That awkward moment when…

…you are happily congratulating yourself on another successful  Made It challenge completed…


You receive this.




Let me explain.  Every month, the winner of the Made It challenge gets randomly chosen by InLinkz, the programme that hosts our collection. And every month, once voting is over,  I get an email notifying me of the winner, as does the actual winner. Except last month, there was nothing. So, after a little hmmmm’ing, a little head scratching and a bit of searching I hit the reset button, thinking I’d probably forgot to tick some box….and VOILA, we had a winner.

Except that there WAS a winner –  AKA Jill from Nice Piece of Work –  and they WERE notified !!

So Jill, please accept my most humble apologies! You’re always a winner in your hearts – I hope that a duplicate prize will help make up for it! ENJOY xxx

Dec Prize



11 thoughts on “That awkward moment when…

  1. still laughing. just choked on my grapes. Listen, my dear girl, you DO NOT NEED to duplicate anything – this is all in good fun, and I am thrilled that Sandra won! It’s not like you need to keep me hooked on your Made It Challenge (which I always just love) or Woolhogs (which I also just love and I think is awesome) or even on you (because I think YOU are wonderful and I will always love you), by sending me prizes!!! I will continue to enter my humble little makes and silly experiments, and don’t care if I never officially “win” with Inlinkz!!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxx

  2. Oh well none of these programs are perfect! I noticed this time that I only got the option to vote once, not once a day – not that it matters but they do seem to keep changing things. And Jill was sweet about it which didn’t surprise me.

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