I WON I WON!!! An Autumn inspired treasure trove

I know, I know…I should be working on my next post introducing the next F.A.B bunch of Made It entries (workin’ on it & I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂  ) but in the meantime I just  HAVE to share…

Here are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Receiving post
  2. Receiving yarn
  3. Receiving chocolate (hmmm, this may be #1)
  4. Winning Giveaways woohoooo!!!!

I was lucky enough to have all these lovely things come my way, all in one day thanks to Pia from Stitches ‘n Scraps! I was OVER THE MOON to win her recent (and super generous) giveaway and a few days later,  received a choc-a-bloc filled parcel all the way from Chicago!!!!! Look at what I got…

photo 1

hey??!!! ….spoiled or what!!! In the parcel was a sweet hand-written note; a beautiful crocheted book mark (I don’t know if Pia made it herself but I suspect she did – the stitching is gorgeous); 3 stunning balls of yarn in the most amazing AUTUMN colours; a pack of 4 adorable OWL iron-on labels; 2 delicious Chicago-made chocolates (YUM), and a journal!!!! How did she know I had a stationary addiction too!!!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2 (2)

photo 1

photo 1 (2)

Thank you Pia for spoiling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November Made It Challenge – And it just keeeeps on getting better!

The November Made It challenge is not even a week old and already it’s produced an entire soccer team of beautiful babies (ok, if you count the subs too that is)!

WOW, I mean it when I say that it just keeps on getting better and better – the entries are sensational and we have TWO new incredible blogs to explore (coming up in my next post)  All in all, you’re in for a treat. It’s a pleasure heehee!

In the mix this evening we have 3 truly exquisite cowls (oh, I’m already missing winter…), a funky kiddies cardi, a colourful cozy Snoodie,  a sensational knitted top and a piece of mixed media art which left me yearning to whip out my (nonexistent) paint brushes and reach for my stash of buttons – getting creative is catchy!!!

Here they are – please click on each pic for the full “birth” stories of these amazing creations


Snoodie by Beatrice Ryan Designs

So beautiful, so graceful, so trendy, so stylish…and the Snoodie is fab too!!  Another wonderful AMAZING GRACE free-pattern from the lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs


Kids Cardi by Cute As A Button


Quick Calm Cowl by Cute As A Button


Cosy Cowl by Cute As A Button

Laura from Cute As A Button has been busy!! This is one of the cutest cardies EVER – with the sweetest buttons, naturally! These cowls are beautifully made – I adore the funky  colour combos. And besides a great eye for colour,  Laura is pretty good with her models too!


Mantova Lacy Top by Knitxpressions

A labour of love…and totally worth all the incredible efforts!. For those of you who’ve been following the Mantova Reports of this sensational blouse…Ta Dah! Well done Knitxpressions, the detail is jaw-droppingly good! Please send us a pic of your aunt flaunting it!!!


Mixed Media Art by Susan’s Musings

I LOVE new and exciting projects – and I’m feeling very inspired!!! How gorgeous is this bright happy piece of art by Susan of Susan’s Musings? Now I know what to do with my very large bottle of buttons, woohooo!
Enjoy browsing, I’ll be back soon
Love Maryanne
made it

The September Made It has a new WINNER!

Firstly, please forgive me for the delay in announcing the winner…Oops


elena copy


Thank you for always taking part in the Made It challenges and for sharing your amazing creations with us – your winning crochet booties are absolutely adorable

Your prize will be whizzing its way to you in no time. Thanks sooooo much for the lovely Buglets by Barbs for donating this month’s prize. I’ll post of pic of the goodies once they are ready to go!!

buglets prize



(and it was tight, and the competition was high!)

Voter's Choice SEPT copy

…the very lovely KAYLEIGH from Kake’s Crafts and her gorgeous “HIM” amigurumi creation! CONGRATULATIONS Kayleigh, the badge is your to wear on you blog 🙂

A DEEP HEART FELT thank you to everyone who took part and voted! Once again, it was magic and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  See you in a day or so for the next round DING DONG!

Love Maryanne

made it

September Made It – Have you VOTED yet?!

(pls reblogg this post if you wish, mwah!)


made it


The lucky WINNER – who will be randomly drawn this evening – will win the following gorgeous items, handmade by Buglets by Barbs

buglets prize

WOOOHOOO – who will it be?

AND DON’T FORGET, the entrant who receives the most votes will be awarded this badge, to be proudly worn and unashamedly bragged about on their blog/website/fridge!

