The September Made It – A few last minute entries

That awkward moment when you’re supposed to switch to VOTING but you missed the deadline…

Oops ūüôā

¬†Oh well, all that means is that I get to extend the time a little PLUS we have another 3 entries to show off AND we all get to vote for our favourites from NOW until the 2nd October when we’ll announce the winners YEEEHA!

The next two entries are from lovely and immensely creative ¬†Jill of O’Noodles¬†


Alpaca Cushion Cover by O’Noodles

Yes I know, I want one too!¬†¬†Jill’s gorgeous knitted¬†alpaca cushion cover¬† fits beautifully in its new home and the colour (or should I say, colours) are fantastic. I’m sure the new owner is very happy too.¬†¬†I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t ever knitted with alpaca, even though I do sell it in my shop, but I do know that it’s one of the most addictive yarns you can get your hands on!


onoodles owls

Mr & Mrs Owl by Jill O’Noodles

Love is in the air! If you have been following Jill’s work then you’ll know that she is thee Great Owl Creator, bringing into being some fabulous owls, two of whom are gettin’ hitched. Meet¬†Mr & Mrs Owl, looking ever so elegant in their top hat and veil. Can’t wait to see their babies….


daniella jo

Crochet Bottle Covers by DaniellaJo

YAY welcome back Daniella Jo, we’ve missed you and your bright & beautiful creations. I absolutely LOVE this idea for Christmas – crochet gift covers for bottles,¬†YES PLEASE! You can go wild here with different stitches, colours, yarns and adornments. In fact, this is a stash buster of note…


And just like that, we are just about to VOTE – I have to tell ya, it ain’t gonna be easy ūüôā

 Love Maryanne



made it

The July Made It Challenge – Bunnies & Owls, Cardies & Blankets, A Cozy & A Baby Bonnet

Hello, hope you are having a wonderfully relaxed Sunday wherever you are in the world. Here are the next batch of entries to show you, to entice you and to inspire you!

¬†The following four entries are lovingly made by one of the Made It’s long time members, Jill of O’Noodles, who always wins our hearts with her wonderful creations and whimsical characters. First up, let’s see what these sweet¬†bunnies have to say for themselves…


Bunnies by O’Noodles

Handsome Bunny In Grey With Blue Ears – “Oh my, ¬†where DID you get your beautiful colourful coat from?”

Psychedelic Bunny With Carrot- “Why, from eating these day-glo carrots of course. Wanna bite?!!”



Family Of Owls by O’Noodles

And making their second appearance into the Made It is this extremely sophisticated and well turned out family of wise owls. Meet Flip, Flop and Fly who look like they are about to take their little guy on his first adventure –¬†his first flight maybe heehe?




This gorgeous knitted baby matinee jacket in vintage courtelle it so special and the colours are amazing. The perfect summer accessory for the retro-trendy babe, complete with two sweet bunny buttons!



¬†And from a gorgeous baby cardie to fabulous big girl cardie! The colours are amazing – Jill tells me the yarn is hand-dyed by a friend (blackberries & cream YUM) – and the style is so flattering. Another must-have summer garment ūüôā

♥ ♥♥

¬†Welcome to Cathy from Bagg Ladys Buzz! Always lovely to have newbies to the challenge, and of course, more great blog to browse. Cathy’s entered these three fantastic baby blankets she’s crocheted for three lucky kiddies. ¬†For those of you who have never crocheted a blanket before – it’s not easy, it takes forever, it can reduce you to tears, it can take over your life. Ok, well maybe that’s just me! Either way, it’s a huge feat so well done Cathy, they are brilliant and will no doubt be cuddled and dragged around for years to come.


Kyle’s Blanket by Bagg Lady Buzz¬†


Kaylee’s Blanket by Bagg Lady Buzz¬†


New Baby Girl Blanket by Bagg Lady Buzz

Another great entry from Cathy is this cozy cotton Kindle cover. From the moment I saw it I wanted to start making one immediately ¬†– and I don’t even have a kindle but who cares. This one is cleverly lined to prevent any static electricity that could harm the electronics – how cool!!!


