The MAY Made It – A pretty box, a summer cozy, mini hats and Ernest!

See, I told you I’d be back soon! Here are the next 4 entries into the May Made It! 

crafty crus

Ernest by The Crafty Crusader

I love newcomers to the challenge – they always bring new and exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course,  fab creations too.  A very warm welcome to The Crafty Crusader who has brought us Ernest – a super cute hippo-type knitted creature who is the physical manifestation of a virtual HUG (ticking all above boxes)!  I soooooo need me one of these!!!



Mini Top Hats by Mille On Her World


So happy to welcome  back the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World. Those who follow Millie already know that all of her makes look good enough to gobble up –  nothing new here then!! Just how adorable are these miniature crocheted top hats?!!?!?!?!? Look at the detail too. What’s better, there are patterns, wooohoooo. Thank you Millie, mwah


Little Fabric Box by Hellies Corner

YAY another newcomer to the challenge…Hello to Hellies Corner! Her blog is filled to the brim with tons of exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course,  fab creations too (heehee). This bright & pretty little fabric box – plus a gorgeous pencil holder  (click on the pic for the full post) –  is so pretty and comes with a wonderful step by step photo tutorial. Enjoy!


Summer Tea Cozy by O’Noodles

You simply cannot look at this teapot cozie, made by Jill of O’Noodles, without feeling happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 – impossible! I love the down-to-earth chunky texture, and how all the colours are such a beautiful interpretation of a summertime garden….and of course, the bright flowers and vintage buttons finish it off perfectly!

Hope you enjoyed these wonderful entries! Be back soon – in the meantime, there’s loads of time to add yours

Love Maryanne 




Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

October MADE IT challenge – Another dose of magical entries


Hope you are all having as wonderful week as I am….did I say that out loud. Yes, it’s been awesome. Stress free,  productive, busy….and it’s only Wednesday phew! I am really loving all the brilliant entries that are pouring in this month (hence why I am so behind in posting about them). So far we have 43, yip FORTY THREE entries and counting. Wahoooooo, this is going to be a record-breaking month, I’m sure of it!

Next in we have the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World who is back (yipee) again with two very delicious entries.



For those who’ve been following the Made It, you will know then that Millie and Cupcakes are pretty much synonymous! The swirl on the “cupcap” is particularly scrumptious – and there’s a tutorial too! And all that teeny tiny fruit and veg and BISCUITS…eeek, I have a real thing for miniatures too. WOW,  I’ve never really known anyone who has actually made any so I  super impressed!



The Blooming Flower by Cafe Crochet

Stashes. We all have them but what do we reallllly do with them? Thank you so much J.G from Cafe Crochet for painting a beautiful picture of what a stash (or tiny part of) can blossom into. The colours are gorgeous, very Spring-like and of course the petals are perfect for using up all  those small leftovers. My sad-looking couch could use a few of these happy Blooming Flower cushions to liven things up! Sigh, my “must -do ” list is growing yet again



The Birthday Girl’s Sweater by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Amazing Grace Headband by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ahhhhh how cute! I adore this little sweater, complete with colourful “pleats” made by Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for her little granddaughter – Happy Birthday sweetie pie!. Goodness gracious though, I am have no idea how she (and so many of you crochet-machines) manage to make so many amazing things in such a short time. And speaking of AMAZING, please visit Elena’s Amazing Grace posts where you will find these beautiful headbands and more in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and get involved if you can.

* I have to add something important here…On the topic of breast cancer awareness, I have personally not used regular deodorant for over three weeks now (most are known to contain parabens and other dangerous chemicals which have been detected in cancerous breast tissue). The only thing I’ve use is BICARBONATE OF SODA, yip REGULAR ‘OLE BAKING SODA – literally slapped on dry!!!  I’d been on the look out for ways to avoid my teenage daughter from having to use dangerous cosmetics and body product and came across this while searching the web. It’s been working 100% perfectly. It doesn’t stop one from sweating (that’s unnatural) but there’s been no odours at all. Anyway, I had to share so do yourself a huge favour and give it a try *



Lonely Tree Shawl by Kake’s Crafts

I’ve heard plenty things about blocking but I can honestly say that except for one super interesting post by Alice of Knitnrun4sanity, I’ve hardly paid any attention whatsoever. Until now that is. This stunningly beautiful shawl made by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts looked fab in her first image but just came to life after it was blocked! The detail is so so beautiful, don’t you think!



