The September Made It – A few last minute entries

That awkward moment when you’re supposed to switch to VOTING but you missed the deadline…

Oops ūüôā

¬†Oh well, all that means is that I get to extend the time a little PLUS we have another 3 entries to show off AND we all get to vote for our favourites from NOW until the 2nd October when we’ll announce the winners YEEEHA!

The next two entries are from lovely and immensely creative ¬†Jill of O’Noodles¬†


Alpaca Cushion Cover by O’Noodles

Yes I know, I want one too!¬†¬†Jill’s gorgeous knitted¬†alpaca cushion cover¬† fits beautifully in its new home and the colour (or should I say, colours) are fantastic. I’m sure the new owner is very happy too.¬†¬†I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t ever knitted with alpaca, even though I do sell it in my shop, but I do know that it’s one of the most addictive yarns you can get your hands on!


onoodles owls

Mr & Mrs Owl by Jill O’Noodles

Love is in the air! If you have been following Jill’s work then you’ll know that she is thee Great Owl Creator, bringing into being some fabulous owls, two of whom are gettin’ hitched. Meet¬†Mr & Mrs Owl, looking ever so elegant in their top hat and veil. Can’t wait to see their babies….


daniella jo

Crochet Bottle Covers by DaniellaJo

YAY welcome back Daniella Jo, we’ve missed you and your bright & beautiful creations. I absolutely LOVE this idea for Christmas – crochet gift covers for bottles,¬†YES PLEASE! You can go wild here with different stitches, colours, yarns and adornments. In fact, this is a stash buster of note…


And just like that, we are just about to VOTE – I have to tell ya, it ain’t gonna be easy ūüôā

 Love Maryanne



made it


September Made It – Doh meddy amaythin noo entries

Can du tel I dod da flu?

After a week of three ickie kiddies, I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded flu!!! Arrrg, so very inconsiderate of them to all be on the mend on this beautiful Spring, sunny day ¬†while I have my turn to feel like a miserable, snotty lump of mess. Hmmmm…..on second thoughts my lovely hubby is now taking them out of the house for some much needed fresh air so maybe, just mayyyyyybe, it means some quite time? Woohoo, not so bad after all!

So before I crawl back into my nice warm, quite bed, I wanted to share all the latest entries with you. You will be delighted, as i am, to see lots of familiar faces and a fab newbie too…and boy oh boy, creativity just keeps getting better and better!

Lemme give you some of this months collection stats so far.

128¬†views,¬†26¬†links, 123¬†clicks – and it’s only the halfway through WOOP WOOP!!

So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m just posting pics & links this week as my brains is simply being quite rude and insisting I go to sleep. I know you’ll have a blast scrolling down & visiting all these lovely blogs. OOOOH, and before I go,¬†I’m sure you’ll want to ¬†know what’s up for grabs as this month’s prize??

buglets prize

Yip, the lucky winner will have themselves some stunning originals, so kindly donated by Barbara of Buglets by Barbs which will be made and sent shortly after the winner is announced (hence no pic of the actual prize). To view Barbara’s beautiful & totally wantable products and unique style, pop over and visit BUGLETS on Facebook. Gorgeous, don’t ya think!

Here are the next 15 entries…

Spotty Scarf by Pigtails

Skinny Scarf by Pigtails

Necklace by Pigtails 

Pigtails of Pigtails!


Rainbow Coasters by Rainbow Junkie

Jane from Rainbow Junkie


  5 of the Best iPad/Tablet Case Tutorials by VickyMyersCreations

Vicky from Vicky Myers Creations

tiny knitted C3PO and R2D2

Star Wars by Vu Chickens

Melissa from Vu Chicken

Crochet Childrens Booties by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs

Crochet Scarf by Hav2Havz

Crochet Bags by Hav2Havz

Rene fron Hav2Havz

Crochet Necklace by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny

Crochet Basket From All Things Moz

Moz from All Things Moz

09052013 010

Slipper Socks by DaniellaJoe

Patricia from DaniellaJoe

Transformed Army Jacket by ONoodles

What Can You Do With a Bag of Ducks?! by ONoodles

Jill from ONoodles


cover 1

Summer Shoulder Wrap

Jill from Nice Piece Of Work

May Made It Challenge – aMAYzing New Entries, Some Musings & A Question To Pose!