♥ ♥ ♥

I know, right now your face has just squished up and you are saying “awwwwww cute” – I’m right aren’t I?!! This little gem is beyond adorable … am I’m honestly not sure if I’m talking about the delicious little baby or her gorgeous little ELLA bonnet. ¬†The incredibly talented Jill from Nice Piece of Work is having amazing success with this pattern, even men are buying them…for themselves. JILL, I WANT ONE TOO – POM POMS AND ALL!!

baby-ella1 (1)

Baby Ella by Nice Piece Of Work

 ♥ ♥ ♥

And lastly but no means least is this soft, chunky and luxuriously cosy looking Turban/Head Wrap, a quick crochet was made and entered by Mtetar of Projects By Mtetar. I’m so happy to have her back in the challenge – although, even when Mtetar hasn’t entered a project , she is ever-present with her wonderful words of praise and encouragement for almost all the challenges we’ve had so far. Thank you Mtetar, we look forward to more of your projects entries…and of course, more of your wonderful comments ‚̧


Turban / Head Wrap by Projects By Mtetar

¬†Thank you ladies for your entries. For anyone else who’d still like to enter, please click on Froggy below and add your link. Up for grabs this month is the (everlasting!) African Violet crochet and donated by Jane of Rainbow Junkie. You have to be in it to win it!




Love Maryanne


made it

The MAY Made It – A pretty box, a summer cozy, mini hats and Ernest!

See, I told you I’d be back soon! Here are the next 4 entries into the May Made It!¬†


crafty crus

Ernest by The Crafty Crusader

I love newcomers to the challenge Рthey always bring new and exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course,  fab creations too.  A very warm welcome to The Crafty Crusader who has brought us Ernest Рa super cute hippo-type knitted creature who is the physical manifestation of a virtual HUG (ticking all above boxes)!  I soooooo need me one of these!!!




Mini Top Hats by Mille On Her World


So happy to welcome ¬†back the lovely¬†Millie from Millie On Her World. Those who follow Millie already know that all of her makes look good enough to gobble up – ¬†nothing new here then!! Just how adorable are these miniature crocheted top hats?!!?!?!?!? Look at the detail too. What’s better, there are patterns, wooohoooo. Thank you Millie, mwah



Little Fabric Box by Hellies Corner

YAY another newcomer to the challenge…Hello to Hellies Corner! Her blog is filled to the brim with tons of¬†exciting ideas/posts/pics/inspiration and of course, ¬†fab creations too (heehee). This bright & pretty little fabric box – plus a gorgeous¬†pencil holder ¬†(click on the pic for the full post) – ¬†is so pretty and comes with a wonderful step by step photo tutorial. Enjoy!



Summer Tea Cozy by O’Noodles

You simply cannot look at this teapot cozie, made by Jill of O’Noodles, without feeling happy ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā – impossible! I love the down-to-earth chunky texture, and how all the colours are such a beautiful¬†interpretation of a summertime garden….and of course, the bright flowers and vintage buttons finish it off perfectly!


Hope you enjoyed these wonderful entries! Be back soon – in the meantime, there’s loads of time to add yours

Love Maryanne 




Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie 

This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The MAY Made It Challenge – Prepare yourself for more WOW’s

Welcome back to the May’s Made It challenge! I thought I’d have this post out a few days ago, but alas, life sometimes yets in the way. At the rate the entries are coming in I am going to be blogging for the rest of the month – ¬†I’d better get my A into G fast!!!

Ok, next up…

measured and slow

Hexie Quilt by Measure And Slow

Okay. I know you are all 100% behind me here when I say…WOW WOW WOW. When I first laid my eyes on Alyssa from Measured & Slow’s incredibly beautiful quilt, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. Firstly, me and sewing have never seen eyelet to eyelet so I am no expert here, but still, I’m pretty sure this is a mega-major project. ¬†About 1500 tiny hexagons went into making this quilt AND they were all initially HAND SEWN together – the mind boggles! Hats off to you Alyssa – this is an amazing feat of love, passion and hard work!!!!



