The Christmas Made It – A few days away

Hello all you lovely folk!

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas, how ever you spend it

I am literally posting this as we are about to load into the car (from my phone, a first for me so ‘xcuse me if I mess this up) to go CAMPING! I had the very best of intentions of updating you all on all the latest entries so far so I apologies for not getting to it.

What I will do while I’m away is reblogg each of the posts that I haven’t yet introduced as well as all others that come in so please do carry on adding your links. I will do a final post in early Jan and start the voting as usual.

Hope you all have the most wonderful New Year and enjoy the celebrations!!! Stay safe

Lots of love

Ps I hope the pics show!!!

Love Maryanne


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The Christmas Made It – Entries Galore!

Good morning!

I am thoroughly enjoying having my nephew here from Northern Ireland and we’ve been having a blast – so far these holidays we’ve been:

to the beach a few times
stuffing our faces everyday
swimming, swimming & more swimming (hopefully making up for stuffing our faces)
for a walk &  picnic to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
stand-up paddling at Silvermine Nature Reserve dam
talking “selfies”
out with friends
and generally having a whole lotta fun! 

unnamed (3)

My boy on the beach


My girls in the pool

unnamed (4)

“Selfie with Daughter”

My nephew won’t let me take photos of him, so I snuck with one in, heehee….

isaac 1

ok, he was actually helping my son!

Next adventure is a 6 day camping holiday after Christmans YAY!

♥ ♥ ♥


All is now OK back in the land of the Made It….Jill, we missed you so much, WELCOME HOME


Hellllooooooo Carol, who’s looking even more gorgeous on this stylish crocheted * in luscious* pink beret made by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work. If you’ve been following the previous posts you will know that there was a worry that it was going to waaaay to big but as usual, the Queen Of The Beret pulled it off perfectly – how’s that stunning ribbed effect?!!!   Ps, LOVE the photo-bombed pic heehee

210-blanketonbed (1)

Cottage Garden Blanket by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Finally, in all is stupendous glory, is Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s CAL Cottage Garden blanket! After all those beautiful squares, the hours of dedication, the joining &  the sheer ability to construct such an enormous project, it has turned out fantastically well! I love this pic too, it somehow reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting of his room – it looks so vibrant. Click on the link (or the pic)  to the post where there’s a close up photo of the edging. The beautiful leaf pattern all around is Jane’s own design and finishes off the blanket perfectly


Snowflake by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another of Jane’s snowflakes.  A simple, beautiful design and easy pattern….this little snowflake will soon be joined by many more to become a table cloth! What a great idea, I cannot wait to see it progression and completion. Again, please read the post as Jane is asking to any ideas on how to best join them together. Enjoy!


Santa Hat with Detachable Beard by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Heehee LOVE IT! This super cute & cheeky Santa hat should come standard with all new  Dads – how much easier can we possibly make it for them ‘eh! Once again, the lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs shows us how talented she is and of course, generous too with tons of free patterns on offer.


Pineapple Doily by Cafe Crochet

I’m thrilled to welcome back J.G of Cafe Crochet this month and once again I’m in awe of her beautiful work. And like we’ve come to expect from this cafe, we’ve been dished up another  delicious projects – a Pineapple Doily in the mostly yummy colour (which I personally think is much nicer than the original pattern  – softer on the palette &  totally satisfying!)


Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl by Crafty Crusader

Woohoooo, our newest newbie! A warm WELCOME to the Crafty Crusader and her truly Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl. Not only was I blown away by the close up of this gorgeous cowl (wow, the stitching is stunning  & the sparkles so ….*swoon* ), I also giggled my way through her  post – love her style, my kinda gal! Oh, and if you wondering what “grafting in the pattern” was, (I totally wasn’t,  uh uh, never) there’s a great link too

Enjoy browsing –  be back soon

Love Maryanne


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The Christmas Made It – Exciting new entries

Happy Monday everyone!

Here is SA it’s a public holiday today, and a day after the burial of our beloved Tata, may he finally rest in peace. I’m grabbing a few moments of peace in my home while Dan and the kids take care of (finally) putting up the Christmas tree.