Hello hello to you all, where ever in the world you are today! ¬†It’s Sunday and a damn fine day here in Cape Town – here is a pic taken out of my window right now!


Seriously, it’s winter here!!!

Today’s post marks my 150th! What?! Never in a bazzillion years did I ever think that I would write anything (let alone anything remotely¬†intelligent or interesting)¬†that people would give up some of their own precious time to even read! So, from the bottom of my heart, ¬†I thank each one of you who follows ¬†/ reads / likes / comments on my little blog and enters the Made It challenge!!! I absolutely LOVE being a part of this amazing community of creative people who inspire / entertain / provoke (in a good way) me on so many levels¬†‚ô•

Right, so before I show off the next batch on Made It entries – if you can wait a little longer – I was sitting down last night before bed, scrolling though the photo’s on my phone and had a little giggle to myself. The photos that ended up in my Photo Stream were either taken by my myself (who’s thinks that having some cool apps on ones iPhone makes one a pro!); naughty meddling kiddies; or photos sent either to my hubby or from my hubby as our usual form of communication. Who needs a diary anymore? Scrolling through some of these pics make me wonder what kind of crazy family I have!!! My Life This Past Few Days In Pictures


Taken on my way to “work” as the newly appointed Social Media nerd for my old real estate company – yeah I know….tough job!


Excited daughter and clearly-over-the-moon Dad about to see Justin Beiber!


Yip, this is about as much as we got to see too!!!


An attempt at knitting with some chunky cotton….


*groan* Mom’s been watching too much Master Chef again…


Who needs a remote control??

No, not auditions for Halloween 13…just Dad asking what shin guards to buy for hockey playing teen!


Fab school outing at the beach (remember, its Winter!!!)

IMG_4731 - Copy

Apparently – according to other parents-of-teens – finding tons of pics like this on your phone is perfectly normal.


…..this too


…and especially this


what the…..

winner deb

ended the week with the winner of Jam Tarts newsboy crochet hat!!!

Right, enough of that…..



Jelly Legs by Kakes Crafts

Hello little Octopus! This sweeeeet little chap was made by Kayleigh of Kakes Crafts, a regular Made It challenger. I’m sure there are going to be many many demands for one of these so Mums, be warned! (click on the link to see another pic of the little jelly legs….adorable!)



Shawl by MrsMac

Hello and welcome to MrsMac who has submitted this stunning, sparkly shawl in cotton viscose that¬†she made for her mom! (I know my mom-in-law is going to squeal in delight at this one). Click here to go to her Ravely page where you will find the pattern, another pic of the front (it’s fabulous) and another beautiful shawl too! ¬†



Ocean Waves Afghan by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Welcome back to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. How beautiful is this Ocean Waves Afghan in the most sensational creams and greens?? A present for her daughter’s 17th birthday!!! ¬†This is a heirloom to be forever loved and cherished.


gray 2

Diamonds Shawl by Gray


Doily by Gray

We have two exquisite and ever-so-delicate entries from the lovely Crochet by Gray! Firstly, I do not know where she gets her super powers from but frankly, I’m more than a little envious!! Read more about this¬†gorgeous¬†doily and diamond shawls she loving managed to whip up in the¬†midst¬†of her wonderfully busy life!!!¬†



Retro Collar by DaniellaJoe

Everywhere I go I’m seeing crochet collars! DaniellaJoe is spot on money with what’s in fashion with this stunning Retro Collar. I¬†absolutely¬†adore the blaze of colours. I want one I want one I want one¬†‚ô•



Pretty Daisy Chain by Little Poppits

Again, Moms beware because your little girls are going to be begging you for one of these beautiful Daisy Chains! The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only delighted us with this necklace and daydreams of warm meadows but also posted a lovely pic of herself too! 


