Almost time for the MAY Made It challenge!

Hello everyone!!! I’ve missed being on the blog but have had a super break and have loved spending  time with the kidlets (April has been an odd month of school holidays / public holidays / long weekends) and we’ve all had lots of fun. We’ve had lots of walks on the beach (loving the last rays of summer), friends over to play, sleep overs, dinners out, social gatherings…you name it. I’ve done lots of walking, shopping, driving, “looking” (hand stands, spiders, drawings “look Mom, here’s a squished pea” sigh). We also had  the most amazing 2 nights away camping with friends….Waterfalls, kids playing for hours in the river, braais (bbq’s), walks……pure BLISS!!!

IMG_8933 IMG_9015 IMG_9107

IMG_9172 IMG_9395 IMG_9545

IMG_9551 IMG_9555 IMG_9573

IMG_9580   IMG_9351   IMG_8986

 I’m popping in to tell you that the MAY MADE IT challenge is almost upon us WHOOP WHOOP and the link will be open first thing tomorrow the 1st May!




A huge thank you to Lucie from Love, Lucie for making & donating this month’s prize – a stunningly gorgeous Owl Cushion which will be soon be sitting on a new couch somewhere in the world…could it be yours?!!!

lucie owl copy



See you soon

Love Maryanne


The Christmas Made It – WINNER!

A ginormous thank you once again to everyone for taking part in the Made It, for your comments of encouragement, your ooooh’s & aaaah’s, your LIKES and of course for  VTING! Another fabulously fun month, jam packed with incredible creations and oozing with talent

So who is the lucky winner you ask?

dec winnerCongratulations Sandra! Thank you for joining in – your amazing talents have certainly dropped a few jaws around here, I can tell ya! Your lovely prize of 12 x Vinnis Colours Serina 100% Bamboo will be posted to you soon soon. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Dec Prize

Oh, and as this month’s winner, you also get this badge to display on your blog (if you wish, of course)

December Winner copyCongrats again!

The Voter’s Choice Award

I must say, the competition is always tough and it’s never easy deciding how to spread your votes and this month was no different. It was really neck-on-neck there until the very end but the Voter’s Choice Award goes to these two cutie pies!


Nicholas and Jessica by Live Love Lake

Congrats to Sandy from Live Love Lake and thank you for entering your two delicious Christmas bunnies, they certainly added their wonderful charm to the challenge

Here is your badge to wear on your blog ♥

Voter's Choice DEC

Thanks again everyone, that was so much fun. I think I’ll give you all the rest of the month off so you can stock up for the February Made It challenge, who knows…maybe I too will actually get it together to enter a few things! #newyearsresolutions hahah!

See you soon

Love Maryanne

October MADE IT challenge – Last of the entries comin’ up!

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend has been fun and relaxing.

I’m jumping right into the intros this eve ……  we have a record breaking 53 entries!!!! How FAB is that! Am just loving meeting new bloggers, seeing so many new amazing projects and knowing that we are all connecting, sharing, encouraging and having a whole lotta fun! Thank you all so much for taking the time and getting involved!  Right, right, voting is just around the corner so lemme get on with it!



Pottery Pieces by Susan’s Musings

Pottery!! What a cute Christmas Tree… I love that we have some non-yarny entries this month and these gorgeous ceramic creations from Susan from Susan’s Musing are definitely making me want to whip out the clay and give it a go – the stamped plate & coaster look fantastic too (and very much up my alley too!). Such a lot of fun and the results look fantastic. Click on the pick to read more  ♥



Baby Blanket by Alynnis Crochet

YAY, thank you & welcome to  Lynne from Alyniss Crochet for not only joining us, but for dazzling us with your scrumptious baby blanket – the edging is absolutely stunning! The colours work so well together – so soft, delicate and edible (well, to me anyway but I’m sure you agree!).  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing Lynne’s Facebook – her crochet, colours and many stunning creations made me weak at the knees!



Knitted Shawl by Melinda Reineke


Spring / Christmas Wreath by Melinda Reineke

These next two entries are from Melinda Reineke, one of our Facebook page member and special family friend!!! Her floral  wreath is gorgeous (wow, the patience!). I love all the different flowers and embellishments, it looks incredible happy and perfect for the upcoming season. The wreath is made from a polystyrene base with a colourful knitted cover and lots of different crocheted flowers, added buttons and beads, all sewed in place with pearl-headed pins on some of them. Her beautiful soft shawl is made from a pattern called ‘Holden Shawlette’ and is knitted in Drops wool ♥



Halloween Mandala by CrochetHome

The incredibly talented Nela from CrochetHome is back this month with this exciting, sleek, silky looking Halloween mandala – not to mention the totally captivating imagery! Looks like a delicately woven spiders web to me!!!! I would soooo Trick or Treat for this as my bounty wouldn’t you!



