October MADE IT challenge – The Prize

Good morning all your lovely Made It challengers

Here is this month’s prize  ♥ some gorgeous South African yarn ♥ for the randomly chosen winner

photo (31)-2

4 x  Elle Premier Cotton 4Ply in Indigo Purple Lilac & Candy

2 x African Expression LOVE in White & Rose


Happy Making 

Love Maryanne

made it

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Rainbow Bowls!

Kids in bed. Hubby reading. So what is that noise?? It’s the deafening sound of SILENCE!

Yes, that means only one thing. I.HAVE.SOME.TIME.TO.MYSELF…..HOOOORAY!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my whole family –  my niece Amy finally had her kidney transplant and boy oh boy, has it been a roller coaster  She is doing incredibly well although there have been some hiccups here and there…she is 6 years old and has all the personality of a ROCK STAR!!! I will post more on her journey in the next day or so. You will enjoy meeting her 🙂

Finally I have caught up on all sorts of loose ends that always seem to be juuuuust out of my reach – visa apps (more of that later), Woolhogs stuff (exciting stuff), emails, returning calls etc etc blah blah.

Thought I wasn’t going to get me Made It entry in…. but phew, I did it!

woolhogs rainbow balls, elle premier cotton

I was asked by a friend to make a gift for one of her client’s child and I remembered that Vicky had sent me a pattern a little while ago of something she was quite keen to make for her baba.

How cool are these!!! These Rainbow Nesting Bowls and Sorting Balls pattern can be found on this beautiful blog called Seriously Daisies and are a great toy for little people to play with. There are 6 (yeah yeah, I know…rainbows have 7 colours) crocheted bowls that fit snugly into each other. The pattern calls for 3 balls of each colour to be made but I rebelliously made 1 for the first bowl, 2 for the second, 3 for the third and so on!

woolhogs, made it challengewoolhogs, made it challenge

Kiddies can have fun packing them together, stacking them, counting balls, colour coding them, throwing them around like frisbees, sucking on the balls  – ok, the last two things isn’t what they are supposed to do but what they will probably do. You get this picture!

I used Elle Premier cotton in DK, a great yarn to work with. I must admit, even though they took me ages to finish (I tend to get side tracked) I had lots of fun making these even if I did veer off a bit from the pattern. I made them all the same(ish) height and worked the increased rounds a little differently, the way I was taught – just seemed easier to me. I also didn’t get the invisible finish right but like I said, I had fun!

Now, just have to work our how to keep this out of the grubby paws of my kids until I can get it packed off to its new little owner 🙂

Oh yeah, from being one of the last to submit my entry, I am now waaaaay ahead of you all ’cause I have my NOVEMBER’s Made It entry ready and waiting. HA!

********   OH WAIT…I almost forgot. We are having a GIVEAWAY on our Woolhogs Facebook page – 7 stunning rainbow colours of this Elle Premier Cotton yarn to be won so come over and enter! ********

Nighty night 🙂

Where in Cape Town…It’s Springtime!

You know it’s Spring in Cape Town by the number of smiling faces. We are simple just not cut out for the cold, grey, rainy, miserable weather that we are forced to endure for…well, um….for about 9ish weeks of the whole year!  But still….the promise of summer and all its wonderfulness is just too much excitement to contain.

Woolhogs on Boulders Beach

I mean, come on…we live on the coast, dotted with stunning beach after stunning beach. It’s hard not to get super excited and a little crazy when the sun comes out (even just a little) and the blue water beckons – brag brag brag!!!

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at Boulders Beach, Simons Town

My family and I got up early(ish) yesterday morning and decided to hit the beach in honour of it being 2nd September – officially the second day of Spring!!! Boulders Beach is arguable the most beautiful in Cape Town and is situated in Simons Town, near the tip of the South Peninsula and en route to Cape Point Nature Reserve

Besides that the beach is wonderfully sheltered and private, it’s most famous for its colony of African Penguins which roam freely and are closely protected. What an incredible experience for the kids to see such beautiful creatures up close. In fact, I missed the photo opportunity of the year – as we arrived through the gates we were greeted by a group of about 10-12 penguins just wandering up the path. No fear of us that’s for sure – they own the place after all!

woolhogs at boulders beach, penguins

The kids had fun exploring and running up, down, under and through the gaps made by the enormous boulders that are everywhere.

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons town

We had a picnic…

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town    woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town


And what would an outing be with out a spot of crochet, eh?!

