The March Made It – A very special cupcake hat & a blanket beyond beauty

I’ve had lots of fun blogging individual posts of each entry this month, and the response from you all has been amazing…thank you! ¬†I just hope you will forgive me posting the last two cracking awesome entries together as it’s CLOSING DAY ALREADY!!!

And here they are…


I told you it was a special cupcake! Hello and welcome back to Kayeigh from Kake’s Crafts – am loving this scrumptious cupcake beanie, complete with the cherry on top. Now this is no ordinary deliciously gorgeous cupcake hat, Kayleigh has made this for her Mom’s friend who is undergoing chemo (her Mom too ūüė¶ ¬†) and who has vowed to wear a new beanie every day and they sell it and donate the money ¬†to charity – is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is utterly amazing.

Kayleigh, please pass on tons of love and healing energy to your Mom and her awesome friend ♥


photo (32)

Another HELLLOOOOO to Pigtials! ¬†“Hope you are nicely settled in your new home. Question – Where on earth do you get the time to make such INCREDIBLE blankets like these????”

Totally blown away once again by the sheer beauty of this Moroccan inspired blanket made especially for Grandpa Pigtails for his 70th Birthday!! Please pop over and read the posts about the making of this blanket – the details, the method and the pic will dazzle you!




~ This months PRIZE ~

Newsboy “Blinged Up” hat made¬†by the wonderfully talented¬†Jill of Nice Piece Of Work!

grey 1

Bling Newsboy Hat by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work



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The FEB Made It – Voting is almost open, but wait…

And just like that, is (almost) VOTING TIME! But before we get itchy fingers Рand to make your decisions even harder Рhere are some more gorgeous entries to tantalise your eyeballs!



Crochet Cactus by Rainbow Junkie Corner

YAY, I knew Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner¬†wouldn’t be able to resist more¬†crochet flowers (or cactus in this case)! I know cactuses (or cacti?) don’t need much water but this is superb!!! I especially love the beautiful pink flowers which Jane so rightly says never last long in real life.



Scrappy Stars by Oh Sew Tempting

I know, I keeeeeep saying this but being a non-sewing person myself, I am completely in awe of Avis from Oh Sew Tempting and the incredible creations she makes. This starry wonder is simply amazing, so intricate and complex. Heehee, the closest I ever came to sea-shaped stitches like this was with my crayon in back to Grade 1.



Ripple Blanket by Sewing Beside The Sea

And another fantastic creation by¬†Avis from Sewing Beside The Sea, which I’m sure you all know is her other blog and which is no less inspiring & choc a bloc with stunning creations. Her beautiful striped ripple blanket is an incredible feat – you’ll have to click on the post for a pic of the actual size…don’t forget to close you mouth!



Whirly Catherine Wheel Cushion by B*A*M Crafts

I so love newcomers to the challenge and am thrilled that ¬†Beth from B*A*M Crafts¬†has entered another of her fun and funky creations to the challenge – I also love her “throw caution to the wind” style of crochet too – my kinda gal. Especially when it produces cushions like this – the perfect partner for her colourful star ripple blanket! LOVE IT!



Driftwood & Waves by Pigtails

WOW…….sighhhhh. Ahhhh, this is pure magic! Magda from Pigtails¬†is a crochet artist full stop. What an incredible design, what dreamy photos and what a beautiful story. So exquisitely made from the softest bamboo, I can almost feel it! Thank you Magda ¬†for sharing x


♥ Thank you ALL for entering the challenge, for sharing your talents, all your lovely comments and for inspiring like you have no idea ♥

If you want to add more links, please do so NOW as VOTING will officially open  at midnight Рplease please pop over and show your love &  support for all this talent Рthe link is at the end of this post. Remember, you can vote up to 10 TIMES a day, just to make things easier! The winner will be randomly drawn by InLinkz on the 28th FEBRUARY.


This months prize is a stunner,  made and donated by Trevlyn of Babushka Crafts!

Good luck everyone!


*click on the PINK LINK to VOTE*

  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge

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The FEB Made It – *WARNING* Content may inspire sensitive viewers

Happy Monday everyone – I hope you all had a wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend!