I personally had the double satisfaction of seeing Michelle Niedermann’s knitted stipey baby blanket – ¬†knitted for a brand new baby – ¬† not just because the yarn, a gorgeous shiny bamboo fibre (Vinnis Serina) came from my little shop, but because it is STUNNING! Even knowing how beautiful the yarn is and how delicious the colours are, I never imagined the blanket could turn out quite so beautifully! (you are mentally making a plan to knit one, aren’t you?!). Click on the pic for another photo of Michelle’s blanket, in all its lovely glory!



Ruthie’s Birthday Bag by O’Noodles

I know that there are loads of crafters out there that are super talented at many different media.¬†Jill from O’Noodles is not only one of them, she also brings her own unique zaniness to everything she creates! I absolutely love this exquisitely made bag (you lucky thing, Ruthie!) with it’s gorgeous print and beautiful rosette with vintage button. Pssst, the bag is lined with the same fabric at the rosette – very indulgent! More from Jill soon ….



In Love With Leg Warmers by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

Ooooooooooh PINK, COLOUR, PINK, SUNSETS, PINK!!! Okay, I’m calming down¬Ī But really, wow. Those colours are sublime. These, may I say, very sassy looking leg-warmers were hand knitted by Madeleine of Pretty Blue Bird Studio and look fantastic – ¬†of course, I does help if you have the legs and the toes to match! I so enjoy everything she makes, writes and photographs – go have a look for yourself. Never before have the 80’s looked so cool.


See you VERY soon!

Love Maryanne




Thank you to this months prize giver,  Lucie from Love, Lucie This fabulous Owl Cushion is up for grabs this month!

lucie owl copy

The March Made It – Oodles of O’Noodles

The fun-loving, quirky (with seemingly boundless energy too)  Jill from O’Noodles  has treated us to a selection of her fantastic makes into this months Made It challenge.  Firstly, I just have to share these two pic of Jill’s new photo book that she had made – what a stunning idea!!! It looks so professional and such a great item to have to showcase one’s portfolio. Awesomeness!

                           noodle 1


As you can see, Jill’s been super busy making a whole wide range of new goodies for upcoming fairs and these beautiful blankets have been flying off the hooks! Click on each pic below to for more pics and other fab ideas

Pinken Rose Baby Blanket by O’Noodles

Highland Fling by O’Noodles

Hundertwasser Throw by O’Noodles

Oooh Prince, eat your heart out….Blackberry is in!!!!

Blackberry Beret by O’Noodles

If you are on Facebook, please go and LIKE  Jill’s Facebook page, O’Noodles, it’s a wonderful colour frenzy!!  ūüôā

Love Maryanne



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The FEB Made It – *WARNING* Content may inspire sensitive viewers

Happy Monday everyone – I hope you all had a wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend!

It was a busy one for me with lots on the go which I will post about later. In the meantime, here are two pics as a sneaky preview…I promise, there’s a good explanation

            unnamed (1) unnamed

The Made It entries are coming in fast & furiously, so sit back and enjoy….

Next up are entries from long time Made It challenger, Jill from O’Noodles who magically produced not one but TWO stunning Afghans throws (and these were stash busters too!)


“Hundertwasser” Afghan by O’Noodles


“Happy Heart” Afghan by O’Noodles

The first one was inspired by the artist ¬†Hundertwasser¬†whose use of colour will leave you weak at the knees – all Jill’s hard work truly captures his bright and bold style . The second throw was inspired by a “Happy Heart” challenge and too has an “arty” look to it. Both amazingly beautiful and inspirational throws!! ¬† Which is your favourite???



Wooohoooo FREE PATTERN!!!! Thank you  to Jackie from Knitting With Heart for not only entering her ADORABLE Sweetie♥ Knit♥Heart (ring and bracelet) into the Made It challenge but for sharing her pattern with us. (Click on the link of pic to download). I love them as pictured above over a pair of gloves, very chic!


