The May Made It winner is….

WOW, another fantastic Made It challenge has come to a close…but not before I announce the winners! Firstly, I’d like to thank each of your for entering this month. It’s an honour to share your passion and to be inspired by your work, your creativity and dedication.  It’s always so easy to see that every single item was created with so much love. Thank you Thank you too, for everyone one who voted! Each vote is an acknowledgement, a cheer and encouragement – believe me, that goes a long way ♥

Right, with that said, let’s get on with the winners

drum roll please…


10258567_657850560968684_1325137490601984337_n copy

Thank you Helen for taking part! Not only is your beanie beautiful, it’s going to an incredible woman for an incredible cause. Please send Jill all our love and best wishes

Here is your badge display where ever you please!

MAY Winner

Your prize – this gorgeous Owl Cushion made and donated by Lucie, from Love, Lucie is all yours and will be making her way to her new home very lucky thing you!

lucie owl copy

And now for the Voter’s Choice Award

another drum roll please….


angelscarf04 copy

Here is your badge to display on your blog!!!

Voter's Choice MAY

Thanks again everyone -we’ll be back soon

Love Maryanne

*winner chosen randomly by InLinkz


The MAY Made It Challenge – Off to a mighty fine start!


The McGregors by Crochet With Tamara

Meet the McGregors! A cuddly family of beautiful bunnies (with names that begin with R 🙂 ) that have bred like…well, bunnies! Tamara from Crochet With Tamara delights us once again with another fab entry – if you want to see the sweetest little bunny tails too, click here

The next couple entries are from Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books who has entered these two very different and oh-so-wonderful scarves


Ribbed Scarf with Hood by A Slight Obsession With Books

Ahhhhhh Teddy looks smashing in this very smart all-in-one ribbed scarf and hood with pockets – a beautiful cozy and GENIUS accessory – esp for folk like me that seem to have the occasional (ahem) problem with losing things!! Am loving the ribbed effect 🙂


Angel Scarf by A Slight Obsession With Books

Carole’s Angel scarf is HEAVENLY! Inspired by one of Lucie’s posts, and crocheted in the most beautiful sock yarn *swoon*. Ilove the gradual colour change which makes the overall effect even more eye catching! I’m off to Ravelry yahoooo


Notion Box by Yarn Chick 40

Lisa-Victoria from Yarn Chick 40 brings us another of her funky Blue Black & White creations (do you remember her cushion and footstool in the same stunning colours??) A painted notion box that looks just perfect as it is, no need for any bits and bobs methinks! Looking forward to seeing what’s next Lisa


That’s all for now! In the meantime, go wild and add your links

Love Maryanne




This fabulous Owl Cushion. made and donated Lucie from Love, Lucie is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

Our First Fab FEB Entries – Prepare to be WOW’ed

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I was delighted and EXCITED to log into the InLinkz account yesterday to see the tidal wave of colour and sea of creativity that was already there – what some AMAZING entries, thank you to all who’ve entered so far!!! I can safely say that each entry has inspired me in so many ways….have a look



Galilee Slippers by Crochet With Tamara

*shriek* No one, I mean NO ONE (not even a 7 foot, scar-faced wrestler) could look at these ADORABLE Galillee slippers and not have a heart melt!! These beauties, made by the  super busy & madly talented Tamara from Crochet With Tamara are so gorgeous they don’t lose their cute-appeal the bigger they get….that means I NEED a pair STAT!


Crochet Lampshade by Creative Granny

A warm welcome back to Helen from Creative Granny who’s been making some amazing things (please go and browse her blog). Ahhh, the colours, the stripes, the tassels!!  I absolutely love this lamp, such a clever idea,  and as Helen says, a great way to use up left overs. What a way to brighten up a hallway!!


Autumn Rainbow Beanie by Nice Piece of Work

And staying with colours and stripes, ooooh’s and AHHHH’s, here’s a gorgeous Autumn Rainbow crocheted beanie made by Jill from Nice Piece of Work for a colleague – lucky lady. That is one seriously AWESOME colour scheme and I’m definitely going to be using it!! Another stash busting winner


Granny Square Poncho by Hav2Havz

Well, I must say I almost stopped breathing when I saw this STUNNING creation – I mean WOW! This beautiful granny square Poncho crocheted by Rene from Hav2Havz is one heck of a jaw-dropper.  Again, the use of colour is fascinating and the rich tassels (for me, the best part) just makes it!!!


Starry Skies by A Slight Obsession With Books

Welcome back to  Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books who just keeps on inspiring with her wonderful creations. I’ve never seen a design like this one before – her Starry Sky cushion is beautiful and so perfectly sewn.  AGAIN, the colours are fabulous – very striking (see her post for a pic of the back too, love the contrast).

See!  I told you these entries were exciting didn’t I!! Right, now that we’re on a roll, ADD YOUR LINKS by clicking the PINK LINK below – can’t wait to see what’s next

Love Maryanne

made it

The Christmas Made It – Yep, VOTING is finally OPEN!

And just like that VOTING is open!

But, before you rush off and cast your 10 votes (I know, I know, ten is not nearly enough, but there’s always tomorrow…) here are our final three entries

(*techno alert* for some reason, the captions on the pics just won’t appear! Must have bumped a setting or something..sorry!)
 Our last month’s winner, Laura from Cute As A Button steals our hearts once more with her gorgeous garland of crocheted Christmas Stars, a gift for a friend. I love the colour choices and they look smashing in their new home.  Personally I think they should stay just where they are for the whole year!

YAAAAY, a massive welcome to Pikaknits  who has was “zapped by the Christmas spirit” and entered these “last-minute” knitted decorations. Aren’t they stunning! Well, if this was  last minute, I can just imagine what a planned project would be! Looking forward to seeing loads more entries

Welcome back to Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books! WOW, I’m truly blown away by the craftsmanship that has gone into her amazing Rail Fence Cushion – mind boggling for someone like me who doesn’t sew. The overall effect if so beautiful and the stitching is perfect. Well I certainly hope Carole’s hubby gets is way with the duvet and matching pillow covers!

Thank you to each of you that has entered, once again we have an amazing collection, overflowing with crazy talent and creativity – LOVE IT!

Please hop over now and cast your votes for your favourites by clicking on the PINK LINK below. Remember, you have 10 votes and you can vote each day until midnight on the 7th Jan. The lucky winner of the Vinnis Colours Serina pack will be announced shortly afterwards


made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize