JEEPERS, THAT WAS TOUGH AND THAT WAS CLOSE – so many amazing projects in the mix made it almost impossible to cast votes for all the favourites! Thank you all so much for voting, for visiting blogs, for your encouraging comments and for taking part. FEB was EPIC!

Now, for the best part. Drrrrrrrrrrum Rollllllll please – The *randomly drawn winner of The FEB Made It challenge AND winner of Trevlyn’s beautiful shawl is


Tamara copy

Wooooohooooo Congratulations Tamara, your ADORABLE Galilee Slippers are stunning are such worthy winners! Your new shawl by Trevlyn of Babushka Crafts will be whisking it’s way to you very soon!
Here is your FEB WINNER’S BADGE to wear on your blog!
FEB Winner
The voting not just soooooooooooo close, we actually had a THREE WAY TIE! Told you it was tough!!! So, naturally the VOTER’S CHOICE AWARD goes to all of them! Congrats Rene from Hav2Havz, Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio & Sandy from Live Love Lake who each received SEVENTEEN VOTES! Your projects are so incredibly inspirational –  thank you for sharing them with us!
Please accept this badge to wear on your website/blog or fridge!
Voter's Choice FEB

♥ you can check on the voting stats by clicking on the PINK LINK  ♥

  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge

made it
Thanks to everyone once again for making the Made It extra special – see you all in a few day!
Love Maryanne
♥ ♥ ♥
* Although I encourage multiple entries in the Made It challenge, only one LINK for each person goes into the random draw which is generated by InLinkz!

18 thoughts on “The FEB Made It WINNER IS….

  1. WHATTTTTT???? I can’t believe I am the winner. Thank you so much MaryAnne for hosting these monthly challenges; they are so much fun. 🙂 Now I need to figure out how to place that winner’s badge on my blog. I can’t wait for March to see all the lovely things that everyone submits. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Tamara !!! ❤ Thank you for the "Voter's Choice Award" Maryanne XXX I also need to figure out how to place the badge on my fb page :p

  3. Wow! Thank you so much Maryanne and voters! I am honored, really… There were so many amazing entries and so many talented people! Thank you again!

  4. This was the worst month for choosing, everything was just amazing and vote-worthy!!! I can’t wait to see Tamara in her new shawl (which is just exquisite), will pick up the lilac highlights in her hair perfectly 🙂 Maryanne, you do a really great job with the Monthly Challenge, and my guess is that you have to carve extra time out of your busy life to do it. But as you can see, we all love you for it. <3.

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  6. WOW thanks to all the voters for liking my scarf! Badge is going on my Facebook page and blog 🙂 Now even more inspired to make pretty things. Congrats to Tamara on the price win – hope we get to see you wear it 😉 Now, when is the next CHALLENGE? X

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