Vinnis colours, elle premier cotton        Vinnis colours        vinnis colours, woolhogs


Ahem…ok, so I didn’t actually do much any crocheting…but I wanted to…we were just having too much fun!

woolhogs woolhogswoolhogs, vinnis colourswoolhogs

Miss you Sarah

Eternity…Sarah Ann Ralph


….it’s just the simple things in life that make you happy.

crochet hearts, vinnis bambi

Like the new iPhone that my lovely hubby made me get!!!

After all my initial protesting…“there’s nothing wrong with my phone”, “it works just fine”, “no, I don’t care that I can’t download an app that can change a light bulb, pfffft”….I am finding myself warming to this lovely little rectangle of awe rather nicely, thank you.

To be honest, technology boggles my mind and I do my best not to try and keep up.   BUT, through the lens of this little phone (and with a little – ok, a lot of help – from Instagram), I AM seeing the simple things…that makes me very very happy.

Like my new kitchen side board which was custom-made by a friend and local artist/woodworker/coffee shop owner, out of old wooden containers – very rustic which I LOVE

It stands in the kitchen which is the place in our home where friends and family usually congregate, even though there is no place to sit (although you will often find bums on the counters) and is now home to a few items that have bought me a lots of warm satisfaction.

I’m sure you have all heard of the lovely Lucy from Attic24 – she is the queen of colour, crochet and all things lovely. She was my inspiration to try to crochet something other that the obligatory hat and scarf and the first thing I ever made were these candle holder trims…..

candle holders, elle cotton, colours

….which I also used as jar trims

vinnis colours, elle cotton

Jar Trims

And herb pot covers too!

elle cotton

Herb Pot Covers

Hmmmm, what else…..

AH, my family know that despite that fact that I – at the age of 19, along with my flat-mate-who-is-now-my-sister-in-law (if you do the maths, I am married to her brother) once made a cauliflower lasagne that was soooo bad that it still haunts us – actually love to cook (but need serious help) and gave me a food processor, a sassy apron, a baby food cookbook and a blank recipe book that I could copy down new ideas into, last Christmas.

Best baby cookbook given to me by my other sis-in -law!

My Mom’s recipe!

Sassy little apron given to me by my Cauliflower Accomplice

Needless to say, the cooking is coming along slowly but that’s another whole BLOG!

I was walking down the local main road the other day and spotted an antiques shop that I have known about for donkeys years. On a whim I decided to pop in and was sooooo happy I did – I spotted these enamel mugs that are original Disney beauties and which cost R25 each – bargain!!!. They are now my kids’ favourite hot chocolate mugs and have taken top shelf residence…oh, along with a couple of Cupcapes too!


Disney cups

Mickey and Minnie

Cupcapes, Vinnis colours, bambi




And finally…

My sister and her two daughters left for the UK almost 3 years ago – I miss them so much I feel like half a person. We have this little ritual where we send each other hearts of all sorts. This simple, woven, wooden heart is a constant reminder to me of not only of them but of the rest of my beautiful family across the ocean…

My lovely twinkle toes…all 30 of them!!!

…and I get to look at all these special, beautiful things every day 

Alyce’s entry-Upcycled Momma T’s to Baby T’s…WITH PATTERN!

Thank you Alyce for your entry into the Made It challenge!

Alyce is a friend of mine  (you may see her crocheting up a storm in a previous post HINT, she is the one with the preggie belly 🙂 ) and seeing as though she doesn’t have her own blog (yet) I am posting her entry below on her behalf.


These deliciously cute and trendy little baby T’s are made up from Alyce’s old T’shirts – cut up and sewn perfectly back together for her little Nunu.


You will need:

existing garments that you would like to copy; good fabric  scissors, a ruler, something curvy (if not a ruler, then some bowls / other curvy things); a pencil; some paper (old wrapping paper, newspaper, brown paper…), elastic for waistband of pants, overlocker (or sewing machine), thread etc…

Lay the different garments onto the paper. Trace the outline,  then tidy up using rulers and curvy things.

You will be working with stretchy fabric, which is very forgiving, but try to be as tidy / accurate as possible.

Remember to add extra around your pattern pieces for seam allowance.


This is what my hat pattern looks like…

This is what my t-shirt pattern looks like…

This is what my pants pattern looks like…

Place pattern pieces onto old garments that you want to upcycle.

TIP: try to use as many “features” from the old garment as possible. eg. hems / interesting seams (as long as they are soft), prints etc

In this example I am using the hem from the old t-shirt as well as the neck trim (see pics below

Here are all the pattern pieces cut out.


Attach the neck trim from the original t-shirt to the new neckline. (or leave the neck raw, that’s also fine…)


Place the pattern pieces both with right side up – overlap the back over the front – match at the notch.


