April Made It – Tango Tunic, Cute Cardi, Chick ‘n Bunny, a WOW before/after and a sweet Ladybird or two…

I must be getting OLD

Where have the days gone where I could go out on a 12 hour Hen Party marathon, dance the night away and bounce out of bed the next morning!??? I am only too happy I turned down most of the shots/cocktails/drinks that came my way but sadly still managed to crawl my way through Sunday feeling like a truck ran me over. We had a fun filled day however, starting with a life drawing art class (heehee…yes, this was FUN FUN FUN), followed by a Cuban dinner with the boys, a few pre wedding games, a little dancing, some fab’80’s music and pool playing (yeah, random I know!)


Still Life with Our Greek Adonis – just had to share!!!


The blushing bride-to-be


Two of my gorgeous sister-in-laws/fellow bridesmaids

With 5 sleeps to go, we are all frantically getting all the final preps in place for the wedding on Saturday…..and I should be practising my speech which I haven’t even written yet. Eeeeeeek!!!!

Luckily for me, I always seem to wait for the last second to get things done so with all things being equal, I should be able to pull something out the bag in the next 5 days……oh jeepers, I hope so!!!

So, as usual, I’m delighted to show off the latest Made It entries to you –  I’m sure that this next batch will inspire you as much as it has me- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Season-themed entries are coming in too!

First up we have not one, but TWO entries from Laura of Cute As A Button!

cute as a button, woolhogs, made it challenge

Cute Cardigan by Cute As A Button

How delicious is this?!!! I can just imagine the little girl who is going to be gifted with this sweet cardi, spinning around and showing off her new pressie with utter glee in her face! The adorable little flowers just make it, don’t ya think!. The pattern looks amazing, so simple and so effective.

And from the producer of Timmy and Tamara, meet Chick and Bunny! Even though Laura doesn’t have kiddies of her own, she is Super Mom in my books…these little creatures were just whipped out of ….oh, barely nothing…just some yarn and fingers! Laura, this would have taken me EONS!!!!!!!!! Envious.com heehee

(ps, even though Chicky and Bunny have huge personalities, this pic would only upload in tiny!!!)

cute as a button, woolhogs, made it challenge

Chick and Bunny by Cute As A Button


Welcome Welcome WELCOME to Heidi from MustHaveNow

woolhogs, musthavenow, made it challenge

Tango Tunic by MustHaveNow

This beautiful Doris Chan inspired crocheted tunic is STUNNING and looks fab on you Heidi! The colours are gorgeous and the stitching is so delicate – this is definitely a garment for all seasons, so you nailed the theme on the head too!! I did some snooping and found some more of Heidi’s wonderful projects on Ravely, have a little looky 🙂


My heart melted when I saw this fantastic before & after from Laura of My House In Africa!!!

my house in africa, woolhogs

Chair Love by My House in Africa

This wrought iron rocking chair is now the “go-to” place for peace and quite…and a spot of knitting of course! There’s always something beautiful about busting the budget and buying something special…it seems to mean that much more. I love that Laura opted for a burst of bright and wonderful colour – I can picture it rocking gently, under a blue sky…. on the “verandah”!!!!


Is Laura the sub-theme of the April Made It?!!!

knitpurl83, woolhogs, made it

Ugly Bug Ball by Knitpurl83

Our 3rd LAURA…this time, from Knitpurl83!!!

Ugly Bug Ball would have been the last three words I would have used to describe these Lovely Lady BIrds!!!! And to top it off, they are “season” themed coasters too! Laura’s son is the inspiration behind these cutie-pies awwww….but it doesn’t stop here, Laura has lots more fun projects on the go….just to make us all feel like total failures heehee!!! Go and check them out here for links to the pattern xxx


Well, that’s all for tonight! Hope you enjoy browsing these great blogs as much as I have 🙂

 Oh, and don’t worry…I am working on a very super cool PRIZE for the winner this month, so keep a lookout, I will post a pic in the next day or two!

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Night Night ♥