The Christmas Made It – A few days away

Hello all you lovely folk!

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas, how ever you spend it

I am literally posting this as we are about to load into the car (from my phone, a first for me so ‘xcuse me if I mess this up) to go CAMPING! I had the very best of intentions of updating you all on all the latest entries so far so I apologies for not getting to it.

What I will do while I’m away is reblogg each of the posts that I haven’t yet introduced as well as all others that come in so please do carry on adding your links. I will do a final post in early Jan and start the voting as usual.

Hope you all have the most wonderful New Year and enjoy the celebrations!!! Stay safe

Lots of love

Ps I hope the pics show!!!

Love Maryanne


**** Β  Β The CHRISTMAS Made It ChallengeΒ ****

made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize


7 thoughts on “The Christmas Made It – A few days away

  1. I am SO SORRY I’ve been gone so long; I’ve missed your blog and this wonderfully friendly challenge you’ve kept going. I wish you and your family a beautifully Happy New Year, and I’m looking forward to participating in the next Made It Challenge. ^_^

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