July Made It – A whole whack of new entries!

Somebody pulls the breaks PLEASSSSSSSE! It can’t be 2 DAYS BEFORE VOTING OPENS?????? Can it ? What’s the hurry July?

Well, the following ladies needed no such pleas – get ready for another dose of awesomeness…


Fingerless Mitts by Nice Piece Of Work

By now we all know and LOVE the funny lady Jill from Nice Piece Of Work…and that she ALWAYS has something new for us to drool over (what I really mean is that we run off at a great speed to our stash – in a flat panic – and try whip up a decent replica of her latest pair of F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S mitts – or,come to think of it, any other  project that she’s busy with -’cause she has a way of making it look so IN, so trendy…so MUST HAVE. Am I right??



Sweet Summer Cover Up by Little Poppits

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe how adorably cute, cuddly and cozy this little waistcoat is – and the flower is the perfect topping. So very Bohemian looking! The very creative and super busy Teresa from Little Poppits (who managed to make each of her projects look so happy and easy!)  has just launched her own Misi shop, it’s looking FAB – go and have a look



Cute Green Octopus by kake’s Crafts

Ahhhh, you may remember we have already met a certain young red handsome Octopus in the May Challenge which would be the perfect mate for this gorgeous green little lady Octopus (although I am no expert on who the she and who’s the he…). How adorable is SHE! Kayleigh from Kake’s crafts has entered with her cute curly legged creature and the pattern is slightly different this time so pop over and take a squizz.



Square Cushion Covers

I’m thrilled that MrsMac over at Ravely is back with this bright and beautiful square cushion cover which has made this little corner of her garden look sooooo inviting – the bench is absolutely adorable anyway but now that’s it been splashed with crochet and colour is looks AMAZING! I’m sure we all have that part of our garden that’s just begging for this kind of treatment. Please visit her at Ravely for the write-up about this and her many more  brilliant projects!



Crochet Candle Holders by Kookzie

A huge bear hug welcome to newcomer to the challenge, Anne-Marie from Kookzie with her funky crochet Mason jar candle holders. I absolutely love these – they are so effective, look so chic, easy to make and the best part – they’re upcycled! Have a look at her post for a peek at each jar up close. Each one is slightly different and Anne-Marie will be posting the pattern soon, so stay tuned!


The next 3 projects are entered by the lovely Rene from Hav2Havz who makes a whole variety of the most beautiful things – not just crochet (click on the link to her Facebook page for some ogling) You can see that she pours a whole lotta love into them too! I love her bold and confident use of colours and her designs are so unique too! Have a close look at the pics below – the stitching is amazing


Crochet Garments by Hav2Havz


Funny Granny Square Bag by Hav2Havz


Crochet Heart by Hav2Havz



Granny Square Blanket by Trevlyn

I almost feel off my chair when I received this entry??? Hey?!! You know what I mean, right?!  Trevlyn, who is one of my lovely customers crocheted this FANTASTIC granny square blanket. WOW WOW WOW. I know that the bar is set VERY high this month when it comes to blankets (in fact, everything!) and I am gobsmacked at the creativity, vibrance and beauty of this one too- I want one.


And on that high note, I will sign off and get back to my own entry (yes, I actually have a teeny tiny something to enter…phew)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy browsing the new entries



made it



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