SAMSUNGI’m soooo thrilled to welcome another newbie to the challenge! Hello to Aviena of AvienaDawn who was inspired by this month’s¬†official¬†(unofficial?) theme of STASH BUSTING! And thank goodness for that because what a fabulous Granny Square Pillow!! I LOVE the colours and can’t believe how beautifully go together!


Ok, so I have a question to pose and I would love to hear your thoughts on this: 

Last night, I was chatting to one of my friends who suggested that maybe the winner of the challenge should be picked based on votes as so much time and energy goes into each creation and it might be great to be the month’s favourite.¬†

Hmmmm, well this got me thinking. Firstly, when I first started the challenge, I decided to do a random pick each month to keep things lighthearted and fun BUT now I’m wondering if maybe you’d prefer to win on merit rather than by chance???¬†

SO, my question is:


I’d love to hear what you think so please comment below! There’s no wrong or right answer but if there is strong feelings for votes v random then I will rethink things

Thank you!

As always, I am totally in awe of the fantastic entries! There’s still 9 days before we close the link for voting so, get your groove on! Click on FROGGY to add your LINK


April’s Made It…and the entries just keep rollin’ in (although some rolled in sooner than others – oops!)

If Sorry’s were butterflies, I’d send you a skyful¬†of them¬†‚ô•

DaniellaJoe! Please forgive me for not including your (a.m.a.z.i.n.g) Made It entry in my last post – in fact it should have appeared in the first post as you were super quick out of the starting blocks this month but somehow managed to slip through the large gaps in my somewhat overcrowed brain!

Big Bag by DaniellaJoe

The ever so talented, wonderfully colourful DaniellaJoe has created what she has called BIG BAG….usually I would be at a loss for words, but nooo, not this time. In fact, I’m going to see how many, more suitable titles I can give her¬†¬†BIG BAG in 10 seconds…ok, are you timing? Here goes.


¬†“Incredibly Colourful & intricately Designed & Oh So Desirable”

“Look At ME!”

¬†“Eat Your Heart Out Granny Square”

¬† “Every Woman Wants One”

¬†“I Want One Of These…NOW”

“Gimme Gimme”

“101 Different Techniques”

“The Woolhogs”¬†¬ģ (ok ok, chancing my luck!)

…I could go on.

Seruioulsy though DaniellaJoe, this is a bag to be very proud of!!!!


Next up is two FANTABULOUS entries from our Jill of Nice Piece of Work.

Tin Cozy by Niece Piece Of Work


Pom Poms & Paisley by Nice Piece Of Work

I’ve often thought that Jill was being waaaaaay too modest when she called herself Nice Piece Of Work. I think she could’ve used any of the following adjectives instead of¬†NICE: (in fact, I may just petition to have her name changed – it happens here in SA all the time with street names, major cities and even provinces)

  • Supertalented
  • Crochetlikeamachine
  • Flippenamazing

Or, perhaps she shouldn’t have made her name so short – maybe she should’ve called herself¬†Fifty Nifty Pieces of Work in a Week.¬†

Either way, she sure does make my head spin in a really good way with all the wonderful goods she creates, don’t ya think?! I asked her just the other day how she manages to churn out so many stunning projects. She insists it’s because she DOES NOT COOK! Hmmmm, is that what I’ve been doing wrong?!

I ADORE her Tin Cozy!!! I love the chunky crochet look – it just makes the tin look really…well, cozy. Jill, you may not cook but you definitly¬†know what to do with a can!

And how’s this pom-pom adorned, yarn bombed¬†paisley table?!!!! This is fantastic ūüôā ¬†I think we are going to have to get her to share the pattern (actually…¬†is there even a pattern or did she just spot a leaf-shaped table and simply whip up a crocheted paisley cozy out of her head???!!!)

Thanks Jill, you are the (yarn)bomb  x


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made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

Let’s get April’s “Made It” going!

