The March Made It – Baby Ripple Blanket for Baby Rocco

This next entry into the Made It challenge is a little closer to my heart ♥

My friends Viera & Chris in the UK recently had a delicious bouncing baby boy called Rocco (who I’ve haven’t seen in real life YET!) and Mommy absolutely floored my by sending a pic of her first ever attempt at a crochet blanket


What more, she says that she was inspired by a project she saw right here on the Made It challenge!!!!  (I will ask her again which one so) but in the meantime THANK YOU for the inspiration – isn’t that what it’s all about 🙂 I will also ask for a pic of Little Rocco with his exquisite blanket for you to ogle

♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥


This months PRIZE for the lucky randomly drawn winner is this FABULOUS Newsboy “Blinged Up” hat made by the wonderfully talented Jill of Nice Piece Of Work!

grey 1

This months prize!!!! Bling Newsboy Hat by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work




made it


The October MADE IT challenge has a brand new WINNER!


CONGRATULATIONS goes to the lovely & super talented  Pigtails! Your beautifully crocheted Mandala was a huge hit this month, and also ranked No. 2 with the voters. Thank you so much for entering the challenge & for sharing all your incredible talents …you’ve certainly inspired us ♥

pigtails copy


Your prize will be whizzing it merry way to you very soon – enjoy!

photo (31)-2

Now for the Made It Challenge Voter’s Choice Badge…….

Voter's Choice OCT copy

WOOO HOOOO, the winner is  Linda from Alynnis Crochet!  Your super fabulous crochet blanket received a whole lotta love from the voters this month with 21 of the votes ♥ YAY!  (the badge is yours to copy&paste/frame or do with whatever you please heehee)

Thank you to EACH of you for entering. To all our wonderful regulars, you gals absolutely ROCK! And to all our new comers, THANK YOU for joining in letting us get to know you, I hope you’ll stay!!  Thank you ALL too for taking the time to VOTE – the appreciation & the love shown to all entries was incredibly encouraging! What a stunning collection of entries we’ve had – I hope you all enjoyed the challenge as much as I have!



Love Maryanne

made it

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October MADE IT challenge – VOTE VOTE VOTE! Oh, and check out last month’s AWESOME prize from Buglets

♥      ♥

Hello and thank you to all who’ve voted so far….I know, I KNOW…I’m finding it tough too!

The lovely and super duper talented Barbs from Buglets, who so kindly sponsored the prize for September’s Made It challenge sent me a pic of the gorgeous assortment of goodies she made & sent to our winner Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs


Buglets prize!

How absolutely stunning! In the mix is a necklace, bookmark, coasters, Christmas tree decoration & a super soft facecloth, all crocheted by Barbs with Vinnis Colours 100% bamboo & cotton yarns – in my opinion, the very best in SA.  Hope you enjoy it Elena ♥

Again, a reminder that OCTOBER’S winner, who will be randomly drawn on the 31st October & will WIN this prize of some yummy soft yarn to add to The Stash

photo (31)-2

The entry with the MOST VOTES will be awarded with the Made It Challenge Voter’s Choice Badge for October to wear on their own blog or tape to their wall – whichever!

Voter's Choice OCT copy


Love Maryanne


made it

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Visiting an old love

Ahhhh. It started with not so much a kiss…but a mug

Photo (24)

When I first started blogging and crocheting I made about fifty-five thousand mug cozies – maybe more. I LOVED them. The sad truth is that it was all I could make but I didn’t care. If you rummage around my house right now,  you’ll find cozies – or CupCapes as I called them – stashed just about everywhere a cozy should or shouldn’t be. So, naturally when I started to panic because the real project that I am trying working on is sitting in a corner waiting for a border and for my beautiful nanny to be well enough to sew them up for me on her machine, and it’s been soooo long since I’ve actually had an entry into the Made It challenge – I had no choice but to visit my old flame.

Photo (20)

You see, these particular mugs had me at” HELLO there…”  No bulky love handles, double walled, slim & sexy. They were practically begging me.

Photo (23)

How could I resist!

Using one of my favourite yarns – Vinnis Colours in Bambi – which is a cotton/bamboo blend, a 4.5mm hook and merrily stitched as I went, these babies were born & bred in minutes (ok, not minutes, hours. Sigh…)

Photo (22)

Photo (21)

Photo (19)

May Made It Challenge – aMAYzing New Entries, Some Musings & A Question To Pose!