It was a busy one for me with lots on the go which I will post about later. In the meantime, here are two pics as a sneaky preview…I promise, there’s a good explanation

            unnamed (1) unnamed

The Made It entries are coming in fast & furiously, so sit back and enjoy….

Next up are entries from long time Made It challenger, Jill from O’Noodles who magically produced not one but TWO stunning Afghans throws (and these were stash busters too!)


“Hundertwasser” Afghan by O’Noodles


“Happy Heart” Afghan by O’Noodles

The first one was inspired by the artist ¬†Hundertwasser¬†whose use of colour will leave you weak at the knees – all Jill’s hard work truly captures his bright and bold style . The second throw was inspired by a “Happy Heart” challenge and too has an “arty” look to it. Both amazingly beautiful and inspirational throws!! ¬† Which is your favourite???



Wooohoooo FREE PATTERN!!!! Thank you  to Jackie from Knitting With Heart for not only entering her ADORABLE Sweetie♥ Knit♥Heart (ring and bracelet) into the Made It challenge but for sharing her pattern with us. (Click on the link of pic to download). I love them as pictured above over a pair of gloves, very chic!


Hellloooooo Pigtails! So happy to have you back, with 3 more sensational entries…

Patchwork blanket (8)

Patchwork Blanket by Pigtails

photo (17)

Indigo Scarf by Pigtails

photo (2)

Ripple Scarf by Pigtails

Wowwee, what a colour fest and complete visual treat! I must say, the Patchwork blanket speaks to my very soul Рthe colours are delicious and the circle & squares have me utterly mesmerized. I adore her Indigo scarf with the beautiful bobble stitch, crocheted using Vinnis Serina, a soft silky bamboo Рclick on the post of the pattern and a link to an Invisible Double Knot. And staying with beautiful stitches, this Vintage Fan Ripple stitch is pure heaven Рlooking forward to seeing that throw too, Magda!

Looks like we’ll be saying Bon Voyage to the lovely Pigtails as she and her¬†intrepid family leave SA for Qatar! THANKFULLY, the world is a WiFi village and we’ll have loads of fun keeping updated with new¬†adventures¬†and new crochet!¬†


Thanks for stopping by everyone, will be back soon with more!

Love Maryanne

*click on the PINK LINK to add yours*

***  The FEBRUARY Made It Challenge  ***

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The Christmas Made It – Exciting new entries

Happy Monday everyone!

Here is SA it’s a public holiday today, and a day after the burial of our beloved Tata, may he¬†finally rest in peace. I’m grabbing a few moments of peace in my home while Dan and the kids take care of (finally) putting up the Christmas tree.

(*** EDIT…ahem, as you can see it’s now Wednesday …. BUT ¬†at least the tree is up wahoooooo ***)

My African Tree! Would love to say I made it but I did not….nevertheless, this one is perfect for us and only took a few moments to decorate! I love it (and that cute little boy next to it¬†‚ô•)

So while they are hard at work, here a few more Christmas Made It entries


Mopsy by NanaCathyDotCom

Welcome back to Nana Cathy! Meet Mopsy, the latest, cutest, most adorable ¬†little creature to come out of Nana Cathy‘s hands – isn’t she sweet. Those floppy ears are no doubt going to be used as handles by a sleepy Miss F when she drags her Mopsy off to ¬†beddy byes! All little granddaughters need a BBF like this one.



Christmas Mug Rug by Measured & Slow

I’m loving all the stunning fabrics that I’ve been seeing lately and this stunning Christmas Mug Rug (love that!) by Alyssa of Measure & Slow is the cherry on top. So beautifully & intricately sewn with little stars, it make the perfect gift and swap item in this case. I love that Alyssa’s posts are always full of good advice and tips – she makes it look so easy for us sewing-challenged ones!!!


The lovely Pigtails is back to woo us with more of her creative genius!