Voter's Choice SEPT copy


made it

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September Made It – The countdown to VOTING begins…

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yipee, we are just a couple of hours away from VOTING so if you are in two minds, umming and awwing about entering….DO IT NOW! You officially have 2hrs and 14mins!…

Go on, click the pic!

made it

Click to add your link

Before we start, here a few more exciting entries to tantalize your eyeballs!

hedgehog hat

Baby Hedgehog by Nice Piece Of Work

Joining Jill from Nice Piece Of Work‘s family of furry animal beanies (only 95 to go?) is this A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E little baby hedgie – of course, you may of may not know that I have a penchant for these little creatures so forgive me for saying….THIS ONE’S MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!! Oh, if you know the REAL sound a hedgehog makes, then please pop over to Jill’s post and put us all out of our misery 🙂


First Jumper! by Love, Lucie

 WOW  *wolf whistle* very stylish and the perfect model, don’t you agree! Well done to Lucie from Love, Lucie for finishing her first knitted jumper – it looks gorgeous, so soft and warm…there’s no you stopping now!

OOOhhhh and these pencil cases! These are such a brilliant idea for pressies (Lucie, you are putting us all to shame at how super organised you are for Christmas, yikes) and I don’t know of any little girls – or boys for that matter – who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these fun cases filled with colourful felt tips. I might just nab this idea…hmmmmmm

Pencil cases

Pencil Cases by Love, Lucie

Funky Pram Handle by C’est La Vie

A very warm (and cuddly) welcome back to Tara from C’est La Vie – who is soon to be a brand new MOMMA!!! How exciting to be on the brink of the most exquisite journey AND have a love of yarn too!!! One very lucky baba comin’ up. I love this colourful crocheted pram handle, a very clever way of getting past that sticky rubbery bit…yip, we know all about this! That’s it, I think I’m going to make one for my steering wheel – why not!

With that (unless there is a last minute dash in the next couple of hours) is the last of the September Made It entries. Just to recap, the lucky WINNER – who will be randomly drawn on the 30th Sept – will win the following gorgeous items, handmade by Buglets by Barbs

buglets prize


The entrant who receives the most votes will be awarded this badge, to be proudly worn and unashamedly bragged about on their blog/website/fridge!

Voter's Choice SEPT copy

Thank you all once again for taking part and entering, this has been yet another bumper month chock-a-block filled with such amazing creativity. VOTING officially begins just before midnight tonight so please do check in and vote as often as you can!


Love Maryanne


made it

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September Made It – More GORGGGG entries & TWO more days to add your link

Hello all you Creative Goddesses and Gods (yes, we’ve had one visit the Made It already)

Can you believe it?? September is almost over and we are now officially free falling towards Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Christmas that is approaching faster than the cold hard ground to a bungy jumper…it’s that CHRISTMAS,  I.E THE END OF THE YEAR is almost here?????? What the…..

I still have a looooooong list of things to do, people to see and places to go which are just going to have to go on my 2014 list. Yikes, was this not the fastest year EVER? I have been ogling (once again) all the entries so far and am truly in awe of the number of amazing things that come into existence every day, week, month and year. I bow down to all you ladies who pour so much of yourselves into your incredible projects and am honoured & grateful that you share these (and yourselves) with all of us here on the Made It.

Oh dear, before the violins arrive, let me get on with the intro’s for the latest entries!!!


Fabric Blending by Projects by Mtetar

A  warm welcome back to  Mtetar from Projects by Mtetar who makes the most amazing upcycled clothing by giving life and sizzling STYLE to old denims. I absolutely LOVE the belt …. oooh and the polka dots!!!


Amazing Grace Hats by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Thank you to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for all your amazing entries, you inspire us on so many levels. Here is the FAB pattern for this gorgeous crocheted hat, made in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness.!


freezer pop sleeve

Double Duty by YarnChick40

Are you now also craving a lolly!!! Lisa Victoria from YarnChick40 is back with this great idea to keep little hands nice and cosy. Click on the pic to see the other great use…can you guess what it is??? GENIUS!

Hanging Hearts by Hav2Havz

LOVE LOVE and more LOVE…..the very talented Rene from Hav2Havz‘s hanging hearts are simply beautiful and the colours are SUBLIME!!! Please pop over to her FB for more of her happy projects, you’ll love every second!

So HURRY, there’s still time to enter 🙂 Click on the pic to add your link

made it

Click to add your link!!!


Love Maryanne xxx

September Made It – Pin, Oink, Kiki, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Whaddya ya say?!

Heehee, these are the sounds a Piggy, a Tigger, a Koala…um, and a pincushion would make, of course!

Thank you for all your well wishes, I’m thrilled to report that all the FLU lurgies have gone and we are all restored to happy health. And to top it off, the sun is shining and the promise of summer is in the air…..ahhhhhhh BLISS!


Tough life ‘eh!


So, while I’m feeling so very chilled and relaxed, here’s a look at the next four entries into September’s Made It challenge!

More Than A Pincushion by All Thing Moz

Here is another beautiful entry from the fab Moz from All Things Moz. I SOOOOOO need one of these and never would have thought about a “pincushion” that was big enough for all the goodies that one needs on hand….I have cups and cups stuffed full of hooks, scissors etc and as soon as I even think of them all the contents fall out…..sigh. Now this is GREAT, especially with the added cute flowers!



