The September Made It – Hold on to your hearts

Hello! Are you ready for another dose of fabulous Made It entries? Thought so…

The following 5 entries are from one of our regular Made It challengers who is UBER creative, SUPER talented and a WHIZZ with yarn…not to mention a very entertaining¬†writer too ūüôā

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Linen Crochet Sunhat by B*A*M Crafts

Looking ever so smug – and who can blame her! (you’ll have to click on the link to see what I mean ūüėČ ) in her STUNNING blue¬†crochet linen sunhat is Beth of B*A*M Crafts.¬†Her hat is beautiful, the stitches look exotic and the linen looks amazingly soft – I’ve never actually used linen before, hmmm. ¬†Lucky for us there’s a link to a free, chart based pattern YEEEHA


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brian The Amigurumi Bear by B*A*M Crafts

When I first saw¬†Brian (an excellent name for a bear!) the amigurumi bear, I was immediately taken in by his bright colours and big beautiful eyes, and once I read Beth’s post I learned that he was styled and inspired by her niece. I love the addition of his blue waistcoat and pink daisy – a very funky bear indeed



Warden Owls by B*A*M Crafts

And while we’re on amigurumi toys, here are two gorgeous¬†air raid warden owls¬†making their cameo appearance – also made by Beth


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tunisian Crochet Phone Pouch by B*A*M Crafts

Ahhhh, I love this technique. Here is a stunning¬†Tunisian crochet phone pouch¬†that was¬†quickly made by Beth as a “pick-me-up” ¬†for herself while in a pit of despair with the sudden realisation that she had (at least) 15 WIP’S…..some of which are actually lost!


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Lace Shawl by B*A*M Crafts

Just in case you thought that crochet was all Beth could do (pfffffft) here is her beautiful KNITTED¬†lace shawl¬†in such lovely colours.¬†¬†If you’ve never blocked anything before (putting my hand up) then click on the link for some seriously good advice – with pics!


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bunting by B*A*M Crafts

And if you have a heart beat, then you automatically LOVE¬†bunting!! Here is Beth’s very own pattern¬†for knitted bunting – click on the link for a whole lot more to woo you. Oh, and if you make some please be sure to share your pics on her facebook page. Go wild!

Thanks Beth

♥ ♥ ♥


Pretty Bunny by Angella de Jager

Say hello to this sweet¬†toy bunny, made by Angella de Jager,¬†who is joining our gowing family of bunnies in this months challenge. Angella is an incredible artist who sews, crochets, paints, writes etc etc etc and whose work always inspires, invokes a smile and a lovely feeling of happiness. ¬†You can view some more of her work here. ¬†As for this very cute & quirky little bunny, she ticks all three boxes and more ūüôā


The next three entries are from the wonderfully colourful and very talented Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio


Rose Heart Bunting by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

You see! We all LOVE bunting¬†and this¬†rose heart bunting¬†captures that feeling perfectly. This particular bunting was custom made and is the crochet version of her client’s logo – how cool is that!



Floral Bunting by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

And another string of loveliness. Madeleine is a master with colour Рmixing and matching so beautifully and her photos are magazine quality. This floral bunting is stunning and should be hanging in gardens everywhere. (Pssst, although The Inspiration is stunning, I prefer her version!!!)



Hand Knitted Socks by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

And wasn’t I just saying how clever she was with colour?! WOW, these hand knitted socks are bold, bright and beautiful. I love how they are slightly different too with a splashes of red at the top. Even though summer is approaching us in here in Cape Town, I’m pretty sure she’ll get away with wearing them all the time.


Thank you all so much for your amazing entries. There’s still time to enter so click on the link below to add your. Until later…

 Love Maryanne



made it

July Made It – Kicking Off with a super PRIZE!

It’s the Weekend! Hope you are all having a relaxing one and doing whatever makes your heart & soul happy. I’ve been busy with all sorts of things that fill me with glee; designing, thinking, writing, packing, problem-solving, crocheting etc so I will spill beans as they all come together.

Well, the July Made it is off to a great start with the first 3 gorgeous entries in but before I show them to you, I’m sure you’ll be keen to see this months prize.

