JEEPERS, THAT WAS TOUGH AND THAT WAS CLOSE – so many amazing projects in the mix made it almost impossible to cast votes for all the favourites! Thank you all so much for voting, for visiting blogs, for your encouraging comments and for taking part. FEB was EPIC!

Now, for the best part. Drrrrrrrrrrum Rollllllll please – The *randomly drawn winner of The FEB Made It challenge AND winner of Trevlyn’s beautiful shawl is


Tamara copy

Wooooohooooo Congratulations Tamara, your ADORABLE Galilee Slippers are stunning are such worthy winners! Your new shawl by Trevlyn of Babushka Crafts will be whisking it’s way to you very soon!
Here is your FEB WINNER’S BADGE to wear on your blog!
FEB Winner
The voting not just soooooooooooo close, we actually had a THREE WAY TIE! Told you it was tough!!! So, naturally the VOTER’S CHOICE AWARD goes to all of them! Congrats Rene from Hav2Havz, Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio & Sandy from Live Love Lake who each received SEVENTEEN VOTES! Your projects are so incredibly inspirational –  thank you for sharing them with us!
Please accept this badge to wear on your website/blog or fridge!
Voter's Choice FEB

♥ you can check on the voting stats by clicking on the PINK LINK  ♥

  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge

made it
Thanks to everyone once again for making the Made It extra special – see you all in a few day!
Love Maryanne
♥ ♥ ♥
* Although I encourage multiple entries in the Made It challenge, only one LINK for each person goes into the random draw which is generated by InLinkz!

Our First Fab FEB Entries – Prepare to be WOW’ed

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I was delighted and EXCITED to log into the InLinkz account yesterday to see the tidal wave of colour and sea of creativity that was already there – what some AMAZING entries, thank you to all who’ve entered so far!!! I can safely say that each entry has inspired me in so many ways….have a look



Galilee Slippers by Crochet With Tamara

*shriek* No one, I mean NO ONE (not even a 7 foot, scar-faced wrestler) could look at these ADORABLE Galillee slippers and not have a heart melt!! These beauties, made by the  super busy & madly talented Tamara from Crochet With Tamara are so gorgeous they don’t lose their cute-appeal the bigger they get….that means I NEED a pair STAT!


Crochet Lampshade by Creative Granny

A warm welcome back to Helen from Creative Granny who’s been making some amazing things (please go and browse her blog). Ahhh, the colours, the stripes, the tassels!!  I absolutely love this lamp, such a clever idea,  and as Helen says, a great way to use up left overs. What a way to brighten up a hallway!!


Autumn Rainbow Beanie by Nice Piece of Work

And staying with colours and stripes, ooooh’s and AHHHH’s, here’s a gorgeous Autumn Rainbow crocheted beanie made by Jill from Nice Piece of Work for a colleague – lucky lady. That is one seriously AWESOME colour scheme and I’m definitely going to be using it!! Another stash busting winner


Granny Square Poncho by Hav2Havz

Well, I must say I almost stopped breathing when I saw this STUNNING creation – I mean WOW! This beautiful granny square Poncho crocheted by Rene from Hav2Havz is one heck of a jaw-dropper.  Again, the use of colour is fascinating and the rich tassels (for me, the best part) just makes it!!!


Starry Skies by A Slight Obsession With Books

Welcome back to  Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books who just keeps on inspiring with her wonderful creations. I’ve never seen a design like this one before – her Starry Sky cushion is beautiful and so perfectly sewn.  AGAIN, the colours are fabulous – very striking (see her post for a pic of the back too, love the contrast).

See!  I told you these entries were exciting didn’t I!! Right, now that we’re on a roll, ADD YOUR LINKS by clicking the PINK LINK below – can’t wait to see what’s next

Love Maryanne

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NOVEMBER Made It Challenge – more great entries comin’ your way!

Ok ok, I know! I am super late in introducing all the stunning entries so far into the November Made It challenge  (almost mid month, yikes!) Forgiven? Thank you. Now sit back for a bit and enjoy!!!


Stash Basket by Love, Lucie


Herringbone Cowl by Love, Lucie


Hats for Smoothies by Love, Lucie

Not one, not two but THREE gorgeous entries (so far?) this month from the lovely, speedy and wickedly talented Love, Lucie. Have you too seen the basket on Pinterest? AWESOME that you’ve actually made it, Lucie. Oh, and a stash basket made from your stash..GENIUS! The herringbone cowl is simple amazing too, very stylish – cowls are definitely a hot favourite this season. These six adorable hats are not only for a great cause, but also aaaadorable *squeal*  


Little Crochet Baskets by Pixie Miks A Lot

WOOP WOOP, welcome Pixie from Pixie Miks A Lot, the first of FOUR newcomers to the challenge this month!! Not only are these beautiful crochet (stackable) baskets a fantastic gift idea, there’s a wonderful easy to follow pattern too *quickly writes down onto ever growing to-do-list* Pixie’s blog is full of such creative idea so pop over and have squizz!


