October MADE IT challenge – 47 Entries and counting!

Yikes, I’ve just realised that it very close to the end of the month and I’m so far behind introducing all the WONDERUL entries (so far) into this month’s Made It Challenge. So to speed things up a little, I’m posting photos and links back to these amazing blog so please go ahead and  INDULGE, BROWSE, OGLE and ENJOY the next batch of entries!

A massive, ginormous WELCOME BACK to a few of our regulars; Angella from Angella  Dee Designs with two gorgeous entries –  the beautiful Miss Primrose and upcycled Tee’s that look totally vogue! Patricia from DaniellaJoe with her phenomenal cushion which is part of her S.O.F.A….and not just any sofa….go on, have a look!!! We also have two entries from the super talented Kaiserin from Empress27 – if you want to learn about wool and what wool can do, pop over and visit her fab blog.  Our  Jill from Nice Piece of Work has another (non-baby animal) crocheted hat in the mix…she not only looks like a teenager in the pic, she’s  super gorgeous too don’t ya think? The two ADORABLE and very un-scary Dapper ghosts have been entered by Alyssa from Measured & Slow – I LOVE THEM!  Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs has entered a beautiful soft pink prayer shawl which is part of her Amazing Grace series ♥

AND we have THREE brand new entrants!!! WELCOME to Taylor from Crochet Me Lovely with her chic slouchy (please visit her on Ravely for loads of her stunning projects); to Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books with her stunning Crocodile Stitch Cushion and to Pia from Stitched ‘n Scaps who’s entered her adorable Crocodile Pixie Hat with free pattern! It’s FANTASTIC to have you ladies join in, thank you – I’m sure you will be getting loads of visitors popping over to say hello!

 As a reminder, the prize of some good ol’ South African yarn  will be given to the lucky randomly drawn winner on the 31st October

photo (31)-2

The Prize!

So with that, I’ll say good night. Please click on the pics to take you back to the original posts and enjoy.

x2013 442

Miss Primrose by Angella Dee Designs

x2013 742

Revamped Tee’s by Angela Dee Designs


Granny Cushion by DaniellaJoe

sam_1145 (1)

Baby Cardi by Empress27


Fingerless Mitts by Empress27


Newsboy Hat by Nice Piece Of work


Dapper Ghosts by Measured & Slow


Amazing Grace Prayer Sauce by Beatrice Ryab Designs


SlouchyHat by Crochet Me Lovely


Crocodile Cushion by A Slight Obsession With Books


Pixie Hat by Stitches ‘n Scraps

There’s still some time to enter, so please click on Froggy at the end to add your link

Love Maryanne


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October MADE IT challenge – More great entries!

Happy Sunday Eve everyone, hope you all had a great weekend

I sat down to start this post about an hour ago and had a quick little squizz at Facebook. Ahem, well, er, you know how it goes….I was totally enthralled and got rather distracted by the very colourful array of pics of Cape Town Colour Run. I particularly loved this one that looks like someone just sprouted some very cool angel wings…


I have wings!


There’s still a week left to enter the Made It challenge and I’m thrilled to that it looks like we may have a record month!!! So exciting to see so many incredible projects, fab blogs and amazing people in one place. Thank you all so much for taking part.

So, who’s next….


Gingham Earwarmers by Jennifer Stewart

Welcome back to Jennifer from Stew-Art Creations with her beautiful Gingham Earwarmer.  I’m sure you remember Jennifer’s  ADORABLE Balmoral Baby Hat in the September Made It (it ranked very high with the voters). Well if you love her work, you will love browsing her other projects on her FB page, I particularly loved the baby Ghillies….and if you don’t know what they are, go and look for yourself. (HINT, you will OOOOH and you will AHHHH. Think dainty dancing shoes!)



Snowflakes by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Growing up, we had loads of Christmas tree decorations that graced our tree every year. I am sad to say that I seem to buy new, meaningless decorations every year, none have any sentimental value whatsoever. Well, thank you Jane from Rainbow Junkie for these exquisite snowflakes – I’m inspired to make some this year (as well as Creative Granny’s angels and O’Noodles snowflakes too).  The soft variegated colours just add to the delicate charm! Please have a read of Jane’s post, some great tips to finish them off perfectly.



