The May Made It Challenge – VOTING OPEN ‘TIL MIDNIGHT!

Hello, here’s just a quick reminder that VOTING is still open until midnight tonight and thank you so much to everyone who has voted so far.

I will announce the randomly chosen winner plus the Voter’s Choice winner tomorrow – so let’s get more votes is and show our entrants how AWSOME they are!



Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

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The MAY Made It – One more entry and VOTING is open!

Yes it’s that time already, when voting open and lip trembles because you know that it’s going to tough voting for your favourites!!!

But before I go and let you go crazy wild,  dishing out your here is TEN ‘s A DAY, here is our final entry…


Essential Project Basket by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

LOVE THE COLOURS! And I’ve come to expect nothing less from the wonderful creative, pink-haired lady herself, Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio. Her gorgeous new project basket, crocheted with TARN is fabulous. Please pop over and have a read and an ogle at her photo’s and other projects too – warning, you may not get anything else done today!

Right everyone, on that note …..

VOT voting

Good luck everyone and THANK YOU to everyone who has entered. Remember that we the winner of the Voter’s Choice will be awarded with a badge for their website/fridge! Winners will be announced on the 31st May



Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

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The MAY Made It – Pretty, Colourful & Lacy!

Welcome back! Hope the week is off to a great start

It’s almost time to switch to voting (yeah, I know!) but there are still two more days to enter your links. Here are the next three fabulous entries 🙂

Woolhogs Made It - pretty girl bag

Pretty Girl Bag by La Vie En Rose

I’m thrilled to welcome back the lovely Laura from La Vie En Rose with her pretty little yellow felt bag with the sweetest crochet handle. I’ve never made anything with felt before (been way to scared to) but this looks soooo easy! Okay OKAY, I know that’s it just the amazing tutorial that makes it look easy heehee, thanks Laura. I love the orange blanket stitching around the edges and of course, the cute heart & flower cut outs are perfect for little girlies

Woolhogs Made It - melanie hoffman

Colourful Granny Square Blanket by Melanie Hoffman

GASP! Wowweee, this stunning Granny Square Blanket made by one of my Facebook page members , Melanie Hoffman and has caused quite a stir. Anyone who’s ever made a blanket of this size and detail knows the love, passion, the many hours, etc etc etc that goes into completing something so special. Well done Melanie…the colours are eye-poppingly delicious!

Woolhogs Made It - Alynnis Crochet

Crochet Shawl by Alynnis Crochet

Another WOW! This sensational, delicate and exquisitely made Crochet Shawl made by Alynnis of Alynnis Crochet is simply beautiful! Please click on the link for another close up photo so you can see the how truly lovely it is. What’s more, this was…wait for it…A WEEKEND PROJECT! Is that even possible?!!!! Wonderful work Alynnis!

Hurry and add yours 🙂



Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

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YIPEEE! I get super excited when I receive a white slips from the post office saying there’s a parcel for collection…and I wasn’t disappointed…

I entered Jane from Rainbow Junkie wonderful two-part giveaway and I WON a beautiful selection on Beads Buttons and Bow!

Thank you  Jane! I love your handwritten note and the beautiful lace which was wrapped around my parcel of colourful treasure – can’t wait to put them all to good use

unnamed (6)

The MAY Made It Challenge – A whole lotta woolly wonders!

Welcome back to the MAY Made It! WOW, there are so many amazing new entries plus a few newcomers to introduce you so sit back and enjoy! Oh, and more happy browsing of course!

Meet Helen Rowe from Crochet Creativeness!

made it snail

Miss Snail by Crochet Creativeness

made it beanie

Beanie for Jill by Crochet Creativeness

made it shawl

Beautiful Shawl by Crochet Creativeness

Helen is another newcomer to the challenge and brings with her some mighty fine makes! First up is this cute crochet snail, one of Helen’s own patterns – how cool. Her gorgeous Zinnia Flower shawl turned out a treat, especially in those stunning colours! You may remember Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts writing about her mom’s friend with cancer who decided to wear a new beanie everyday to raise money? Well, click on the pic for a photo of Jill in Helen’s beautiful crochet beanie ❤

made it cardi

Baby Cabled Cardi by Kaiserin Maggs

This knitted baby cabled cardi by Kaiserin , a regular Made It challenger, is so sweet and very snuggly looking. Kaiserin has a great blog too, Empress27 so please pop over and have a look – there are lots of lovely things to see


Lacy Shawl by Sheep Goes Baa

Another welcome to the Made It!  WOW, what an exquisite lacy shawl crocheted by Sheep Goes Baa – I’m absolutely in love with it, it’s so delicate looking and perfect for shoulders on a cool summer’s eve.  I’m looking forward to seeing more…

made it alynnis

Fawn and Orange Blanket by Alynnis Crochet

Next up is this wonderfully warm and cosy looking blanket with a sweet orange trim made by Alynnis Crochet. I’m always amazed at the commitment and love that goes into creating and completing such a wonderful projects like this. Well done!