Hello hello to you all, where ever in the world you are today!  It’s Sunday and a damn fine day here in Cape Town – here is a pic taken out of my window right now!


Seriously, it’s winter here!!!

Today’s post marks my 150th! What?! Never in a bazzillion years did I ever think that I would write anything (let alone anything remotely intelligent or interesting) that people would give up some of their own precious time to even read! So, from the bottom of my heart,  I thank each one of you who follows  / reads / likes / comments on my little blog and enters the Made It challenge!!! I absolutely LOVE being a part of this amazing community of creative people who inspire / entertain / provoke (in a good way) me on so many levels ♥

Right, so before I show off the next batch on Made It entries – if you can wait a little longer – I was sitting down last night before bed, scrolling though the photo’s on my phone and had a little giggle to myself. The photos that ended up in my Photo Stream were either taken by my myself (who’s thinks that having some cool apps on ones iPhone makes one a pro!); naughty meddling kiddies; or photos sent either to my hubby or from my hubby as our usual form of communication. Who needs a diary anymore? Scrolling through some of these pics make me wonder what kind of crazy family I have!!! My Life This Past Few Days In Pictures


Taken on my way to “work” as the newly appointed Social Media nerd for my old real estate company – yeah I know….tough job!


Excited daughter and clearly-over-the-moon Dad about to see Justin Beiber!


Yip, this is about as much as we got to see too!!!


An attempt at knitting with some chunky cotton….


*groan* Mom’s been watching too much Master Chef again…


Who needs a remote control??

No, not auditions for Halloween 13…just Dad asking what shin guards to buy for hockey playing teen!


Fab school outing at the beach (remember, its Winter!!!)

IMG_4731 - Copy

Apparently – according to other parents-of-teens – finding tons of pics like this on your phone is perfectly normal.


…..this too


…and especially this


what the…..

winner deb

ended the week with the winner of Jam Tarts newsboy crochet hat!!!

Right, enough of that…..



Jelly Legs by Kakes Crafts

Hello little Octopus! This sweeeeet little chap was made by Kayleigh of Kakes Crafts, a regular Made It challenger. I’m sure there are going to be many many demands for one of these so Mums, be warned! (click on the link to see another pic of the little jelly legs….adorable!)



Shawl by MrsMac

Hello and welcome to MrsMac who has submitted this stunning, sparkly shawl in cotton viscose that she made for her mom! (I know my mom-in-law is going to squeal in delight at this one). Click here to go to her Ravely page where you will find the pattern, another pic of the front (it’s fabulous) and another beautiful shawl too!  



Ocean Waves Afghan by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Welcome back to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. How beautiful is this Ocean Waves Afghan in the most sensational creams and greens?? A present for her daughter’s 17th birthday!!!  This is a heirloom to be forever loved and cherished.


gray 2

Diamonds Shawl by Gray


Doily by Gray

We have two exquisite and ever-so-delicate entries from the lovely Crochet by Gray! Firstly, I do not know where she gets her super powers from but frankly, I’m more than a little envious!! Read more about this gorgeous doily and diamond shawls she loving managed to whip up in the midst of her wonderfully busy life!!! 



Retro Collar by DaniellaJoe

Everywhere I go I’m seeing crochet collars! DaniellaJoe is spot on money with what’s in fashion with this stunning Retro Collar. I absolutely adore the blaze of colours. I want one I want one I want one 



Pretty Daisy Chain by Little Poppits

Again, Moms beware because your little girls are going to be begging you for one of these beautiful Daisy Chains! The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only delighted us with this necklace and daydreams of warm meadows but also posted a lovely pic of herself too! 


SAMSUNGI’m soooo thrilled to welcome another newbie to the challenge! Hello to Aviena of AvienaDawn who was inspired by this month’s official (unofficial?) theme of STASH BUSTING! And thank goodness for that because what a fabulous Granny Square Pillow!! I LOVE the colours and can’t believe how beautifully go together!


Ok, so I have a question to pose and I would love to hear your thoughts on this: 

Last night, I was chatting to one of my friends who suggested that maybe the winner of the challenge should be picked based on votes as so much time and energy goes into each creation and it might be great to be the month’s favourite. 