It’s been a very exciting and busy week this my side of the planet – my sister-in-law slash BFF is getting married in 10 more sleeps! You can imagine the number of shops we have visited to hunt down those all important, last-minute things. Yesterday, the bride-to-be and my fellow bridesmaids (my other two sister-in-laws…or is it sisters-in-law? Whatever!) spent close to 7 hours in town and our “to-do-list” was something like this:

  • pick up “The Dress” –¬†CHECK its breathrakingly beautiful!
  • convince the very camp/very bossy shop owner to let the bride try on “The Dress” one more time (and try to heartily laugh at his umpteenth reference to the bride as Bridezilla..HA.HA.HA) ¬†–¬†CHECK
  • pick up bridesmaid dress (for me!) –¬†UNbloodyCHECK, stuff up and has to be remade arrghhh!
  • cardigans for the 3 flower girls – CHECK
  • pale pink/nude heels for Debz – CHECK
  • gold earrings and necklace (again, for me!) HALF A CHECK
  • lunch – while picking out the “first dance” song which the groom will also like DOUBLE¬†CHECK, yum sushi and the “Across the Universe” version of one of the Beatles songs the thumbs up!
  • smart pants for my baby boy Finn (to go with his All Stars and pin-striped shirt) CHECK cute black skinnys!!

Let me tell you….seven hours didn’t even touch sides!!!

Here is a little sneaky peak of the bride ¬†– gotta be careful that the groom doesn’t get a look in. I will keep you posted ūüôā

Beautiful Bride-To-Be Krystal

Beautiful Bride-To-Be Krystal

Stunning don’t you think!


So now that I’m rested and my feet are up, what better time to SHOW OFF THE ¬†FIRST 5 MADE IT ENTRIES!!

angella dee designs, woolhogs, crochet

Bright & Beautiful crochet blanket by AngellaDeeDesigns

Angella, from AngellaDeeDesigns has once again bowled me over with her natural talent and gorgeous creative flair, especially because she told me once that she cannot read patterns – well, who needs a pattern when you can crochet like this!!! This warm cosy crochet baby blanket is going to be a very welcome gift to the soon-to-be-parents.


One Hundred Easter Bunnies by Creative Granny

WOW, now here is a real labour of love! One hundred Easter bunnies crocheted by Helen of Creative Granny, made for an Easter Bonnet party which is coming up in a couple of days. These are the cutest little guys and as one commenter said it’s a pity that they are going to separated! They look fantastic together!!

Now I shouldn’t really do this but I just have to share another one of Helen’s projects – a beautiful crochet bag, ALSO MADE WITH NO PATTERN!



Recyced Bag, woolhogs, VickyMyersCreations

Recycled Bag by Vickymyerscreations

I am delighted to welcome a newcomer to the Made It challenge!!!! Thank you Vicky from VickyMyersCreations for entering this month, we are thrilled to have you one board and I’m sure you are going to make lots of new friends. This beautiful recycled bag was commissioned to Vicky by a mum called Becky and was lovingly handmade using one of Becky’s old skirts! It’s a beautiful post, featuring the most delicious little birdie and ¬†topped off with some wonderful feedback from Beck herself. Go and read about it here!


Pretty Spring Coasters by Little Poppits

If these “Season” themed bright, pretty flower coasters don’t cheer you up, you must be in the deepest throes of Winter (which can’t really be the case unless you live in the darkest depths Siberia, so you actually have no excuse!). The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only crocheted these gorgeous babies, she’s shared her pattern with us…YAY and THANK YOU!!


Big Bag by DaniellaJoe

Welcome back! OOOOH I absolutely ADORE this bag…and not to mention the fantastic photography! The very colourful and talented Patricia from DaniellaJoe has entered this stunning bag – one which she took months of crochet/no crochet/crochet to complete. Sister, we sooooo get that and congratulate you on finishing it, it was worth the wait!¬†


That’s all for now folks, to add your link CLICK ON FROGGY!

made it challenge

Like the South African summer, the “Made It” is heating up!

creative granny, woolhogs, made it

A warm hearty welcome to Helen from Creative Granny  who is not only entering the Made It for the first time, she has also just started her own blog YAY!!! Helen, say goodbye to all that free time you had because blogging, creating and posting is a little (LOT) addictive!

