This is a test (no, really)


If the friendly Aris from Greece is right, then this LINK should work AND it should also be the new zooped up version of our collection too!!! Huge sorries to everyone who tried to vote today…hopefully (holding thumbs BIG TIME) you all should be able to vote now.

Because we’ve missed a whole day, I’ve extended the cutoff by 24hours so please sew some more LOVE there xxx

If anyone still has no luck then please let me know….Aris will be standing by!



Thank you thank you THANK YOU all so much for voting…SO FAR! There’s still time to tell your favourite how much you

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Simply click on FROGGY and VOTE – remember, you have TEN votes PER DAY!

Here’s a reminder of the FABULOUS PRIZE!
2 x Skeins of Sensations Yarn in Breeze and Wave
An assortment of vintage buttons
A handmade crocheted Mandala by Tamara!

IMG_5516 IMG_5514 IMG_5515

All this will be go to the LUCKY randomly drawn WINNER who will be announced on Aug 1st!

The person with the most votes will be recognised by being given the VOTER’S CHOICE AWARD  to wear of their blog / fridge / bedside table …WHEREVER!

Voter's Choice july

July Made It – Let the VOTING begin!

Wow, what a collection!

Thank you so much to each of you for entering and sharing your fantastic projects with everyone. I really am blown away by the high level of creativity & skill – think about, your entry could be the one that inspires someone new to enter, or better yet, inspire someone to pick up a hook or a needle for the very first time!!!

I appreciate you all taking the time and effort not just taking part, but actully making this challenge what it is

So we had a 40th entry after all YAY!


A warm welcome back to Vicky from Vicky

A warm welcome back to Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations! Vicky makes the most beautiful recycled bags of all sorts and sizes and if you haven’t been before, you will throughly enjoy feasting your eyes – go on! This gorgeous laptop case was commissioned as a gift and it turned out beautifully. I LOVE the fabric and the ruffle in the middle does it for me! There’s a great tutorial too, in fact, there are many great tutorials which will have you eyeing out your old clothes in a new light!!!

And with that, VOTING IS OPEN!!!!

Please don’t forget to pop back every day to share the love. Voting end on the 31st of July.



…a few things to remember…




July Made It challenge – My bad…there’s still time!!!

Oops, I rushed home tonight after being out to dinner with my family (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!) to write this post because I thought that voting began at midnight. Turns out I’m 24 and a bit hours ahead of myself – ANOTHER WHOLE DAY – and the link only closes tomorrow at midnight – so please consider this as your early reminder to crack open the VOTING when you get there!

I have two more entries to introduce before the link closes…


Colourful Crochet Cardi by Janette

Honestly, this is what I love most about the Made It challenge…. This pic was sent to me by one of my Facebook page fans, Janette Law-Brown who crocheted this BEAUTIFUL colourful cardi! Most of us bloggers are used to making/sharing/chatting/sharing/creating/sharing, you know,  basically being a part of a fabulous community of like-minded folk. I love that we are recognising and appreciating each others work while out here in the open for all to see!!!! Thanks so much Janette and I hope you get to see how much you’ve inspired us ♥


995750_10201665187977818_321999808_n (1)

Fingerless Mitt for Dad by Kaiserin

And while we are on the topic of inspiration – actually, we are always on the topic of inspiration – this soft, warm fingerless Mitt was made by the sweet Kaiserin of Empress27 from HER OWN HAND SPUN YARN! PROPS to you girl!!!!  The wool is from Shetland fleece and a Massam fleece – how cool! The Mitt is one half of a pair being knitted for Dad and I’m sure we’ll get to see a pic of both of them when they are complete!


And that’s it for the JULY challenge and  – unless you are itching to be the FABULOUS 40th ENTRANT into the Made It (DO IT NOW!) – here is a tally of our 39 AMAZING PROJECTS!

3 x cushions / cushion covers

3 x bags/pouches

5 x tops/waistcoat/cardigan

1 x bunting

4 x blankets

1 x window frame

1 x heat pad

1 x pincushion

1 x bracelet

7 x cuddly animal (and their many friends)

1 x crochet collar

2 x sets of coasters

3 x fingerless mitts

1 x shawl

1 x scarf

1 x beanie

1 x hanging heart

1 x set candle holder

1 x cardigan

1 x mug cozy

What an INSANE list!!!

