The March Made It – A very special cupcake hat & a blanket beyond beauty

I’ve had lots of fun blogging individual posts of each entry this month, and the response from you all has been amazing…thank you! ¬†I just hope you will forgive me posting the last two cracking awesome entries together as it’s CLOSING DAY ALREADY!!!

And here they are…


I told you it was a special cupcake! Hello and welcome back to Kayeigh from Kake’s Crafts – am loving this scrumptious cupcake beanie, complete with the cherry on top. Now this is no ordinary deliciously gorgeous cupcake hat, Kayleigh has made this for her Mom’s friend who is undergoing chemo (her Mom too ūüė¶ ¬†) and who has vowed to wear a new beanie every day and they sell it and donate the money ¬†to charity – is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is utterly amazing.

Kayleigh, please pass on tons of love and healing energy to your Mom and her awesome friend ♥


photo (32)

Another HELLLOOOOO to Pigtials! ¬†“Hope you are nicely settled in your new home. Question – Where on earth do you get the time to make such INCREDIBLE blankets like these????”

Totally blown away once again by the sheer beauty of this Moroccan inspired blanket made especially for Grandpa Pigtails for his 70th Birthday!! Please pop over and read the posts about the making of this blanket – the details, the method and the pic will dazzle you!




~ This months PRIZE ~

Newsboy “Blinged Up” hat made¬†by the wonderfully talented¬†Jill of Nice Piece Of Work!

grey 1

Bling Newsboy Hat by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work



made it

The FEB Made It challenge – New entries!

Thank you all for the lovely response to Trevlyn’s prize that will soon be in the hand of this month’s winner. I assure you, her crocheted shawl is even better in real life. Now that we’ve all recovered, let’s get on with the next MARVELOUS bunch of Made It entries!


First Socks! by Kakes Crafts

I love “firsts” – this time it’s the sweet¬†Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts¬†¬†who’s taking the title with these¬†gorgeous¬†socks! (Am I the only person left who’s never made a pair of socks!!?). The colour is lovely and they look as warm as snuggly as knitted socks should – these surely are the things that make winter worth it!.



Crochet Roses by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Now, these are my kind of flowers! Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner has entered her knitted roses and rose bud which are guaranteed to bring lots of cheer all year round. I have a feeling we are going to be treated with some more flowers in the near future (nudge nudge, wink wink Jane!)



Yipee, we have a newbie to the Made It! A huge welcome to Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio, a fellow Cape Townian with a way with a hook! This fab bag is an upcycled project, crocheted from old plastic bags Рand the colours are stunning. Please pop over and say hi!



Miss Lily Rose by Pixie Miks A Lot

Meet the lovely Miss Lily Rose! A warm welcome back to the lovely¬†Pixie Miks A Lot¬†and her beautiful doily clad mannequin. This lovely lady (Lily Rose) has had a recent colour make over with these bright and happy circles. Looking very chic and trendy! LOVE the earrings too ūüôā


Ohhh so much inspiration, so little hours left alone to crochet…sigh. The uber talented¬†Lucie from Love, Lucie¬†is on top form with the next three amazing entries. Have a look…


Pom Pom Cushion by Love, Lucie

How absolutely clever to combine Pom Poms with a cushion – genius! The overall effect is fun and of course, it’s a great way to get the kiddies involved too!


Grey Swirly Cushion by Love, Lucie

Ooooh my, another cushion that completely pulls at my heart-strings! The combination of colours, circles and materials is perfect. WANT!


Needle Case by Love, Lucie

Sweet! Lucie made this needle case for her Mom’s birthday using this gorgeous fabric! There a wonderful step by step tutorial so making one looks slightly less daunting



Crochet Stool Cover by Yarn Chick 40

This is a very cool stool!!! This is the latest fine make by our funky yarn chick, Lisa from YarnChick40¬†and the¬†first cover I’ve seen for a square stool that has made provision for the little gap in the middle. Brilliant!


Hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I have! Now off you go and add your linkies…

Love Maryanne

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 ***  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge  ***

made it

The Christmas Made It – Back! With lots more entries too

~ Happy New Year ~

Wishing each and every one of you a magical 2014 filled with love, peace & happiness…and of course lots of time for all things crafty!