made it leg warmers

Crochet Leg Warmers by BAM Crafts


Stripey Blanket by BAM Crafts

The next two entries come in from Beth of B*A*M Crafts . So happy to have you back in the challenge! I LOVE these leg warmers and am thrilled that they (leg warmers in general) are finally getting the fashion cred they so deserve! GASP, and speaking about love and commitment, Beth’s stripey blanket is simply astounding, amazing, incredible!!!. The colours, the textures, the patterns are all a visual feast too. ♥


Owl Family by O’Noodles

Meet Flip, Flop and Fly – a wonderfully woolly, wise and every so smart-looking family of owls by Jill from O’Noodles. Love how the fan stitch so cleverly creates their gorgeous feathers. Oh, and those eyes….!!!

made it cushion

Chunky Cushion by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

Ok, I WANT ONE..or two or three. Being (at this rate, an occasional) crochet’er, I keep asking myself why I don’t I knit – ??? The texture of this chunky cushion by Madeleine of Pretty Blue Bird Studio is stunning and so comfy looking. Hmmm, I think I have to try one 🙂

Thank you so much ladies, you are all truly inspirational! There’s still time to enter more links so whatyawaitingfor?!

Love Maryanne 



Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The MAY Made It – A pretty box, a summer cozy, mini hats and Ernest!

See, I told you I’d be back soon! Here are the next 4 entries into the May Made It! 

crafty crus

Ernest by The Crafty Crusader

I love newcomers to the challenge – they always bring new and exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course,  fab creations too.  A very warm welcome to The Crafty Crusader who has brought us Ernest – a super cute hippo-type knitted creature who is the physical manifestation of a virtual HUG (ticking all above boxes)!  I soooooo need me one of these!!!



Mini Top Hats by Mille On Her World


So happy to welcome  back the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World. Those who follow Millie already know that all of her makes look good enough to gobble up –  nothing new here then!! Just how adorable are these miniature crocheted top hats?!!?!?!?!? Look at the detail too. What’s better, there are patterns, wooohoooo. Thank you Millie, mwah


Little Fabric Box by Hellies Corner

YAY another newcomer to the challenge…Hello to Hellies Corner! Her blog is filled to the brim with tons of exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course,  fab creations too (heehee). This bright & pretty little fabric box – plus a gorgeous pencil holder  (click on the pic for the full post) –  is so pretty and comes with a wonderful step by step photo tutorial. Enjoy!


Summer Tea Cozy by O’Noodles

You simply cannot look at this teapot cozie, made by Jill of O’Noodles, without feeling happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 – impossible! I love the down-to-earth chunky texture, and how all the colours are such a beautiful interpretation of a summertime garden….and of course, the bright flowers and vintage buttons finish it off perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed these wonderful entries! Be back soon – in the meantime, there’s loads of time to add yours

Love Maryanne 




Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The MAY Made It Challenge – Prepare yourself for more WOW’s

Welcome back to the May’s Made It challenge! I thought I’d have this post out a few days ago, but alas, life sometimes yets in the way. At the rate the entries are coming in I am going to be blogging for the rest of the month –  I’d better get my A into G fast!!!

Ok, next up…

measured and slow

Hexie Quilt by Measure And Slow

Okay. I know you are all 100% behind me here when I say…WOW WOW WOW. When I first laid my eyes on Alyssa from Measured & Slow’s incredibly beautiful quilt, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. Firstly, me and sewing have never seen eyelet to eyelet so I am no expert here, but still, I’m pretty sure this is a mega-major project.  About 1500 tiny hexagons went into making this quilt AND they were all initially HAND SEWN together – the mind boggles! Hats off to you Alyssa – this is an amazing feat of love, passion and hard work!!!!


I personally had the double satisfaction of seeing Michelle Niedermann’s knitted stipey baby blanket –  knitted for a brand new baby –   not just because the yarn, a gorgeous shiny bamboo fibre (Vinnis Serina) came from my little shop, but because it is STUNNING! Even knowing how beautiful the yarn is and how delicious the colours are, I never imagined the blanket could turn out quite so beautifully! (you are mentally making a plan to knit one, aren’t you?!). Click on the pic for another photo of Michelle’s blanket, in all its lovely glory!


