The Cupboard

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning naked. I don’t mean naked as in your birthday suit, I mean naked as in devoid of all thought, emotion and memory. You look around and all that is there in the white light of this new morning is the Cupboard.

the cupboard, woolhogs,

Imagine that just for this morning, you get out of bed and walk over to the large, white-washed, weather-beaten old wooden cupboard. You move towards it without thinking – without a single thought.

 With two hands, you pull the doors open wide, exposing all your clothes and accessories. Just today, you take an unexpected step backwards and let your eyes take in what you see. This is the first sense that you have used and your eyes are finding it hard to adjust to the large array of clothing before you. You look as if seeing it for the first time, you cock your head slightly – something’s different. Strange and unfamiliar.

Ahh, there is it. The twinge of familiarity! You know this cupboard, you know these clothes, You have been flinging these great big heavy doors open every morning for as long as you can remember.  A rush of relief pours over you when you see your trusty old clothes. Ahhh hello friends – your well-worn black jersey, your dark blue jeans, your heavy dark coat – all there to greet you like always and instinctively, you reach out for them like. For a split second something catches your eye but you are too busy yanking your old clothes off hangers to really take notice. 

But something’s not right, that strange feeling returns.  You clutch your old coat for comfort but instantly make the scary discovery that it feels waaaay too prickly. It’s too heavy and for the first time ever you realise that it’s actually quite smelly.  What? What happened to the heavy warm fabric that’s been keeping me safe, dry and warm all this time?? Undeterred, you reach for the jersey – not thinking – just pulling it over your head. But it gets stuck, it doesn’t pop over like it usually does. You give it a little desperate tug but still it wont yield. NO – it simply will not be worn today. Your panicky eyes dart over towards your jeans, surely they are not going to let you down but already you know that they are going to fall to shreds the second you shove a leg into them. You spin around towards the Cupboard and just before you make a mad dash for the rest of your Clothes – you stop.

What is this I see? Between your grey jacket and your brown Polo-neck is the prettiest, most beautiful red fabric peeking out at you. As you gingerly reach in to touch it you see another brightly coloured garment – a glowing purple!  With a little uncertainty but a lot of intrigue, you separate the greys and the browns and …wow… this soft dress, the colour of a million cranberries. And this gorgeous shirt! Where did they come from?! They look so wonderful.  But do I even wear dresses and do I even like shirts?? Yes, you’re surprised to find that you actually do! You hold up the dress and suddenly you remember that you have worn this dress before.  You look at the tag for a clue to where it came from. And it says                 HAPPINESS.

Looking behind the shirt, you spot a cute pair of skinny jeans – the label is stitched so prettily, so daintily on the outside but you can easily see that it’s your long forgotten pair of CONFIDENCE™.  You just about jump into them, two feet at a time…and they fit!! They fit so perfectly that for the life of you, you cannot imagine how they got lost and why you haven’t even been searching for them. Oooooh the delight you feel is only matched by the tingly feeling that your freshly washed, sparkly POSITIVEthoughts shirt gives you. You feel alive.  And your shoes! Oooooh your baby blue shiny heels, masterfully crafted by FEARLESS, the best shoemakers in the world (you allow yourself a little smug smile because you actually own a pair!). As you pull more and more drab old crusty and outright STINKY clothes out of the Cupboard, more and more and MORE colourful clothes come spilling out! Have they been hiding?

 You become fully aware that you look outrageously bright – is this really me? – your clothes clash, you may look ridiculous but you don’t care – because you feel fantastic! In fact, you pull open one of the many draws of the Cupboard and scratch around until you – AHA!  – you find that perfect shade of OPTIMISM that makes your lips pop…or maybe the GoodTimes will look even better?! You look out the window and notice that the sun is shining, the trees are whispering to you to come out and play. What the heck was I thinking, wanting to wear my heavy old coat on a day like this?!

                                   Now, where are those GRATITUDE shades….



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