Beautiful place

unnamed (2)

Filthy Feet

Well, I’m back from a great camping holiday with family & friends – filthy smiling faces, piles of washing, content kids – all great signs of a happy holiday. What the heck was I thinking when I said I would be updating the Made It from the inside of a forest in the middle of nowhere??? Actually, it was heavenly not having contact with the outside world for a while and seeing all kids enjoy the freedom of running around, playing & swimming without the usual nagging question “can I play on the i Pad/phone/laptop/TV…..?” Ahhhh, bliss! Here’s to a lots more of the “real stuff” this year

So, um, a few days late…here are the rest of this months fabulous entries…


FO Agents of Shield Scarf by Stitched ‘n Scaps

For those of you who have want to try double knitting, you MUST read¬†Pia from Stitches ‘n Scraps ‘s brilliant post where she gives a tons of useful tips while making this AMAZING¬†¬†FO Agents of Shield Scarf– the first of two being made for twins boys.¬†(in case you had no idea what that was, I googled it and Agents of Shield ¬†it’s a popular kids TV show in the US). The scarf is reversible with an insanely difficultly looking hex pattern which works a treat! No doubt there’ll be two very happy recipients



Yarnbomb Wishes by Nice Piece Of Work

Spreading her wonderful and unique type season cheer this year is the lovely¬†Jill from Nice Piece of Work! This beautifully bright and happy¬†Yarnbomb¬†greeting¬†was placed at the entrance of her apartment complex. Hmmmmm, I wonder if there was even one single resident who had no idea who this bomber was…..?!




Mae’s Happy Feet by Vu Chickens


Jonah’s Slippers Of Many Colours by Vu Chickens

From filthy feet to¬†Melissa of Vu Chickens ¬†two pairs of Happy Feet! I’m pretty sure you cannot get cosier slippers than these beautiful thrummed ones belonging to Mae¬†and¬†Jonah¬†….not only expertly knitted by Mom (with a little help from two very able children I might add), but loving made from home spun wool too. These are sensational and perfect for some extra sliding around the house!




Crochet Key Rings by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Finally, we get to see what Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner  was working on in the run up towards Christmas. These fun and fabulous amigurumi figure  crochet key rings, each so well thought up, are beautifully made and incredibly cute.  Such a great gift idea, especially for those hard-to-buy for men!




My First Sweater by Sandra Hernandez

WOW, not only has¬†Sandra from Sandra Hernandez Make¬†got a great eye for colour (yellow & ¬†grey being a favourite combo of mine, but I’ve never had the guts to wear them together), she must have the patience of an angel. Here is her¬†first sweater, knitted with such an intricate design which is ALL HER OWN! WOW, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more….



Cushion Cover by Kake’s Crafts

Ripples! Who doesn’t love this pattern. The lovely¬†Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts‘s gorgeous ripply¬†cushion cover¬†came out beautifully! Again, the colour combo is stunning & very effective and the little heart buttons finish it off so well ¬†– a perfect gift even if it took a while to make.



Teddy Bear by Empress 27

Ahhhhh, I love old-fashioned teddies and this hand-made¬†teddy bear by Kaiserin of Empress 27¬†looks exactly like it should – even with the eyes not on yet hee hee. This little chap (and his friend, click on the pic for more about him) looked so fun to make…I easily can see how people get addicted!


And finally…..


Nicholas and Jessica

A match made in Christmas Heaven! The incredibly talented Sandy of Live Love Lake has entered her two AMAZING Christmas bunnies  Nicholas and Jessica  this month. Not only do they look like the happiest couple in town, I have a feeling they will be making their annual Christmas appearance for many many years to come!


Because of my tardiness, I am leaving the collection open until midnight tomorrow the 4th Jan for any late entries so please go ahead and add your link. Voting will start then and end on the 7th Jan and the winner announced shortly there after…

Thank you all for entering, for reading and happy browsing!

Love Maryanne


****    The CHRISTMAS Made It Challenge ****

made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize

November Made It – Turkey Legs & a Blushing Bride

I honestly never thought I’d ever have a blog title like that!

Slipping in her uber cool & wonderfully whacky entry with just hours to go,  is the uber cool &  wonderfully whacky CraftManiacMommy!


Turkey Drumstick Beanie by Craft Maniac Mommy

How cool is this beanie!!!! This Pinterest-inspired beanie seems to have gone viral and is certain to get us all in the mood for Christmas dinner. It gets better, there’s a fab pattern too (‚ô•¬†our whacky Mommy’s first ‚ô•) so no more silly paper crowns this year OK ladies!!


