October MADE IT challenge – More great entries!

Happy Sunday Eve everyone, hope you all had a great weekend

I sat down to start this post about an hour ago and had a quick little squizz at Facebook. Ahem, well, er, you know how it goes….I was totally enthralled and got rather distracted by the very colourful array of pics of Cape Town Colour Run. I particularly loved this one that looks like someone just sprouted some very cool angel wings…


I have wings!


There’s still a week left to enter the Made It challenge and I’m thrilled to that it looks like we may have a record month!!! So exciting to see so many incredible projects, fab blogs and amazing people in one place. Thank you all so much for taking part.

So, who’s next….


Gingham Earwarmers by Jennifer Stewart

Welcome back to Jennifer from Stew-Art Creations with her beautiful Gingham Earwarmer.  I’m sure you remember Jennifer’s  ADORABLE Balmoral Baby Hat in the September Made It (it ranked very high with the voters). Well if you love her work, you will love browsing her other projects on her FB page, I particularly loved the baby Ghillies….and if you don’t know what they are, go and look for yourself. (HINT, you will OOOOH and you will AHHHH. Think dainty dancing shoes!)



Snowflakes by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Growing up, we had loads of Christmas tree decorations that graced our tree every year. I am sad to say that I seem to buy new, meaningless decorations every year, none have any sentimental value whatsoever. Well, thank you Jane from Rainbow Junkie for these exquisite snowflakes – I’m inspired to make some this year (as well as Creative Granny’s angels and O’Noodles snowflakes too).  The soft variegated colours just add to the delicate charm! Please have a read of Jane’s post, some great tips to finish them off perfectly.



Christmas Decorations by O’Noodles

And in keeping with the festive spirit, along with her lacy snowflakes, Jill from O’Noodles has also entered these fun and colourful Christmas tree decorations, complete with cute little ribbons! YAY, is it just me or are you too getting a little excited? Thanks Jill for another subtle (not!) reminder that we are mere weeks away heehee x


I’ve run out of time tonight (oops) so I’ll be back tomorrow with more wonderful entries

Night Night

Love Maryanne


made it

You can click here too!

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