Tamara from Crochet with Tamara, who won the May Made It challenge has so very kindly (and incredibly generously) donated this month’s prize:

IMG_5514 IMG_5515 IMG_5516


The winner will receive

* a beautiful Mandala handmade by Tamara,
* a fabulous selection of vintage buttons
* 2 skeins of Sensations yarn – Breeze and Wave in the most tropical looking colours!

Worth playing for? ABSOLUTELY! Thank you so much Tamara ‚ô•

And with that, here are our first 3 entries:

Crochet Daisy Cushion by AngellaDeeDesigns

Crochet Pouch by Angella DeeDesigns

First in this month are TWO wonderful projects made by Angella of AngellaDeeDesigns. I say this all the time but DO VISIT HER BLOG! She always seems to be busy with something new, exciting and inspiring.  Her  daisy cushion is so very cheerful and she has included a link to the pattern (very similar to what I’m busy with too!).

I love this pouch –  the little personal touches at the end, the feather, the little bottle with the word HOPE inside…this is exactly what Angella is all about!



“A Dress for my Daughter” by Mtetar

A while back, I received a text message from my Mom….wait, let me see if I can find it. Ah, here it is – I posted it on my FB page at the time

All I can say is….Mtetar, you daughter is a very lucky young lady who will absolutely adore this gorgeous dress and matching tote bag you made her. I assure you, you will never have to send her a message like this!!!





made it

June Made It – And we’re off!

Hello and welcome to the June Made It challenge!!!

I’ve had a hectic, fun-filled, busy week with work (yeah, day jobs!!), ¬†plus I’m doing a course this entire weekend (will fill you in later) and (as usual) have left everything to the last minute!!! I hope you will forgive me – ¬†I thought about not posting this post until Monday, but it just seems way too long to wait to ogle over all the fabulous entries we have so far. So, ¬†instead of my usual style of introducing each entry (my absolute favourite part of the challenge) I thought that you’d probably prefer to see what’s “on offer” this month!

So here are the wonderful entries to the challenge so far – please click on the photos to take you to the original posts

Donkey Beanie by Calypso Crochet

Balloon Animals by MillieOnHerWorld

Balloon Animals by MilleOnHerWorld

Cotton Brimmed Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Bead Tassles by Nice Piece Of Work

Forget Me Nots by Jill O’Noodles

Chevron Bag by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Hippie Chic Crochet Bag by Angella Dee Designs

Monster Hats by Creative Granny

Summer Skimmer Slippers by Beatrice Ryan Designs

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

Pixie’s Pet Poodle by Vuchickens

How FANTASTIC are these!!!

Thank you ALL so much for entering, I am soooooo looking forward to the next batch of entries. Have a super weekend



made it

May Made It – Oooh I see lots of ….. ???

It is really halfway through May already?!

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Made It so far, the entries are looking fantastic Рin fact, if you click on the collection you may notice that it has organically taken on a theme all by itself. Can you see what it is??

So as far as themes for this month go, I’m loving the one that is already on the go and I also love the few suggestions that came in for STASH BUSTING… Sheez, if only i could bust my stash!! So there you go, take your inspiration from either of those or just do what you love heehee ‚ô•¬†

Baby Blanket with Crochet Edging by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny has been busy busy busy with the most beautiful projects! Blankets, beanies and hats, all of which are so lovely. Go and have a look and then browse around a little more here to see her whole selection of beanies – you won’t be¬†disappointed!



Picnic Pinwheel Quilt by Avis

The incredibly talented Avis from Oh Sew Tempting is back with another sensational quilt she has called Picnic Pinwheels.¬†Can i squeal in delight???¬†This must be STASH BUSTING to a¬†quilt¬†maker – taking the project that on top of the pile and finishing it! Don’t you just absolutely love it?! Oh, and Avis is about to start a SAL (sew along) so hurry over and sign up if you’re keen


Necklace Scarf by Angella

Brilliant! I love this necklace scarf by Angella from Angella Dee Designs. Now this is the perfect way to bust that stash I’d say. I’ve seen actual necklaces like this make from leather and other materials but never out of yarn! Angella is making up loads of these lovely scarves and donating half of the proceeds to a local charity. Bless your beautiful heart Angella¬†‚ô•


Summer Coasters by ONoodles

If you are a member of my facebook page then you may remember me sharing this pic belonging to Jill of ONoodles¬†which we all got all mushy about – well, these beautiful summer coasters are (some of) the product of that lovely day….under the parasol, eating Smarties, sipping Pimms!!!