Christmas Tree Decor by Pigtails

Unique, stunningly pretty and ohhh so inspirational….WOW, these Christmas tree decorations are utterly sublime. One day when I grow up I’m going to learn how to write – wait, scrap that – read patterns like these fabulous ones so kindly offered (this post is a must-read of note, esp The Teens creations, she is amazing)


photo (1) (1)

“Mielie” Scarf by Pigtails

Again, please have a squizz at the full post so you can read all about the inspiration behind this amazing scarf! “Mielie” is a South African term for corn-on-the-cob and also the name of a FAB local label who make the most incredible handbags (these are sooooo on my wishlist!). This scarf is a perfect match, so simple but incredibly effective!



Rainbow Rachel Doll by Beatrice Ryan Designs

I love this cute, cheeky design by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs who once again has shared a wonderful pattern with us *thank you*. Hello pretty  Rainbow Rachel Doll!!  Bright colours + Curly Hair + a BIG Personality = Total Happiness! (not to mention a perfect stash buster by the way!)


Hope you’ve enjoyed browsing! Will be back soon with more xxx

Love Maryanne 


****    The CHRISTMAS Made It Challenge ****

made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize

November’s lucky winner is….

Cute copy

You lucky fish you! Laura, you not only win this super doooper STUNNING scarf from Pigtails¬†…


… you also get your very own badge to wear on your blog (I will be sending one to all past winners too). Well done, your beautiful Cosy Cowl was a very worthy winner¬†‚ô•

November Winner copy

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered and who voted this month – what fun! ¬†WOW, one thing is hugely clear (despite the enormous amount of talent here of course) is that each project, no matter how big or small goes a long way in inspiring others. The stats for this month showed that people clicked on links to YOUR posts, 310 times – that’s 143 times more than last month – and 190 votes were cast.

Impressive stuff!

Thanks again for each of you, for sharing your makes with the rest of us!

And now, the VOTER’S CHOICE award badge – with a record breaking total of 42 ‚ô•‘s –¬†goes to one of our wonderful newbies to the challenge.¬†CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Pixi Mik A Lot with her fabulous crochet stacking cups!

Voters Choice Award – Pixie Miks A Lot!

Pixie, this badge is yours to wear on your blog!

Voter's Choice NOV

Once again congrats to our winners and thank you all for taking part. I will be seeing you all again in a couple of days for the launch of the December Made It!

Love Maryanne

November Made It – A happy Jumper and a flower Cozy, topped off with some ripply stripy Blankets!

Hello Lovelies ♥

We are on the brink of VOTING (yes, already), in fact if you are still thinking of entering this month, you have  another 8 hours so hurry hurry

Oh my GOODNESS, it’s………….


Time To Get Cozy by Patch


Welcome back Trish from Made By Patch (yes, there’s pink snow everywhere, even in Cape Town heehee), ¬†it’s so lovely to have you back, especially that you’ve brought your delightful cup cozy with you….I LOVVVVVVE the little red buttons as flower, – so lovely and very effective. Hmmmm, this may mean that you’ve sealed your son’s fate – no girl wouldn’t want you as a mum-in-law after a gift like this!



Winter Crochet Blankets by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Baby Ziggy Zaggy Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ooooooh, Pewter & Berries! I don’t think I’ve heard a more perfect description before, it’s exactly what the top ripply blanket looks like – so very striking too. Both of these¬†gorgeous¬†blankets were quickly made up by the ever-so-talented¬†Elena from Beatrice Ryan Design. Once again, her¬†colour combinations are¬†impeccable¬†and work so well together (and make me feel so utterly useless!!) Elena, you are amazing


And speaking of colour combos….


Stripey Rainbow Blanket by Alynnis Crochet

Striking. Delicious. Soft. Happy. Beautiful…..I could go on and on. This sensational rainbow inspired stripey blanket, so beautifully and delicately edged, made by Alynnis of Alynnis Crochet is pure magic! What big little girl wouldn’t want one on her bed to brighten up her room and to cuddle at night. And those colours…….WOW



Clown Jumper by Nanacathydotcom

I’m thrilled to welcome Nana Cathy from Nanacathydotcom to the Made It challenge, who has entered her¬†very happy clown jumper, lovingly made for her little Happy Jumper – you’ll have to pop over and see who that is!¬†The little ellie buttons at the shoulder are super cute too – a perfect match for the little recipient!