Here’s this months awesome prize up for grabs for the randomly chosen winner, sponsored by Tamara from Crochet with Tamara (if this were a wedding,  I know you’d all be jostling for to catch the bouquet!)

IMG_5516 IMG_5515 IMG_5514

The VOTER’S CHOICE award badge will be given to the link that receives the most votes!

Voter's Choice july

There’s still a few hours so join in the fun!



Visiting an old love

Ahhhh. It started with not so much a kiss…but a mug

Photo (24)

When I first started blogging and crocheting I made about fifty-five thousand mug cozies – maybe more. I LOVED them. The sad truth is that it was all I could make but I didn’t care. If you rummage around my house right now,  you’ll find cozies – or CupCapes as I called them – stashed just about everywhere a cozy should or shouldn’t be. So, naturally when I started to panic because the real project that I am trying working on is sitting in a corner waiting for a border and for my beautiful nanny to be well enough to sew them up for me on her machine, and it’s been soooo long since I’ve actually had an entry into the Made It challenge – I had no choice but to visit my old flame.

Photo (20)

You see, these particular mugs had me at” HELLO there…”  No bulky love handles, double walled, slim & sexy. They were practically begging me.

Photo (23)

How could I resist!

Using one of my favourite yarns – Vinnis Colours in Bambi – which is a cotton/bamboo blend, a 4.5mm hook and merrily stitched as I went, these babies were born & bred in minutes (ok, not minutes, hours. Sigh…)

Photo (22)

Photo (21)

Photo (19)

July Made It – A whole whack of new entries!

Somebody pulls the breaks PLEASSSSSSSE! It can’t be 2 DAYS BEFORE VOTING OPENS?????? Can it ? What’s the hurry July?

Well, the following ladies needed no such pleas – get ready for another dose of awesomeness…


Fingerless Mitts by Nice Piece Of Work

By now we all know and LOVE the funny lady Jill from Nice Piece Of Work…and that she ALWAYS has something new for us to drool over (what I really mean is that we run off at a great speed to our stash – in a flat panic – and try whip up a decent replica of her latest pair of F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S mitts – or,come to think of it, any other  project that she’s busy with -’cause she has a way of making it look so IN, so trendy…so MUST HAVE. Am I right??



Sweet Summer Cover Up by Little Poppits

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe how adorably cute, cuddly and cozy this little waistcoat is – and the flower is the perfect topping. So very Bohemian looking! The very creative and super busy Teresa from Little Poppits (who managed to make each of her projects look so happy and easy!)  has just launched her own Misi shop, it’s looking FAB – go and have a look



Cute Green Octopus by kake’s Crafts

Ahhhh, you may remember we have already met a certain young red handsome Octopus in the May Challenge which would be the perfect mate for this gorgeous green little lady Octopus (although I am no expert on who the she and who’s the he…). How adorable is SHE! Kayleigh from Kake’s crafts has entered with her cute curly legged creature and the pattern is slightly different this time so pop over and take a squizz.



Square Cushion Covers

I’m thrilled that MrsMac over at Ravely is back with this bright and beautiful square cushion cover which has made this little corner of her garden look sooooo inviting – the bench is absolutely adorable anyway but now that’s it been splashed with crochet and colour is looks AMAZING! I’m sure we all have that part of our garden that’s just begging for this kind of treatment. Please visit her at Ravely for the write-up about this and her many more  brilliant projects!



Crochet Candle Holders by Kookzie

A huge bear hug welcome to newcomer to the challenge, Anne-Marie from Kookzie with her funky crochet Mason jar candle holders. I absolutely love these – they are so effective, look so chic, easy to make and the best part – they’re upcycled! Have a look at her post for a peek at each jar up close. Each one is slightly different and Anne-Marie will be posting the pattern soon, so stay tuned!