(*** EDIT…ahem, as you can see it’s now Wednesday …. BUT  at least the tree is up wahoooooo ***)

My African Tree! Would love to say I made it but I did not….nevertheless, this one is perfect for us and only took a few moments to decorate! I love it (and that cute little boy next to it ♥)

So while they are hard at work, here a few more Christmas Made It entries


Mopsy by NanaCathyDotCom

Welcome back to Nana Cathy! Meet Mopsy, the latest, cutest, most adorable  little creature to come out of Nana Cathy‘s hands – isn’t she sweet. Those floppy ears are no doubt going to be used as handles by a sleepy Miss F when she drags her Mopsy off to  beddy byes! All little granddaughters need a BBF like this one.


Christmas Mug Rug by Measured & Slow

I’m loving all the stunning fabrics that I’ve been seeing lately and this stunning Christmas Mug Rug (love that!) by Alyssa of Measure & Slow is the cherry on top. So beautifully & intricately sewn with little stars, it make the perfect gift and swap item in this case. I love that Alyssa’s posts are always full of good advice and tips – she makes it look so easy for us sewing-challenged ones!!!

The lovely Pigtails is back to woo us with more of her creative genius!


Christmas Tree Decor by Pigtails

Unique, stunningly pretty and ohhh so inspirational….WOW, these Christmas tree decorations are utterly sublime. One day when I grow up I’m going to learn how to write – wait, scrap that – read patterns like these fabulous ones so kindly offered (this post is a must-read of note, esp The Teens creations, she is amazing)

photo (1) (1)

“Mielie” Scarf by Pigtails

Again, please have a squizz at the full post so you can read all about the inspiration behind this amazing scarf! “Mielie” is a South African term for corn-on-the-cob and also the name of a FAB local label who make the most incredible handbags (these are sooooo on my wishlist!). This scarf is a perfect match, so simple but incredibly effective!


Rainbow Rachel Doll by Beatrice Ryan Designs

I love this cute, cheeky design by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs who once again has shared a wonderful pattern with us *thank you*. Hello pretty  Rainbow Rachel Doll!!  Bright colours + Curly Hair + a BIG Personality = Total Happiness! (not to mention a perfect stash buster by the way!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed browsing! Will be back soon with more xxx

Love Maryanne 


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The Christmas Made It Challenge – Oops!

My gorgeous 16 year old nephew is in Cape Town for 3 whole weeks WOOOHOOOO which is so exciting for us as we’ve been thoroughly enjoying showing his around….

beaching it up…

photo 1

eating …

photo 3


photo 2



… and all sorts of other exhausting exhilarating things, so please forgive me for being a slacker at posting all the FABULOUSIO new Christmas entries (I actually sat now to do a proper post but I keep on hitting the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz key – I’m taking it as a sign!)

I will be back soon with a bumper post to feast your senses on the stunning collection of entries so far….in the meantime, consider this as a little nudge nudge, wink wink to get your entries in!


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The Christmas Made It – I love lucie! (and the prize, of course)

Hello lovelies, hope your pre-festive season is relaxed, breezy and all under control. HAHAHAHAHAHAH pfffffft…I know. As if!

Some one who does seem to have everything well under wraps (‘xcuse the pun) is Lucie, from  Love, Lucie

It must be Christmas!

Christmas Stockings by Love, Lucie

*falling in love* Simply stunning! These adorable Christmas stockings bring back memories that I don’t think are even mine. Maybe I’ve watched too many idyllic Christmas movies, who knows, but these beauts make me feel super nostalgic. The elf toes, the tiny bells, the red & white pin stripe, the NAMES….absolutely fantastic!


Linen and button hanging heart

Linen & Button Hanging Heart by Love, Lucie

Another gorgeous make by Lucie is this linen hanging heart, completely with a shower of beautiful buttons and trimmed with pretty hessian – a gift for a friend! You HAVE to read the full post,  if you haven’t already, for a very entertaining tale of a night out – sounded like a lot of fun! I do have a question though…what on earth is an “orangery”?!!!

De-icer sock

De-Icer Sock by Love, Lucie

A very far-from-daft idea indeed!!! So what is it you ask? This pretty stripy sock is *an ingenious* solution to that annoying clunking sound that something metal make while rolling around at the back of the car! It’s a DE-ICER holder of course!!!! Click in the link for more pics.

