public holiday after that. Hmmmph!

We did have an absolute ball though, AND just to top it off we went to see Eddie Izzard live at Cape Town’s Grand West Arena last nigh….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that straight-high heel clad-cross dressing-makeup wearing-multi marathon runner-funny man!  So we’ve only just got back into “normal” mode and I’m feeling tired…but the relaxed, good kind!

So with my feet up, here are the next few entries into June’s fast-filling-up Made It challenge!


 The sun is definitely shining somewhere in the world – my goodness, it’s IRELAND too! Look at these gorgeous summer sandals crocheted by Serena, one of our Facebook page members. I imagine that while taking this pic with one hand, there is a delicious cocktail in the other.. am I right?!


cushion 1

Granny Square Cushion by YarnChick40

If you are a regular reader of the Made It posts, then you will recognise the fab colours of this granny square cushion made by Lisa Victoria from YarnChick40! It perfectly matches the funky poof/ottoman she made ages ago. Well done LV for a beautiful set and another WIP done and dusted..HI5!!!


Z’s Mobile by AvienaDawn

Ahhhhhhh, this magical, delicate and utterly delightfully beautiful, felted and winged  fairy mobile was made by Aviena from AvienaDawn . How gorgeous is she!  She was made especially for Z who is, no doubt, a very happy girl –  pop over and read her post for more dreamy pics ♥



Patriotic Crochet Rug by Beatrice Ryan Designs

I love this crochet rug!   Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs, who is a completely machine when it come to churning out all sorts of wonderful designs/creations has entered this bright, whimsical patriotic rug  for a fair. I’m thinking how absolutely stunning a SA flag/rug would look…hmmmm



2 Projects by Mtetar

What a lot of creativity and new goodies a rainy day can bring. This is another thing I love about the Made It challenge –  it’s not about just knitting/crochet, it’s all about being creative and enjoying it! Check out the these two great projects by Mtetar of Projects by Mtetar!


Triangle Shawl by Verena

WOWWEEE, what a stunning shawl, knitted with the softest baby Alpaca yarn! This entry (her first!!) was submitted by Verena Hinsch of Mukuti Stud Alpaca who produce the most amazing Alpaca yarns right here in SA!  I feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at it…simply gorgeous


Cardi in Blues by Kaiserin

These next two entries are from Kaiserin of Empress27  who is a whizz with wool / fibre freak and has a passion that’s so infectious! This sweet baby cardi  and these delicious little baby socks are her latest creations. I can see how making those little socks could be addictive!

Baby Socks by Kaiserin


I hope you enjoyed ogling at these!

The collection is still open for another 8 days, so there’s lots of time to get busy and submit (I’m talking about myself here too…eeek)

♥ Click in FROGGY to submit your link ♥

made it

Bye for now x


June Made It – Feast your eyes

Hello all your creative-Goddess-types!

Hope you are all enjoying mid year (yes, MID YEAR) sun or snow – although from what I hear, some who are supposed to be seeing the sun, are definitely are not seeing the sun!

We’ve actually had a bit of both – which is really odd as South Africa very rarely sees snow and most certainly hardly EVER in Cape Town’s city center!


It must have been snowing because my hubby finally agreed to a new puppy. Meet the newest member of your family – Koco the teensy weesny Mini Daschund. I don’t think I have to tell you who now rules the house. Seriously, it’s like having a new born baby all over again!


Another rare sight in our side of the land are this stunning flock of flamingos that have taken up residence in Kommetjie, a beautiful seaside fishing village just up the road from me. They are incredibly graceful and beautiful creatures…




Well, I am delighted to show you the next beautiful bunch of entries to the Made It challenge.  It’s halfway through June and the collection is looking INCREDIBLE, so much talent out there and I’ve a feeling there’s a lot more to come too! By the way, you may have noticed that InLinkz also has had a make over – I have to say that I’m still trying to find my way around (it’s a little confusing) so if there are any hiccups, please let me know!


sam_19741 (1)

‘Big Top Tea Cosy’ by Jill ONoodles

Jill from O’Noodles   has entered this gorgeous, pom pom-adorned   Big Top Tea Cozy! There’s just something about pom poms, don’t you think! What I love most about Jill’s blog is that it’s always filled to the brim with wonderful colourful pics of all her work…have a look at this post with her stall – bursting with happiness.