Oh…the PRIZE. I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t sourced the right one yet, but I have an idea brewing….watch this space ūüôā

Well, I hope that these entries have inspired (kicked you in the butt) to get your LINKS IN!


made it challenge

Let’s get April’s “Made It” going!

It’s been a very exciting and busy week this my side of the planet – my sister-in-law slash BFF is getting married in 10 more sleeps! You can imagine the number of shops we have visited to hunt down those all important, last-minute things. Yesterday, the bride-to-be and my fellow bridesmaids (my other two sister-in-laws…or is it sisters-in-law? Whatever!) spent close to 7 hours in town and our “to-do-list” was something like this:

  • pick up “The Dress” –¬†CHECK its breathrakingly beautiful!
  • convince the very camp/very bossy shop owner to let the bride try on “The Dress” one more time (and try to heartily laugh at his umpteenth reference to the bride as Bridezilla..HA.HA.HA) ¬†–¬†CHECK
  • pick up bridesmaid dress (for me!) –¬†UNbloodyCHECK, stuff up and has to be remade arrghhh!
  • cardigans for the 3 flower girls – CHECK
  • pale pink/nude heels for Debz – CHECK
  • gold earrings and necklace (again, for me!) HALF A CHECK
  • lunch – while picking out the “first dance” song which the groom will also like DOUBLE¬†CHECK, yum sushi and the “Across the Universe” version of one of the Beatles songs the thumbs up!
  • smart pants for my baby boy Finn (to go with his All Stars and pin-striped shirt) CHECK cute black skinnys!!

Let me tell you….seven hours didn’t even touch sides!!!

Here is a little sneaky peak of the bride ¬†– gotta be careful that the groom doesn’t get a look in. I will keep you posted ūüôā

Beautiful Bride-To-Be Krystal

Beautiful Bride-To-Be Krystal

Stunning don’t you think!


So now that I’m rested and my feet are up, what better time to SHOW OFF THE ¬†FIRST 5 MADE IT ENTRIES!!

angella dee designs, woolhogs, crochet

Bright & Beautiful crochet blanket by AngellaDeeDesigns

Angella, from AngellaDeeDesigns has once again bowled me over with her natural talent and gorgeous creative flair, especially because she told me once that she cannot read patterns – well, who needs a pattern when you can crochet like this!!! This warm cosy crochet baby blanket is going to be a very welcome gift to the soon-to-be-parents.


One Hundred Easter Bunnies by Creative Granny

WOW, now here is a real labour of love! One hundred Easter bunnies crocheted by Helen of Creative Granny, made for an Easter Bonnet party which is coming up in a couple of days. These are the cutest little guys and as one commenter said it’s a pity that they are going to separated! They look fantastic together!!

Now I shouldn’t really do this but I just have to share another one of Helen’s projects – a beautiful crochet bag, ALSO MADE WITH NO PATTERN!



Recyced Bag, woolhogs, VickyMyersCreations

Recycled Bag by Vickymyerscreations

I am delighted to welcome a newcomer to the Made It challenge!!!! Thank you Vicky from VickyMyersCreations for entering this month, we are thrilled to have you one board and I’m sure you are going to make lots of new friends. This beautiful recycled bag was commissioned to Vicky by a mum called Becky and was lovingly handmade using one of Becky’s old skirts! It’s a beautiful post, featuring the most delicious little birdie and ¬†topped off with some wonderful feedback from Beck herself. Go and read about it here!


Pretty Spring Coasters by Little Poppits

If these “Season” themed bright, pretty flower coasters don’t cheer you up, you must be in the deepest throes of Winter (which can’t really be the case unless you live in the darkest depths Siberia, so you actually have no excuse!). The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only crocheted these gorgeous babies, she’s shared her pattern with us…YAY and THANK YOU!!


