Kicking Back!

After a fabulous and exciting July Made It and a whirlwind weekend of family, friends and lots of fun I find myself here on the eve of the 6 of August (what?!) and have decided that it’s probably wise to give you all a little rest this month, you know, just so that you are TOTALLY AMPED and ready for September, and restart our challenge on the first day of Spring (for us southern hemies)!!!!

I am also going to take this month to catch up on some of my MANY forgotten/lost/abandoned crochet projects so I can stop obsessing about them when I try and fall asleep – “damn you cushions, just be finished already!!!”

Photo (25)

I’ve also recently (ok, today) started working a little more full time at my old company – working with my hubby again, kicking his butt HAHAHAH just kidding (I’m not). It’s been two years since I stepped out of property so it’s going to be fun acting like a grown up again.  I’ve also just started the company blog among other social media stuff – basically chatting about property matters and showing off our lovely side of the world. Tough job ‘eh!!! This is probably a bit cheeky (and if you follow it will make me looks so awesome) but here’s a little of what I have and will be getting up to on the Jawitz South Peninsula blog

I’m also looking forward to surfing some of the lovely blogs I follow and having a real good look at what you’re all getting up to!

Ciao for now ♥

14 thoughts on “Kicking Back!

  1. Sounds very exciting all your “happenings” (except for the working in an office again part 😦 – I don’t dig!) but…… DRAT…. I have been crocheting my fingers to the bone the last 6 days so that I have PLENTY entries for August so that I can stand a better chance of winning – you know what I mean. Just kidding, have a good August xxx

  2. Your wips look lovely. Looking forward to seeing them finished. Going to stop by your other blog in a minute. Every time something else comes along I wonder how it will fit in too…. But it always does!

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