My October Made It entry and confession

Remember these?

granny squarea

Yes. I’ve only completed 3 crochet projects this entire year – so far

Yes. It did take me most of the year to finish these cushions

No. I did not sew them together myself

Yes. I am hopeless when it comes to sewing

Yes. I did give them to my children’s amazing nanny to sew for them up for me (yes, including the zips)

No. I will never be able to sew like her. EVER

No. They are not currently on my couch, nor donned on any chair/bed in my house

Yes. My brother did buy them from me the minute I got them back from my nanny, to take back home to Ireland as a gift for his wife 🙂

And Yes.  The only flipping way you can see the pics of my loooooooong awaited – no longer here – cushions that I’ve slogged for eons to make,  because my son took my iPhone for a bath so all my photos are no longer available to anyone ever…. is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh well!


Love Maryanne


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