Knitting Needle Case by Love, Lucie

When I grow up (hahahahahahhahahaha) I want to be just like Lucie from Love, Lucie. I go a little weak at the knees when I see such lovely orderliness & beautifully stitched up packages of crisp, totally wantable fabric in which things (that I would normally cram drawers/boxes/annoying people) fit perfectly into. I then want to cry because I know I could never EVER sew like this, nor be even 1% as organised for that matter. Love love love it Lucie!!!



I’m over the moon to introduce a new member to the Made It challenge! Welcome Susan from Susan’s Musing and thank you for joining in. Ok, sit down….Susan finished this amazing (the colours are sensational, aren’t they) Lucy– inspired Blue Waves Blanket in less than FOUR WEEKS, while working of other projects. AND it’s a gift!!!  I don’t think I’d be able part with such a master piece myself heehee. Amazing.

Thank you all who have entered so far! I’ll be back in a day or two with more

Love Maryanne


made it

You can click here too!

July Made It – A Lace Collar, a Cupcake and Bunting!

Good morning! Today’s Made It update is brought to you from the comfort of my bed!!! Its just after 8 and I have no intention of leaving my warm comfy pillows for the next hour – this is my reward time now that the kids are back to school. Now, let me just yell for some coffee…and toast?

Right,  let’s see what new lovely entries are in the mix.

Cupcake Pouch by Mille On Her World

Hello again to the lovely Millie! Keeping in with this month theme of “Things that make you go … YUM” (and there’s plenty of it too) is this delightfully delicious Cupcake Pouch made by Mille On Her World. How cute are those Polka dots?!!! Do you remember Millie’s dress that she whipped up for her holiday? The Cupcake dress? Well, this little accessory is just as gorgeous. Millie has included a brilliant tutorial too so go and have an ogle 🙂



Broomstick Lace Collar by Cafe Crochet

I love the synchronicity that you find when you have a look at the collections as a whole. Some months will have lots of the same elements or colour schemes – and here again we have some more YUM Polka dots. Isn’t this button just the perfect finish to a most beautiful, more delicate and luxurious looking collar – a little splash of whimsy in an otherwise vintage style garment! So happy to welcome back to J.G from Cafe Crochet with her wonderful Broomstick Lace Collar finished off in the cutest picots.



Crochet Bunting by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another warm welcome back to Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner – you’ve been sorely missed! I must be the only person on planet earth never to have made bunting and whenever I see some I go into a bit of a “must make must make” panic – I love them. This time is no exception! These commissioned granny triangles are so well made (and even starched!) and look quite amazing in this colour scheme – I think I’m going to give these babies a try…


If you are reading this and haven’t entered the Made It challenge before then THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!! There’s still plenty of time to enter and this wonderful prize, so kindly sponsored by Tamara from Crochet With Tamara, is up for grabs



made it


June Made It – Our First ‘New Look’ Winners!

made it

I know, I know….this is very late in the day to be announcing the winner but sometimes my day job get’s in the way, tut tut tut! So, I apologise for the wait and I thank you for your patience!

I feel like a super proud Mamma!! Thank you to all of you who made our New Look Made It challenge extra special; for taking part – you lovely first-timers and the wonderful usual-suspects, for all your encouraging comments and likes and for taking the time to vote.

Before I get to the WINNER and THE VOTER’S CHOICE AWARD, here are some interesting stats about this months collection


Pretty cool hey – I’m sure you’ve all had a few new visit to your lovely blogs!!!  Ok, let’s get on with the good stuff.



serena copy♥ with her super-sassy-summer-sandals ♥


A massive congrats to you Serena!!!!! Your prize will be whizzing it’s way over to your lovely green shores (ahh, my homeland) very soon. I hope you enjoy your BEADED TASSLE SET, kindly donated by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work, your handcrafted Tunisian Hook by Tony’s Tricots (can’t wait to see what ya do with it!) and the yummy yarn from Vinni’s!