And with that, we draw (almost) to a close! Please click on the link at the foot of the post to view the full collection. If you haven’t already had a good ol’ browse around you are missing out on a feast of inspiration – the talent, dedication and passion are mind-blowing.

Once again, here is the FAB prize by Pigtails up for grabs!!!


Scarf & heart brooch (made by her sweet daughter) by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate

Love Maryanne


made it

November Made It – More stunning goodies to ogle

Hello Everyone

Please forgive me for being really slack this month with getting my posts out – after seeing the next batch of entries, I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait!


Crochet Baubles by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all could one day open our Christmas decoration box and find only beautiful handmade decorations instead of mass-produced, plastic, shop bought ones ¬†– would be lovely to rather line the pockets of real talented artisans instead! These beautiful crochet baubles made by Jane of Rainbow Junkie Corner not only look amazing (both of them Jane!) they look like so much fun to make, esp seeing as Jane has already done all the “figuring things out” for us. I’m adding these to my Made It Christmas Box (the one that I have created in my head, full of decorations that I want to make. )Please click here for the pattern and great tutorial!



Hats from the Hall by O’Noodles


Felt Flower by O’Noodles


Gift Wrapping by O’Noodles

What a fabulous idea!¬†Hats From The Hall –¬†a day of hat making, from start to finish. The above three entries are from Jill from O’Noodles (always so lovely getting to see your smiling face Jill!) who attended an amazing felt hat making course. What a fabulous day it looked like, especially if the *stunning* resulting hat and flower are anything to go by! If you live in the area, go and check it out. Annnnnd, here is something I’ve never seen before….homemade gift wrapping, completely with little ribbons and vintage button. Genuis!



Owl Beanie by DaniellaJoe

Welcome back to the zany and colourful Patricia from DaniellaJoe. I’ve seem many adorable owl beanies but I have to say that this dear sweet little owl is the most unique one yet – and the standard is super high (‘eh Jill)… Isn’t she gorgeous! I love the colours, the wild eyes and bright blue buttons. There is a link to a great video tutorial for the little chap so whatya waiting for…



Cowl by Susan’s Musing

From colourful owl to colourful COWL! This super cosy looking cowl was made by Susan from Susan’s Musings, another fabulous addition to the Made It Cowl Collection (sheweee, voting is going to be tough!). There is a link to the pattern which Susan says is really quite to make up…a fab stash buster me thinks!!!!


The next two entries are new comers to the Made It – Wooohoooo, please welcome two incredibly talented ladies who each made the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G jewellery…..(oh, if you are battling to read foreign blogs, try using Google Chrome as your browser – it will give you an option to translate into English or whatever your preferred language is)


Glass and Crochet Necklace by Zssazsazsu

First up is this jawdroppingly beautiful necklace made by Zsazsazsu – a modern infusion of handblown glass and fine silk crochet. The effect is absolutely mesmerizing, in fact all her pieces on her blog will leave you feeling totally blown away!Please head over and have a browse…WOW



Crochet Necklace by Ineseda

Another sensational piece of jewellery comes from Inez of Ineseda.¬†This beautiful crocheted necklace is made with the finest yarn and is completely seamless – wow, that a lot of work! Worth every second….. Inez has posted a pattern too, so please pop over and have a look. Her blog is also full with the most wonderfully unique creations



Christmas Decorations by Oh Sew Tempting

Thank you Avis, I AM singing, I AM in the mood for Christmas and your HAVE brightened up my day!!! These beautiful Christmas tree decorations (all 12 of them!) were expertly made by Avis of Oh Sew Tempting – another stunning addition to our Made It Christmas Box. ¬†Oh course, she makes it look so easy but thankfully she’s included super tutorial heehee.