Christmas Decorations by O’Noodles

And in keeping with the festive spirit, along with her lacy snowflakes, Jill from O’Noodles has also entered these fun and colourful Christmas tree decorations, complete with cute little ribbons! YAY, is it just me or are you too getting a little excited? Thanks Jill for another subtle (not!) reminder that we are mere weeks away heehee x


I’ve run out of time tonight (oops) so I’ll be back tomorrow with more wonderful entries

Night Night

Love Maryanne


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October MADE IT challenge – Mid Month Show ‘n Tell (Part 2)

Keep Calm

That pretty much sums up my reaction to the super lovely and ridiculously talented Pigtails‘ entries into the month’s Made It.  For the lot of you (yes, and me too) who LOVE and are totally ADDICTED to colour, crochet, yarns, natural yarn, scarves, blankets & granny squares…see how long you can keep your jaw off the ground for! I lasted about a nano-second. Is it even fair to one person to be so talented?!? AMAZEBALLS!

Here are her 8 new entries. Please head over and visit Pigtails’ beautiful blog by clicking on any and all of the pics below – it’s filled with stunning images,  incredible creativity, places and things that inspire her and (yay!) links to all the patterns she uses. Bliss ♥


Bollywood Throw


Raw Rustic Cotton & Bamboo Throw


Dentelle Scarf




“Little Karoo” Throw




Keep Calm & Cuddle Me Blanket


Ziggy Lace Scarf

I hope you enjoyed that! I’ll be back with Part 3 very soon

Love Maryanne


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June Made It – And we’re off!

Hello and welcome to the June Made It challenge!!!

I’ve had a hectic, fun-filled, busy week with work (yeah, day jobs!!),  plus I’m doing a course this entire weekend (will fill you in later) and (as usual) have left everything to the last minute!!! I hope you will forgive me –  I thought about not posting this post until Monday, but it just seems way too long to wait to ogle over all the fabulous entries we have so far. So,  instead of my usual style of introducing each entry (my absolute favourite part of the challenge) I thought that you’d probably prefer to see what’s “on offer” this month!

So here are the wonderful entries to the challenge so far – please click on the photos to take you to the original posts

Donkey Beanie by Calypso Crochet

Balloon Animals by MillieOnHerWorld

Balloon Animals by MilleOnHerWorld

Cotton Brimmed Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Bead Tassles by Nice Piece Of Work

Forget Me Nots by Jill O’Noodles

Chevron Bag by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Hippie Chic Crochet Bag by Angella Dee Designs

Monster Hats by Creative Granny

Summer Skimmer Slippers by Beatrice Ryan Designs

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

Pixie’s Pet Poodle by Vuchickens

How FANTASTIC are these!!!

Thank you ALL so much for entering, I am soooooo looking forward to the next batch of entries. Have a super weekend



made it

May Made It Challenge – aMAYzing New Entries, Some Musings & A Question To Pose!

Hello hello to you all, where ever in the world you are today!  It’s Sunday and a damn fine day here in Cape Town – here is a pic taken out of my window right now!


Seriously, it’s winter here!!!

Today’s post marks my 150th! What?! Never in a bazzillion years did I ever think that I would write anything (let alone anything remotely intelligent or interesting) that people would give up some of their own precious time to even read! So, from the bottom of my heart,  I thank each one of you who follows  / reads / likes / comments on my little blog and enters the Made It challenge!!! I absolutely LOVE being a part of this amazing community of creative people who inspire / entertain / provoke (in a good way) me on so many levels ♥

Right, so before I show off the next batch on Made It entries – if you can wait a little longer – I was sitting down last night before bed, scrolling though the photo’s on my phone and had a little giggle to myself. The photos that ended up in my Photo Stream were either taken by my myself (who’s thinks that having some cool apps on ones iPhone makes one a pro!); naughty meddling kiddies; or photos sent either to my hubby or from my hubby as our usual form of communication. Who needs a diary anymore? Scrolling through some of these pics make me wonder what kind of crazy family I have!!! My Life This Past Few Days In Pictures


Taken on my way to “work” as the newly appointed Social Media nerd for my old real estate company – yeah I know….tough job!