Katniss Cowl by Lolly Knits

WOW. No really. WOW. You will have to click on the post to see more pics of this utterly SENSATIONAL and every so unique cowl make by Lollyknits. Go on click now…I’ll wait…. SEE! How amazing is the Katniss Cowl? It’s avant garde, yes but oh so wearable too!!! Well done, it’s truly amazing and will no doubt be making more and more appearances because Lolly is sharing her pattern yipeeeeeeeeeee! Ps, the pics are just as amazing, WOW


Francine & Ferdinand by Love Love Lake

Another warm welcome to Sandy over at Live Love Lake! So happy that you’ve entered and shared your gorgeous foxy creatures with us. Meet Francine and Ferdinand, two very distinguished and happy looking knitted foxes. I am blown away by knitters in general, these type of intricate designs look terrifying difficult to pull off. Well done Sandy, they are marvelous!


Hippy Chic Denim Bag by Hav2Havz

So happy to have our happy hippy chick back again! When I think of Rene from Hav2Haz I think….zany, colourful, fun, happy, chic, Bohemia…and her stunning denim bag is all that and more. Her work is always filled with love, BIG LOVE (have you seen her Adele Hearts??) Rene, if you are reading this, I NEED one of those hearts please heehee!!!


Spectrum Granny Ripple Blanket by Rainbow Junkie

After nearly a year in the making, here is Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket….and its’s spectacular! Click on the links for a closer look at it in all it’s glory. The waves of rainbow colours are so beautiful and fit for any “rainbow junkie”!!  Well done to you Jane, what a wonderful achievement – I’m sure the winter evenings are now more than welcome!


Pillows Knitting Ribbon by Lavendel en Papaver

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-22 om 23.26.33

Crochet Flower Poncho by Lavendel en Papaver

YAY, another droolsome blog to follow! Welcome to Lavendel en Papaverv (Lavender and Poppy) and thank you for entering these fabulous creations. Absolutely LOVE these chocolate cushions – again I so admire knitters the cable stitch and overall effect is so chic. Oh, to be wrapped up in an array of such beautiful flowers! The colour combo of the poncho is perfect too..hmmm, I’m now thinking of other combo for “bigger” little girls!!


Thrumbelina Slippers by VuChickens


Handspun Cowl by VuChickens

I’m thrilled to see that the ever so talented Melissa from VuChickens has finally made something for herself! And what better way to treat a busy Mom’s feet with, than SLIPPERS! These Thrumbelina slippers are so elegant and so beautifully made with bits of Merino wool roving (using a very awesome looking technique) Ahh, and little Mae’s chunky cowl is brilliantly made with Mom’s very own handspun yarn – how cool!. I personally love scarves but have failed miserably to get my kids to wear them….until now (..erm, but not the homespun part)

ballerina 001

Ballerina by Pink Princess in Thailand

A beautiful pink ballerina! So delicate and elegant, just like a real one. The lacy vintage skirt is exquisite, how did she make those tiny roses?! Another massive welcome to Pink Princess in Thailand who’s blog is filled with stories of life in Thailand and lots gorgeous crafts so enjoying browsing!


The cowls that are coming in this month are really spectacular! Look at this chunky one made by AvienaDawn – the v stitch puff and the buttons make this so easy for guys to wear (he looks rather dishy & uber trendy don’t ya think!) There’s a free pattern too! Oh, and pop over and see what’s keeping Aviena a little quick these days….I’ll give you a hint. BUN. OVEN!


Here’s another free pattern thank you to the lovely  Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. LOVE these fingerless mitts, the stitching give them such a chic and elegant overall look. I’m always amazed at how much one person can make in such a short time!!! Thanks  Elena for all the inspiration
Thank you all so much for entering, the talent here is red hot! Stay tuned for a peak at the prize 🙂
Be back soon
Love Maryanne
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September Made It – More GORGGGG entries & TWO more days to add your link

Hello all you Creative Goddesses and Gods (yes, we’ve had one visit the Made It already)

Can you believe it?? September is almost over and we are now officially free falling towards Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Christmas that is approaching faster than the cold hard ground to a bungy jumper…it’s that CHRISTMAS,  I.E THE END OF THE YEAR is almost here?????? What the…..

