September Made It – Pin, Oink, Kiki, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Whaddya ya say?!

Heehee, these are the sounds a Piggy, a Tigger, a Koala…um, and a pincushion would make, of course!

Thank you for all your well wishes, I’m thrilled to report that all the FLU lurgies have gone and we are all restored to happy health. And to top it off, the sun is shining and the promise of summer is in the air…..ahhhhhhh BLISS!


Tough life ‘eh!


So, while I’m feeling so very chilled and relaxed, here’s a look at the next four entries into September’s Made It challenge!

More Than A Pincushion by All Thing Moz

Here is another beautiful entry from the fab Moz from All Things Moz. I SOOOOOO need one of these and never would have thought about a “pincushion” that was big enough for all the goodies that one needs on hand….I have cups and cups stuffed full of hooks, scissors etc and as soon as I even think of them all the contents fall out…..sigh. Now this is GREAT, especially with the added cute flowers!



OINK by Nice Piece of Work

koala 1

KIKI by Nice Piece of Word

tiger hat 2

RRRRRRRRRRRR by Nice Piece of Work

Guess who’s been a busy zookeeper?  Jill from Nice Piece of Work is  fast and furiously increasing the animal kingdom AS WE SPEAK!  


We want more, we want more!  These GORGEOUS beanies (and their real life inspirations) look so  soft & cuddly and I for one CANNOT wait to see who’s next…..and what they sound like. 

Thank you ladies, there’s still plenty of time to join in so….


made it