Whooty Woo Hat by Craft Maniac Mommy

I just love it when bloggers I’ve know on Blogland  suddenly surprise me with an entry!!!!! Wooopee! Welcome to the lovely CraftManiacMommy – this has got to be one of the cutest, softest, squishiest, adorablest looking owl hat around – I just couldn’t resist posting the pic of the new owner of Whooty Woo….. yes, I am squealing with glee too!

The cutest owlie EVER!

The cutest owlie EVER!


I’m off now to post my second entry before the voting begins! Thanks again everyone, voting is going to be crazy hard this month!

Love Maryanne


made it

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October MADE IT challenge – 47 Entries and counting!

Yikes, I’ve just realised that it very close to the end of the month and I’m so far behind introducing all the WONDERUL entries (so far) into this month’s Made It Challenge. So to speed things up a little, I’m posting photos and links back to these amazing blog so please go ahead and  INDULGE, BROWSE, OGLE and ENJOY the next batch of entries!

A massive, ginormous WELCOME BACK to a few of our regulars; Angella from Angella  Dee Designs with two gorgeous entries –  the beautiful Miss Primrose and upcycled Tee’s that look totally vogue! Patricia from DaniellaJoe with her phenomenal cushion which is part of her S.O.F.A….and not just any sofa….go on, have a look!!! We also have two entries from the super talented Kaiserin from Empress27 – if you want to learn about wool and what wool can do, pop over and visit her fab blog.  Our  Jill from Nice Piece of Work has another (non-baby animal) crocheted hat in the mix…she not only looks like a teenager in the pic, she’s  super gorgeous too don’t ya think? The two ADORABLE and very un-scary Dapper ghosts have been entered by Alyssa from Measured & Slow – I LOVE THEM!  Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs has entered a beautiful soft pink prayer shawl which is part of her Amazing Grace series ♥

AND we have THREE brand new entrants!!! WELCOME to Taylor from Crochet Me Lovely with her chic slouchy (please visit her on Ravely for loads of her stunning projects); to Carole from A Slight Obsession With Books with her stunning Crocodile Stitch Cushion and to Pia from Stitched ‘n Scaps who’s entered her adorable Crocodile Pixie Hat with free pattern! It’s FANTASTIC to have you ladies join in, thank you – I’m sure you will be getting loads of visitors popping over to say hello!

 As a reminder, the prize of some good ol’ South African yarn  will be given to the lucky randomly drawn winner on the 31st October

photo (31)-2

The Prize!

So with that, I’ll say good night. Please click on the pics to take you back to the original posts and enjoy.

x2013 442

Miss Primrose by Angella Dee Designs

x2013 742

Revamped Tee’s by Angela Dee Designs


Granny Cushion by DaniellaJoe

sam_1145 (1)

Baby Cardi by Empress27


Fingerless Mitts by Empress27


Newsboy Hat by Nice Piece Of work


Dapper Ghosts by Measured & Slow


Amazing Grace Prayer Sauce by Beatrice Ryab Designs


SlouchyHat by Crochet Me Lovely


Crocodile Cushion by A Slight Obsession With Books


Pixie Hat by Stitches ‘n Scraps

There’s still some time to enter, so please click on Froggy at the end to add your link

Love Maryanne


made it

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October MADE IT challenge – Another dose of magical entries


Hope you are all having as wonderful week as I am….did I say that out loud. Yes, it’s been awesome. Stress free,  productive, busy….and it’s only Wednesday phew! I am really loving all the brilliant entries that are pouring in this month (hence why I am so behind in posting about them). So far we have 43, yip FORTY THREE entries and counting. Wahoooooo, this is going to be a record-breaking month, I’m sure of it!

Next in we have the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World who is back (yipee) again with two very delicious entries.



For those who’ve been following the Made It, you will know then that Millie and Cupcakes are pretty much synonymous! The swirl on the “cupcap” is particularly scrumptious – and there’s a tutorial too! And all that teeny tiny fruit and veg and BISCUITS…eeek, I have a real thing for miniatures too. WOW,  I’ve never really known anyone who has actually made any so I  super impressed!



