A LITTLE yummy giveaway!


Just popping in to invite you to take part in a teeny little give away! I recently bought a ball of this delicious looking hemp and posted in on my Facebook page…which lead to a funny story. You see, the ball looks rather gigantic here…… but, um, er…


…. it’s actually, um ….TINY.  *shamed face*


Marketing license eh?!!

So to make up for my unintended exaggeration, I’m giving these babies away – 4 x 25gr balls of brightly coloured, variegated Hemp to make anything your heart desires!


If you’d like to enter into the draw, simply comment below in ONE WORD describing how lovely it is! I’ll draw the winner on the afternoon of  Monday 19th Aug

ps, you can enter right here or on Woolhog’s FB page

♥ Good Luck ♥

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