Where in Cape Town…It’s Springtime!

You know it’s Spring in Cape Town by the number of smiling faces. We are simple just not cut out for the cold, grey, rainy, miserable weather that we are forced to endure for…well, um….for about 9ish weeks of the whole year!  But still….the promise of summer and all its wonderfulness is just too much excitement to contain.

Woolhogs on Boulders Beach

I mean, come on…we live on the coast, dotted with stunning beach after stunning beach. It’s hard not to get super excited and a little crazy when the sun comes out (even just a little) and the blue water beckons – brag brag brag!!!

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at Boulders Beach, Simons Town

My family and I got up early(ish) yesterday morning and decided to hit the beach in honour of it being 2nd September – officially the second day of Spring!!! Boulders Beach is arguable the most beautiful in Cape Town and is situated in Simons Town, near the tip of the South Peninsula and en route to Cape Point Nature Reserve

Besides that the beach is wonderfully sheltered and private, it’s most famous for its colony of African Penguins which roam freely and are closely protected. What an incredible experience for the kids to see such beautiful creatures up close. In fact, I missed the photo opportunity of the year – as we arrived through the gates we were greeted by a group of about 10-12 penguins just wandering up the path. No fear of us that’s for sure – they own the place after all!

woolhogs at boulders beach, penguins

The kids had fun exploring and running up, down, under and through the gaps made by the enormous boulders that are everywhere.

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons town

We had a picnic…

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town    woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town


And what would an outing be with out a spot of crochet, eh?!

Vinnis colours, elle premier cotton        Vinnis colours        vinnis colours, woolhogs


Ahem…ok, so I didn’t actually do much any crocheting…but I wanted to…we were just having too much fun!

woolhogs woolhogswoolhogs, vinnis colourswoolhogs

Miss you Sarah

Eternity…Sarah Ann Ralph


Where in Cape Town?


Victoria had a great idea and thought it would be fun to show off our beautiful city by taking some photos any time we are on an outing – except there’s a catch.

The photos must include crochet!

This is not hard work.

If it means that I get to spend time with my delicious family, get out and about around our stunning ‘hood AND I actually HAVE to crochet? Woohooo, I’M IN!

Off we go – our little family, all packed with a picnic.

So here is how it went. Oh yeah, my current project just happened to be yet another Cup Cape – it’s part of an order as a gift for a family so this one is for the little girl.

Right, any guesses as to where we are?



If this doesn’t give it away…..



Just to prove that I was “working”


Ok, kids. Now let’s go and find some gorgeous spots to snap the finished product (at this stage I’m feeling a little like the guy who stole the gnome from some lady’s garden, took him all over the world and sent photo’s of him in all sort of famous places, back to his owner)


This is a famous “bath” and is shaped like a bird….


On our walk-about we had some fun, and saw some scary things.





Oops, the Cape is a bit wobbly.



Yes, it’s stunning Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens!

Thanks again for following our blog, for the likes and for visiting again.

Love Mary-Anne