Butterfly Bow Beanie by La Vie En Rose

YAY, the lovely Laura from La Vie En Rose has entered this gorgeous Butterfly Bow Beanie, knitted for her daughter. I ADORE the little bow, it really adds to the overall charm.  I also love the tweed effect achieved by using double strands of each colour. Thanks Laura, so happy you are back!


That’s all folks, there are only TWO more days to add your link so HURRY!

Here is the prize one more to entice you…


Scarf & heart brooch (made by her sweet daughter) by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate

Love Maryanne


made it

November Made It – Friends old and new!

Hello! Hope you are all well in the land of BLOG ‘n CRAFT!

I think it’s safe to say that this month we have an influx of wonderful new bloggers and they seem to be coming from the Pigtails side of the Blogesphere!!! ¬†Thanks Madga for sending us so many new friends to join in, ¬†I hope you all enjoy visiting each other’s blogs posts¬†‚ô•

Right, on with the show – have a lovely look at these next 3 entries!


Colour Bomb Blanket by Colour ‘n Cream

Meet another new comer, the lovely Jenn from Colour ‘n Cream. Not only does her blog name sounds edible, just look at this all this yumminess. This beautiful blanket was crocheted using cottons in the most delicious colours…soft, creamy pastels…ah. The border is sooooo sweet too!!! And if this is not enough to satisfy your appetite for colour, ¬†just carry on browsing Jenn’s blog!



Safari Baby Quilt by Measure & Slow

It was hard to choose which picture to display here (I went for the same one that Alyssa chose) because once you get up close to these teeny tiny little safari animals sitting alongside these luscious stripes of orange, lilac and mint will you truly get to see how much thought, work and detail went into the making of this sensational baby quilt! Please pop over and visit Alyssa from Measure & Slow and see for yourself….the quilt is also has the cutest backing ever!!



Izumi Scarf by Nelleke Maakt Van Alles (Makes Everything)

Oh my! I adore this beautiful, intricate and ever so lovingly made scarf by Nelleke from Nelleke Maakt Van Alles, another new comer to the challenge. The stitches are so gorgeous giving the scarf a soft,¬†unique overall look. The rose is the perfect “cherry on the top”. Nelleke made this for her sister who’s overcome a long illness….what a wonderful celebration! Please visit her fabulous blog and say hello, you’ll be completely inspired…


¬†WOWEEE, the standard just keeps on getting better, don’t ya think! I’ll be back tomorrow with more amazing entries.

Just to remind you, here is the exquisite scarf which is this month’s prize, kindly sponsored and made by¬†Magda of Pigtails¬†– the little heart brooch was made by Magda’s daughter (does it get much sweeter that this??) who, might I add, is super talented like her Mom and even has her¬†own blog!!!! Check it out xxx



Scarf & heart brooch (made by her sweet daughter) by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate

Love Maryanne


made it

November Made It Challenge PRIZE….and it’s a goodie!

Ta Dah!

The lucky winner of the Nov Made It will win this SENSATIONAL scarf, lovingly crocheted by Magda of Pigtails


Scarf made by Pigtails using Vinnis Colours Serina in Slate


You have to be IN it to WIN it some come on, add your LINK xxx

Love Maryanne

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The November Made It Challenge LINK is Open!

Yes, and just like that it’s November…already

Hello!! Hope you’re all having a super chilled Sunday like me, this post comes to you live from the poolside…OH HOW I LOVE SUMMER

photo (34)

After a brilliant, ¬†jam packed bumper, RECORD BREAKING October we’re off again in search of creations of any kind, ¬†big ‘n small. I’ve made the challenge slightly shorter this month, ending on the 28th of Nov so that we can start the Dec/ Christmas Made It on time ( to give us all a little breather!) This month’s prize is so very kindly donated by none other than our most recent and ABSURDLY talented winner, PIGTAILS who’s going to be hooking up one of her sensational scarfs for the winner WHOOP WHOOP!! ¬†I will post a pic as soon as it’s ready…sooooo looking forward to it.

So here ya go, click on the PINK LINK  below ( this is the zooped up looking version of the collection so no FROGGY this time) and go wild Рadd as many links as you please!

Love Maryanne

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