Excited daughter and clearly-over-the-moon Dad about to see Justin Beiber!


Yip, this is about as much as we got to see too!!!


An attempt at knitting with some chunky cotton….


*groan* Mom’s been watching too much Master Chef again…


Who needs a remote control??

No, not auditions for Halloween 13…just Dad asking what shin guards to buy for hockey playing teen!


Fab school outing at the beach (remember, its Winter!!!)

IMG_4731 - Copy

Apparently – according to other parents-of-teens – finding tons of pics like this on your phone is perfectly normal.


…..this too


…and especially this


what the…..

winner deb

ended the week with the winner of Jam Tarts newsboy crochet hat!!!

Right, enough of that…..



Jelly Legs by Kakes Crafts

Hello little Octopus! This sweeeeet little chap was made by Kayleigh of Kakes Crafts, a regular Made It challenger. I’m sure there are going to be many many demands for one of these so Mums, be warned! (click on the link to see another pic of the little jelly legs….adorable!)



Shawl by MrsMac

Hello and welcome to MrsMac who has submitted this stunning, sparkly shawl in cotton viscose that she made for her mom! (I know my mom-in-law is going to squeal in delight at this one). Click here to go to her Ravely page where you will find the pattern, another pic of the front (it’s fabulous) and another beautiful shawl too!  



Ocean Waves Afghan by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Welcome back to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. How beautiful is this Ocean Waves Afghan in the most sensational creams and greens?? A present for her daughter’s 17th birthday!!!  This is a heirloom to be forever loved and cherished.


gray 2

Diamonds Shawl by Gray


Doily by Gray

We have two exquisite and ever-so-delicate entries from the lovely Crochet by Gray! Firstly, I do not know where she gets her super powers from but frankly, I’m more than a little envious!! Read more about this gorgeous doily and diamond shawls she loving managed to whip up in the midst of her wonderfully busy life!!! 



Retro Collar by DaniellaJoe

Everywhere I go I’m seeing crochet collars! DaniellaJoe is spot on money with what’s in fashion with this stunning Retro Collar. I absolutely adore the blaze of colours. I want one I want one I want one 



Pretty Daisy Chain by Little Poppits

Again, Moms beware because your little girls are going to be begging you for one of these beautiful Daisy Chains! The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only delighted us with this necklace and daydreams of warm meadows but also posted a lovely pic of herself too! 


SAMSUNGI’m soooo thrilled to welcome another newbie to the challenge! Hello to Aviena of AvienaDawn who was inspired by this month’s official (unofficial?) theme of STASH BUSTING! And thank goodness for that because what a fabulous Granny Square Pillow!! I LOVE the colours and can’t believe how beautifully go together!


Ok, so I have a question to pose and I would love to hear your thoughts on this: 

Last night, I was chatting to one of my friends who suggested that maybe the winner of the challenge should be picked based on votes as so much time and energy goes into each creation and it might be great to be the month’s favourite. 

Hmmmm, well this got me thinking. Firstly, when I first started the challenge, I decided to do a random pick each month to keep things lighthearted and fun BUT now I’m wondering if maybe you’d prefer to win on merit rather than by chance??? 

SO, my question is:


I’d love to hear what you think so please comment below! There’s no wrong or right answer but if there is strong feelings for votes v random then I will rethink things

Thank you!

As always, I am totally in awe of the fantastic entries! There’s still 9 days before we close the link for voting so, get your groove on! Click on FROGGY to add your LINK


May Made It – Oooh I see lots of ….. ???

It is really halfway through May already?!

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Made It so far, the entries are looking fantastic – in fact, if you click on the collection you may notice that it has organically taken on a theme all by itself. Can you see what it is??

So as far as themes for this month go, I’m loving the one that is already on the go and I also love the few suggestions that came in for STASH BUSTING… Sheez, if only i could bust my stash!! So there you go, take your inspiration from either of those or just do what you love heehee ♥ 

Baby Blanket with Crochet Edging by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny has been busy busy busy with the most beautiful projects! Blankets, beanies and hats, all of which are so lovely. Go and have a look and then browse around a little more here to see her whole selection of beanies – you won’t be disappointed!