Hellloooooo Pigtails! So happy to have you back, with 3 more sensational entries…

Patchwork blanket (8)

Patchwork Blanket by Pigtails

photo (17)

Indigo Scarf by Pigtails

photo (2)

Ripple Scarf by Pigtails

Wowwee, what a colour fest and complete visual treat! I must say, the Patchwork blanket speaks to my very soul Рthe colours are delicious and the circle & squares have me utterly mesmerized. I adore her Indigo scarf with the beautiful bobble stitch, crocheted using Vinnis Serina, a soft silky bamboo Рclick on the post of the pattern and a link to an Invisible Double Knot. And staying with beautiful stitches, this Vintage Fan Ripple stitch is pure heaven Рlooking forward to seeing that throw too, Magda!

Looks like we’ll be saying Bon Voyage to the lovely Pigtails as she and her¬†intrepid family leave SA for Qatar! THANKFULLY, the world is a WiFi village and we’ll have loads of fun keeping updated with new¬†adventures¬†and new crochet!¬†


Thanks for stopping by everyone, will be back soon with more!

Love Maryanne

*click on the PINK LINK to add yours*

***  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge  ***

made it

November Made It – More stunning goodies to ogle

Hello Everyone

Please forgive me for being really slack this month with getting my posts out – after seeing the next batch of entries, I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait!


Crochet Baubles by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all could one day open our Christmas decoration box and find only beautiful handmade decorations instead of mass-produced, plastic, shop bought ones ¬†– would be lovely to rather line the pockets of real talented artisans instead! These beautiful crochet baubles made by Jane of Rainbow Junkie Corner not only look amazing (both of them Jane!) they look like so much fun to make, esp seeing as Jane has already done all the “figuring things out” for us. I’m adding these to my Made It Christmas Box (the one that I have created in my head, full of decorations that I want to make. )Please click here for the pattern and great tutorial!



Hats from the Hall by O’Noodles


Felt Flower by O’Noodles


Gift Wrapping by O’Noodles

What a fabulous idea!¬†Hats From The Hall –¬†a day of hat making, from start to finish. The above three entries are from Jill from O’Noodles (always so lovely getting to see your smiling face Jill!) who attended an amazing felt hat making course. What a fabulous day it looked like, especially if the *stunning* resulting hat and flower are anything to go by! If you live in the area, go and check it out. Annnnnd, here is something I’ve never seen before….homemade gift wrapping, completely with little ribbons and vintage button. Genuis!



Owl Beanie by DaniellaJoe

Welcome back to the zany and colourful Patricia from DaniellaJoe. I’ve seem many adorable owl beanies but I have to say that this dear sweet little owl is the most unique one yet – and the standard is super high (‘eh Jill)… Isn’t she gorgeous! I love the colours, the wild eyes and bright blue buttons. There is a link to a great video tutorial for the little chap so whatya waiting for…



Cowl by Susan’s Musing

From colourful owl to colourful COWL! This super cosy looking cowl was made by Susan from Susan’s Musings, another fabulous addition to the Made It Cowl Collection (sheweee, voting is going to be tough!). There is a link to the pattern which Susan says is really quite to make up…a fab stash buster me thinks!!!!


The next two entries are new comers to the Made It – Wooohoooo, please welcome two incredibly talented ladies who each made the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G jewellery…..(oh, if you are battling to read foreign blogs, try using Google Chrome as your browser – it will give you an option to translate into English or whatever your preferred language is)


Glass and Crochet Necklace by Zssazsazsu

First up is this jawdroppingly beautiful necklace made by Zsazsazsu – a modern infusion of handblown glass and fine silk crochet. The effect is absolutely mesmerizing, in fact all her pieces on her blog will leave you feeling totally blown away!Please head over and have a browse…WOW