Ahhhhh, where are the tissues…..

Congratulations Tom and Kayleigh xxx

The beautiful Kayleigh from Kakes Crafts got married!!!!! Congratulations to you and Tom Р may your marriage be filled with fun, love, adventure & a treasure trove of beautiful memories.

And in the midst of a wedding, Kayleigh still manage to make these lovely arm warmers for her Mom’s birthday. I’m feeling the love¬†‚ô•

Arm Warmers by Kakes Crafts

Love Maryanne


made it

October MADE IT challenge – Another dose of magical entries


Hope you are all having as wonderful week as I am….did I say that out loud.¬†Yes, it’s been awesome. Stress free, ¬†productive, busy….and it’s only Wednesday phew! I am really loving all the brilliant entries that are pouring in this month (hence why I am so behind in posting about them). So far we have 43, yip FORTY THREE entries and counting. Wahoooooo, this is going to be a record-breaking month, I’m sure of it!

Next in we have the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World who is back (yipee) again with two very delicious entries.



For those who’ve been following the Made It, you will know then that Millie and Cupcakes are pretty much synonymous! The swirl on the “cupcap” is particularly scrumptious – and there’s a tutorial too! And all that teeny tiny fruit and veg and BISCUITS…eeek, I have a real thing for miniatures too. WOW, ¬†I’ve never really known anyone who has actually made any so I ¬†super impressed!



The Blooming Flower by Cafe Crochet

Stashes. We all have them but what do we reallllly do with them? Thank you so much J.G from Cafe Crochet for painting a beautiful picture of what a stash (or tiny part of) can blossom into. The colours are gorgeous, very Spring-like and of course the petals are perfect for using up all ¬†those small leftovers. My sad-looking couch could use a few of these happy Blooming Flower cushions to liven things up! Sigh, my “must -do ” list is growing yet again



The Birthday Girl’s Sweater by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Amazing Grace Headband by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ahhhhh how cute! I adore this little sweater, complete with colourful “pleats” made by Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for her little granddaughter –¬†Happy Birthday sweetie pie!. Goodness gracious though, I am have no idea how she (and so many of you crochet-machines) manage to make so many amazing things in such a short time. And speaking of AMAZING, please visit Elena’s Amazing Grace posts where you will find these beautiful headbands and more in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and get involved if you can.

* I have to add something important here…On the topic of breast cancer awareness, I have personally not used regular deodorant for over three weeks now (most are known to contain parabens and other dangerous chemicals which have been detected in cancerous breast tissue). The only thing I’ve use is BICARBONATE OF SODA, yip REGULAR ‘OLE BAKING SODA – literally slapped on dry!!! ¬†I’d been on the look out for ways to avoid my teenage daughter from having to use dangerous cosmetics and body product and came across this while searching the web. It’s been working 100% perfectly. It doesn’t stop one from sweating (that’s unnatural) but there’s been no odours at all. Anyway, I had to share so do yourself a huge favour and give it a try *



Lonely Tree Shawl by Kake’s Crafts

I’ve heard plenty things about blocking but I can honestly say that except for one super interesting post by Alice of Knitnrun4sanity, I’ve hardly paid any attention whatsoever. Until now that is. This stunningly beautiful shawl made by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts looked fab in her first image but just came to life after it was blocked! The detail is so so beautiful, don’t you think!



Knitting Needle Case by Love, Lucie

When I grow up (hahahahahahhahahaha) I want to be just like Lucie from Love, Lucie. I go a little weak at the knees when I see such lovely orderliness & beautifully stitched up packages of crisp, totally wantable fabric in which things (that I would normally cram drawers/boxes/annoying people) fit perfectly into. I then want to cry because I know I could never EVER sew like this, nor be even 1% as organised for that matter. Love love love it Lucie!!!



I’m over the moon to introduce a new member to the Made It challenge! Welcome Susan from Susan’s Musing and thank you for joining in. Ok, sit down….Susan finished this amazing (the colours are sensational, aren’t they) Lucy– inspired Blue Waves Blanket in less than FOUR WEEKS, while working of other projects.¬†AND it’s a gift!!! ¬†I don’t think I’d be able part with such a master piece myself heehee. Amazing.

Thank you all who have entered so far! I’ll be back in a day or two with more

Love Maryanne



made it

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The September Made It has a new WINNER!

