October MADE IT challenge – Mid (ish) month show ‘n tell (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

I’m back after taking a few days off to spend time with my family, especially my brother and sister who came home when our stepfather fell ill. How wonderful that we got to spend time together as a family WITHOUT the heartbreak of losing our favourite man! I am happy to tell you that Gav is doing so well and we’ve truly had the best family reunion EVER!


Happy Days!

Right, are you ready to see some of the wonderful entries that have been coming in fast and fabulously.

Jill puff


Jill polar


Jill mouse


But none as fast and as fabulously as Jill from Nice Piece of Work! WOW her wonderful family of ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE baby animal beanies is growing verrrry nicely, thank you. Jill, I have just three, six, no NINE words … WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!




My First Crochet Cushion!

I absolutely LOVE Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s fist ever cushion, in a stunning bright colour combo too, lovingly made for her son’s new home. AND it seems she has been her usual inspirational self again….read on below 🙂



All sewn up

I’m over the moon to welcome Wisher from Pretty Little Things in a Box into her very first Made It challenge!  Her gorgeous, beautifully sewn gingham cushion was inspired by both Rainbow Junkie’s and Sewing By The Seas’s cushion posts this week. For me, this is what it’s all about ♥ If you haven’t already met Wisher, please pop over and say hello


Helen angels


These elegant crocheted angels from Helen of Creative Granny are simply stunning and yet another reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. Stop by and visit Helen’s blog,  it’s chock a block full with amazing projects, flowers, veggies and a beautiful glimpse into her country life in South Africa


There are loads more new entries already submitted this month but I’m going to have to leave you in a little more suspense and post the rest tomorrow night. In the meantime, enjoy browsing through these great entries

Night Night

Love Maryanne


made it

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October MADE IT challenge is OPEN (and I actually have an entry!)

In true me style, a day or so late, the October Made It challenge is officially underway so get your entries in YAY!

In not-true-me style, I am actually going to be the very first entrant this month – HA! – just to prove that I can still actually make something ( was getting really worried there)

A while back I dropped & smashed my lovely new iPhone… well let’s just say that the phone still worked but if I used it my ear was in danger of been shredded off.

photo 1

Believe me, this was taken when it was still looking half decent!


Typically, the only place that could fix it was a 45 min drive away and I would have to sit and wait for an hour and a half for the job to be done. HAHAHAHAHAH, yeah right – I have 3 kids and a full time job HAHAHAHAH! So, much to the utter shame of my kids, and pretty much everyone I know, I simply taped it up with cellotape and slapped a cover on the back and off I went with my DIY fixed phone.

For FOUR months!!!

Last Friday, I eventually got it together to have the damn phone fixed and the lady behind the counter just about managed to stop herself from picking it up with a pen. Yes, it was that disgusting. Sand, dirt and other muck stuck to pieces of peeling cellotape – oh how I wish I have a photo to show you

I was over the moon with my shiny new phone and  immediately rushed out to buy the biggest, baddest rubbery cover I could find – which was impossible because it seems that the whole world makes covers for the very latest phones only…can you believe it. An iPhone 4S is now positively archaic!!!

Anyway, I remembered a stunning iPhone cover that Jane over at Rainbow Junkie Corner made a while back and there was my inspiration…

Ta Da!

photo (29)

A bit fuzzy, but you get the picture!


I’ve decided to go back to good ole FROGGY to add links so please tickle our little blue friend and ADD YOURS! I’m off to add mine

Love Maryanne

made it

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