The FEB Made It challenge is OPEN!

Welcome back everyone!

WOW, is the end of January already and if you have had a month like mine, you probably feel like the year is well under way already…Busy, With a Chance of Excitement – can you feel it??

While you all get busy adding you links by the dozen, I’m off for the weekend to attend a wedding – the kind of wedding you’ll be green about. Yip, beach and 35 plus degrees!!! (although, I seriously could do with a few degrees knocked off, it’s cooking here!)

Will check in again on Monday with the rest of the details of The Prize, and of course,  with a few wedding pics. Have a super weekend

Here is the  PINK LINK – can’t wait to see what get entered!

Good luck ♥

Love Maryanne

made it


“Cow’s Bell”

….what I actually meant was BELLE’S COWL! (a little spoonerism humour to get your attention heehee)

So I wasn’t completely useless with a hook & yarn over the festive season – although by most of the standards out there, I should be burned at the stake!!!  I wanted to make a Christmas pressie for a VERY SPECIAL young little lady called Isabel who lives in the UK and I went on a little search and found this AWESOME little video by B.Hooked (absolutely LOVE this stitch) ….

And made this…

Woolhogs Belle's Cowl 2

And this too…I also wanted to add a hair band so I used the same stitch and used a hair tie as a joiner! Love that trick!!!

Woolhogs Belle's Cowl 4

added a little flower and clasp… and voila!

Woolhogs Belle's Cowl 1

That’s all for now….hope you are all getting ready for the FEB MADE IT CHALLENGE!!!!

Love Maryanne xxx

30 clever storage ideas that you wish you’d thought of first

This is my “work” blog and I hope you don’t minding me sharing this post – it’s still kinda crafty (if you know what I mean) and I think that we all could use one or two of these trick to make our lives a little easier…or just for the fun, of course 🙂

jawitz south peninsula

There’s no better time that the New Year to get organised, to clear the clutter and make life at home a little easier. So, we’ve scoured the internet and found a few clever gems that will help on your way!

psst, click on the pic to take you to the original post

Jawitz south peninsula

You will never have to dig for crumpled wrapping paper roll again

Jawitz south peninsula

No more messy, sticky fingers…or carpets

Jawitz properties south peninsula cables

What, you enjoyed crawling on the floor?

Jawitz south peninsula

Ok, this is a little more adventurous but if you have the time and the ability, your friends will be might impressed

Jawitz south peninsula

A super idea if you have cupboards that can still close with them attached

Jawitz south peninsula

No more piles of…

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That awkward moment when…

…you are happily congratulating yourself on another successful  Made It challenge completed…


You receive this.




Let me explain.  Every month, the winner of the Made It challenge gets randomly chosen by InLinkz, the programme that hosts our collection. And every month, once voting is over,  I get an email notifying me of the winner, as does the actual winner. Except last month, there was nothing. So, after a little hmmmm’ing, a little head scratching and a bit of searching I hit the reset button, thinking I’d probably forgot to tick some box….and VOILA, we had a winner.

Except that there WAS a winner –  AKA Jill from Nice Piece of Work –  and they WERE notified !!

So Jill, please accept my most humble apologies! You’re always a winner in your hearts – I hope that a duplicate prize will help make up for it! ENJOY xxx

Dec Prize



The Christmas Made It – WINNER!

A ginormous thank you once again to everyone for taking part in the Made It, for your comments of encouragement, your ooooh’s & aaaah’s, your LIKES and of course for  VTING! Another fabulously fun month, jam packed with incredible creations and oozing with talent

So who is the lucky winner you ask?

dec winnerCongratulations Sandra! Thank you for joining in – your amazing talents have certainly dropped a few jaws around here, I can tell ya! Your lovely prize of 12 x Vinnis Colours Serina 100% Bamboo will be posted to you soon soon. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Dec Prize

Oh, and as this month’s winner, you also get this badge to display on your blog (if you wish, of course)

December Winner copyCongrats again!

The Voter’s Choice Award

I must say, the competition is always tough and it’s never easy deciding how to spread your votes and this month was no different. It was really neck-on-neck there until the very end but the Voter’s Choice Award goes to these two cutie pies!


Nicholas and Jessica by Live Love Lake

Congrats to Sandy from Live Love Lake and thank you for entering your two delicious Christmas bunnies, they certainly added their wonderful charm to the challenge

Here is your badge to wear on your blog ♥

Voter's Choice DEC

Thanks again everyone, that was so much fun. I think I’ll give you all the rest of the month off so you can stock up for the February Made It challenge, who knows…maybe I too will actually get it together to enter a few things! #newyearsresolutions hahah!

See you soon

Love Maryanne

The Christmas Made It – Yep, VOTING is finally OPEN!

And just like that VOTING is open!

But, before you rush off and cast your 10 votes (I know, I know, ten is not nearly enough, but there’s always tomorrow…) here are our final three entries

(*techno alert* for some reason, the captions on the pics just won’t appear! Must have bumped a setting or something..sorry!)
 Our last month’s winner, Laura from Cute As A Button steals our hearts once more with her gorgeous garland of crocheted Christmas Stars, a gift for a friend. I love the colour choices and they look smashing in their new home.  Personally I think they should stay just where they are for the whole year!