The Blooming Flower by Cafe Crochet

Stashes. We all have them but what do we reallllly do with them? Thank you so much J.G from Cafe Crochet for painting a beautiful picture of what a stash (or tiny part of) can blossom into. The colours are gorgeous, very Spring-like and of course the petals are perfect for using up all  those small leftovers. My sad-looking couch could use a few of these happy Blooming Flower cushions to liven things up! Sigh, my “must -do ” list is growing yet again



The Birthday Girl’s Sweater by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Amazing Grace Headband by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ahhhhh how cute! I adore this little sweater, complete with colourful “pleats” made by Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for her little granddaughter – Happy Birthday sweetie pie!. Goodness gracious though, I am have no idea how she (and so many of you crochet-machines) manage to make so many amazing things in such a short time. And speaking of AMAZING, please visit Elena’s Amazing Grace posts where you will find these beautiful headbands and more in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and get involved if you can.

* I have to add something important here…On the topic of breast cancer awareness, I have personally not used regular deodorant for over three weeks now (most are known to contain parabens and other dangerous chemicals which have been detected in cancerous breast tissue). The only thing I’ve use is BICARBONATE OF SODA, yip REGULAR ‘OLE BAKING SODA – literally slapped on dry!!!  I’d been on the look out for ways to avoid my teenage daughter from having to use dangerous cosmetics and body product and came across this while searching the web. It’s been working 100% perfectly. It doesn’t stop one from sweating (that’s unnatural) but there’s been no odours at all. Anyway, I had to share so do yourself a huge favour and give it a try *



Lonely Tree Shawl by Kake’s Crafts

I’ve heard plenty things about blocking but I can honestly say that except for one super interesting post by Alice of Knitnrun4sanity, I’ve hardly paid any attention whatsoever. Until now that is. This stunningly beautiful shawl made by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts looked fab in her first image but just came to life after it was blocked! The detail is so so beautiful, don’t you think!



Knitting Needle Case by Love, Lucie

When I grow up (hahahahahahhahahaha) I want to be just like Lucie from Love, Lucie. I go a little weak at the knees when I see such lovely orderliness & beautifully stitched up packages of crisp, totally wantable fabric in which things (that I would normally cram drawers/boxes/annoying people) fit perfectly into. I then want to cry because I know I could never EVER sew like this, nor be even 1% as organised for that matter. Love love love it Lucie!!!



I’m over the moon to introduce a new member to the Made It challenge! Welcome Susan from Susan’s Musing and thank you for joining in. Ok, sit down….Susan finished this amazing (the colours are sensational, aren’t they) Lucy– inspired Blue Waves Blanket in less than FOUR WEEKS, while working of other projects. AND it’s a gift!!!  I don’t think I’d be able part with such a master piece myself heehee. Amazing.

Thank you all who have entered so far! I’ll be back in a day or two with more

Love Maryanne


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October MADE IT challenge – More great entries!

Happy Sunday Eve everyone, hope you all had a great weekend

I sat down to start this post about an hour ago and had a quick little squizz at Facebook. Ahem, well, er, you know how it goes….I was totally enthralled and got rather distracted by the very colourful array of pics of Cape Town Colour Run. I particularly loved this one that looks like someone just sprouted some very cool angel wings…


I have wings!


There’s still a week left to enter the Made It challenge and I’m thrilled to that it looks like we may have a record month!!! So exciting to see so many incredible projects, fab blogs and amazing people in one place. Thank you all so much for taking part.

So, who’s next….


Gingham Earwarmers by Jennifer Stewart

Welcome back to Jennifer from Stew-Art Creations with her beautiful Gingham Earwarmer.  I’m sure you remember Jennifer’s  ADORABLE Balmoral Baby Hat in the September Made It (it ranked very high with the voters). Well if you love her work, you will love browsing her other projects on her FB page, I particularly loved the baby Ghillies….and if you don’t know what they are, go and look for yourself. (HINT, you will OOOOH and you will AHHHH. Think dainty dancing shoes!)



Snowflakes by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Growing up, we had loads of Christmas tree decorations that graced our tree every year. I am sad to say that I seem to buy new, meaningless decorations every year, none have any sentimental value whatsoever. Well, thank you Jane from Rainbow Junkie for these exquisite snowflakes – I’m inspired to make some this year (as well as Creative Granny’s angels and O’Noodles snowflakes too).  The soft variegated colours just add to the delicate charm! Please have a read of Jane’s post, some great tips to finish them off perfectly.