I still have a looooooong list of things to do, people to see and places to go which are just going to have to go on my 2014 list. Yikes, was this not the fastest year EVER? I have been ogling (once again) all the entries so far and am truly in awe of the number of amazing things that come into existence every day, week, month and year. I bow down to all you ladies who pour so much of yourselves into your incredible projects and am honoured & grateful that you share these (and yourselves) with all of us here on the Made It.

Oh dear, before the violins arrive, let me get on with the intro’s for the latest entries!!!


Fabric Blending by Projects by Mtetar

A  warm welcome back to  Mtetar from Projects by Mtetar who makes the most amazing upcycled clothing by giving life and sizzling STYLE to old denims. I absolutely LOVE the belt …. oooh and the polka dots!!!


Amazing Grace Hats by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Thank you to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for all your amazing entries, you inspire us on so many levels. Here is the FAB pattern for this gorgeous crocheted hat, made in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness.!


freezer pop sleeve

Double Duty by YarnChick40

Are you now also craving a lolly!!! Lisa Victoria from YarnChick40 is back with this great idea to keep little hands nice and cosy. Click on the pic to see the other great use…can you guess what it is??? GENIUS!

Hanging Hearts by Hav2Havz

LOVE LOVE and more LOVE…..the very talented Rene from Hav2Havz‘s hanging hearts are simply beautiful and the colours are SUBLIME!!! Please pop over to her FB for more of her happy projects, you’ll love every second!

So HURRY, there’s still time to enter 🙂 Click on the pic to add your link

made it

Click to add your link!!!


Love Maryanne xxx

July Made It – A whole whack of new entries!

Somebody pulls the breaks PLEASSSSSSSE! It can’t be 2 DAYS BEFORE VOTING OPENS?????? Can it ? What’s the hurry July?

Well, the following ladies needed no such pleas – get ready for another dose of awesomeness…


Fingerless Mitts by Nice Piece Of Work

By now we all know and LOVE the funny lady Jill from Nice Piece Of Work…and that she ALWAYS has something new for us to drool over (what I really mean is that we run off at a great speed to our stash – in a flat panic – and try whip up a decent replica of her latest pair of F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S mitts – or,come to think of it, any other  project that she’s busy with -’cause she has a way of making it look so IN, so trendy…so MUST HAVE. Am I right??



Sweet Summer Cover Up by Little Poppits

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe how adorably cute, cuddly and cozy this little waistcoat is – and the flower is the perfect topping. So very Bohemian looking! The very creative and super busy Teresa from Little Poppits (who managed to make each of her projects look so happy and easy!)  has just launched her own Misi shop, it’s looking FAB – go and have a look



Cute Green Octopus by kake’s Crafts

Ahhhh, you may remember we have already met a certain young red handsome Octopus in the May Challenge which would be the perfect mate for this gorgeous green little lady Octopus (although I am no expert on who the she and who’s the he…). How adorable is SHE! Kayleigh from Kake’s crafts has entered with her cute curly legged creature and the pattern is slightly different this time so pop over and take a squizz.



Square Cushion Covers

I’m thrilled that MrsMac over at Ravely is back with this bright and beautiful square cushion cover which has made this little corner of her garden look sooooo inviting – the bench is absolutely adorable anyway but now that’s it been splashed with crochet and colour is looks AMAZING! I’m sure we all have that part of our garden that’s just begging for this kind of treatment. Please visit her at Ravely for the write-up about this and her many more  brilliant projects!



Crochet Candle Holders by Kookzie

A huge bear hug welcome to newcomer to the challenge, Anne-Marie from Kookzie with her funky crochet Mason jar candle holders. I absolutely love these – they are so effective, look so chic, easy to make and the best part – they’re upcycled! Have a look at her post for a peek at each jar up close. Each one is slightly different and Anne-Marie will be posting the pattern soon, so stay tuned!


The next 3 projects are entered by the lovely Rene from Hav2Havz who makes a whole variety of the most beautiful things – not just crochet (click on the link to her Facebook page for some ogling) You can see that she pours a whole lotta love into them too! I love her bold and confident use of colours and her designs are so unique too! Have a close look at the pics below – the stitching is amazing


Crochet Garments by Hav2Havz


Funny Granny Square Bag by Hav2Havz


Crochet Heart by Hav2Havz



Granny Square Blanket by Trevlyn

I almost feel off my chair when I received this entry??? Hey?!! You know what I mean, right?!  Trevlyn, who is one of my lovely customers crocheted this FANTASTIC granny square blanket. WOW WOW WOW. I know that the bar is set VERY high this month when it comes to blankets (in fact, everything!) and I am gobsmacked at the creativity, vibrance and beauty of this one too- I want one.