The next 3 projects are entered by the lovely Rene from Hav2Havz who makes a whole variety of the most beautiful things – not just crochet (click on the link to her Facebook page for some ogling) You can see that she pours a whole lotta love into them too! I love her bold and confident use of colours and her designs are so unique too! Have a close look at the pics below – the stitching is amazing


Crochet Garments by Hav2Havz


Funny Granny Square Bag by Hav2Havz


Crochet Heart by Hav2Havz



Granny Square Blanket by Trevlyn

I almost feel off my chair when I received this entry??? Hey?!! You know what I mean, right?!  Trevlyn, who is one of my lovely customers crocheted this FANTASTIC granny square blanket. WOW WOW WOW. I know that the bar is set VERY high this month when it comes to blankets (in fact, everything!) and I am gobsmacked at the creativity, vibrance and beauty of this one too- I want one.


And on that high note, I will sign off and get back to my own entry (yes, I actually have a teeny tiny something to enter…phew)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy browsing the new entries



made it


July Made It – What’s the collective noun for many new entries? Ahh, its…a “Craft” of New Entires!

huh, get it…”CRAFT of new entries”?? (Raft = many and Craft=Genius Husband)! Soooo gonna ™ that one!

Reminds me of one of the funniest moments of my life. I was playing Trivial Pursuit with my boyfriend at the time – I was probably 19, he was a 26 year old psychology student and I was so into him because he was mature, smart and interesting. His home language was Afrikaans – a Dutch originated language. Difficult to describe how all our 11 official South African languages fit in but in a nutshell, here in Cape Town specifically (and only in my own general opinion based on my circle of influence) there are mainly 2 spoken languages – English and Afrikaans.  Unofficially, English is more widely spoken even if you are Afrikaans. In a nutshell in another nutshell – if two friends meet or a drink and one is English and one is Afrikaans, they will be probably speak English –  you get my drift??)

Anyway, here’s the scenario

Me and Boyfriend playing Trivia Pursuit on the floor in front of the fire and it’s my turn to ask the question. He rolls the dice and lands on yellow. History.

Question – What craft was used in WW1 to….(and I honestly cannot remember the rest of the question)?

Answer –  Submarine

His answer.


I rolled on that floor in a fit of laughter, clutching my tummy for hours before I could catch my breath to explain how we got lost in translation.  Luckily, he had the good grace to laugh along with me even though he had no clue why…ahh, good times!

So on that note, let me introduce you to the sensational Craft Of New Entires! BUT before I do, I have some house keeping to do.

I am not known for my impeccable accuracy and I  have been know to be too spontaneous, AND my brain can be quite sieve-like at times….so I humbly apologise to the following ladies, for the following boo boo’s:

For calling the lovely Teresa from Little Poppits, Laura last month. One month we had so many Laura’s and it looks like I got carried away.

For confusing Jane from Rainbow Junkie’s entry this month – she actually entered her coaster (pls see below) but I got all ga-ga over her bunting. I thankfully managed to persuade her to enter both!

For adding Jill from Nice Piece of Work’s Owl Mitts to my FB page and calling her Jane….arrrrgggg! Sorry!

Thank you all for your generous forgiving spirits!

Right, on with the show


Owl Mitts by Nice Piece Of Work

Seems that the world is owl crazy, and you can hardly blame us. These little Owl Mitts are so adorable and Jill from Nice Piece Of Work is as crazy as the rest of us. I have to keep hiding these posts from my kids otherwise they are gonna cost me a fortune!

 P.s totally LOVIN’ the cross-eyed look!



Miss Jaymi by Moz Roberts

I am blown away by the talent of Moz of All Things Moz. Firstly, I ‘d like to welcome Moz back to the challenge, I see she has been a busy busy lady. These amazing AMAZING bears and bunnies, like Miss Jaymi here, are made for babas whose parents are from different countries. See the little flags on the feet?!! What a fantastic idea! Go and have a look x



Colourful Coasters by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Here are the gorgeous coasters that Jane from Rainbow Junkie meant to enter, in the same lovely colours as her bunting. I must say, I do prefer coasters like these that are solid in colour but still a set of different ones – especially if they all complement each other. However, I’m a little seduced by the rainbow coloured one at the foot of her post, and you?:)



Fishy Felt Cushion by Love, Lucie

A massive welcome to Lucie from Love, Lucie. I bow down to anyone who has the talent / precision / passion / imagination  to sew  hand stitch such teeny, unique and individual little fishies altogether! WOW, what a stunning cushion! Thanks Lucie, I’m sure we’re all going to enjoy watching what you get up next.