Christmas Decorations by O’Noodles

And in keeping with the festive spirit, along with her lacy snowflakes, Jill from O’Noodles has also entered these fun and colourful Christmas tree decorations, complete with cute little ribbons! YAY, is it just me or are you too getting a little excited? Thanks Jill for another subtle (not!) reminder that we are mere weeks away heehee x


I’ve run out of time tonight (oops) so I’ll be back tomorrow with more wonderful entries

Night Night

Love Maryanne


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October MADE IT challenge – Mid Month Show ‘n Tell (Part 2)

Keep Calm

That pretty much sums up my reaction to the super lovely and ridiculously talented Pigtails‘ entries into the month’s Made It.  For the lot of you (yes, and me too) who LOVE and are totally ADDICTED to colour, crochet, yarns, natural yarn, scarves, blankets & granny squares…see how long you can keep your jaw off the ground for! I lasted about a nano-second. Is it even fair to one person to be so talented?!? AMAZEBALLS!

Here are her 8 new entries. Please head over and visit Pigtails’ beautiful blog by clicking on any and all of the pics below – it’s filled with stunning images,  incredible creativity, places and things that inspire her and (yay!) links to all the patterns she uses. Bliss ♥


Bollywood Throw


Raw Rustic Cotton & Bamboo Throw


Dentelle Scarf




“Little Karoo” Throw




Keep Calm & Cuddle Me Blanket


Ziggy Lace Scarf

I hope you enjoyed that! I’ll be back with Part 3 very soon

Love Maryanne


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October MADE IT challenge – Mid (ish) month show ‘n tell (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

I’m back after taking a few days off to spend time with my family, especially my brother and sister who came home when our stepfather fell ill. How wonderful that we got to spend time together as a family WITHOUT the heartbreak of losing our favourite man! I am happy to tell you that Gav is doing so well and we’ve truly had the best family reunion EVER!


Happy Days!

Right, are you ready to see some of the wonderful entries that have been coming in fast and fabulously.

Jill puff


Jill polar


Jill mouse


But none as fast and as fabulously as Jill from Nice Piece of Work! WOW her wonderful family of ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE baby animal beanies is growing verrrry nicely, thank you. Jill, I have just three, six, no NINE words … WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!




My First Crochet Cushion!

I absolutely LOVE Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s fist ever cushion, in a stunning bright colour combo too, lovingly made for her son’s new home. AND it seems she has been her usual inspirational self again….read on below 🙂



All sewn up

I’m over the moon to welcome Wisher from Pretty Little Things in a Box into her very first Made It challenge!  Her gorgeous, beautifully sewn gingham cushion was inspired by both Rainbow Junkie’s and Sewing By The Seas’s cushion posts this week. For me, this is what it’s all about ♥ If you haven’t already met Wisher, please pop over and say hello


Helen angels


These elegant crocheted angels from Helen of Creative Granny are simply stunning and yet another reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. Stop by and visit Helen’s blog,  it’s chock a block full with amazing projects, flowers, veggies and a beautiful glimpse into her country life in South Africa


There are loads more new entries already submitted this month but I’m going to have to leave you in a little more suspense and post the rest tomorrow night. In the meantime, enjoy browsing through these great entries

Night Night

Love Maryanne


made it

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October MADE IT challenge – The Prize

Good morning all your lovely Made It challengers

Here is this month’s prize  ♥ some gorgeous South African yarn ♥ for the randomly chosen winner

photo (31)-2

4 x  Elle Premier Cotton 4Ply in Indigo Purple Lilac & Candy

2 x African Expression LOVE in White & Rose


Happy Making 

Love Maryanne

made it

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The September Made It has a new WINNER!

Firstly, please forgive me for the delay in announcing the winner…Oops


elena copy


Thank you for always taking part in the Made It challenges and for sharing your amazing creations with us – your winning crochet booties are absolutely adorable

Your prize will be whizzing its way to you in no time. Thanks sooooo much for the lovely Buglets by Barbs for donating this month’s prize. I’ll post of pic of the goodies once they are ready to go!!

buglets prize



(and it was tight, and the competition was high!)

Voter's Choice SEPT copy

…the very lovely KAYLEIGH from Kake’s Crafts and her gorgeous “HIM” amigurumi creation! CONGRATULATIONS Kayleigh, the badge is your to wear on you blog 🙂

A DEEP HEART FELT thank you to everyone who took part and voted! Once again, it was magic and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  See you in a day or so for the next round DING DONG!

Love Maryanne

made it