June Made It – Voting with HEART

I mean that literally!

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With the NEW LOOK In Linkz collection you can vote for your favourite/s by clicking on the grey ♥ on the top right hand corner of the thumbnail – by voting, the heart will turn !  Of course, you can still scroll down and vote the old way!

Remember, you have 10 Votes Per Day so come back and vote vote vote again!

Happiness Is…


made it



13 thoughts on “June Made It – Voting with HEART

  1. voted but it’s really hard to pick ONLY ten. 🙂
    PS. I hope I don’t win (haha) because I already have a tunisian crochet hook, some nana recently gave me one as a gift thinking I would have time to, like, LEARN SOMETHING NEW…. 🙂

  2. Hi! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m having trouble voting again. I voted yesterday but today there is no vote option or heart. Another blogger in British Columbia also isn’t able to vote. They emailed me to ask if I was having trouble too.

    • Hi Aviena! Thanks for your message. I’ve just been on and I could vote??? So strange show it keeps on doing that. Maybe try and refresh your browser by pressing F5. If that doesn’t work then try scrolling down to the old version with the stars. If THAT doesn’t work then I’m stumped!!! It may just be a bug in their system ad they are busy with changes. Maybe try again in a few hours. Please let me know fit you manage to get to vote, otherwise I will email the developers. Thanks so much, lots of love xxxxxx

      • I’ve checked in at least 10 times over the past 24 hours to vote and it doesn’t give me an option. The page I get shows the entries and how many votes each has but does not give me an option to vote. I just tried what you suggested and it didn’t change anything. Thank you for your quick reply and for your help! Your kindness and generosity are always appreciated 🙂

      • Oh no!!!! The only other thing I ca think of is perhaps your browser doesn’t like inlinkz!!! I use Google chrome and Safari so it may be something like that?? Which one do u use?? I’m sooooooo sorry about this, how annoying!

      • For some weird reason, it’s letting me vote now. I don’t know! I honestly think it’s just me and my weird relationship with electronics. They seem to work differently for me than then do for others 🙂 Thanks for your help!!

  3. So, my mom got really excited that I was in this contest and posted it to her Facebook page for people to vote. I’m glad this brought some more visitors to your site but feel it might have been unfair to the other contestants. I absolutely love the gorgeous bag made by littlepoppits and those adorable creatures by Millie (in fact, I want one). I am overjoyed that so many of my friends supported me and am feeling so loved by them. Instead of awarding me with the badge, I’d be more than happy if you gave it to littlepoppits and Millie to honor their beautiful work. Once again, thank you and everyone who entered for being such an amazing community!! ❤

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