“Maddie’s Infinity Scarf” by Measured and Slow

A warm welcome back to  Alyssa from Measured & Slow with this beautiful, snug looking  Maddie’s Infinity Scarf  knitted in the most luxurious yarn *drool*.  Her photos are amazing and always look so inviting. Oh, keep an eye out for the pattern for this scarf, coming soon.

I have to laugh, I think I may have as many sister-in-laws as you do Alyssa – 5 in total!!!



“Dragon Ribs” Hat by Nice Piece of Work

I’m still giggling at this post about “seaweed” and if you haven’t read it, DO SO NOW! So after that kind of experience, you can understand Jill from Nice Piece of Work wanting do make something that’s quick and easy. My ears prick up when I hear “quick & easy” (no, not in that way tut tut) so this  Dragon Ribs hat is sooooo up my alley. I WANT ONE! Love the chunky yarn & the colours…Jill posted a link to the pattern too



“Still Daisy” by Crochethome

Ahhhhh….if the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” is true, then Nela from Crochethome  can post picture after picture after picture… How beautiful is this Still Daisy dishcloth? If you haven’t already, pop over and have a browse around her blog- it’s serenity is captivating. And inspiration? WOW


img_0623 (1)

“Doilies” by Crochet Cafe

I am soooo inspired by this beautiful crocheted doily by J.G from Cafe Crochet. In her post, J.G speaks about doilies as being an easier project to tackle…well, to me it looks like the most difficult thing to do!!! I absolutely adore this doily with the little “pineapples” – so delicate and intricate!  This pattern is a freebie and she has very kindly posted a link so do check it out!


wpid-img_20130610_082924_601 (1)

“Big Girl Bonnet” by Beatrice Ryan Designs

The lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs   has submitted another of her stunning   Big Girl Bonnet. I love the chunky stitches,the cute button, the trendy look and that colour….GORGEOUS!!! Looking forward to seeing what’s next *rubs hands in glee*



The wonderful WONDERFUL Jill from Nice Piece Of Work has not just donated, but has made this months fabulous prize…and they’ve been a big hit on the blog

2 x BEADED TASSLES sets for the lucky winner to enjoy! Thanks Jill

                                                      Photo (10)  Photo (9)



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June Made It – And we’re off!

Hello and welcome to the June Made It challenge!!!

I’ve had a hectic, fun-filled, busy week with work (yeah, day jobs!!),  plus I’m doing a course this entire weekend (will fill you in later) and (as usual) have left everything to the last minute!!! I hope you will forgive me –  I thought about not posting this post until Monday, but it just seems way too long to wait to ogle over all the fabulous entries we have so far. So,  instead of my usual style of introducing each entry (my absolute favourite part of the challenge) I thought that you’d probably prefer to see what’s “on offer” this month!

So here are the wonderful entries to the challenge so far – please click on the photos to take you to the original posts

Donkey Beanie by Calypso Crochet

Balloon Animals by MillieOnHerWorld

Balloon Animals by MilleOnHerWorld

Cotton Brimmed Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Bead Tassles by Nice Piece Of Work

Forget Me Nots by Jill O’Noodles

Chevron Bag by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Hippie Chic Crochet Bag by Angella Dee Designs

Monster Hats by Creative Granny

Summer Skimmer Slippers by Beatrice Ryan Designs

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

Pixie’s Pet Poodle by Vuchickens

How FANTASTIC are these!!!

Thank you ALL so much for entering, I am soooooo looking forward to the next batch of entries. Have a super weekend



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The Christmas Made It – Our first entries and a mighty man

I don’t think that there are many people today that haven’t heard or been touched by the news that our beloved Madiba passed away last night. Wow, what a legend!

I must say, I don’t feel the sadness I thought I would. Instead I feel so happy that he is finally free of the life support he’s been on for the past 6 months, (and if you believe any of the other theories that have made their rounds, perhaps he actually did leave us all those months ago). Either way he is finally free and we are free to honour, love & respect him in the dignified way that is so deserving  of this great soul. Instead of sadness, I feel humbled & proud of what everything he stood for, for uniting not only a nation but the entire world and for paving a way out of the darkness for us all.