Crochet Necklace by Ineseda

Another sensational piece of jewellery comes from Inez of Ineseda.¬†This beautiful crocheted necklace is made with the finest yarn and is completely seamless – wow, that a lot of work! Worth every second….. Inez has posted a pattern too, so please pop over and have a look. Her blog is also full with the most wonderfully unique creations



Christmas Decorations by Oh Sew Tempting

Thank you Avis, I AM singing, I AM in the mood for Christmas and your HAVE brightened up my day!!! These beautiful Christmas tree decorations (all 12 of them!) were expertly made by Avis of Oh Sew Tempting – another stunning addition to our Made It Christmas Box. ¬†Oh course, she makes it look so easy but thankfully she’s included super tutorial heehee.



Butterfly Bow Beanie by La Vie En Rose

YAY, the lovely Laura from La Vie En Rose has entered this gorgeous Butterfly Bow Beanie, knitted for her daughter. I ADORE the little bow, it really adds to the overall charm.  I also love the tweed effect achieved by using double strands of each colour. Thanks Laura, so happy you are back!


That’s all folks, there are only TWO more days to add your link so HURRY!

Here is the prize one more to entice you…


Scarf & heart brooch (made by her sweet daughter) by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate

Love Maryanne


made it

October MADE IT challenge – PARP! It’s Grace, the Amazing Foxy Medallion Penguin in Lacy Wrist Warmers lying on a Chevron Cushion with a Snowflake Pokemon Headband. Ha!

…and if you can make sense of that, you’re a genius (forgive me, I had a few minutes to spare)

Hello & welcome to our fist October Made It show and tell, whoop whoop! I’m absolutely loving the entries and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the posts too – very entertaining!

It’s been a tough week on the home front with very nearly losing my stepdad. He has a pre-existing lung disease (COPD, it’s horrible) and was admitted to ICU about a week ago with flu. This is routine procedure so we weren’t too concerned. However, he suddenly took an almighty turn for the worse, ¬†and barely breathing, he pretty much told us he was letting go. As you can imagine, it was devastating for the family and my brother and sister started making plans to come home. I was so mad that he could possible go in a hospital room!¬†How he made it through that night, I don’t know but what really blew us away was that he almost miraculously started getting better the next day and just kept on getting stronger and stronger. Even his doc was amazed. You can imagine how overjoyed we were when he came home yon Sunday, looking better than he had in ages!

So it’s with a very happy, light and grateful heart that I show off our first batch of entries…enjoy


First up are oooodles of entries by O’Noodles!


Medallion Scarf by O’Noodles


Snowflakes by O’Noodles


Lacy Wrist Warmers

The first 3 gorgeous entries are from¬†JIll from O’Noodles¬†who, might I add, is not only super crazy talented and fun, she is also waaaaaaay ahead of the crowd and serves as a warning to the rest of us tardy folk that Christmas (gulp) is just a few weeks away. Eeeeeeek! ¬†Her beautiful & exquisitely crocheted snowflakes are definitely something I’d like to try… about a gazillion years when I’ve had enough practice! Please click on each pic for a visit ¬†to Jill’s posts for links to the patterns for her stunning medallion scarf ¬†– which is super stylish¬†– and her equally chic & elegant lacy wrist warmers. ¬†Looks like both these items can easily be worn all year round, my kinda accessories! Thank Jill¬†‚ô•


mew (1)

Pokemon by Vuchickens


Penguin by Vuchickens

We are once again spoilt with these absolutely beautiful visuals! Oooooooh how gorgeous are these delicious creatures!?¬†Melissa from Vuchickens¬†gets parent of the century award in my book, and I say this not because of the number of times her amazing creations take my breath away, but also for the gentle and wonderful way she has with her children. I wiped a tear or two while reading about this pink little Pokemon¬†(don’t say I didn’t warn you!)¬†who was made to cheer the kiddies up after losing a pet. ¬†And just when my heart was nicely warmed, in walks Penguin to send me over the edge! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat and scarf¬†‚ô•



A warm welcome back to last month’s winner YAY!