Firstly, please forgive me for the delay in announcing the winner…Oops


elena copy


Thank you for always taking part in the Made It challenges and for sharing your amazing creations with us – your winning crochet booties are absolutely adorable

Your prize will be whizzing its way to you in no time. Thanks sooooo much for the lovely¬†Buglets by Barbs¬†for donating this month’s prize. I’ll post of pic of the goodies once they are ready to go!!

buglets prize



(and it was tight, and the competition was high!)

Voter's Choice SEPT copy

…the very lovely KAYLEIGH from Kake’s Crafts and her gorgeous “HIM” amigurumi creation! CONGRATULATIONS Kayleigh,¬†the badge is your to wear on you blog ūüôā

A DEEP HEART FELT thank you to everyone who took part and voted! Once again, it was magic and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  See you in a day or so for the next round DING DONG!

Love Maryanne

made it


September Made It – Coming to you live from a piece of paradise

(Just so you know, I wrote this yesterday bit so carried away having so much fun that I didn’t get to actually posting, oops!!! Also, I have no idea why some of the font is small, I tried to correct this but couldn’t very odd??)¬†

Ahhhhh this is the LIFE! After a very fortuitous twist my family and I find ourselves away for the weekend, at one of the most magical places in the Cape Town.

We’re in Scarborough where my in laws live, a gorgeous little seaside village at the foot of the Cape’s south peninsula. They were supposed to go away this weekend for an impromptu – and long overdue – break so we offered to housesit for them (tough job!) and look after their doggies. ¬†We had plans to go away too with my parents but my hubby’s work got in the way! Anyway, my in-laws have two holiday cottages next door to their home which are almost always full, so because they had no booking this weekend they wanted to make the most of the time off.

Early yesterday morning I got a call my momma-in-law saying that they just couldn’t find anywhere nice to go on such short notice and they thought that they would just pop over to one of their own cottage to “get away”. But on thinking of how silly it would be to haul all their personal stuff just steps away…..she had a brainwave….we could come and stay in the cottage for the weekend and they would just stay at home where they have everything they need!!!! Brilliant!

After a good giggle together at the utter irony and a promise from the folks not to lift a finger, my little family and I found ourselves waking up this morning to the sounds of waves rolling in the beach and, well, not much else…it’s blissfully quite here! The best part is that we are only 10 minutes drive from home so we had none of the usual “are we there yet”s from the kids. Horraaaaay for al!

indigo 6

This was taken at about 7 this morning

indigo 2

indigo 3

indigo 1

So while I sit here, sitting at the kitchen counter and while the kids are busying themselves and hubby is off to do some work, I’m over the moon to introduce the first 11 entries!!! (Psst, click on each pic to take you to the original post)

made it measured

“The Big One” by Measured & Slow

Each finished project is a wonderful thing but when you finally finish something that’s taken a year, then somersaults are the order of the day!!! WOW, this full sized quilt from¬†Alyssa from Measured & Slow¬† is absolutely STUNNING and an amazing feat….I’m bowing down as I type this!


made it beatrice

“Soft & Stylish Cowl” by Beatrice Ryan Designs

made it beatrice 3

“A Mash Of Monsters” by Beatrice Ryan Designs

one eyed

“One-eyed Monster” by Beatrice Ryan Design

Welcome back to the uber-creative and colourful¬†Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs¬†who’s repertoire seems infinite.¬†How fantastic are these beanies?!!! My kids (sigh, as usual) are always banging on at me to crochet fun things like this for them, even my friends!! There’s a great tutorial too for Elena’a beautiful cowl – it looks likes it’s nice and quick to work up too, ¬†the rose is stunning and finishes off the look perfectly.


made it oh sew

“Pinwheel Quilt” by Oh Sew Tempting

LIke Alyssa above, finishing a project like a quilt must be so very satisfying (em, I’m assuming it is, I wouldn’t know heehe). ¬†Avis from Oh Sew Tempting‘s Pinwheel quilt is absolutely gorgeous and exquisitely crafted! A lot of our readers and Made It challenge entrants know Avis very well – her work is so inspirational!!!

