April’s Made It – 33 is the new # to beat!

Yipeeee! We have had (and are still having – for the next 36 or so hours anyway) a BUMPER challenge this month with 33 awesome entries…and a few more to come if you get a move on!

Let me dive straight into the lovely new entries…

Sail Boats by Kakes Crafts

Like a lot of members, no Made It challenge would be the same without Kayleigh from Kakes Crafts! LOVE these crocheted sail boats which hang on the wall, made especially for her Mom and Dad’s new home – sweet! They are definitely going on my own list of projects-to-do (if I can possibly ever get over the fear of blocking)!!! Check out her post which has a great link to the original pattern 🙂


foot stool 2

Flower Foot Stool by YarnChick40

It just goes to show…when you persevere through your list of unfinished projects, the results are almost always MASSIVELY SATISFYING!  Well done to Lisa Victoria of Yarnchick40 for not scrapping this one. Your flower pouffe/footstool is gorgeous – the colours go beautifully together. This one’s a family heirloom for sure! 


Blocked Shawl by Knitnrun4sanity

I wanted to make this photo bigger so that you can truly appreciate the incredible stitching of this beautiful shawl!! Alice from Knitrun4sanity’s post about blocking – something, as I mentioned earlier, has always terrified me – is brilliant. The step by step explanation and the photos make the whole process look very exciting. Her shawl is absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g, don’t you agree!!!


Peppa Pig by ONoodles

I just love Jill from O’Noodles energy & colourful spirit – she always brings a smile to my heart and this little noodle didn’t disappoint! I am sticking my neck out here (being in South Africa and all) and I assume this is actually Peppa Pig? She is delightfully cute and happy! Please go and LIKE Jill’s Facebook page, I promise you will ADORE what you see and will have loads of fun browsing though all her photos 🙂



Mixed Prints by Mtetar


“UnPerfect Match” by Mtetar

I am delighted to show you another 2 wonderful entries by Mtetar. Wowwee, I am truly in awe of people who can not only sew but can creatively upcycle unused items into a whole host of other things! Click on this post, Mixed Prints and watch some material and an old jersey being transformed into  one, two THREE new items. So cool!

And this post, Unperfect Match for a super quick, zooped up denim jacket!

Truly inspiring ♥


So there we have it!!! We are getting very close to VOTING TIME so if you are hesitating about submitting an entry, DO IT NOW!!!

This lovely little yarn stash may be heading your way…

Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% Merino in Cream
2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

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made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

Wakey Wakey VOTING is open!

How much fun was that?!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed eeach & every entry to the Made It this month – the huge pot of creativity is bubbling over YAY! Thank you so much for taking part, sharing with us and for all the fab comments and LIKES.

So now for the BONUS FUN part….VOTING!!

If you are reading this, please click on FROGGY,

  or any of the below photos and show your support by VOTING for your favourites. Here are a couple of things to remember:
  • you can vote up to 10 TIMES (’cause I know how hard it is to pick just one)
  • you can vote EVERYDAY until voting ends – 1st April (yip, everyday)
  • even though votes don’t decide the winner (we do random around here), the support and encouragement is PRICELESS!!!
  • REBLOGG this post and/or SHARE on your Facebook page – invite your friends to vote too 🙂
  • if you love what you see or are inspired by an entry, then take 5 mins to pop over to their blog and tell them! We all love COMMENTS 

So here are all the entries one last time:


Rainbow Junkie Corner

Creative Granny


Nice Piece Of Work

Little Poppits




Rainbow Junkie Corner

Side view of Mini Pinny

The Stitch Sharer



Millie On Her World


Cute As A Button

millie's mittens

Millie On Her World

Here it is - my protoype.


Ripply Blanket 1

Cest La Vie

All Things Moz

Kake’s Crafts


Alyce’s Blog

cute isn't he?





You have the whole long weekend to VOTE so don’t forget to check in (between mouthfuls of choccie, of course)!

Wishing you all a super happy Easter

Love Maryanne ♥

woolhogs happy easter

MoRe March Made It EnTrIeS!

I know, I know….I never follow my own rules! The Made It challenge link was supposed to close today but.. um, erm, ahem…I still haven’t finished showing you the rest of the FABULOUS entries nor have I, um er, um, submitted by own entry,…yet. Oops

So, the good news is that anyone who hasn’t yet entered the Made It and would still like to…YOU CAN!!! You have another 2 days to get cracking (no easter pun intended!)