YAAAAY, a massive welcome to Pikaknits  who has was “zapped by the Christmas spirit” and entered these “last-minute” knitted decorations. Aren’t they stunning! Well, if this was  last minute, I can just imagine what a planned project would be! Looking forward to seeing loads more entries

Welcome back to Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books! WOW, I’m truly blown away by the craftsmanship that has gone into her amazing Rail Fence Cushion – mind boggling for someone like me who doesn’t sew. The overall effect if so beautiful and the stitching is perfect. Well I certainly hope Carole’s hubby gets is way with the duvet and matching pillow covers!

Thank you to each of you that has entered, once again we have an amazing collection, overflowing with crazy talent and creativity – LOVE IT!

Please hop over now and cast your votes for your favourites by clicking on the PINK LINK below. Remember, you have 10 votes and you can vote each day until midnight on the 7th Jan. The lucky winner of the Vinnis Colours Serina pack will be announced shortly afterwards


made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize

The Christmas Made It – Back! With lots more entries too

~ Happy New Year ~

Wishing each and every one of you a magical 2014 filled with love, peace & happiness…and of course lots of time for all things crafty!


Beautiful place

unnamed (2)

Filthy Feet

Well, I’m back from a great camping holiday with family & friends – filthy smiling faces, piles of washing, content kids – all great signs of a happy holiday. What the heck was I thinking when I said I would be updating the Made It from the inside of a forest in the middle of nowhere??? Actually, it was heavenly not having contact with the outside world for a while and seeing all kids enjoy the freedom of running around, playing & swimming without the usual nagging question “can I play on the i Pad/phone/laptop/TV…..?” Ahhhh, bliss! Here’s to a lots more of the “real stuff” this year

So, um, a few days late…here are the rest of this months fabulous entries…


FO Agents of Shield Scarf by Stitched ‘n Scaps

For those of you who have want to try double knitting, you MUST read Pia from Stitches ‘n Scraps ‘s brilliant post where she gives a tons of useful tips while making this AMAZING  FO Agents of Shield Scarf– the first of two being made for twins boys. (in case you had no idea what that was, I googled it and Agents of Shield  it’s a popular kids TV show in the US). The scarf is reversible with an insanely difficultly looking hex pattern which works a treat! No doubt there’ll be two very happy recipients


Yarnbomb Wishes by Nice Piece Of Work

Spreading her wonderful and unique type season cheer this year is the lovely Jill from Nice Piece of Work! This beautifully bright and happy Yarnbomb greeting was placed at the entrance of her apartment complex. Hmmmmm, I wonder if there was even one single resident who had no idea who this bomber was…..?!




Mae’s Happy Feet by Vu Chickens


Jonah’s Slippers Of Many Colours by Vu Chickens

From filthy feet to Melissa of Vu Chickens  two pairs of Happy Feet! I’m pretty sure you cannot get cosier slippers than these beautiful thrummed ones belonging to Mae and Jonah ….not only expertly knitted by Mom (with a little help from two very able children I might add), but loving made from home spun wool too. These are sensational and perfect for some extra sliding around the house!



Crochet Key Rings by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Finally, we get to see what Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner  was working on in the run up towards Christmas. These fun and fabulous amigurumi figure  crochet key rings, each so well thought up, are beautifully made and incredibly cute.  Such a great gift idea, especially for those hard-to-buy for men!



My First Sweater by Sandra Hernandez

WOW, not only has Sandra from Sandra Hernandez Make got a great eye for colour (yellow &  grey being a favourite combo of mine, but I’ve never had the guts to wear them together), she must have the patience of an angel. Here is her first sweater, knitted with such an intricate design which is ALL HER OWN! WOW, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more….


Cushion Cover by Kake’s Crafts

Ripples! Who doesn’t love this pattern. The lovely Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts‘s gorgeous ripply cushion cover came out beautifully! Again, the colour combo is stunning & very effective and the little heart buttons finish it off so well  – a perfect gift even if it took a while to make.


Teddy Bear by Empress 27

Ahhhhh, I love old-fashioned teddies and this hand-made teddy bear by Kaiserin of Empress 27 looks exactly like it should – even with the eyes not on yet hee hee. This little chap (and his friend, click on the pic for more about him) looked so fun to make…I easily can see how people get addicted!

And finally…..


Nicholas and Jessica

A match made in Christmas Heaven! The incredibly talented Sandy of Live Love Lake has entered her two AMAZING Christmas bunnies  Nicholas and Jessica  this month. Not only do they look like the happiest couple in town, I have a feeling they will be making their annual Christmas appearance for many many years to come!

Because of my tardiness, I am leaving the collection open until midnight tomorrow the 4th Jan for any late entries so please go ahead and add your link. Voting will start then and end on the 7th Jan and the winner announced shortly there after…

Thank you all for entering, for reading and happy browsing!

Love Maryanne


made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize