Visiting an old love

Ahhhh. It started with not so much a kiss…but a mug

Photo (24)

When I first started blogging and crocheting I made about fifty-five thousand mug cozies – maybe more. I LOVED them. The sad truth is that it was all I could make but I didn’t care. If you rummage around my house right now,  you’ll find cozies – or CupCapes as I called them – stashed just about everywhere a cozy should or shouldn’t be. So, naturally when I started to panic because the real project that I am trying working on is sitting in a corner waiting for a border and for my beautiful nanny to be well enough to sew them up for me on her machine, and it’s been soooo long since I’ve actually had an entry into the Made It challenge – I had no choice but to visit my old flame.

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You see, these particular mugs had me at” HELLO there…”  No bulky love handles, double walled, slim & sexy. They were practically begging me.

Photo (23)

How could I resist!

Using one of my favourite yarns – Vinnis Colours in Bambi – which is a cotton/bamboo blend, a 4.5mm hook and merrily stitched as I went, these babies were born & bred in minutes (ok, not minutes, hours. Sigh…)

Photo (22)

Photo (21)

Photo (19)

Lucky Number 13!

The Made It challenge started in July and we had 12 wonderful entries. In August, we had a great month and another awesome 12 entries….you know what’s coming next, right?


“Cup Cape by Lesley”

(you can see the pattern here

Even more exciting than this is that we now have a NEW CROCHET ADDICT on the scene, ’cause up to about 5 minutes ago Lesley couldn’t even crochet. Not too shabby eh!!!

Lesley is a friend of mine from waaaay back. Our kids went to daycare together from the age of 2 and believe it or not they are in the same class at the this year – last year of primary school and 11 years later!

She bought some yarn from my little shop even though she hadn’t a clue how to crochet yet. I promised to teach her how to but I am obviously on another planetary time to Lesley because she just suddenly taught herself – by herself – online – just like that!!!!

Lesley, I bow down to you girl, you are super clever and your cupcake is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what else you pull out of the hat!

In my excitement, I have extended the time to submit link until the 29th Sept and voting until the 2nd October which means IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO ENTER!

made it challenge


….it’s just the simple things in life that make you happy.

crochet hearts, vinnis bambi

Like the new iPhone that my lovely hubby made me get!!!

After all my initial protesting…“there’s nothing wrong with my phone”, “it works just fine”, “no, I don’t care that I can’t download an app that can change a light bulb, pfffft”….I am finding myself warming to this lovely little rectangle of awe rather nicely, thank you.

To be honest, technology boggles my mind and I do my best not to try and keep up.   BUT, through the lens of this little phone (and with a little – ok, a lot of help – from Instagram), I AM seeing the simple things…that makes me very very happy.

Like my new kitchen side board which was custom-made by a friend and local artist/woodworker/coffee shop owner, out of old wooden containers – very rustic which I LOVE

It stands in the kitchen which is the place in our home where friends and family usually congregate, even though there is no place to sit (although you will often find bums on the counters) and is now home to a few items that have bought me a lots of warm satisfaction.

I’m sure you have all heard of the lovely Lucy from Attic24 – she is the queen of colour, crochet and all things lovely. She was my inspiration to try to crochet something other that the obligatory hat and scarf and the first thing I ever made were these candle holder trims…..

candle holders, elle cotton, colours

….which I also used as jar trims

vinnis colours, elle cotton

Jar Trims

And herb pot covers too!

elle cotton

Herb Pot Covers

Hmmmm, what else…..

AH, my family know that despite that fact that I – at the age of 19, along with my flat-mate-who-is-now-my-sister-in-law (if you do the maths, I am married to her brother) once made a cauliflower lasagne that was soooo bad that it still haunts us – actually love to cook (but need serious help) and gave me a food processor, a sassy apron, a baby food cookbook and a blank recipe book that I could copy down new ideas into, last Christmas.

Best baby cookbook given to me by my other sis-in -law!

My Mom’s recipe!

Sassy little apron given to me by my Cauliflower Accomplice

Needless to say, the cooking is coming along slowly but that’s another whole BLOG!

I was walking down the local main road the other day and spotted an antiques shop that I have known about for donkeys years. On a whim I decided to pop in and was sooooo happy I did – I spotted these enamel mugs that are original Disney beauties and which cost R25 each – bargain!!!. They are now my kids’ favourite hot chocolate mugs and have taken top shelf residence…oh, along with a couple of Cupcapes too!


Disney cups

Mickey and Minnie

Cupcapes, Vinnis colours, bambi




And finally…

My sister and her two daughters left for the UK almost 3 years ago – I miss them so much I feel like half a person. We have this little ritual where we send each other hearts of all sorts. This simple, woven, wooden heart is a constant reminder to me of not only of them but of the rest of my beautiful family across the ocean…

My lovely twinkle toes…all 30 of them!!!

…and I get to look at all these special, beautiful things every day