OINK by Nice Piece of Work

koala 1

KIKI by Nice Piece of Word

tiger hat 2

RRRRRRRRRRRR by Nice Piece of Work

Guess who’s been a busy zookeeper?  Jill from Nice Piece of Work is  fast and furiously increasing the animal kingdom AS WE SPEAK!  


We want more, we want more!  These GORGEOUS beanies (and their real life inspirations) look so  soft & cuddly and I for one CANNOT wait to see who’s next…..and what they sound like. 

Thank you ladies, there’s still plenty of time to join in so….


made it

September Made It – Doh meddy amaythin noo entries

Can du tel I dod da flu?

After a week of three ickie kiddies, I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded flu!!! Arrrg, so very inconsiderate of them to all be on the mend on this beautiful Spring, sunny day  while I have my turn to feel like a miserable, snotty lump of mess. Hmmmm…..on second thoughts my lovely hubby is now taking them out of the house for some much needed fresh air so maybe, just mayyyyyybe, it means some quite time? Woohoo, not so bad after all!

So before I crawl back into my nice warm, quite bed, I wanted to share all the latest entries with you. You will be delighted, as i am, to see lots of familiar faces and a fab newbie too…and boy oh boy, creativity just keeps getting better and better!

Lemme give you some of this months collection stats so far.

128 views, 26 links, 123 clicks – and it’s only the halfway through WOOP WOOP!!

So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m just posting pics & links this week as my brains is simply being quite rude and insisting I go to sleep. I know you’ll have a blast scrolling down & visiting all these lovely blogs. OOOOH, and before I go, I’m sure you’ll want to  know what’s up for grabs as this month’s prize??

buglets prize

Yip, the lucky winner will have themselves some stunning originals, so kindly donated by Barbara of Buglets by Barbs which will be made and sent shortly after the winner is announced (hence no pic of the actual prize). To view Barbara’s beautiful & totally wantable products and unique style, pop over and visit BUGLETS on Facebook. Gorgeous, don’t ya think!

Here are the next 15 entries…

Spotty Scarf by Pigtails

Skinny Scarf by Pigtails

Necklace by Pigtails 

Pigtails of Pigtails!


Rainbow Coasters by Rainbow Junkie

Jane from Rainbow Junkie


  5 of the Best iPad/Tablet Case Tutorials by VickyMyersCreations

Vicky from Vicky Myers Creations

tiny knitted C3PO and R2D2

Star Wars by Vu Chickens

Melissa from Vu Chicken

Crochet Childrens Booties by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs

Crochet Scarf by Hav2Havz

Crochet Bags by Hav2Havz

Rene fron Hav2Havz

Crochet Necklace by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny

Crochet Basket From All Things Moz

Moz from All Things Moz

09052013 010

Slipper Socks by DaniellaJoe

Patricia from DaniellaJoe

Transformed Army Jacket by ONoodles

What Can You Do With a Bag of Ducks?! by ONoodles

Jill from ONoodles


cover 1

Summer Shoulder Wrap

Jill from Nice Piece Of Work

September MADE IT – Woohoooo we’re back!



….and it you are on the top part of the world, then HAPPY CHANGING OF THE SEASONS!

For me, August was a mushy mix of a month filled with new challenges, new routines, sunny days, stormy days, meetings, parties, (and that’s just the kids stuff!) friends, a spot of crochet here and there, walks, about a gazillion school drop offs & pick ups and tons of family fun…you know, all the usual stuff

I CANNOT tell you how much I’ve missed my Made It family and how much I’m looking forward to an exciting month of Made It entries – ahhhhh!

I’ve sent froggy on his merry way (simply because I’m….um, too technologically-challenged and cannot seem to get the right code that take one to the new-look collection, so he had to go) and am just going to use the Made It challenge ICON from now on, so where ever you see this piccie, you can click on it to enter your links…easy peasy!

made it

click to add your link!

The knitty gritties of September’s challenge are:

  • The link is officially OPEN until midnight on the 27th September
  • VOTING will be from the 28th to the 30th September at 12:00
  • The randomly chosen WINNER will be announced after 12:00 on the 30th Sept
  • The winner will receive a PRIZE (ooooh and it’s goodie, watch this space)
  • The VOTER’S CHOICE AWARD will go to the link with the most votes ♥
  • The THEME, should you choose to follow one is SPRING of course!

So, are ya ready? Good luck. Let’s go!

made it

click to add your link!

A LITTLE yummy giveaway!


Just popping in to invite you to take part in a teeny little give away! I recently bought a ball of this delicious looking hemp and posted in on my Facebook page…which lead to a funny story. You see, the ball looks rather gigantic here…… but, um, er…


…. it’s actually, um ….TINY.  *shamed face*


Marketing license eh?!!

So to make up for my unintended exaggeration, I’m giving these babies away – 4 x 25gr balls of brightly coloured, variegated Hemp to make anything your heart desires!


If you’d like to enter into the draw, simply comment below in ONE WORD describing how lovely it is! I’ll draw the winner on the afternoon of  Monday 19th Aug

ps, you can enter right here or on Woolhog’s FB page

♥ Good Luck ♥