Photo (11) copy

And now – for the very first time – it gives me great pleasure in announcing that the


Voter's Choice copy

 …the lovely AVIENA from AVIENADAWN with her exquisite baby blanket who received 25 votes!! This badge is yours to keep and to wear on your blog!

(I must just say at this point that Aviena worriedly sent me a message this morning to say that her Mom had posted her entry on FB asking people to vote for her…and she would happily give this honour to Laura from Little Poppits and Mille from Millie On Her World who were both close contenders by receiving 17 votes each. Aviena, I say give your Mom a massive bear hug and enjoy your award!!!!! The spirit of the Made It challenge is that we all love sharing, meeting new friends & being inspired. Your heart is exactly where it should be – who cares where the votes come from!)

On that  note, I say goodnight to all you beautiful people and thank you once again from the bottom of my

images (8)

Until the JULY challenge begins. WOOOOHOOOOO, watch this space xxx

June Made It – 2 more days!

Hello from a wet, cold, rainy Cape Town! It’s so fffffreezzzzing and gloomy here, I posted this pic on my Facebook page to cheer me up

new-best-flower-computer-background copy

Absolutely did the trick!

Wow, so yes…there are really ONLY 3 days left until the June Made It closes and the voting begins. I am proud to say that I spent some time working on my entry today and just have to cross my fingers that I get it finished time   and I WILL get it finished in time! A certain coffee date of mine commented on the fact that she noticed that I actaully hadn’t submitted anything into the challenge for a while now AND I had the audacity to enter something my daughter made last month…eeeeeeek!


Yes, you recognise her don’t you! The lovely Jill from Nice Piece Of Work and I got together last Thursday for or a cuppa,  a great chat,  and shared an ENORMOUS slice of blueberry cheesecake! She came laden with all sorts of goodies:

  • the fab crochet hat that Jill made for FB giveway which was won by my sister-in-law
  • this ADORABLE froggy beanie that I won on her Jam Tarts giveaway
  • photo (1)

    How cute is my boy?!!!

  • AND the 2 Bead Tassle sets that are going to make up this month PRIZE (woohoooo)

So Jill, I am going to make sure that my little fingers work themselves to the bone and produce something decent to enter this month!

Here are the latest entries into this months challenge!

Sweet enough to eat <3

Cupcake Dress by Millie On Her World

Are you just as blown away as I am??….especially seen as though this Cupcake Dress  was an AFTER THOUGHT by the wonderfully imaginative Mille On Her World after the postman let her down! Flippin awesome.



Jean Skirt by Projects by Mtetar

This is where you go when faced with the dilema of chucking out an old pair of demins!!! This Jean skirt  made by the super-stitcher   Mtetar of Projects by Mtetaris  is just another fine example of how one can bring new life into an old pair of denims!


Baby Blanket by Aviena

Happy Times by Aviena

Thank heavens for new bundles of joy…and especially little nieces in this case!  This uber- trendy, fabulously cuddly Happy Times baby blanket ,  loving handmade by the talented Aviena of AvienaDawn makes me go all mushy…those little picot stitches……ahhhhhhh!


True Colours Afghan by Elena

If you haven’t already, please pop over and have a look at all the amazing crochet goodies that  Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs has been producing for Alpine Originals Artwalk at which her work is being featured. This True Colours Afghan is her latest offering….WOW!


Circle of Roses Lamp by Aviena

Circle of Roses Lamp by Aviena

Another beautiful project by Aviena to woo us with! What a brilliant idea to decorate a lamp with these gorgeous crochet roses – I too will be looking at all my lamps in a new light (soooo unintended!)


Thank you ladies



made it

June Made It – And we’re off!

Hello and welcome to the June Made It challenge!!!