Ruthie’s Birthday Bag by O’Noodles

I know that there are loads of crafters out there that are super talented at many different media. Jill from O’Noodles is not only one of them, she also brings her own unique zaniness to everything she creates! I absolutely love this exquisitely made bag (you lucky thing, Ruthie!) with it’s gorgeous print and beautiful rosette with vintage button. Pssst, the bag is lined with the same fabric at the rosette – very indulgent! More from Jill soon ….


In Love With Leg Warmers by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

Ooooooooooh PINK, COLOUR, PINK, SUNSETS, PINK!!! Okay, I’m calming down± But really, wow. Those colours are sublime. These, may I say, very sassy looking leg-warmers were hand knitted by Madeleine of Pretty Blue Bird Studio and look fantastic –  of course, I does help if you have the legs and the toes to match! I so enjoy everything she makes, writes and photographs – go have a look for yourself. Never before have the 80’s looked so cool.

See you VERY soon!

Love Maryanne



Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The MAY Made It Challenge – Butterflies, Ufo’s, Roses and Mushrooms

Happy Mother’s Day! (i know it’s not M’sD everywhere in the world, but still) I’ve seen many fab photos and captions over the last couple of days but this one is by far my favourite…


Says it all, doesn’t it!!!

I’ve just had the most wonderful day with my folks, my hubby and kids but wishing we could have added a few more absent family members to the day. It’s so sad when half of your family live on the opposite hemisphere…sigh. Even so, we had a lovely lazy lunch and I have just about enough energy for this post heehee!

unnamed (3)

But with so many wonderful entries in the challenge so far, I’d better get on with introducing them to you – here are the next four!


Easter Butterflies by Rainbow Junkie

I am delighted to see another beautiful Easter tree by the talented and ridiculously creative Jane from Rainbow Junkie.  If you click on the pic, you will see her previous one which was adorned by an assortment of crocheted eggs, crosses, flowers and, or course,  a sweet little bunny. These rainbow butterflies are absolutely beautiful and so delicately made – and yes, there’s a link to the pattern too YAY!


“Made with Love and Yarn” by Bev Barret

This cosy rosy baby blanket was made by one of my Woolhogs Facebook page members, Bev Barret – one that she made and DESIGNED herself!!! When I asked Bev to tell me a little more about how she made it, she described it as  “made with love and yarn” . I love that answer – pretty much sums up how most of our yarny creations born are born.  Stunning Bev, we want more!!!


UFO#4 by YarnChick40

Now what self respecting,  little-matchy-matchy-crazy-cat-lady/hooker-corner-maker wouldn’t need some seriously cool matchy-matchy illumination hmmmm??? Ta-Dah! And another wonderfully blue-black-and-white signature piece (titled UFO#4 hahahah, she cracks me up) from our very own YarnChick40!


Funky Foam and Felt Mushroom Bobbin Saver by SquareBird

YAY, please welcome May’s first newcomer to the challenge *rubs hands gleefully* Hello to SquareBird 201 of SquareBird Craft A Day who has amazingly challenged herself to creating…yes, as her blog name clearly suggests,  a craft A DAY for 2014!  WOW…do yourself a favour and pop over for a browse around. There is soooo much to see your to-do-lists are going to take a beating! How great is this Funky Foam And Felt Mushroom Bobbin Saver!!

That’s all for tonight, be back soon

Love Maryanne




Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The MAY Made It Challenge – Off to a mighty fine start!


The McGregors by Crochet With Tamara

Meet the McGregors! A cuddly family of beautiful bunnies (with names that begin with R 🙂 ) that have bred like…well, bunnies! Tamara from Crochet With Tamara delights us once again with another fab entry – if you want to see the sweetest little bunny tails too, click here

The next couple entries are from Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books who has entered these two very different and oh-so-wonderful scarves


Ribbed Scarf with Hood by A Slight Obsession With Books

Ahhhhhh Teddy looks smashing in this very smart all-in-one ribbed scarf and hood with pockets – a beautiful cozy and GENIUS accessory – esp for folk like me that seem to have the occasional (ahem) problem with losing things!! Am loving the ribbed effect 🙂


Angel Scarf by A Slight Obsession With Books

Carole’s Angel scarf is HEAVENLY! Inspired by one of Lucie’s posts, and crocheted in the most beautiful sock yarn *swoon*. Ilove the gradual colour change which makes the overall effect even more eye catching! I’m off to Ravelry yahoooo


Notion Box by Yarn Chick 40

Lisa-Victoria from Yarn Chick 40 brings us another of her funky Blue Black & White creations (do you remember her cushion and footstool in the same stunning colours??) A painted notion box that looks just perfect as it is, no need for any bits and bobs methinks! Looking forward to seeing what’s next Lisa


That’s all for now! In the meantime, go wild and add your links

Love Maryanne




This fabulous Owl Cushion. made and donated Lucie from Love, Lucie is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy