Just in the knickers of time!

No, nothing to do with underwear here (although I got your attention, didn’t I!), just an old saying my BFF coined moons ago – but yes, here I am JUST IN TIME and very chuffed with myself, because not only did I make the cut-off for the Made It challenge, I also have Easter done and dusted, thank you very much!

You see, I am always the last Mom to have all her little easter eggs in a row for the big day and often find myself scrambling (groan) to get enough chocs for the very important Easter Egg Hunt that has to happen in our house. So when I was wracking my brains as to what I was going to enter for this months challenge – and keeping with the Easter theme – I was suddenly inspired by the gorgeous egg box featured in Rainbow Junkie’s post!


remember these?!!!

HA! I found a clever way to tick two things off my proverbial list…

Easter Truffles!


So, here’s what you do….get all this stuff together

woolhogs, easter truffles

White choc, Milk choc, heavy cream, cake decorations and sprinkles, egg box, pretty paper, ribbon, VOILA!

Call the kids (never attempt this alone…)

Now, to make the ganache


Heat the cream and chuck in the chocolate (do this each for the white and brown choc) and whisk like hell!

IMG_3875_800x1067Good, now pour into bowls and pop in the fridge until set.


For those of your who know me, you will know that I DO NOT BAKE, so never, ever really follow any recipe that I might add on my blog. Ever.

This was an EPIC FAIL! One does not “chuck” or “throw” anything when it comes to baking. Ever.

It did not set at all arrrgggggg!!!!

Slight interlude while I made a savvy plan this mess *whistles away*

Ok, disaster over, The kids got a real sweet, rich dessert that night…


hmmmm, waaaay too rich!


Still…made a plan!

Right, the only way to get over a failure is to start again. I actually read a recipe this time so if you are going to attempt this, I suggest you look here and here (or any other site) first!

Heat the cream and pour over the chocolate…leave for a minute or two…NOW do the whisking like hell part!

woolhogs, easter truffles

No Mom, you do it like this!

Once its set, call the kids again and get them making little balls and then roll them in the toppings

…and the rest is literally child’s play.




Ready to roll


Messy but fun. And messy



Pop them into cute boxes and wrap it up all pretty!


Easter Truffles!


Well, not quite….my 6 year old looked up and a little worriedly asked  “But Mom, the Easter bunny will still bring her all her own eggs, right?