I’ve had a hectic, fun-filled, busy week with work (yeah, day jobs!!),  plus I’m doing a course this entire weekend (will fill you in later) and (as usual) have left everything to the last minute!!! I hope you will forgive me –  I thought about not posting this post until Monday, but it just seems way too long to wait to ogle over all the fabulous entries we have so far. So,  instead of my usual style of introducing each entry (my absolute favourite part of the challenge) I thought that you’d probably prefer to see what’s “on offer” this month!

So here are the wonderful entries to the challenge so far – please click on the photos to take you to the original posts

Donkey Beanie by Calypso Crochet

Balloon Animals by MillieOnHerWorld

Balloon Animals by MilleOnHerWorld

Cotton Brimmed Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Bead Tassles by Nice Piece Of Work

Forget Me Nots by Jill O’Noodles

Chevron Bag by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Hippie Chic Crochet Bag by Angella Dee Designs

Monster Hats by Creative Granny

Summer Skimmer Slippers by Beatrice Ryan Designs

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

Pixie’s Pet Poodle by Vuchickens

How FANTASTIC are these!!!

Thank you ALL so much for entering, I am soooooo looking forward to the next batch of entries. Have a super weekend



made it

Wakey Wakey VOTING is open!

How much fun was that?!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed eeach & every entry to the Made It this month – the huge pot of creativity is bubbling over YAY! Thank you so much for taking part, sharing with us and for all the fab comments and LIKES.

So now for the BONUS FUN part….VOTING!!

If you are reading this, please click on FROGGY,

  or any of the below photos and show your support by VOTING for your favourites. Here are a couple of things to remember:
  • you can vote up to 10 TIMES (’cause I know how hard it is to pick just one)
  • you can vote EVERYDAY until voting ends – 1st April (yip, everyday)
  • even though votes don’t decide the winner (we do random around here), the support and encouragement is PRICELESS!!!
  • REBLOGG this post and/or SHARE on your Facebook page – invite your friends to vote too 🙂
  • if you love what you see or are inspired by an entry, then take 5 mins to pop over to their blog and tell them! We all love COMMENTS 

So here are all the entries one last time:


Rainbow Junkie Corner

Creative Granny


Nice Piece Of Work

Little Poppits




Rainbow Junkie Corner

Side view of Mini Pinny

The Stitch Sharer



Millie On Her World


Cute As A Button

millie's mittens

Millie On Her World

Here it is - my protoype.


Ripply Blanket 1

Cest La Vie

All Things Moz

Kake’s Crafts


Alyce’s Blog

cute isn't he?





You have the whole long weekend to VOTE so don’t forget to check in (between mouthfuls of choccie, of course)!

Wishing you all a super happy Easter

Love Maryanne ♥

woolhogs happy easter

March is Making It happen!


What??? Really? Already!

I’ve just had a notification from WordPress to say that it’s my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

WOWeee how times flies! Well, there is no better time than right now to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who follow and read my humble posts – I appreciate every LIKE, love & cherish all your beautiful comments and am humbled by the awards that have been so generously given (I am still working on an awards thank you post, heehee). It’s been an amazing year and I have thoroughly enjoyed being in such great, inspiring and awesome company! YAY


As promised here are the next lovely lot of entries!

Crochet Lace Shawl by ONoodles

If you spend even 5 mins browsing Jill from ONoodles blog you will very soon get a tiny glimpse into a world of a very talented, fun and warmhearted lady. Jill makes a multitude of the most beautiful things, mainly from recycled goodies – the results are always breathtaking….just like this oh-so elegant silk shawl. Click on the pic which will take you to the gallery so you can look at this gorgeous garment up close ♥



DIY Felted Heart Elbow Patches by Millie On Her World

Ahhhhh, her heart on her sleeve…how very apt! Hello again to the whimsical Millie who’s creative spirit is impossible to ignore! These felted heart elbow patches are the sweetest things. There’s a step-by-step tutorial too, (showing yet another perfect use of a cookie cutter) which was very kindly photographed by her fab BF – we adore any man who takes this sensational skill seriously! Looking forward to seeing more patches Millie♥ 