Hmmmm, well this got me thinking. Firstly, when I first started the challenge, I decided to do a random pick each month to keep things lighthearted and fun BUT now I’m wondering if maybe you’d prefer to win on merit rather than by chance??? 

SO, my question is:


I’d love to hear what you think so please comment below! There’s no wrong or right answer but if there is strong feelings for votes v random then I will rethink things

Thank you!

As always, I am totally in awe of the fantastic entries! There’s still 9 days before we close the link for voting so, get your groove on! Click on FROGGY to add your LINK


May Made It – Oooh I see lots of ….. ???

It is really halfway through May already?!

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Made It so far, the entries are looking fantastic – in fact, if you click on the collection you may notice that it has organically taken on a theme all by itself. Can you see what it is??

So as far as themes for this month go, I’m loving the one that is already on the go and I also love the few suggestions that came in for STASH BUSTING… Sheez, if only i could bust my stash!! So there you go, take your inspiration from either of those or just do what you love heehee ♥ 

Baby Blanket with Crochet Edging by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny has been busy busy busy with the most beautiful projects! Blankets, beanies and hats, all of which are so lovely. Go and have a look and then browse around a little more here to see her whole selection of beanies – you won’t be disappointed!



Picnic Pinwheel Quilt by Avis

The incredibly talented Avis from Oh Sew Tempting is back with another sensational quilt she has called Picnic Pinwheels. Can i squeal in delight??? This must be STASH BUSTING to a quilt maker – taking the project that on top of the pile and finishing it! Don’t you just absolutely love it?! Oh, and Avis is about to start a SAL (sew along) so hurry over and sign up if you’re keen


Necklace Scarf by Angella

Brilliant! I love this necklace scarf by Angella from Angella Dee Designs. Now this is the perfect way to bust that stash I’d say. I’ve seen actual necklaces like this make from leather and other materials but never out of yarn! Angella is making up loads of these lovely scarves and donating half of the proceeds to a local charity. Bless your beautiful heart Angella ♥


Summer Coasters by ONoodles

If you are a member of my facebook page then you may remember me sharing this pic belonging to Jill of ONoodles which we all got all mushy about – well, these beautiful summer coasters are (some of) the product of that lovely day….under the parasol, eating Smarties, sipping Pimms!!!


Oh…the PRIZE. I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t sourced the right one yet, but I have an idea brewing….watch this space 🙂

Well, I hope that these entries have inspired (kicked you in the butt) to get your LINKS IN!


made it challenge


 Please pop over to woolhogs facebook page if you want to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous, super chic and uber stylish crocheted hat by none other than our very own….

JILL from Nice Piece of Work!

jam tarts giveaway copy


Jill is one of the 4 talented ladies that make up JAM TARTS,

To enter, simply go and LIKE their page and say hello!


The WINNER will be drawn on Friday

(ps, if you don’t have a Facebook page, simply click here and go and follow Jill;s blog – she will have you in stitches! Please comment below and let me know if you are IN!

April’s Made It…and the entries just keep rollin’ in (although some rolled in sooner than others – oops!)

If Sorry’s were butterflies, I’d send you a skyful of them ♥

DaniellaJoe! Please forgive me for not including your (a.m.a.z.i.n.g) Made It entry in my last post – in fact it should have appeared in the first post as you were super quick out of the starting blocks this month but somehow managed to slip through the large gaps in my somewhat overcrowed brain!

Big Bag by DaniellaJoe

The ever so talented, wonderfully colourful DaniellaJoe has created what she has called BIG BAG….usually I would be at a loss for words, but nooo, not this time. In fact, I’m going to see how many, more suitable titles I can give her  BIG BAG in 10 seconds…ok, are you timing? Here goes.


 “Incredibly Colourful & intricately Designed & Oh So Desirable”

“Look At ME!”

 “Eat Your Heart Out Granny Square”

  “Every Woman Wants One”

 “I Want One Of These…NOW”

“Gimme Gimme”

“101 Different Techniques”

“The Woolhogs” ® (ok ok, chancing my luck!)

…I could go on.

Seruioulsy though DaniellaJoe, this is a bag to be very proud of!!!!


Next up is two FANTABULOUS entries from our Jill of Nice Piece of Work.