And speaking of inspirational…..

made it sewing sea

“Elizabethan House” by Sewing Beside The Sea

WOW WOW WOW! For those of you how don’t know, Avis is now also¬†Avis from Sewing Beside The Sea!!! Her new blog is everything not patchwork/quilting and promises to be be fascinating with lots of exciting projects coming up – please go and follow. This blackwork Elizabethan house is so beautiful, so intricate and the overall effect is striking – so looking forward to seeing more!


made it cute as

“Lovely Lavender Bags” by Cute As A Button

Well someone is well prepared for Christmas heehee!!!! These crochet lavender bags made by¬†Laura from Cute As A Button are PERFECT for gifts or decorations and can be whipped up in no time. When you visit Laura’s post, scroll down for lots more to ogle over. But the one that ¬†took my breath away is – ¬†yip, it’s the one with the teeny tiny ADORABLE flower ( for some reason, I just could not upload that one!)


made it Knitting rays

“Superheroes!” by Knitting Rays Of Hope

Upon reading¬†Pali & Vanessa from Knitting Rays of Hope‘s post, I first blinked back some tears…and then didn’t. In my opinion, creativity is a fundamental and all healing process through which so much love is can be expressed. These SUPER hats are made for and on behalf of some seriously amazing HEROES by these wonderful WONDERFUL ladies. Please pop over and say hello¬†‚ô•


Made it Kayleigh

“Amigurumi Giraffe” by Kake’s Crafts

Hello cute little Giraffe! Welcome back to the fun¬†Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts and thank you for another super sweet amigurumi creature. This stipey non-gender giraffe is one it’s way to Kayleigh’s little 2 year old cuzzy, ahhhhhhh! ¬†Pop over for all the details and the link to the pattern!


Made it Jill

“Life Of It’s Own Bag” by Nice Piece Of Work

HAHAH I just LOVE¬†¬†from Nice Piece of Work‘s beautiful sense of humour and easy style! Only she could name her bag “Life of it’s own” and call it weird! Well, I know you’ll agree that this wonderfully eclectic bag, multi faceted bag, complete with doily centre and magnetic clasp is all AWESOME!


balmoral 1_edited-2

“Balmoral Baby Hat” by Jennifer Stewart

Ok, all together now…Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh my word, this is just so cute! Thank you to Jennifer Stewart, one of Woolhogs Facebook page members for sending me her Made It entry. This delightful Baby Balmoral Hat is Jennifer’s very first pattern and can be found here on Ravely!


Thank  you all for a FAB start Рsooooo looking forward to bringing you the next batch!

Love Maryanne

made it

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July Made It – A whole whack of new entries!

Somebody pulls the breaks PLEASSSSSSSE! It can’t be¬†2 DAYS BEFORE VOTING OPENS?????? Can it ? What’s the hurry July?

Well, the following ladies needed no such pleas – get ready for another dose of awesomeness…


Fingerless Mitts by Nice Piece Of Work

By now we all know and LOVE the funny lady Jill from Nice Piece Of Work…and that she ALWAYS has something new for us to drool over (what I really mean is that we run off at a great speed to our stash – in a flat panic – and try whip up a decent replica of her latest pair of F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S mitts – or,come to think of it, any other ¬†project that she’s busy with -’cause she has a way of making it look so IN, so trendy…so MUST HAVE. Am I right??



Sweet Summer Cover Up by Little Poppits

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe how adorably cute, cuddly and cozy this little waistcoat is – and the flower is the perfect topping. So very Bohemian looking! The very creative and super busy Teresa from Little Poppits (who managed to make each of her projects look so happy and easy!) ¬†has just launched her own Misi shop, it’s looking FAB – go and have a look



Cute Green Octopus by kake’s Crafts

Ahhhh, you may remember we have already met a certain young red handsome Octopus in the May Challenge which would be the perfect mate for this gorgeous green little lady Octopus (although I am no expert on who the she and who’s the he…). How adorable is SHE! Kayleigh from Kake’s crafts has entered with her cute curly legged creature and the pattern is slightly different this time so pop over and take a squizz.



Square Cushion Covers

I’m thrilled that MrsMac over at Ravely is back with this bright and beautiful square cushion cover which has made this little corner of her garden look sooooo inviting – the bench is absolutely adorable anyway but now that’s it been splashed with crochet and colour is looks AMAZING! I’m sure we all have that part of our garden that’s just begging for this kind of treatment. Please visit her at Ravely for the write-up about this and her many more ¬†brilliant projects!