Woolly Winter Beanie by Robyn Alexander

I apologise for the teeny size of this pic, but unfortunately this pic was sent to me via Instagram and I can’t seem to get it bigger. However, I can tell you from experience that this beanie was made with the most stunning pure Merino wool, hand spun and dyed right here in South Africa. Rustic, chunky and warm as anything!!! Thank you so much Robyn Alexander for sending me a pic of your latest make.



Summertime Crochet Shell by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Sherbet Shawl by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Flowers and Chains by Beatrice Ryan Designs

What would the Made It challenge be without the many wonderful projects by Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. I never stop being amazed at how many projects that she gets completed and at the level of inspiration that come with them! I ADORE her Crochet Shell top – especially in that colour too! Please click on each pic to take you to her posts.


jane manca

3D Blanket by Jane Manca

Ok, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now. Huh? I KNOW!!!! Jeepers, this is one incredible blanket and is EVERY six year old boy’s idea of a cool crochet blankie. This took Jane Manca six weeks to complete. Well done Jane, and thanks Jane for making the rest of us Mommas look very dull!!!



Granny Coasters by Crochet Home

I absolutely love everything that Nela from Crochet Home makes. Her colours are always so beautiful and stylish (not to mention her photography!) These granny coasters are gorgeous – they look the perfect decor for a fancy dinner party look don’t they! Sigh, my “to make list” has just got longer…



Cat In A Sweater by Vu Chickens

You’ve seen Shrek right? Then you will remember the scene when Puss goes into uber super cute mode by making those eyes!!! Yip, I ahhhhhhhhh’ed and cuuuuuuuuuuuute’ed just as much when I saw this little kitty. Melissa from Vu Chickens is so enormously talented  –  I wish I was on her gift list too!!!



Crochet Bunnies by Andrea JOY


The Owl, The Pussy Cat and A Chicken by Andrea JOY

I’m thrilled to welcome Andrea from JOYAndrea to the challenge.  Out here in the Wonderful Wide World of Blogland, I don’t often come across fellow Cape Townians. Owls? Crochet? Maybe it’s just a Cape  Town thing then, hee hee. Nah, didn’t think so! A happy collection of beautifully handmade bunnies, owls, a kitty and a chicken!


Thank you all for entering, the link is open for another few days so GET YOUR’S IN! Here’s a reminder of this months wonderful prizes sponsored by Tamara of Crochet with Tamara





made it


July Made It – A Lace Collar, a Cupcake and Bunting!

Good morning! Today’s Made It update is brought to you from the comfort of my bed!!! Its just after 8 and I have no intention of leaving my warm comfy pillows for the next hour – this is my reward time now that the kids are back to school. Now, let me just yell for some coffee…and toast?

Right,  let’s see what new lovely entries are in the mix.

Cupcake Pouch by Mille On Her World

Hello again to the lovely Millie! Keeping in with this month theme of “Things that make you go … YUM” (and there’s plenty of it too) is this delightfully delicious Cupcake Pouch made by Mille On Her World. How cute are those Polka dots?!!! Do you remember Millie’s dress that she whipped up for her holiday? The Cupcake dress? Well, this little accessory is just as gorgeous. Millie has included a brilliant tutorial too so go and have an ogle 🙂



Broomstick Lace Collar by Cafe Crochet

I love the synchronicity that you find when you have a look at the collections as a whole. Some months will have lots of the same elements or colour schemes – and here again we have some more YUM Polka dots. Isn’t this button just the perfect finish to a most beautiful, more delicate and luxurious looking collar – a little splash of whimsy in an otherwise vintage style garment! So happy to welcome back to J.G from Cafe Crochet with her wonderful Broomstick Lace Collar finished off in the cutest picots.