Pretty Spring Bunting by Little Poppits

I ADORE bunting, who doesn’t, so I completely “get” Mommy Poppits’s addiction to make more and more, especially that I have only only just discovered the mystical joys of Granny square (more of that later). Check out her post here. If you haven’t already visited the happy home of  Little Poppits, you MUST, especially if you have children..or chickens! There are so many wonderful things to see, and do, and make and and and ♥


Rednose Day Crochet Coasters by Knitpurl83

I know from reading loads of other blog posts that Rednose Day is big in the UK so Laura from Knitpurl83 got on board with some friends and “created for charity”!! These gorgeous crochet coasters were made in the charity colours and check out her divine little cupcake too! All this, coming from someone who hasn’t been crocheting very long either – read her funny post Just call me captain hook – I think you will find that we all agree on this one!!! Well done Laura, such a wonderful thing to do ♥

Easter Tree by Rainbow Junkie Corner

*gasp of air* You did too, didn’t you!

Jane from Rainbow Junkie, you just keep on coming out with the most delicious goodies. It’s not just the Easter Eggs that look fantastic, it’s the whole Easter-Eggs-on-an Easter Tree thing that makes me a little weak at the knees! Thank you for your second entry and for rising to the Easter challenge too ♥


Crazy Coloured Cozies by Millie On Her World

Another second entry (love you!) from the magical Millie On Her World with these delightful, colourful, wantable, rainbow, crazy coloured cozy wrist warmers. Millie, these are screaming my name too! I have seen these before and just drooled over them – you actually MADE THEM, yahoooo to you!  I know of someone else around here that is looking to make a pair…hmmmmm Jill??? ♥



When Timmy Met Tamara by Cute As A Button

“It must be love,love love…..” Being the visual person I am,  I’m a bit of a sucker for cute-crochet-aminal-photo-love-stories! You just HAVE TO pop over and see the tale of  When Timmy met Tamara unfold, brilliantly produced by the clever, talented Laura from Cute As A Button. The teeny tiny flowers on Tamara completed the whole experience for me!!! ♥


Vicia Mitts by Knitrun4sanity

Ladies, we have the newest and COOLEST CROCHET CELEB!!!

! Alice from Knitrun4sanity has just been…wait for it….PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!

Her Vicia Mitts were chosen for The Crochet Projects brand new Spring Summer collection. How awesome is that?!! They look fantastic, ever so delicate which is so true to her style. Well done Alice, you are so talented and inspiring ♥


Ripply Blanket 1

WIP – Giant Ripply Blanket by Cest La Vie

A sea of colour

We have a “first” in the Made It challenge! Tara from Cest La Vie shared her incredible (half way through) giant ripply blanket with us but asked to make it ineligible for voting….

PFFFT is what I say!!! This is SOOO eligble for voting, for drooling over, for winning! We just can’t wait to see the final product.

Tara’s fabulous blog is filled with shared stories, adventures, books recipes, BEADS, pics and loads more lovely and interesting things!! Go and pay her a visit and give her props! ♥


*** I’ve never liked rules much so, just for the record, you are so welcome to enter any WIP’s you may be working on. These labour-of-loves can often take more months than you care to tick off so enter them – you may need the encouragement to get it done! ***

Well, that’s all for now. I will be back soon with more lovlies to share with you. In the meantime, I’ve been bitten by the Granny “Yummy Mummy” Sqaure bug and now need figure out how I can turn these babies into something…um… Eastery!!!!!



Click here to add your link!

made it challenge

The Feb “Made It” voting is OPEN

It’s that time of the month again – one step closer to announcing this months winner!

woolhogs, made it challenge, knitrun4sanity

“Tunisian wire bracelet” by knitrun4sanity

Before we officially open the floor for voting, have a look at this beautiful bracelet by Knitrun4sanity. Every time I look at her work my jaw drops just a little lower – I mean, just look at it, crocheting with certain yarns can be tricky but this is WIRE! Also, this is not just crochet, its TUNISIAN crochet (and that’s all without the delicate bead work…..) Simply beautiful.


