Monthly “Made It” Challenge


All you have to do is submit a picture of something you’ve made – whether it be a be a woolly hat, a delicious cupcake, a tutu, playdough…ANYTHING at all!!! (pssst, look on Pinterest for inspiration)

So here’s how to do it:

  1. Look for something awesome to make (best part)
  2. MAKE IT!, taking pics along the way if you are going to be doing a tutorial
  3. Blog it, post it, whatever – just get it online! (* if you don’t have a blog, check out the note below*). Don’t forget to post a link to give credit to where the original idea came from
  4. Submit the URL/link of your superb creation on my blog via “inlinkz” or FROGGY
  5. FINALLY, check in often and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

*if you dont have a blog, please email me on or post on Woolhog’s FB page*

The link will be open from 111 – 28 March and VOTING will be open from the 28 – 31 March so hurry up and get craftin’!

You can keep checking in and VOTE for your favourites. The entry with the most votes will have the honour of being chosen as The Voters Choice and will get to wear the Award Badge

So what are you waiting for!

made it


11 thoughts on “Monthly “Made It” Challenge

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    • Hello Mtetar! Thank you as always for your lovely comments and encouragements. No! I haven’t received anything from you – please please email me again and I will add it immediately. I will be posting again tomorrow xxxx

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