Tata Madiba, may you rest in peace and may we carry on your legacy of unity and peace ♥





 On that high note, here are the first three entries into the Christmas challenge! I’m loving how our little  Made It family is growing…


Gorro de Osito con bufanda by Sandra Hernandez Make

A very warm welcome to Sandra from Sandra Hernández from Holland, we are thrilled to have you join in.Her knitted Bear Hat Scarf is sensational – so soft and warm looking and of course the ears just make it! I absolutely loved browsing Sandra’s blog – her love of animals, her creativity, talent and adventurous spirit are evident in every single post – go on, have a look and enjoy!


House Bookmarks by Made By Patch

Two months in a row? – snowing rainbows indeed heehee!!  So happy to have you the super clever and talented Trish from Made By Patch back in the challenge this month. WOW, out doing herself again too with these stunning  bookmarks, so beautifully sewn. Each little house is so sweet with its own special character and I adore the little tags too. Perfect gifts for anyone, young or old!


Non-Christmassy Christmas Dress by Mrs Macs Crochet

Ahhh  how gorgeous! This “girly, but not too frilly” crochet dress was made by Mrs Mac of Mrs Macs Crochet for a friends little 6 month old daughter.  Well, she definitely for the brief right, it’s the perfect balance of sweetness and pretty girlyness. Oh, and the cute vintage little buttons (more pics on the post so click on the pic) were the ones Mrs Mac won from Tamara in the July Made It – how awesome!!!

That’s is for now – to enter the challenge click on the PINK LINK to add yours!

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Made It challenge RELAUNCH!

So, what do you think? *twirls around*

Since my chat with my BFF Krystal about the Made It challenge that begged the question – “Shall keeps things the same and choose a random winner or shall we give the prize to the link with the most votes ?” – I’ve been taking onboard all your lovely comments and suggestions, have been umming and ahhhhing about it, and I’ve come up with what feels right.

Firstly I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, not just because the new ideas resulted in me sporting a brand new blog-look but also because it gave me an opportunity to give our Made It challenge the coming-of-age little party that was due to her! So, without any further ado…

*clears throat*

Ladies, knitters & crocheters, yarn lovers, sewers & quilt makers, cupcake makers &  princesses, jewelers, (Gods &) Goddesses of creation…I am overjoyed & proud to introduce to you our very own & newly grown….

“The Made It Challenge”

made it challenge, woolhogs

This is how it works.

♥ MAKE & LINK UP just as before ♥

♥ The PRIZE WINNER will still be randomly chosen ♥ 

♥ A  “Voter’s Choice” BADGE will be awarded in recognition to the link with the most votes,  to be worn on his/hers own blog  ♥

Voters Choice

All the details and dates will be listed on the INLINKZ collection page and I will do regular posts introducing new links

Lastly, at the beginning of each challenge, I will invite anyone to donate the PRIZE  for that month. This is just a great way to either give something you’ve made or something that you really like, to the winner. In keeping with the fun, easy spirit of the challenge, there is no obligation at all and I myself will still continue to donate the prize from time to time.

So, with all of that….I hereby declare this JUNE MADE IT PARTY STARTED!!!!! Click on FROGGY to link up

May’s Made It challenge WINNER is…..

That was a lot of fun!

Thank you all once again for your incredible energy, creativity, generosity, friendship & inspiration – the MADE IT challenge is growing up. The voting was fantastic too and everyone made such an effort to take part. Here are the final votes. Well done to all of you!!!

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 2.15.51 PM

Congrats on all the votes, guys!

(oops, sorry the bottom votes got cut off, you can see the final count here)

As you know, I’m making a few changes to JUNE’S challenge which I will roll out a little later (tomorrow latest!) as I’m still busy with a couple of touch-ups

BUT, the business at hand is WHO IS THE WINNER and WHAT’S THE PRIZE…..hope you like it!

Typic3 x Super Chunky COTTON ON from Elle  and 2 x Elle Premier cotton DK in Moss


♥  TAMARA from Crochet with Tamara 


YAY, well done Tamara & thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life, talent and projects with us xxx

Well, watch this space, JUNE is on the way!!!

Love Maryanne