“My Petit Chef” by Knitpurl83

I am so happy to welcome Laura from Knitpurl83 and fellow proud knitter to the challenge! Pop over, say Bonjour and have a good look around…her blog is so lovely that you will be popping back again and again. Now that her petit little nunu is all decked out in her fab new Chef pinks, I have no doubt there will be some yummy things coming out of her kitchen

Thank you to each of you for entering. Your talent is mind-blowing and inspiration far-reaching ♥

So, now you know what to do….VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favourites and come back tomorrow and VOTE VOTE VOTE again. Remember, voting doesn’t influence who wins as we the have a random draw system but the votes of confidence and interaction go a long way.

Now off you go….Good luck everyone!


Bird mobile0112-caf-square

IMG_1578100_6676Tunisian Wire Bracelet



woolhogs, skaapie, made it challenge

Hot Air Balloon” mobile by Skaapie

This STUNNING Hot Air Balloon mobile by SKAAPIE + a beautiful felted heart (oops, forgot pic) will be whisked off to the winner!

made it challenge


The next few Feb “Made It” Entries!

I hope you all have a fun and lovely Valentines Day and your cup of love is not just topped up, but is overflowing!. I spent the evening with my hubby, the kids and some of my beautiful friends eating pizza, and ice cream with the most home-made delicious choc sauce….What more could a girl want?! One of my friends arrived with the most beautiful bunch of tulips for me – my hands down favourite flowers

Ahhhh they make me so happy 🙂


Tulips = LOVE

Right, back to the very important and very fun business of introducing you to the next batch of “Made It” entires!

“Crocheted Flower Coasters” by Angella

Have you every “not” met someone face to face, yet you can hear their voice and you just KNOW the good heart that they possess? Well, this has been my experience with the lovely Angella from Angella Dee Designs. We have only “met” in cyberspace and she is a regular customer to my humble shop yet her wonderfully warm and infectious nature flows out of every picture she posts and every word she writes. Please go and have a look at her blog say hello! While you are there, check out these sunny, happy flower coasters – I used to be a non-believer, but now I’ve absolutely no doubt that there is real and deep need for colourful coasters and cosies in this sometimes-drab world!


“Cafetière Cosy” by Rainbow Junkie

And in keeping with my firm belief of warm coffee and that EVERYTHING deserves a cosy, THANK YOU Jane from Rainbow Junkie for not only making and entering this fabulous cafetière cosy in beautiful beachy colours, but for bringing this incredible (and intimidating – you have to draw your hook through seven loops!!) stitch to our attention. I’m definitely going to give this one a go….but only when the heat finally cools down here in Cape Town #melting

“Boho African Hexagon crochet bag” by Ruby Red Eclectic

A massive warm welcome to a Lynne from Ruby Red Eclectic, a Cape Town based magician of yarn! This lovely lady makes the most insanely stunning goods that leaves one feeling a tad confused as to why one thought that one could actually crochet!!! Just kidding…but seriously though, her stuff is amazing. How beautiful are these colours??!!!

The pattern for this boho  African Hexagon crochet bag can be found through her blog.You ladies are in for a treat…..mmmmhhhh

“Tweet Tweet mobile” by Show Us Your Crafty Bits

And another massive welcome and virtual high-five to Lyndellmaree from Show Us Your Crafty Bits…I still giggle whenever I see this, if there was a prize to be awared for the Best Blog Name then I’d be presenting it to her now! Her sweeeeet Tweet Tweet mobile is going to the second best new addition to the nursery (obviously the top spot goes to the new little nunu). There is a great link to for the birdie templates too so go and check it out. How coincidental that this months prize is a mobile too 🙂

Crochet Hats

“Hats ‘n Snaps” by Millie On Her World

Millie is back, hooray! Firstly, I have to say…”Millie, your boyfriend is a KEEPER and can we please clone him?!” (read her post to find out why heehee). LOVE your ideas for creating different embellishments for your hats...Hat ‘n Snaps…Genuis! Me thinks that there are going to a lot more of these posted out here in Blogland. P.s Did he really give you colour advice?!

Well, there you have it…FOR NOW! There’s lots of time left for the rest of your stragglers (with me being the straggliest!)

You know what to do….


made it challenge