Made It challenge RELAUNCH!

So, what do you think? *twirls around*

Since my chat with my BFF Krystal about the Made It challenge that begged the question – “Shall keeps things the same and choose a random winner or shall we give the prize to the link with the most votes ?” – I’ve been taking onboard all your lovely comments and suggestions, have been umming and ahhhhing about it, and I’ve come up with what feels right.

Firstly I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, not just because the new ideas resulted in me sporting a brand new blog-look but also because it gave me an opportunity to give our Made It challenge the coming-of-age little party that was due to her! So, without any further ado…

*clears throat*

Ladies, knitters & crocheters, yarn lovers, sewers & quilt makers, cupcake makers &  princesses, jewelers, (Gods &) Goddesses of creation…I am overjoyed & proud to introduce to you our very own & newly grown….

“The Made It Challenge”

made it challenge, woolhogs

This is how it works.

♥ MAKE & LINK UP just as before ♥

♥ The PRIZE WINNER will still be randomly chosen ♥ 

♥ A  “Voter’s Choice” BADGE will be awarded in recognition to the link with the most votes,  to be worn on his/hers own blog  ♥

Voters Choice

All the details and dates will be listed on the INLINKZ collection page and I will do regular posts introducing new links

Lastly, at the beginning of each challenge, I will invite anyone to donate the PRIZE  for that month. This is just a great way to either give something you’ve made or something that you really like, to the winner. In keeping with the fun, easy spirit of the challenge, there is no obligation at all and I myself will still continue to donate the prize from time to time.

So, with all of that….I hereby declare this JUNE MADE IT PARTY STARTED!!!!! Click on FROGGY to link up


28 thoughts on “Made It challenge RELAUNCH!

  1. Everything looks great; the layout and the challenge. What you’ve done with the winners is particularly appealing. Randomly chosen but with a voter’s choice award too. So there is a reason for voting. Nicely done, Mary-Anne!

    • Thanks so much J.G – I think that it’s will add a little spice to our challenge and not take away the element of surprise. Thanks for your comment xxx

  2. Love your ideas for randomly chosen PLUS voter’s choice award with the blog badge 🙂 Only the text colour is not too easy to read in my browser… Do you think maybe it can be made darker? THX! Looking forward to months of fun ❤

      • Hi Maryanne… not wishing to complain, but in my browser the colour of the body copy text lacks contrast against the white background. As for the badge, since you mention it (and my background is in graphic design), I’d either make the background lighter or make the lettering bolder. A heavier outline and/or drop shadow would also help the lettering/bird to stand out better… Sorry, it is not my desire to critique your graphics. ❤

      • Ahh thank you so much for the feedback! I will most certainly make it darker. Just to be sure what text you mean….is it the actual text of the blog that you can’t see it is it the text on the actual badge?? Sorry if I’ve asked this before xxxxxx thanks again for your comments x

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