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs¬†has entered these beautiful, trendy headbands. If you don’t already follow her blog, please do yourself a favour and stop by for a visit – your head will spin with excitement at all her amazing makes. Elena is busy with a very wonderful and highly relevant campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness in honour of her friend and these headbands are part of her Amazing Grace series of free patterns. If you’d like to make & donate to this cause, please get in touch. It’d be greatly appreciated¬†‚ô•




Pillow Talk By Sewing Beside The Sea

Oh dear, everyone who knows me know I have a MAJOR thing for stripes and polka dots (if you don’t believe me, here’s a quick pic of my handbag…)

Photo (30)

hey? didn’t I tell ya!

…And the answer is YES. ¬†I did almost fall over with ‚ô•¬†excitement ‚ô•¬†when I saw these awesome cushions by the lovely¬†Avis from Sewing Beside The Sea. I had to laugh when she said they don’t match with anything in her house but “who cares”!! I couldn’t agree more. AND not only can you ogle over these babies, you can also follow the fabulous step by step photo tutorial to make some for yourself. WAHOOOO!



Foxy by Nice Piece Of Work


Baby Elephant

Is it happening to you too? Are you also avidly following¬†Jill from Nice Piece Of Work‘s blog, waiting for the telltale title and trying to guess which gorgeous cuddly little animal beanie is going to be next?!!!! Foxy and Ellie join a very cool cotton (‘xcuse the pun) family: piggy, tiger, koala, penguin, hedgehog, panda and Mamma Jill won’t be stopped until she has 100 in her brood!¬†‚ô•


I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the collection so far! Now all you have to do is ADD YOURS!

Happy Making 

Love Maryanne

made it

You can click here too!

September Made It – Doh meddy amaythin noo entries

Can du tel I dod da flu?

After a week of three ickie kiddies, I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded flu!!! Arrrg, so very inconsiderate of them to all be on the mend on this beautiful Spring, sunny day ¬†while I have my turn to feel like a miserable, snotty lump of mess. Hmmmm…..on second thoughts my lovely hubby is now taking them out of the house for some much needed fresh air so maybe, just mayyyyyybe, it means some quite time? Woohoo, not so bad after all!

So before I crawl back into my nice warm, quite bed, I wanted to share all the latest entries with you. You will be delighted, as i am, to see lots of familiar faces and a fab newbie too…and boy oh boy, creativity just keeps getting better and better!

Lemme give you some of this months collection stats so far.

128¬†views,¬†26¬†links, 123¬†clicks – and it’s only the halfway through WOOP WOOP!!

So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m just posting pics & links this week as my brains is simply being quite rude and insisting I go to sleep. I know you’ll have a blast scrolling down & visiting all these lovely blogs. OOOOH, and before I go,¬†I’m sure you’ll want to ¬†know what’s up for grabs as this month’s prize??

buglets prize

Yip, the lucky winner will have themselves some stunning originals, so kindly donated by Barbara of Buglets by Barbs which will be made and sent shortly after the winner is announced (hence no pic of the actual prize). To view Barbara’s beautiful & totally wantable products and unique style, pop over and visit BUGLETS on Facebook. Gorgeous, don’t ya think!

Here are the next 15 entries…

Spotty Scarf by Pigtails

Skinny Scarf by Pigtails

Necklace by Pigtails 

Pigtails of Pigtails!


Rainbow Coasters by Rainbow Junkie

Jane from Rainbow Junkie


  5 of the Best iPad/Tablet Case Tutorials by VickyMyersCreations

Vicky from Vicky Myers Creations

tiny knitted C3PO and R2D2

Star Wars by Vu Chickens

Melissa from Vu Chicken

Crochet Childrens Booties by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs

Crochet Scarf by Hav2Havz

Crochet Bags by Hav2Havz

Rene fron Hav2Havz

Crochet Necklace by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny

Crochet Basket From All Things Moz

Moz from All Things Moz

09052013 010

Slipper Socks by DaniellaJoe

Patricia from DaniellaJoe

Transformed Army Jacket by ONoodles

What Can You Do With a Bag of Ducks?! by ONoodles

Jill from ONoodles


cover 1

Summer Shoulder Wrap

Jill from Nice Piece Of Work

July Made It – What do Grannies, Fierce and Not-So-Fierce Creatures, Windows, Hearts, Ushuaia, Rice and A Pincushion have in common?