Crochet Bunting by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another warm welcome back to Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner – you’ve been sorely missed! I must be the only person on planet earth never to have made bunting and whenever I see some I go into a bit of a “must make must make” panic – I love them. This time is no exception! These commissioned granny triangles are so well made (and even starched!) and look quite amazing in this colour scheme – I think I’m going to give these babies a try…


If you are reading this and haven’t entered the Made It challenge before then THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!! There’s still plenty of time to enter and this wonderful prize, so kindly sponsored by Tamara from Crochet With Tamara, is up for grabs



made it


July Made It – What do Grannies, Fierce and Not-So-Fierce Creatures, Windows, Hearts, Ushuaia, Rice and A Pincushion have in common?

Why, they’ve all made their way into July’s Made It challenge of course!!!

Just took this pic, ahhhh blue skies!

Just took this pic, ahhhh blue skies!

It’s the most beautiful, sunny Winters day here in the Cape and the kids and I have decided to take a picnic and spend the day lazying about at Kirstenbosch Gardens (here’s one of my very first newbie- blogger-cringe-worth posts about it) – possibly my favourite place on this earth. This is the last week of school holidays and am getting a little tough to keep them all occupied.

I was worried that I would be begged to take them to Ratanga Junction – a fun but hideously overpriced amusement park which is a logistical nightmare when it’s just you (hubby escaped to work) with a 16 (niece), a 13 year old daughter, a  7 year old daughter and a tiny tot boy who just cannot be reasonable!!  Thankfully, the Gardens seem to be a favourite place for them too as it was their suggestion to go. Don’t mind if I do! Hopefully I will get a chance to finish off my own entry

So before we get going, I’d love to show you the next lot of excellent entries!

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny Square Baby Blanket by Celeste

I was lucky enough to see (and touch) this cuddly blankie up close when we were in the UK last Christmas. This was crocheted by my very special friend Celeste for her newborn nephew, except – like most of us who set ourselves a time frame and fail miserably – it’s only just finished and he’s 15 months already!!!  I’m sure he doesn’t mind one bit though. I think that this is an exception first project and one that will no doubt be passed down from baba to baba.



Through The Window by Nice Piece Of Work


Crochet Heat Pad

Is there no end to Jill’s creativity?!! Step on up for more inspiration! What clever ideas – the window of love and a warm hug around the neck….ahhh.  I love this upcycled frame and of course, Jill’s made it look sooooo easy to make too. Someone commented that spotting the potential in something old is the trick! And crochet heat pads – a brilliant and quick-to-make gift! Hop over, there are easy to follow instructions both.



Pincushion by Serena Glynn

Last months winner Serena  aka The TeaCup Fairy has entered this delightful crocheted pincushion spool – ahhhh this is so sweet! You are in for a treat too – please go and visit her Facebook Page, where you will find all sorts of lovely creations. Seems Serena really is the TeaCup Fairy. Where else would you spy such delicious looking teapots!


Question: How do I keep my baby happy, snuggly and giggly by making sure that her favourite blanket AND favourite cuddly toy are always close at hand ???


66698_360573797403338_1293461167_n (1)

Baby Blanket with Teddy by O’Noodles

Genius!!! Have a look here for more pics from Jill of O’Noodles!


Fifi by Jill O’Noodles

Jill’s next entry is Fifi- the pretty pink Poodle and keeper of the loo rolls!  How fabulously retro is this – read here for the story of some reminiscing and how Fifi became to be!



A warm, fiery welcome to Nilkaras – we are so happy to have you aboard! This adorably fierce creature was knitted for her dragon-loving boyfriend – lucky guy. Ahh, this things we do for our men! The pattern is here on Ravely so please pop over and say hi and see more of Nilkaras’s fabulous projects



Ushuaia Wrap Bracelet by Knitnrun4sanity

Alice, please you family to leave you home alone more often! I’m blown away at what you managed to produce over one weekend – and how STUNNING all your makes are! This wrap bracelet is incredible (oh please please make one for a giveaway!), so colourful and so delicate. Please pop over and have a look at the rest of the treasures that the kids teachers are getting ♥


With that, I wish you all a fabulous day – I’ll be sunning myself and kicking back, hope you do too!


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