Big Bag by DaniellaJoe

Welcome back! OOOOH I absolutely ADORE this bag…and not to mention the fantastic photography! The very colourful and talented Patricia from DaniellaJoe has entered this stunning bag – one which she took months of crochet/no crochet/crochet to complete. Sister, we sooooo get that and congratulate you on finishing it, it was worth the wait!¬†


That’s all for now folks, to add your link CLICK ON FROGGY!

made it challenge

Wakey Wakey VOTING is open!

How much fun was that?!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed eeach & every entry to the Made It this month – the huge pot of creativity is bubbling over YAY! Thank you so much for taking part, sharing with us and for all the fab comments and LIKES.

So now for the BONUS FUN part….VOTING!!

If you are reading this, please click on FROGGY,

  or any of the below photos and show your support by VOTING for your favourites. Here are a couple of things to remember:
  • you can vote up to 10 TIMES (’cause I know how hard it is to pick just one)
  • you can vote EVERYDAY until voting ends – 1st April¬†(yip, everyday)
  • even though votes don’t decide the winner (we do random around here), the support and encouragement is PRICELESS!!!
  • REBLOGG this post and/or SHARE on your Facebook page – invite your friends to vote too ūüôā
  • if you love what you see or are inspired by an entry, then take 5 mins to pop over to their blog and tell them! We all love COMMENTS¬†‚ô•

So here are all the entries one last time:


Rainbow Junkie Corner

Creative Granny


Nice Piece Of Work

Little Poppits




Rainbow Junkie Corner

Side view of Mini Pinny

The Stitch Sharer



Millie On Her World


Cute As A Button

millie's mittens

Millie On Her World

Here it is - my protoype.


Ripply Blanket 1

Cest La Vie

All Things Moz

Kake’s Crafts


Alyce’s Blog

cute isn't he?





You have the whole long weekend to VOTE so don’t forget to check in (between mouthfuls of choccie, of course)!

Wishing you all a super happy Easter

Love Maryanne ♥

woolhogs happy easter

The March “Made It”‘ Magnificent Prize!

Alright, I promise that was the last of the maddening M alliteration!

I am absolutely delighted to show you this months prize which has not only been donated by the lovely-incredibly-creative-and-talented Angella from Angella Dee Designs -it’s been hand painted by¬†the lovely-incredibly-creative-and-talented Angella from Angella Dee Designs!!!!

Imagine, you could be the proud owner of an original Angella Dee Designs piece!!!

x2013 085


Well, you know how it goes….you have to be in it to win it!

Good luck everyone!

Click on FROGGY to enter

made it challenge

The Feb “Made It” voting is OPEN

It’s that time of the month again – one step closer to announcing this months winner!

woolhogs, made it challenge, knitrun4sanity

“Tunisian wire bracelet” by knitrun4sanity

Before we officially open the floor for voting, have a look at this beautiful bracelet by¬†Knitrun4sanity. Every time I look at her work my jaw drops just a little lower – I mean, just look at it, crocheting with certain yarns can be tricky but this is WIRE! Also, this is not just crochet, its TUNISIAN crochet (and that’s all without the delicate bead work…..)¬†Simply beautiful.


“My Petit Chef” by Knitpurl83

I am so happy to welcome Laura from Knitpurl83¬†and fellow proud knitter¬†to the challenge! Pop over, say Bonjour and have a good look around…her blog is so lovely that you will be popping back again and again. Now that her petit little nunu is all decked out in her fab new Chef pinks, I have no doubt there will be some yummy things coming out of her kitchen

Thank you to each of you for entering. Your talent is mind-blowing and inspiration far-reaching ♥

So, now you know what to do….VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favourites and come back tomorrow and VOTE VOTE VOTE again. Remember, voting doesn’t influence who wins as we the have a random draw system but the votes of confidence and interaction go a long way.

Now off you go….Good luck everyone!


Bird mobile0112-caf-square

IMG_1578100_6676Tunisian Wire Bracelet



woolhogs, skaapie, made it challenge

Hot Air Balloon” mobile by Skaapie

This STUNNING Hot Air Balloon mobile by SKAAPIE + a beautiful felted heart (oops, forgot pic) will be whisked off to the winner!

made it challenge


The next few Feb “Made It” Entries!