Well done Lucie



And because December is the 12th month, so how about 12 luscious balls of lovely Vinnis Colours Serina in 100% Bamboo in an array of awesome colours….. hmmmm?

Dec Prize

I’ll be back with more in a bit – in the meantime, to enter the challenge click on the PINK LINK to add yours!

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The Christmas Made It – Our first entries and a mighty man

(***I actually posted this yesterday by scheduling it to publish a bit later in the day and I somehow manage to make the date 6 months ago! So juuuuust in case you missed it….***)

I don’t think that there are many people today that haven’t heard or been touched by the news that our beloved Madiba passed away last night. Wow, what a legend!

I must say, I don’t feel the sadness I thought I would. Instead I feel so happy that he is finally free of the life support he’s been on for the past 6 months, (and if you believe any of the other theories that have made their rounds, perhaps he actually did leave us all those months ago). Either way he is finally free and we are free to honour, love & respect him in the dignified way that is so deserving  of this great soul. Instead of sadness, I feel humbled & proud of what everything he stood for, for uniting not only a nation but the entire world and for paving a way out of the darkness for us all.

Tata Madiba, may you rest in peace and may we carry on your legacy of unity and peace ♥


 On that high note, here are the first three entries into the Christmas challenge! I’m loving how our little  Made It family is growing…

Gorro de Osito con bufanda by Sandra Hernandez Make

A very warm welcome to Sandra from Sandra Hernández from Holland, we are thrilled to have you join in.Her knitted Bear Hat Scarf is sensational – so soft and warm looking and of course the ears just make it! I absolutely loved browsing Sandra’s blog – her love of animals, her creativity, talent and adventurous spirit are evident in every single post – go on, have a look and enjoy!

House Bookmarks by Made By Patch

Two months in a row? – snowing rainbows indeed heehee!!  So happy to have you the super clever and talented Trish from Made By Patch back in the challenge this month. WOW, out doing herself again too with these stunning  bookmarks, so beautifully sewn. Each little house is so sweet with its own special character and I adore the little tags too. Perfect gifts for anyone, young or old!

Non-Christmassy Christmas Dress by Mrs Macs Crochet

Ahhh  how gorgeous! This “girly, but not too frilly” crochet dress was made by Mrs Mac of Mrs Macs Crochet for a friends little 6 month old daughter.  Well, she definitely for the brief right, it’s the perfect balance of sweetness and pretty girlyness. Oh, and the cute vintage little buttons (more pics on the post so click on the pic) were the ones Mrs Mac won from Tamara in the July Made It – how awesome!!!

That’s is for now – to enter the challenge click on the PINK LINK to add yours!

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The Christmas Made It challenge is open!

And in true “Maryanne” style I’m a day late. Sighhhh oh well!

However, nothing can dampen the fact that it’s the CHRISTMAS challenge YIPEEEEEE

 I have never been completely enthralled with Christmas, in fact I think I’m officially the last person I know to get the tree up. My poor kids!  It might be because almost my entire family decided to be born in December or it may be the end of year madness . Or perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in both hemispheres and let’s face it, the traditional White Christmas is very different to the day spent on the beach or at the pool under the baking summer sun!

Yes, there’s a lot that’s the same; the turkey, ham & stuffing (oooh and trifle of course), the crackers and the usual funny looking hats too, but here in SA there just isn’t the same buzz of excitement about Christmas that there seems to take hold of  Europe or USA ( we spent last Christmas in the UK with family and the vibe was so exciting!). Or maybe it’s just me…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I’ve just never been that excited about it. Until now that is. Maybe I’m getting in touch with my inner child or maybe it’s because this year lunch is at my house (we almost always go to my Mom’s) and maybe, just maybe it’s because I’m already inspired by you lot!

That said, I cannot wait to see what all the new entries this month. Of course, there is no strict theme ever but I’m hoping to see lots of Christmassy things to get us all even more in the mood (if that’s even possible!)

So, you can enter from NOW to the 28th December, then voting will being on the 29th December to the 4th Jan (I’ve stretched the dates a bit to accommodate holidays etc)

I will announce the winner of the 5th Jan 2014. I will also let you know in a day or two what’s up for grabs – it’ll be a goodie.

So there is it, the link is OPEN – click on the link to add yours and let the Jingle Bells begin!

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