Position the sleeve using the notch as a guide. Then attach with overlocker / sewing machine


Once sleeves are in, lay garment right sides together and close side seam / underarm seam


Trim threads and turn right side out and ….


For pants – cut out pattern pieces

Lay right sides together and close outside seams

Attach the cuffs, close the inside seam

Attach elastic and turn over to the inside and stitch down

Trim threads and turn right side out and ….

TA DAAAA! Another baby outfit made from my old clothes 🙂

Ingenious – that’s Momma Love for you!


HURRY!!! 4 more days ’til the “Made It” challenge link closes and voting begins!!

(deep gulp of air) breathe……

It’s only because I am the first host of the Made It challenge that I managed to submit my offering with loads of time to spare – I would look like a bit of an idiot if I didn’t.  Because if you are anything like the real me, you are thinking “pffft, I will have PAAAHlenty time to get my entry in…I have the whole month, easy-peasy, take my sweet time”. Am I right?

Well, now may just be the time to start panicking slightly – or at least get a little sweaty worry about when you are going to do it.

BUUUUUT, before you start scrambling, let me remind you just HOW EASY IT IS TO ENTER!!!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything) and the great news is that most of you have already  made some AWESOME, EXQUISITE things (I read your blogs so I know!)
  2. Simply copy the link and ADD IT TO THE REST OF THE ENTRIEShere or simply click on FROGGY below
  3. THAT’S IT.!!! YOU ARE DONE How easy was that?!!!!                                     Click on FROGGY to submit you link!!!!!!

    Remember, the randomly chosen winner will receive not only this prize (with a mystery prize thrown in, wink wink)…..

(Our little giveaway includes 3 balls of wool from Vinnis Colours-1 x 100% Bamboo,1 x 100% Cotton, 1 x 70%Cotton/30%Bamboo blend, 12 x funky buttons and 1 x Surprise)

…they will also be the bearer of the Hostess Crown as host for the month of August – when we get to do this all over again! (psst, I will make sure that the new host has everything that is needed, so nothing to worry about)

Be a part of the fun and share your craftiness with the rest of us!


Crochet 101 and a bit of new crochet LINGO

After being asked a good few times, “please teach me how to crochet” by a few of our friends,  Vicky and I decided to host a mini crochet lesson for a few lovely ladies. I’m not sure who was more nervous – us or them – but I know I was scared senseless for a number of reasons:

  • neither of us have ever taught anyone to crochet before
  • I learned to crochet when I was, like 9! Everything else I learned from a book.
  • I’m not even sure I know where that dreaded last stitch of a row is…
  • my first “teaching” experience was with my eldest daughter when she was 5 – it was her turn to bring cake to school for “Baker Day” so we made cupcakes together. It ended…..well, let’s just say that I think I may have been the one acting like a 5 year old *ashamed face*
  • I knew that the toughest challenge was going to be teaching them how to hold the yarn and needle correctly
  • and THE WORST FEAR BY FAR – we had a left-handed trainee student…eeeekkkk!!!!

(this is my good friend Liz, who picked it up in minutes – future crochet addict in the making)

Luckily for us, we needn’t have worried because these girls were super fast and enthusiastic learners! The morning disappeared in a flash with the satisfied looks of accomplishment on face after face…ahhhhh, love it!

(Sandi and Sabine….Sandi is the proud owner of the wonky scarf which will feature below, and Sabine who can crochet beautifully but needed to learn new stitches)

Mind you, the morning did have its fair share of awkward moments that we chalked up to “new-Crochet-speak”  Here are a few terms and explanations that you are welcome to add to your repertoire;

* Loosen Up did not mean “chill out Liz”. It means loosen the way you are holding your hooks and yarn…

* Get a Grip certainly did not mean that anyone was loosing their mind with frustration and needed to snap out of it – it just meant that holding the hook firmly would make life a whole lot easier

* Get Your Wool On – no, not a hip and trendy way of saying “sista, you gotta just crochet it up, girl” – It was just a reminder that your yarn had to stay wrapped carefully around your pinky, under your ring finger, over your middle…..arggg, you know what I mean!

* Where is the hole??? – I can’t find the next hole!!!!!……er, um, you can work this one out!

(This is Anthea on the left – a laugh a minute and the morning’s entertainment, – love this chick! And, ahem, my Super Lovely Cuzzy Lynda who, you may notice, doesn’t have any form of crochet in her hands…hmmmmm)

 (this is me, sitting on the table, teaching Christine, Miss Left-Handed!)