Helen makes tons of beautiful goodies and has entered these gorgeous clips Рif you look closely you will notice that her crochet hook is an old steel Victorian hook with a double knob! Go and check out her blog and make her feel welcome here in Blogland!

rainbow junkie, woolhogs, made it challenge
The lovely Jane from Rainbow Junkie has entered every Made It challenge so far; has been a generous donour of one of the prizes and never ceases to amaze me at how creative, quick and focused she is! Here is yet another gorgeous entry, a beautiful  Christmas wreath with a wonderful step by step narrative (and a clever use of some junk!)

Woolhogs, Daniella Joe

Welcome back to the uber inventive Patricia from DaniellaJoe¬† who has created a Christmas Pary Look of note!! These upcycled earrings and new crocheted necklace are stunning Patricia, and great to see that you are keeping it “green” this festive season

 Thank you!

cute as a button, woolhogs, made it

Another huge *bear hug* welcome to Laura from Cute as a Button¬†(her first entry, wooohoooo) for entering her yummy, cuddly wrist warmers¬†–¬†another Lucy inspired project – do we ALL love this lady?!!! I think I need to whip me up a pair quick quick – I hear that England is frrrrreeezing at the mo’!

Thank you ladies for your entries and for the inspiration!!!

To enter YOUR CREATION click on froggy

made it challenge

Feast you eyes on some more Made It’s

There seems to be a real buzz about the Made It challenge this month – I think it has a LOT to do with the prize hmmmmm?!!!

Rainbow Junkie, Made It challenge, woolhogs

Thank you all for sharing, reblogging, posting and commenting and most of all, for getting more people to enter. So far we have 17¬†entries,¬†and counting – and we’ve left the old record in it dust!

So here are the newest¬†entries…

Made It challenge, woolhogs, all things moz

Speaking of NEWBIES, Moz from All Things Moz¬†has the most fabulous blog, jam packed with so many¬†different, wonderful¬†crafts, your head will spin. Is it right for one person to be so talented?!! These sweet crochet hearts are adorable, thanks Moz! ‚̧

daniellajoe, made it challenge, woolhogs

Last month’s WINNER and cyber-voyager, Patricia from DaniellaJoe¬†has submitted ROW 35 of her stunningly intricate and elegant tablecloth (at least I think that this is her entry, the photo on the actual link page looks different!) “Patricia, if you can hear my up there on deck, please let me know if I have gotten this right. Over.”

millie on her world, made it challenge, woolhogs

Hello again to the¬†whimsical¬†Millie from Millie On Her World¬†and her beautifully blue, super cute and uber stylish fingerless gloves, complete with a¬†picture¬†tutorial – If you haven’t visited Millie yet, go now! She makes the most adorable Amigurumi characters.

kakes crafts, made it challenge, woolhogs

Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts is also back…HeLLo!!!…with a gorgeous, cozy looking slouchie complete with 3 tiny little cupcake buttons. For those of you in the chilly Northern parts of the world, you’re gonna want one of these!

Yuli Handmade, made it challenge, woolhogs

Another warm welcome to Yuli from Yuli Handmade! You have GOT to go and spend a little time browsing her site. Yuli, who lives in SA is a creative Goddess and makes the most unique and beautiful goodies.  She has shared her tutorial on how to make your own crochet hook handles. YES PLEASE!


Oooooh this is so deliciously lovely! Thanks Mrs M from Mrs M Makes for this delicate, elegant looking pincushion which looks surprisingly easy to make. Methinks we are going to be seeing more of these beauties, hmmmm?

The challenge is going to spill over a bit into November as we started late this month so there is still time for MORE ENTRIES!

Ok, let me dash off and put the finishing touches to my own entry that I’ve¬†to finish for weeks. Why oh why can I not get things done…arrgggg

Ciao for now ūüôā

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made it challenge