Crochet Candle Holders by Kookzie

A huge bear hug welcome to newcomer to the challenge, Anne-Marie from Kookzie with her funky crochet Mason jar candle holders. I absolutely love these – they are so effective, look so chic, easy to make and the best part – they’re upcycled! Have a look at her post for a peek at each jar up close. Each one is slightly different and Anne-Marie will be posting the pattern soon, so stay tuned!


The next 3 projects are entered by the lovely Rene from Hav2Havz who makes a whole variety of the most beautiful things Рnot just crochet (click on the link to her Facebook page for some ogling) You can see that she pours a whole lotta love into them too! I love her bold and confident use of colours and her designs are so unique too! Have a close look at the pics below Рthe stitching is amazing


Crochet Garments by Hav2Havz


Funny Granny Square Bag by Hav2Havz


Crochet Heart by Hav2Havz



Granny Square Blanket by Trevlyn

I almost feel off my chair when I received this entry??? Hey?!! You know what I mean, right?!  Trevlyn, who is one of my lovely customers crocheted this FANTASTIC granny square blanket. WOW WOW WOW. I know that the bar is set VERY high this month when it comes to blankets (in fact, everything!) and I am gobsmacked at the creativity, vibrance and beauty of this one too- I want one.


And on that high note, I will sign off and get back to my own entry (yes, I actually have a teeny tiny something to enter…phew)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy browsing the new entries




made it


June Made It – get your VOTING fingers ready

Woop woop! It’s almost that time of the month, yipeee….there are literally hours to go until VOTING begins¬†‚ô•

Before I get on with introducing the last (?) batch of entries, here is a reminder of what’s up for grabs!

Photo (11) copy

June Made It challenge prize – 1 x Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton in Mixed Greens, 1 x 8mm Tunisian Crochet Hook, 1 x Beaded Tassle Kit

There seems to be a lots of chatter on some blogs about Tunisian hooks, so I’ll be interested to see what the winner produces with it – no pressure though ūüôā

Righty O, let’s get on with it…please forgive me once again for the lack of a decent intro to each entry but I have 3 kiddies downstairs, on school holidays, yelling at me to take them out!


Traditional Smock

OMW, how stunning!!¬†And the smock is pretty delightful too ūüôā Thank you and a warm welcome to¬†¬†Stiches N Dreams for your gorgeous entry ‚ô•


Flower Power Bag by Little Poppits

OOOOOH I WANT, I WANT! Check out this FANTASTIC flower power bag by the lovely Laura of Little Poppits ♥



Cute Cardi by Cute As A Button

Just by the skin of her teeth eh, heehee! Another cutie pie crochet cardi by another lovely Laura from Cute As A Button…and it is¬†‚ô•



A Mystery… by Oh Sew Tempting

Intriguing! Welcome back to Avis from Oh Sew Tempting with her mysterious entry! I will leave this one to YOU to investigate ♥


Tunisia Hook Holder by Kaiserin

See, there it is again…Tunisian Crochet! Check out this super duper crochet hook cover by Kaiserin of Empress27 ‚ô•


Rag Rug by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Owl Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Feast your eyes on not only this stunning Rag Rug and this delightful Owl Hat…¬†there’s a whole lot more to ogle over from Elena of Beatrice Ryan Design ‚ô•


Rose Earring by Kake’s Crafts

How absolutely gorgeous! I ADORE these delicate little rosebud earring by the clever and talented Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts ‚ô•


And lastly, I may owe Jill something here and I have once again failed miserably to get something of my own entered! BUT, it was a close call….

Photo (12)

Future August Entry in the making!

All I can is that I WILL x 1,000,000 be entering the AUGUST challenge with my Lucy inspired Granny Square cushion ♥


I’ll be checking in a little later with any last minute entries and ring in the VOTING! Bye for now xxx

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made it


May Made It Challenge – aMAYzing New Entries, Some Musings & A Question To Pose!

Hello hello to you all, where ever in the world you are today! ¬†It’s Sunday and a damn fine day here in Cape Town – here is a pic taken out of my window right now!


Seriously, it’s winter here!!!