Tin Cozy by Niece Piece Of Work


Pom Poms & Paisley by Nice Piece Of Work

I’ve often thought that Jill was being waaaaaay too modest when she called herself Nice Piece Of Work. I think she could’ve used any of the following adjectives instead of NICE: (in fact, I may just petition to have her name changed – it happens here in SA all the time with street names, major cities and even provinces)

  • Supertalented
  • Crochetlikeamachine
  • Flippenamazing

Or, perhaps she shouldn’t have made her name so short – maybe she should’ve called herself Fifty Nifty Pieces of Work in a Week. 

Either way, she sure does make my head spin in a really good way with all the wonderful goods she creates, don’t ya think?! I asked her just the other day how she manages to churn out so many stunning projects. She insists it’s because she DOES NOT COOK! Hmmmm, is that what I’ve been doing wrong?!

I ADORE her Tin Cozy!!! I love the chunky crochet look – it just makes the tin look really…well, cozy. Jill, you may not cook but you definitly know what to do with a can!

And how’s this pom-pom adorned, yarn bombed paisley table?!!!! This is fantastic 🙂  I think we are going to have to get her to share the pattern (actually… is there even a pattern or did she just spot a leaf-shaped table and simply whip up a crocheted paisley cozy out of her head???!!!)

Thanks Jill, you are the (yarn)bomb  x


>>>>>  Click on FROGGY to add your LINK <<<<<

made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

Wakey Wakey VOTING is open!

How much fun was that?!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed eeach & every entry to the Made It this month – the huge pot of creativity is bubbling over YAY! Thank you so much for taking part, sharing with us and for all the fab comments and LIKES.

So now for the BONUS FUN part….VOTING!!

If you are reading this, please click on FROGGY,

  or any of the below photos and show your support by VOTING for your favourites. Here are a couple of things to remember:
  • you can vote up to 10 TIMES (’cause I know how hard it is to pick just one)
  • you can vote EVERYDAY until voting ends – 1st April (yip, everyday)
  • even though votes don’t decide the winner (we do random around here), the support and encouragement is PRICELESS!!!
  • REBLOGG this post and/or SHARE on your Facebook page – invite your friends to vote too 🙂
  • if you love what you see or are inspired by an entry, then take 5 mins to pop over to their blog and tell them! We all love COMMENTS 

So here are all the entries one last time:


Rainbow Junkie Corner

Creative Granny


Nice Piece Of Work

Little Poppits




Rainbow Junkie Corner

Side view of Mini Pinny

The Stitch Sharer



Millie On Her World


Cute As A Button

millie's mittens

Millie On Her World

Here it is - my protoype.


Ripply Blanket 1

Cest La Vie

All Things Moz

Kake’s Crafts


Alyce’s Blog

cute isn't he?





You have the whole long weekend to VOTE so don’t forget to check in (between mouthfuls of choccie, of course)!

Wishing you all a super happy Easter

Love Maryanne ♥

woolhogs happy easter

My fav pics of the week…

Hello all you lovely folk!

It’s Friday eve which means we are all happily exhausted…it’s been a week of:


  • can I have? (x 10000)
  • LOOK!
  • what’s for lunch?
  • I don’t want to 😦
  • Look, look, LOOK!!!!
  • what’s for supper???
  • will you please get…
  • I have to go to…
  • I need…
  • LOOK here, look, look
  • I want…
  • Do I have to…

Now it’s my turn.

  • Yes, you do have to
  • Speak to Dad, I can’t hear you
  • I’ve LOOKED dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh…So, no more words for me, just some pics to prove that there really WAS a past week 🙂

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Early morning stroll on the beach

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Hey Dad!

woolhogs, ceviche

Ceviche for supper, it must be summer

woolhogs, vinnis colours, cotton,

Another beach visit

vinnis colours, woolhogs, long beach, kommetjie

What’s the beach withour ice-lollies!

kommetjie lighthouse, woolhogs

LOOK Mom!!


Dress shopping for Valedictory ceremony – fun in the changing rooms!

woolhogs, vinnis bambi cotton bamboo

I may or may not be crocheting Christamas gifts 🙂

elle premier cotton, woolhogs

New yarn delivery…..ENOUGH SAID!!!’

’til next time! xxx