Picnic Pinwheel Quilt by Avis

The incredibly talented Avis from Oh Sew Tempting is back with another sensational quilt she has called Picnic Pinwheels. Can i squeal in delight??? This must be STASH BUSTING to a quilt maker – taking the project that on top of the pile and finishing it! Don’t you just absolutely love it?! Oh, and Avis is about to start a SAL (sew along) so hurry over and sign up if you’re keen


Necklace Scarf by Angella

Brilliant! I love this necklace scarf by Angella from Angella Dee Designs. Now this is the perfect way to bust that stash I’d say. I’ve seen actual necklaces like this make from leather and other materials but never out of yarn! Angella is making up loads of these lovely scarves and donating half of the proceeds to a local charity. Bless your beautiful heart Angella ♥


Summer Coasters by ONoodles

If you are a member of my facebook page then you may remember me sharing this pic belonging to Jill of ONoodles which we all got all mushy about – well, these beautiful summer coasters are (some of) the product of that lovely day….under the parasol, eating Smarties, sipping Pimms!!!


Oh…the PRIZE. I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t sourced the right one yet, but I have an idea brewing….watch this space 🙂

Well, I hope that these entries have inspired (kicked you in the butt) to get your LINKS IN!


made it challenge

MoRe March Made It EnTrIeS!

I know, I know….I never follow my own rules! The Made It challenge link was supposed to close today but.. um, erm, ahem…I still haven’t finished showing you the rest of the FABULOUS entries nor have I, um er, um, submitted by own entry,…yet. Oops

So, the good news is that anyone who hasn’t yet entered the Made It and would still like to…YOU CAN!!! You have another 2 days to get cracking (no easter pun intended!)

Drumroll please for the next entries……

Hitchhikers Scarf by Moz  from All things Moz has

I deeply appreciate the commitment that a lot of you make to enter the Made It challenge every month, I know that’s it’s not always easy to “get it together” in time (yes yes, I mean me too) so thank you Moz for staying so motivated! Her knittedHitchhikers Scarf is absolutely gorgeous. Not sure exactly which pattern Moz used, by here is a link to some great ones on Ravelry.

If you haven’t already visited Moz’s blog, do yourself a great favour..oh, and when you are there, go and look for Chloe. I’ll  bet you have never seen a more stunning set of eyelashes in your life! A little hint…you will BEARly keep the ahhhhhhhhs under control ♥!


Grumpasaurus! by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts

Heehee it seems we have another theme happening here on the March Made It….sweetie pie cutsie little, sometimes-grumpy toys! A few more of these little chaps    around here and we can made our own animated Made It movies!! How about “When Grumps met Timmy & Tamara“!!!   Kayleigh, who used some of her winning yarn from the December Made It to knit this far-too-cute-to-be-that-grumpy Grumpasaurus for her Dad! Now, if that’s not love then I don’t know what is!!! ♥


Alyce is back!!!

Little Yoga Pants by Alyce

Yes, you ARE seeing teeny tiny baby YOGA PANTS!!! A certain little lady had taken over Alyce’s world…and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT ’cause if this means that momma’s going to be whipping out her sewing machine more often then YEEHA!  How delicious are these!!! Alyce has given a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial with piccies (yes, there is one of the little lady in question too!) which looks brilliant. Please pop over and say hi to Alyce – she is a newbie blogger so welcome her with lots of love!!! ♥



March is Making It happen!


What??? Really? Already!

I’ve just had a notification from WordPress to say that it’s my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

WOWeee how times flies! Well, there is no better time than right now to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who follow and read my humble posts – I appreciate every LIKE, love & cherish all your beautiful comments and am humbled by the awards that have been so generously given (I am still working on an awards thank you post, heehee). It’s been an amazing year and I have thoroughly enjoyed being in such great, inspiring and awesome company! YAY


As promised here are the next lovely lot of entries!

