July Made It challenge – My bad…there’s still time!!!

Oops, I rushed home tonight after being out to dinner with my family (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!) to write this post because I thought that voting began at midnight. Turns out I’m 24 and a bit hours ahead of myself – ANOTHER WHOLE DAY – and the link only closes tomorrow at midnight – so please consider this as your early reminder to crack open the VOTING when you get there!

I have two more entries to introduce before the link closes…


Colourful Crochet Cardi by Janette

Honestly, this is what I love most about the Made It challenge…. This pic was sent to me by one of my Facebook page fans, Janette Law-Brown who crocheted this BEAUTIFUL colourful cardi! Most of us bloggers are used to making/sharing/chatting/sharing/creating/sharing, you know,  basically being a part of a fabulous community of like-minded folk. I love that we are recognising and appreciating each others work while out here in the open for all to see!!!! Thanks so much Janette and I hope you get to see how much you’ve inspired us ♥


995750_10201665187977818_321999808_n (1)

Fingerless Mitt for Dad by Kaiserin

And while we are on the topic of inspiration – actually, we are always on the topic of inspiration – this soft, warm fingerless Mitt was made by the sweet Kaiserin of Empress27 from HER OWN HAND SPUN YARN! PROPS to you girl!!!!  The wool is from Shetland fleece and a Massam fleece – how cool! The Mitt is one half of a pair being knitted for Dad and I’m sure we’ll get to see a pic of both of them when they are complete!


And that’s it for the JULY challenge and  – unless you are itching to be the FABULOUS 40th ENTRANT into the Made It (DO IT NOW!) – here is a tally of our 39 AMAZING PROJECTS!

3 x cushions / cushion covers

3 x bags/pouches

5 x tops/waistcoat/cardigan

1 x bunting

4 x blankets

1 x window frame

1 x heat pad

1 x pincushion

1 x bracelet

7 x cuddly animal (and their many friends)

1 x crochet collar

2 x sets of coasters

3 x fingerless mitts

1 x shawl

1 x scarf

1 x beanie

1 x hanging heart

1 x set candle holder

1 x cardigan

1 x mug cozy

What an INSANE list!!!

Here’s this months awesome prize up for grabs for the randomly chosen winner, sponsored by Tamara from Crochet with Tamara (if this were a wedding,  I know you’d all be jostling for to catch the bouquet!)

IMG_5516 IMG_5515 IMG_5514

The VOTER’S CHOICE award badge will be given to the link that receives the most votes!

Voter's Choice july

There’s still a few hours so join in the fun!



4 thoughts on “July Made It challenge – My bad…there’s still time!!!

  1. This is going from strength to strength! You always have such lovely things to say about everyones entries. There are so many wonderful talented people out there….. Just a few of my random thoughts to share with you. Sorry. Xx

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