(this is Vicky, her Mum, and her beautiful boys  🙂  )

(and this is beautiful Alyce, – not sure why she came to a beginners class seeing as though she had the most gorgeous nearly-finished baby blanket in her bag for her eminent baba!)

One thing is for sure – we all had fun and I have a sneaky suspicion that there are going to be a few more of these mini sessions in the very near future.

Watch this space 🙂

And, as promised...the Wonky Scarf by Sandi….I think it’s pure perfection actually, don’t you?!!!

Photo: This has got to be the world's wonkiest scarf.  I keep finding stitches then losing them, then finding some more... I'm not certain this is the way it's supposed to be done!

Made It challenge – D’artagnan never looked so HANDSOME!

And you will agree with me as soon as you see Trish from Made By Patch‘s entry into the Made It Challenge!

Here is her little Big J… ahem, sorry,… I meant Musketeer looking very smart indeed!

Made It Challenge Made By Patch


You can also go HERE to view this one, and all the entries submitted so far!!!

Well done Mom! Very well researched and pulled off perfectly!

Good Luck!!

Rainbow Kids! My Made It challenge entry…

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

WOW,  I am so delighted at the response we have had about the Made It challenge – thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I cannot WAIT to see what you all have up your sleeves and am sooooo looking forward to having a go at making a few of them too!

Well, I am pleased to say that I have finished my project that I am entering! Not that it took too long – in fact, it was one of the quickest projects I have ever completed but I was so worried that I would be late – I am not good with deadlines (even self-imposed ones) and with the kids being on school holidays, it’s been a bit hectic around here!

So here they are…7 little Rainbow Kids!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

One day last year, my then 5 year old daughter came home from school with a little doll which was roughly made from paper and material.That day, her teacher had told the class about Guatemalan worry dolls, which I have always been intrigued about. She loved that little doll even though it fell apart they next day! At the same time, she had going through a phase where she was clingy, wanted to be with me all the time. She was afraid to go to bed on her own and getting her to school was a tough job. After seeing how much she loved her little “worry doll” I decided to make her a HAPPY DOLL instead – one that she could whisper her fears to, tuck put under her pillow at night and fill her dreams with happy thoughts! They worked so well and helped my little monkey gain more confidence.

At first, I had no idea how I was going to make them until I noticed that one of my daughters toys, a little DIY fairy castle, had instructions on how to make your own fairy princess using yarn and pipe cleaners – easy peasy. PERFECTO!

So this is what you need:

some pipe cleaners, wooden beads, yarn and scissors –that’s it!

I had a ball of rainbow coloured, variegated cotton which I was eagerly wanting to use so I added some plain bright coloured cotton to go with it.

Step 1 – Take a pipe cleaner and cut into two pieces making sure that the second piece is HALF the size of the first. The longer piece will be the body and the smaller with be the arms.

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 2 – Bend each piece of pipe cleaner in 2 (lost the pic with both pieces bent but you get it!)

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 3 – Next for the hair, using some yarn, gather some strands together making a zig zag motion until you have a bunch like this and snip when you have enough hair:

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

You now should have something like this 🙂

Step 4 – Take the longer piece of pipe cleaner and put the “hair” in the centre of it like this:

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 5 – Take the bead and feed it along both ends of the bent pipe cleaner and push right up to the hair. You now have the a little kiddie taking shape!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 6 – Take the shorter piece of pipe cleaner and twist them around the “neck” so that they are attached as arms

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 7 – Now all you have to do is dress the little munchkins. Take some yarn and leaving a decent tail for tying in later, start wrapping the yarn tightly beginning with the torso, then to each leg and back up to each arm. You may wrap up and down each limb a couple of times to build up the body but this will depend on how chunky you want the doll to be or how thick your yarn is

Woolhogs Rainbow KidsWoolhogs Rainbow Kids Woolhogs Rainbow KidsWoolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 7 –  Once you have finished cut the yarn and tie to the tail at the back. Then taking your scissors, cut through the loops at the end of the hair to let loose those wild locks!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

There you go, she’s finished – Voila!!!

Only thing left to do is add 6 siblings let them play…

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

12d 21h 31m (and counting) ’til voting starts for “Made It” challenge!!!


Just a reminder about how it all works:

  • Make something!
  • Photograph it along the way
  • do a tutorial on how you made it
  • blog/post it
  • click HERE and submit your entry (or go my side bar and click on the Made It picture)
  • keep a check on the link for other entries
  • you can still submit entries right up until the random draw for the winner on the 31 JULY 2012


You each get 10 votes so use them to encourage/praise/applaud creations that inspire you!

Share this with your friends ’cause it’s a lot of fun and is guaranteed to get their creative-inner-kids jumping up and down!