The Christmas Made It – Entries Galore!

Good morning!

I am thoroughly enjoying having my nephew here from Northern Ireland and we’ve been having a blast – so far these holidays we’ve been:

to the beach a few times
stuffing our faces everyday
swimming, swimming & more swimming (hopefully making up for stuffing our faces)
for a walk &  picnic to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
stand-up paddling at Silvermine Nature Reserve dam
talking “selfies”
out with friends
and generally having a whole lotta fun! 

unnamed (3)

My boy on the beach


My girls in the pool

unnamed (4)

“Selfie with Daughter”

My nephew won’t let me take photos of him, so I snuck with one in, heehee….

isaac 1

ok, he was actually helping my son!

Next adventure is a 6 day camping holiday after Christmans YAY!

♥ ♥ ♥


All is now OK back in the land of the Made It….Jill, we missed you so much, WELCOME HOME


Hellllooooooo Carol, who’s looking even more gorgeous on this stylish crocheted * in luscious* pink beret made by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work. If you’ve been following the previous posts you will know that there was a worry that it was going to waaaay to big but as usual, the Queen Of The Beret pulled it off perfectly – how’s that stunning ribbed effect?!!!   Ps, LOVE the photo-bombed pic heehee

210-blanketonbed (1)

Cottage Garden Blanket by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Finally, in all is stupendous glory, is Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s CAL Cottage Garden blanket! After all those beautiful squares, the hours of dedication, the joining &  the sheer ability to construct such an enormous project, it has turned out fantastically well! I love this pic too, it somehow reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting of his room – it looks so vibrant. Click on the link (or the pic)  to the post where there’s a close up photo of the edging. The beautiful leaf pattern all around is Jane’s own design and finishes off the blanket perfectly


Snowflake by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another of Jane’s snowflakes.  A simple, beautiful design and easy pattern….this little snowflake will soon be joined by many more to become a table cloth! What a great idea, I cannot wait to see it progression and completion. Again, please read the post as Jane is asking to any ideas on how to best join them together. Enjoy!


Santa Hat with Detachable Beard by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Heehee LOVE IT! This super cute & cheeky Santa hat should come standard with all new  Dads – how much easier can we possibly make it for them ‘eh! Once again, the lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs shows us how talented she is and of course, generous too with tons of free patterns on offer.


Pineapple Doily by Cafe Crochet

I’m thrilled to welcome back J.G of Cafe Crochet this month and once again I’m in awe of her beautiful work. And like we’ve come to expect from this cafe, we’ve been dished up another  delicious projects – a Pineapple Doily in the mostly yummy colour (which I personally think is much nicer than the original pattern  – softer on the palette &  totally satisfying!)


Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl by Crafty Crusader

Woohoooo, our newest newbie! A warm WELCOME to the Crafty Crusader and her truly Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl. Not only was I blown away by the close up of this gorgeous cowl (wow, the stitching is stunning  & the sparkles so ….*swoon* ), I also giggled my way through her  post – love her style, my kinda gal! Oh, and if you wondering what “grafting in the pattern” was, (I totally wasn’t,  uh uh, never) there’s a great link too

Enjoy browsing –  be back soon

Love Maryanne


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