Crochet Lace Shawl by ONoodles

If you spend even 5 mins browsing Jill from ONoodles blog you will very soon get a tiny glimpse into a world of a very talented, fun and warmhearted lady. Jill makes a multitude of the most beautiful things, mainly from recycled goodies – the results are always breathtaking….just like this oh-so elegant silk shawl. Click on the pic which will take you to the gallery so you can look at this gorgeous garment up close ♥



DIY Felted Heart Elbow Patches by Millie On Her World

Ahhhhh, her heart on her sleeve…how very apt! Hello again to the whimsical Millie who’s creative spirit is impossible to ignore! These felted heart elbow patches are the sweetest things. There’s a step-by-step tutorial too, (showing yet another perfect use of a cookie cutter) which was very kindly photographed by her fab BF – we adore any man who takes this sensational skill seriously! Looking forward to seeing more patches Millie♥ 


Pretty Spring Bunting by Little Poppits

I ADORE bunting, who doesn’t, so I completely “get” Mommy Poppits’s addiction to make more and more, especially that I have only only just discovered the mystical joys of Granny square (more of that later). Check out her post here. If you haven’t already visited the happy home of  Little Poppits, you MUST, especially if you have children..or chickens! There are so many wonderful things to see, and do, and make and and and ♥


Rednose Day Crochet Coasters by Knitpurl83

I know from reading loads of other blog posts that Rednose Day is big in the UK so Laura from Knitpurl83 got on board with some friends and “created for charity”!! These gorgeous crochet coasters were made in the charity colours and check out her divine little cupcake too! All this, coming from someone who hasn’t been crocheting very long either – read her funny post Just call me captain hook – I think you will find that we all agree on this one!!! Well done Laura, such a wonderful thing to do ♥

Easter Tree by Rainbow Junkie Corner

*gasp of air* You did too, didn’t you!

Jane from Rainbow Junkie, you just keep on coming out with the most delicious goodies. It’s not just the Easter Eggs that look fantastic, it’s the whole Easter-Eggs-on-an Easter Tree thing that makes me a little weak at the knees! Thank you for your second entry and for rising to the Easter challenge too ♥


Crazy Coloured Cozies by Millie On Her World

Another second entry (love you!) from the magical Millie On Her World with these delightful, colourful, wantable, rainbow, crazy coloured cozy wrist warmers. Millie, these are screaming my name too! I have seen these before and just drooled over them – you actually MADE THEM, yahoooo to you!  I know of someone else around here that is looking to make a pair…hmmmmm Jill??? ♥



When Timmy Met Tamara by Cute As A Button

“It must be love,love love…..” Being the visual person I am,  I’m a bit of a sucker for cute-crochet-aminal-photo-love-stories! You just HAVE TO pop over and see the tale of  When Timmy met Tamara unfold, brilliantly produced by the clever, talented Laura from Cute As A Button. The teeny tiny flowers on Tamara completed the whole experience for me!!! ♥


Vicia Mitts by Knitrun4sanity

Ladies, we have the newest and COOLEST CROCHET CELEB in.the.house!!!

! Alice from Knitrun4sanity has just been…wait for it….PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!

Her Vicia Mitts were chosen for The Crochet Projects brand new Spring Summer collection. How awesome is that?!! They look fantastic, ever so delicate which is so true to her style. Well done Alice, you are so talented and inspiring ♥


Ripply Blanket 1

WIP – Giant Ripply Blanket by Cest La Vie

A sea of colour

We have a “first” in the Made It challenge! Tara from Cest La Vie shared her incredible (half way through) giant ripply blanket with us but asked to make it ineligible for voting….

PFFFT is what I say!!! This is SOOO eligble for voting, for drooling over, for winning! We just can’t wait to see the final product.

Tara’s fabulous blog is filled with shared stories, adventures, books recipes, BEADS, pics and loads more lovely and interesting things!! Go and pay her a visit and give her props! ♥


*** I’ve never liked rules much so, just for the record, you are so welcome to enter any WIP’s you may be working on. These labour-of-loves can often take more months than you care to tick off so enter them – you may need the encouragement to get it done! ***

Well, that’s all for now. I will be back soon with more lovlies to share with you. In the meantime, I’ve been bitten by the Granny “Yummy Mummy” Sqaure bug and now need figure out how I can turn these babies into something…um… Eastery!!!!!