And on that high note, I will sign off and get back to my own entry (yes, I actually have a teeny tiny something to enter…phew)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy browsing the new entries



made it


May Made It – The last few entries….or are they?

Crikey, it’s almost the end of May which for some would be depressing as it would mean that we are officially 41.667% through the year (yes yes, I did have to Google that…)

But depressing??? NEVER! It just means that we are another step closer to a VOTING and a WINNER!!! I wish that I could post a photo of the prize for this months’ challenge but here in South Africa – especially Cape Town –  there are a few things you just cannot reply on: the weather (typically), public transport and deliveries! They call Cape Town the Mother City because it takes 9 months for anything to happen! Not far from the truth…sigh!

Don’t worry – the prize will be worth it so just hang in there!

Here are the latest lovely entries…or CRAFTY EYE CANDY as Avis from Oh Sew Tempting has cleverly coined them!

983622_10201249011093656_1429607727_n (1)

Doll’s Tunic by Kaiserin

You’ll remember Kaiserin from Empress27 as she was the first one to submit an entry to the collection with an equally ADORABLE doll’s dress! How are those colours!!! The dress looks so lovely and soft…and very trendy too! 



Baby Boy’s Blanket by Hav2Haz

Ahhhhh, a baby boy’s blanket! This absolutely GORGEOUS blanket was crocheted by the very talented and colourful Rene from Hav2Haz. Please go and LIKE her Facebook page where you will find tons and tons of beautiful and unusual stuff (oh, and a few delicious recipes toooooo)!!



Colourful Dishcloth by YarnChick40

I’m so happy to welcome back Lisa Victoria from Yarn Chick 40 to the challenge! These aren’t just any old dish cloths, they are not even just yummy, colourful crocheted dish cloths…these are made using the beautiful star stitch which you can  see if you click on her post – I love these, I am “in the market” for making some cloths myself and I’m DEF going to try this one out!!



Nathan’s Tote by Jill (wish I had a bigger photo!)

Now this…is TOTE’S amazing!!!! Jill from Nice Piece Of Work was commissioned to make this FABULOUSIO tote bag (go NOW and have a look) I am sooooo flippin jealous! Not sure who I am more jealous of though – the recipient or Jill’s sewing skills! YOH! (a South Africa colloquialism, same meaning as Jeepers Creepers, I’m Impressed)



Baby Cardi by Michelle Niederheitmann

The other morning, on my Facebook page, I asked what WIP’s everyone was working on and Michelle (who isn’t a blogger) commented that she was busy knitting a baby cardigan for a colleague’s unborn baba – Not only did she share her finished product with us, she’s entered the challenge!!! WOOHOOOOO I’m sooooo thrilled as this is exactly what this challenge is about – sharing, inspiring and encouraging and meeting new people!!!!!




Summertime hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs

I love this new trend of adding a peak!!! (or maybe it’s just me, have they been around for ages??) It gives the hat a very chic, very trendy look. Click here to read more about Elena‘s latest wonderful offering!!!


And with that, you have exactly 27 hrs and 49 mins   27 hrs and 33 mins to GET YOUR LINK IN – the collection closes tomorrow at midnight!

made it challenge

April Made It – Just hours to go & some more to show off!

The countdown to voting has begun – by midnight tonight, lines will be OPEN! 

Because we have had such a fantastic response to the challenge this month – with loads of “season” themed entries too – I am going to leave the voting open for 4 days so everyone has time to browse through each entry and vote for your favourites 🙂

We have some more entries YIPEEE!

Patchwork Crochet Blanket by Hav2Havz

I’ve just recently met (and when I say met I mean via the interwebz!)  the talented Rene from Hav2Havz, a local South African crafter and am blown away by her gorgeous, colourful and full-of-fun crochet work! Rene’s page on Facebook is fairly new so please go and  “LIKE” and see for yourself. This amazing patchwork blanket is just one of lots to oooooh and ahhhh over!


Here are another 6 new entries submitted by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs – there are all truly fabulous with loads of great ideas *furiously adds MORE items to every growing to-do-list* and a free tutorial too!

Here they are with links to each post – enjoy!


Pink Facecloth Set by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Flower Coasters by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Spring Granny Bag


Easter Granny Square Baby Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Baby Cacoon and Hat Set by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Sweet Pea Zig Zag Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs

WOW, I know right!! Soooo much talent in one place…sigh!


**** A little house keeping ****

  • Voting begins at MIDNIGHT tonight (I will post again in the morning to remind you)
  • Voting will stay open until he 4th MAY
  • Only ONE link per person will go into the random draw for the prize
  • That’s it! ♥

>>>>>  Click on FROGGY to add your LINK <<<<<

made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