Drumroll please for the next entries……

Hitchhikers Scarf by Moz  from All things Moz has

I deeply appreciate the commitment that a lot of you make to enter the Made It challenge every month, I know that’s it’s not always easy to “get it together” in time (yes yes, I mean me too) so thank you Moz for staying so motivated! Her knittedHitchhikers Scarf is absolutely gorgeous. Not sure exactly which pattern Moz used, by here is a link to some great ones on Ravelry.

If you haven’t already visited Moz’s blog, do yourself a great favour..oh, and when you are there, go and look for Chloe. I’ll  bet you have never seen a more stunning set of eyelashes in your life! A little hint…you will BEARly keep the ahhhhhhhhs under control ♥!


Grumpasaurus! by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts

Heehee it seems we have another theme happening here on the March Made It….sweetie pie cutsie little, sometimes-grumpy toys! A few more of these little chaps    around here and we can made our own animated Made It movies!! How about “When Grumps met Timmy & Tamara“!!!   Kayleigh, who used some of her winning yarn from the December Made It to knit this far-too-cute-to-be-that-grumpy Grumpasaurus for her Dad! Now, if that’s not love then I don’t know what is!!! ♥


Alyce is back!!!

Little Yoga Pants by Alyce

Yes, you ARE seeing teeny tiny baby YOGA PANTS!!! A certain little lady had taken over Alyce’s world…and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT ’cause if this means that momma’s going to be whipping out her sewing machine more often then YEEHA!  How delicious are these!!! Alyce has given a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial with piccies (yes, there is one of the little lady in question too!) which looks brilliant. Please pop over and say hi to Alyce – she is a newbie blogger so welcome her with lots of love!!! ♥



Feast you eyes on some more Made It’s

There seems to be a real buzz about the Made It challenge this month – I think it has a LOT to do with the prize hmmmmm?!!!

Rainbow Junkie, Made It challenge, woolhogs

Thank you all for sharing, reblogging, posting and commenting and most of all, for getting more people to enter. So far we have 17 entries, and counting – and we’ve left the old record in it dust!

So here are the newest entries…

Made It challenge, woolhogs, all things moz

Speaking of NEWBIES, Moz from All Things Moz has the most fabulous blog, jam packed with so many different, wonderful crafts, your head will spin. Is it right for one person to be so talented?!! These sweet crochet hearts are adorable, thanks Moz! ❤

daniellajoe, made it challenge, woolhogs

Last month’s WINNER and cyber-voyager, Patricia from DaniellaJoe has submitted ROW 35 of her stunningly intricate and elegant tablecloth (at least I think that this is her entry, the photo on the actual link page looks different!) “Patricia, if you can hear my up there on deck, please let me know if I have gotten this right. Over.”

millie on her world, made it challenge, woolhogs

Hello again to the whimsical Millie from Millie On Her World and her beautifully blue, super cute and uber stylish fingerless gloves, complete with a picture tutorial – If you haven’t visited Millie yet, go now! She makes the most adorable Amigurumi characters.

kakes crafts, made it challenge, woolhogs

Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts is also back…HeLLo!!!…with a gorgeous, cozy looking slouchie complete with 3 tiny little cupcake buttons. For those of you in the chilly Northern parts of the world, you’re gonna want one of these!

Yuli Handmade, made it challenge, woolhogs

Another warm welcome to Yuli from Yuli Handmade! You have GOT to go and spend a little time browsing her site. Yuli, who lives in SA is a creative Goddess and makes the most unique and beautiful goodies.  She has shared her tutorial on how to make your own crochet hook handles. YES PLEASE!


Oooooh this is so deliciously lovely! Thanks Mrs M from Mrs M Makes for this delicate, elegant looking pincushion which looks surprisingly easy to make. Methinks we are going to be seeing more of these beauties, hmmmm?

The challenge is going to spill over a bit into November as we started late this month so there is still time for MORE ENTRIES!

Ok, let me dash off and put the finishing touches to my own entry that I’ve to finish for weeks. Why oh why can I not get things done…arrgggg

Ciao for now 🙂

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