The March Made It – Oodles of O’Noodles

The fun-loving, quirky (with seemingly boundless energy too)  Jill from O’Noodles  has treated us to a selection of her fantastic makes into this months Made It challenge.  Firstly, I just have to share these two pic of Jill’s new photo book that she had made – what a stunning idea!!! It looks so professional and such a great item to have to showcase one’s portfolio. Awesomeness!

                           noodle 1


As you can see, Jill’s been super busy making a whole wide range of new goodies for upcoming fairs and these beautiful blankets have been flying off the hooks! Click on each pic below to for more pics and other fab ideas

Pinken Rose Baby Blanket by O’Noodles

Highland Fling by O’Noodles

Hundertwasser Throw by O’Noodles

Oooh Prince, eat your heart out….Blackberry is in!!!!

Blackberry Beret by O’Noodles

If you are on Facebook, please go and LIKE  Jill’s Facebook page, O’Noodles, it’s a wonderful colour frenzy!!  ðŸ™‚

Love Maryanne



made it

8 thoughts on “The March Made It – Oodles of O’Noodles

  1. Feel the heat from my blushing!!!! Oh my what an amazing compliment! Believe me I am not that energetic! It all comes out in my work! Lazy bum me!

  2. What an awesome idea of getting your creative crafts into an amazing photo book like that. I’m going to look that up now as I’d love to see a book like that with photos of my year. What a gorgeous idea 😀

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