Today’s post marks my 150th! What?! Never in a bazzillion years did I ever think that I would write anything (let alone anything remotely¬†intelligent or interesting)¬†that people would give up some of their own precious time to even read! So, from the bottom of my heart, ¬†I thank each one of you who follows ¬†/ reads / likes / comments on my little blog and enters the Made It challenge!!! I absolutely LOVE being a part of this amazing community of creative people who inspire / entertain / provoke (in a good way) me on so many levels¬†‚ô•

Right, so before I show off the next batch on Made It entries – if you can wait a little longer – I was sitting down last night before bed, scrolling though the photo’s on my phone and had a little giggle to myself. The photos that ended up in my Photo Stream were either taken by my myself (who’s thinks that having some cool apps on ones iPhone makes one a pro!); naughty meddling kiddies; or photos sent either to my hubby or from my hubby as our usual form of communication. Who needs a diary anymore? Scrolling through some of these pics make me wonder what kind of crazy family I have!!! My Life This Past Few Days In Pictures


Taken on my way to “work” as the newly appointed Social Media nerd for my old real estate company – yeah I know….tough job!


Excited daughter and clearly-over-the-moon Dad about to see Justin Beiber!


Yip, this is about as much as we got to see too!!!


An attempt at knitting with some chunky cotton….


*groan* Mom’s been watching too much Master Chef again…


Who needs a remote control??

No, not auditions for Halloween 13…just Dad asking what shin guards to buy for hockey playing teen!


Fab school outing at the beach (remember, its Winter!!!)

IMG_4731 - Copy

Apparently – according to other parents-of-teens – finding tons of pics like this on your phone is perfectly normal.


…..this too


…and especially this


what the…..

winner deb

ended the week with the winner of Jam Tarts newsboy crochet hat!!!

Right, enough of that…..



Jelly Legs by Kakes Crafts

Hello little Octopus! This sweeeeet little chap was made by Kayleigh of Kakes Crafts, a regular Made It challenger. I’m sure there are going to be many many demands for one of these so Mums, be warned! (click on the link to see another pic of the little jelly legs….adorable!)



Shawl by MrsMac

Hello and welcome to MrsMac who has submitted this stunning, sparkly shawl in cotton viscose that¬†she made for her mom! (I know my mom-in-law is going to squeal in delight at this one). Click here to go to her Ravely page where you will find the pattern, another pic of the front (it’s fabulous) and another beautiful shawl too! ¬†



Ocean Waves Afghan by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Welcome back to Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs. How beautiful is this Ocean Waves Afghan in the most sensational creams and greens?? A present for her daughter’s 17th birthday!!! ¬†This is a heirloom to be forever loved and cherished.


gray 2

Diamonds Shawl by Gray


Doily by Gray

We have two exquisite and ever-so-delicate entries from the lovely Crochet by Gray! Firstly, I do not know where she gets her super powers from but frankly, I’m more than a little envious!! Read more about this¬†gorgeous¬†doily and diamond shawls she loving managed to whip up in the¬†midst¬†of her wonderfully busy life!!!¬†



Retro Collar by DaniellaJoe

Everywhere I go I’m seeing crochet collars! DaniellaJoe is spot on money with what’s in fashion with this stunning Retro Collar. I¬†absolutely¬†adore the blaze of colours. I want one I want one I want one¬†‚ô•



Pretty Daisy Chain by Little Poppits

Again, Moms beware because your little girls are going to be begging you for one of these beautiful Daisy Chains! The lovely Teresa from Little Poppits has not only delighted us with this necklace and daydreams of warm meadows but also posted a lovely pic of herself too! 


SAMSUNGI’m soooo thrilled to welcome another newbie to the challenge! Hello to Aviena of AvienaDawn who was inspired by this month’s¬†official¬†(unofficial?) theme of STASH BUSTING! And thank goodness for that because what a fabulous Granny Square Pillow!! I LOVE the colours and can’t believe how beautifully go together!


Ok, so I have a question to pose and I would love to hear your thoughts on this: 

Last night, I was chatting to one of my friends who suggested that maybe the winner of the challenge should be picked based on votes as so much time and energy goes into each creation and it might be great to be the month’s favourite.¬†

Hmmmm, well this got me thinking. Firstly, when I first started the challenge, I decided to do a random pick each month to keep things lighthearted and fun BUT now I’m wondering if maybe you’d prefer to win on merit rather than by chance???¬†

SO, my question is:


I’d love to hear what you think so please comment below! There’s no wrong or right answer but if there is strong feelings for votes v random then I will rethink things

Thank you!

As always, I am totally in awe of the fantastic entries! There’s still 9 days before we close the link for voting so, get your groove on! Click on FROGGY to add your LINK