The Christmas Made It challenge is open!

And in true “Maryanne” style I’m a day late. Sighhhh oh well!

However, nothing can dampen the fact that it’s the CHRISTMAS challenge YIPEEEEEE

 I have never been completely enthralled with Christmas, in fact I think I’m officially the last person I know to get the tree up. My poor kids!  It might be because almost my entire family decided to be born in December or it may be the end of year madness . Or perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in both hemispheres and let’s face it, the traditional White Christmas is very different to the day spent on the beach or at the pool under the baking summer sun!

Yes, there’s a lot that’s the same; the turkey, ham & stuffing (oooh and trifle of course), the crackers and the usual funny looking hats too, but here in SA there just isn’t the same buzz of excitement about Christmas that there seems to take hold of  Europe or USA ( we spent last Christmas in the UK with family and the vibe was so exciting!). Or maybe it’s just me…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I’ve just never been that excited about it. Until now that is. Maybe I’m getting in touch with my inner child or maybe it’s because this year lunch is at my house (we almost always go to my Mom’s) and maybe, just maybe it’s because I’m already inspired by you lot!

That said, I cannot wait to see what all the new entries this month. Of course, there is no strict theme ever but I’m hoping to see lots of Christmassy things to get us all even more in the mood (if that’s even possible!)

So, you can enter from NOW to the 28th December, then voting will being on the 29th December to the 4th Jan (I’ve stretched the dates a bit to accommodate holidays etc)

I will announce the winner of the 5th Jan 2014. I will also let you know in a day or two what’s up for grabs – it’ll be a goodie.

So there is it, the link is OPEN – click on the link to add yours and let the Jingle Bells begin!

made it


9 thoughts on “The Christmas Made It challenge is open!

  1. You are spot on Maryanne! Christmas in SA is a subdued affair, even with all the trees and music in the malls. The anticipation and planning and family discussion and baking and decorating and carols singing and gluhwein & mince pie evenings is almost a zero on the scale compared to Europe the USA or even Asia. I miss that energy and buzz and long for our northern hemisphere festive seasons! We will be decorating a wire tree this year – much easier than the usual green ones that sheds fake (or real) leaves all over the place. Hmmm will think about entering a recipe or tree decoration . . .

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