The July Made It Challenge – It’s VOTING time

Eeek! It’s time to let your fingers do the talking – soooooo exciting.  But before you rush off to VOTE, here are our final 4 entries ♥


Knitted Hooded Cowl by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

Yes, it actually DOES snow in South Africa but it’s kinda like the Blue Moon thing! Here with her comfy, cosy, woolly and of course, FABULOUS looking knitted hooded cowl, is Madeleine of Pretty Blue Bird Studio – made just in time for a touch of  snow to hit the Cape’s mountains.  I love the drawstring element to it, gives it a very trendy look in my opinion and that it’s so easy to tuck nicely into a coat with none of the extra dangly bits. Click on the link for more pics and a link to the pattern


I get a bit teary on so many levels when I read about The Little Yellow Duck Project. Basically, people are making little ducks and leaving them in random place for other to pick up and take home – all to increase awareness of the need for blood, bone marrow and organs tissue donations. Also made by Madeleine of Pretty Blue Bird Studio is Kiki, a cheery yellow duck  beautifully knitted and waiting to be taken to her new home. For more info and how to take part, click on here

♥ ♥ ♥


Infinity Arm Knitted Snood by Bev Banet

Arm knitting – genius! So happy that there are so many of you out there having lots of fun and huge successes with this fun new trend to rock the yarn world. How wonderfully cosy and colourful is this infinity snood, made by Bev Banet one of our Facebook members! I personally had an awful experience, ending up only with two knotted and sore arms, a pathetic looking spaghetti thingy  ♥ ♥ ♥


Moss Box by NanaCathyDotCom

Thank heavens for people like NanaCathy who bring us the world through different eyes. If that’s weird (according to her family) then that’s wonderful, bring it on!  Her moss-inspired box cover is beautiful and created with such an amazing amount of passion. I was thoroughly entertained by her post and was left feeling once again inspired to allow my imagination to flow. Thank you Nana Cathy and please bring us more!

♥ ♥ ♥

And with that, the link is now OPEN FOR VOTING!



The lucky winner will win this beautiful African Violet made by Jane of Rainbow Junkie and will be announced on the 7th August. The link with the most votes will be award the Voter’s Choice Badge to wear on their blog/website/fridge!




Thank you all so much for entering your beautiful creations. Now go on, get voting!

Love Maryanne xxx

made it

November Made It – A happy Jumper and a flower Cozy, topped off with some ripply stripy Blankets!

Hello Lovelies ♥

We are on the brink of VOTING (yes, already), in fact if you are still thinking of entering this month, you have  another 8 hours so hurry hurry

Oh my GOODNESS, it’s………….


Time To Get Cozy by Patch


Welcome back Trish from Made By Patch (yes, there’s pink snow everywhere, even in Cape Town heehee),  it’s so lovely to have you back, especially that you’ve brought your delightful cup cozy with you….I LOVVVVVVE the little red buttons as flower, – so lovely and very effective. Hmmmm, this may mean that you’ve sealed your son’s fate – no girl wouldn’t want you as a mum-in-law after a gift like this!


Winter Crochet Blankets by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Baby Ziggy Zaggy Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ooooooh, Pewter & Berries! I don’t think I’ve heard a more perfect description before, it’s exactly what the top ripply blanket looks like – so very striking too. Both of these gorgeous blankets were quickly made up by the ever-so-talented Elena from Beatrice Ryan Design. Once again, her colour combinations are impeccable and work so well together (and make me feel so utterly useless!!) Elena, you are amazing

And speaking of colour combos….


Stripey Rainbow Blanket by Alynnis Crochet

Striking. Delicious. Soft. Happy. Beautiful…..I could go on and on. This sensational rainbow inspired stripey blanket, so beautifully and delicately edged, made by Alynnis of Alynnis Crochet is pure magic! What big little girl wouldn’t want one on her bed to brighten up her room and to cuddle at night. And those colours…….WOW


Clown Jumper by Nanacathydotcom

I’m thrilled to welcome Nana Cathy from Nanacathydotcom to the Made It challenge, who has entered her very happy clown jumper, lovingly made for her little Happy Jumper – you’ll have to pop over and see who that is! The little ellie buttons at the shoulder are super cute too – a perfect match for the little recipient!

And with that, we draw (almost) to a close! Please click on the link at the foot of the post to view the full collection. If you haven’t already had a good ol’ browse around you are missing out on a feast of inspiration – the talent, dedication and passion are mind-blowing.

Once again, here is the FAB prize by Pigtails up for grabs!!!


Scarf & heart brooch (made by her sweet daughter) by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate

Love Maryanne


made it