Why, they’ve all made their way into July’s Made It challenge of course!!!

Just took this pic, ahhhh blue skies!

Just took this pic, ahhhh blue skies!

It’s the most beautiful, sunny Winters day here in the Cape¬†and the kids and I have decided to take a picnic and spend the day lazying about at Kirstenbosch Gardens (here’s one of my very first newbie- blogger-cringe-worth posts about it) – possibly my favourite place on this earth. This is the last week of school holidays and am getting a little tough to keep them all occupied.

I was worried that I would be begged to take them to Ratanga Junction – a fun but hideously overpriced amusement park which is a logistical nightmare when it’s just you (hubby escaped to work) with a 16 (niece), a 13 year old daughter, a ¬†7 year old daughter and a tiny tot boy who just cannot be reasonable!! ¬†Thankfully, the Gardens seem to be a favourite place for them too as it was their suggestion to go. Don’t mind if I do!¬†Hopefully I will get a chance to finish off my own entry

So before we get going, I’d love to show you the next lot of excellent entries!

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny Square Baby Blanket by Celeste

I was lucky enough to see (and touch) this cuddly blankie up close when we were in the UK last Christmas. This was crocheted by my very special friend Celeste for her newborn nephew, except – like most of us who set ourselves a time frame and fail miserably – it’s only just finished and he’s 15 months already!!! ¬†I’m sure he doesn’t mind one bit though. I think that this is an exception first project and one that will no doubt be passed down from baba to baba.



Through The Window by Nice Piece Of Work


Crochet Heat Pad

Is there no end to Jill’s creativity?!! Step on up for more inspiration! What clever ideas – the window of love and a warm hug around the neck….ahhh. ¬†I love this upcycled frame and of course, Jill’s made it look sooooo easy to make too. Someone commented that spotting the potential in something old is the trick! And crochet heat pads – a brilliant and quick-to-make gift! Hop over, there are easy to follow instructions both.



Pincushion by Serena Glynn

Last months winner Serena  aka The TeaCup Fairy has entered this delightful crocheted pincushion spool Рahhhh this is so sweet! You are in for a treat too Рplease go and visit her Facebook Page, where you will find all sorts of lovely creations. Seems Serena really is the TeaCup Fairy. Where else would you spy such delicious looking teapots!


Question: How do I keep my baby happy, snuggly and giggly by making sure that her favourite blanket AND favourite cuddly toy are always close at hand ???


66698_360573797403338_1293461167_n (1)

Baby Blanket with Teddy by O’Noodles

Genius!!! Have a look here for more pics from Jill of O’Noodles!


Fifi by Jill O’Noodles

Jill’s next entry is Fifi- the pretty pink Poodle and keeper of the loo rolls! ¬†How fabulously retro is this – read here for the story of some reminiscing and how Fifi became to be!



A warm, fiery welcome to Nilkaras¬†– we are so happy to have you aboard!¬†This adorably fierce creature was knitted for her dragon-loving boyfriend – lucky guy. Ahh, this things we do for our men! The pattern is here on Ravely so please pop over and say hi and see more of Nilkaras’s fabulous projects



Ushuaia Wrap Bracelet by Knitnrun4sanity

Alice, please you family to leave you home alone more often! I’m¬†blown away at what you managed to produce over one weekend – and how STUNNING all your makes are! This wrap bracelet is incredible (oh please please make one for a giveaway!), so colourful and so delicate. Please pop over and have a look at the rest of the treasures that the kids teachers are getting¬†‚ô•


With that, I wish you all a fabulous day – I’ll be sunning myself and kicking back, hope you do too!


made it