I hope you all have a fun and lovely Valentines Day and your cup of love is not just topped up, but is overflowing!. I spent the evening with my hubby, the kids and some of my beautiful friends eating pizza, and ice cream with the most home-made delicious choc sauce….What more could a girl want?! One of my friends arrived with the most beautiful bunch of tulips for me – my hands down favourite flowers

Ahhhh they make me so happy ūüôā


Tulips = LOVE

Right, back to the very important and very fun business of introducing you to the next batch of “Made It” entires!

“Crocheted Flower Coasters” by Angella

Have you every “not” met someone face to face, yet you can hear their voice and you just KNOW the good heart that they possess? Well, this has been my experience with the lovely Angella from Angella Dee Designs. We have only “met” in cyberspace and she is a regular customer to my humble shop yet her wonderfully warm and infectious nature flows out of every picture she posts and every word she writes. Please go and have a look at her blog say hello! While you are there, check out these sunny, happy¬†flower coasters¬†– I used to be a non-believer,¬†but now I’ve absolutely no doubt that there is real and deep need for colourful coasters and cosies¬†in this sometimes-drab world!


“Cafeti√®re Cosy” by Rainbow Junkie

And in keeping with my firm belief of warm coffee and that EVERYTHING deserves a cosy, THANK YOU Jane from Rainbow Junkie for not only making and entering this fabulous cafeti√®re cosy in beautiful beachy colours, but for bringing this incredible (and intimidating – you have to draw your hook through seven loops!!) stitch to our attention. I’m definitely going to give this one a go….but only when the heat finally cools down here in Cape Town #melting

“Boho African Hexagon crochet bag” by Ruby Red Eclectic

A massive warm welcome to a Lynne from Ruby Red Eclectic, a Cape Town based magician of yarn! This lovely lady makes the most insanely stunning goods that leaves one feeling a tad confused as to why one thought that one could actually crochet!!! Just kidding…but seriously though, her stuff is amazing. How beautiful are these colours??!!!

The pattern for this boho¬†¬†African Hexagon crochet bag can be found through her blog.You ladies are in for a treat…..mmmmhhhh

“Tweet Tweet mobile” by Show Us Your Crafty Bits

And another massive welcome and virtual high-five to Lyndellmaree from Show Us Your Crafty Bits…I still giggle whenever I see this, if there was a prize to be awared for the Best Blog Name then I’d be presenting it to her now! Her sweeeeet Tweet Tweet mobile is going to the second best new addition to the nursery (obviously the top spot goes to the new little nunu). There is a great link to for the birdie templates too so go and check it out. How coincidental that this months prize is a mobile too ūüôā

Crochet Hats

“Hats ‘n Snaps” by Millie On Her World

Millie is back, hooray! Firstly, I have to say…”Millie, your boyfriend is a KEEPER and can we please clone him?!” (read her post to find out why heehee). LOVE your ideas for creating different embellishments for your hats...Hat ‘n Snaps…Genuis! Me thinks that there are going to a lot more of these posted out here in Blogland. P.s Did he really give you colour advice?!

Well, there you have it…FOR NOW! There’s lots of time left for the rest of your stragglers (with me being the straggliest!)

You know what to do….


made it challenge


Christmas Made It – more wonderful entries

I am soooo happy to introduce you to Angella from Angella Dee Designs who’s blog is SOOOOO creative, whimsical,¬†philosophical and inspirational. ¬†This is her first entry (first of many right Angella!) as I know she has a world of creations to share with us!¬†Her beautiful necklace is made out of pure bamboo yarn – that colour is stunning!

Next up is the wonderfully pink ¬†– and fellow wool addict –¬†¬†Veldagia from Loopy Pink Contemplation who is entering again – YAY!

WOW! This eclectic, freeform hat is made by using a mixture of crochet and knitting stitches and 10 different textures of yarn!!!! I love that she is not scared to try different things and techniques. Dash over and have a look at her post here¬†–¬†her work is amazing.

Thank you & good luck¬†ladies ‚̧ ¬†¬†Keep ’em comin’!!

Click here to enter YOURS