The Christmas Made It Challenge – Oops!

My gorgeous 16 year old nephew is in Cape Town for 3 whole weeks WOOOHOOOO which is so exciting for us as we’ve been thoroughly enjoying showing his around….

beaching it up…

photo 1

eating …

photo 3


photo 2



… and all sorts of other exhausting exhilarating things, so please forgive me for being a slacker at posting all the FABULOUSIO new Christmas entries (I actually sat now to do a proper post but I keep on hitting the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz key – I’m taking it as a sign!)

I will be back soon with a bumper post to feast your senses on the stunning collection of entries so far….in the meantime, consider this as a little nudge nudge, wink wink to get your entries in!


made it

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Made It Challenge – Oops!

  1. I know where you had lunch, went there once with some pals on a Saturday, it was really really good 🙂 (Just a long way from me, so not somewhere I frequent often), (there was also a cute little crafty shop nearby, did you find it?) (had a stunning turquoise bag with pompoms and embroidery from Thailand which I didn’t buy) (but still wish I had).

    • Blue Water Cafe is literally 5 mins from my house so we go ever so often – the shops there are fabulous! Hmmmm, I’ll have to get you out this side of the Lentil Curtain, great shopping here!!

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