Click here to add your link!

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My fav pics of the week…

Hello all you lovely folk!

It’s Friday eve which means we are all happily exhausted…it’s been a week of:


  • can I have? (x 10000)
  • LOOK!
  • what’s for lunch?
  • I don’t want to 😦
  • Look, look, LOOK!!!!
  • what’s for supper???
  • will you please get…
  • I have to go to…
  • I need…
  • LOOK here, look, look
  • I want…
  • Do I have to…

Now it’s my turn.

  • Yes, you do have to
  • Speak to Dad, I can’t hear you
  • I’ve LOOKED dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh…So, no more words for me, just some pics to prove that there really WAS a past week 🙂

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Early morning stroll on the beach

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Hey Dad!

woolhogs, ceviche

Ceviche for supper, it must be summer

woolhogs, vinnis colours, cotton,

Another beach visit

vinnis colours, woolhogs, long beach, kommetjie

What’s the beach withour ice-lollies!

kommetjie lighthouse, woolhogs

LOOK Mom!!


Dress shopping for Valedictory ceremony – fun in the changing rooms!

woolhogs, vinnis bambi cotton bamboo

I may or may not be crocheting Christamas gifts 🙂

elle premier cotton, woolhogs

New yarn delivery…..ENOUGH SAID!!!’

’til next time! xxx

Rainbow Bowls!

Kids in bed. Hubby reading. So what is that noise?? It’s the deafening sound of SILENCE!

Yes, that means only one thing. I.HAVE.SOME.TIME.TO.MYSELF…..HOOOORAY!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my whole family –  my niece Amy finally had her kidney transplant and boy oh boy, has it been a roller coaster  She is doing incredibly well although there have been some hiccups here and there…she is 6 years old and has all the personality of a ROCK STAR!!! I will post more on her journey in the next day or so. You will enjoy meeting her 🙂

Finally I have caught up on all sorts of loose ends that always seem to be juuuuust out of my reach – visa apps (more of that later), Woolhogs stuff (exciting stuff), emails, returning calls etc etc blah blah.

Thought I wasn’t going to get me Made It entry in…. but phew, I did it!

woolhogs rainbow balls, elle premier cotton

I was asked by a friend to make a gift for one of her client’s child and I remembered that Vicky had sent me a pattern a little while ago of something she was quite keen to make for her baba.

How cool are these!!! These Rainbow Nesting Bowls and Sorting Balls pattern can be found on this beautiful blog called Seriously Daisies and are a great toy for little people to play with. There are 6 (yeah yeah, I know…rainbows have 7 colours) crocheted bowls that fit snugly into each other. The pattern calls for 3 balls of each colour to be made but I rebelliously made 1 for the first bowl, 2 for the second, 3 for the third and so on!

woolhogs, made it challengewoolhogs, made it challenge

Kiddies can have fun packing them together, stacking them, counting balls, colour coding them, throwing them around like frisbees, sucking on the balls  – ok, the last two things isn’t what they are supposed to do but what they will probably do. You get this picture!

I used Elle Premier cotton in DK, a great yarn to work with. I must admit, even though they took me ages to finish (I tend to get side tracked) I had lots of fun making these even if I did veer off a bit from the pattern. I made them all the same(ish) height and worked the increased rounds a little differently, the way I was taught – just seemed easier to me. I also didn’t get the invisible finish right but like I said, I had fun!

Now, just have to work our how to keep this out of the grubby paws of my kids until I can get it packed off to its new little owner 🙂

Oh yeah, from being one of the last to submit my entry, I am now waaaaay ahead of you all ’cause I have my NOVEMBER’s Made It entry ready and waiting. HA!

********   OH WAIT…I almost forgot. We are having a GIVEAWAY on our Woolhogs Facebook page – 7 stunning rainbow colours of this Elle Premier Cotton yarn to be won so come over and enter! ********

Nighty night 🙂