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Jill is one of the 4 talented ladies that make up JAM TARTS,

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The WINNER will be drawn on Friday

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JAM PACKED! with Made It’s and more

It’s not often that I feel so full of energy on a Monday morning – especially not after a weekend filled with all thing WEDDING! (not mine of course, but that of my sister-in-law/BFF and new brother-in-law) But, today the sun is shining despite that fact that it’s almost winter, and the rush of post wedding bliss is still running high!

I have so much to “show and tell” – what with the wedding, prizes received and prizes going out, and of course *rubs hands with glee*  the new Made It challenge entries but I run the risk of waxing on and on – especially given my chirpy mood this morning –  so instead, I will just post the pics and let them pretty much speak for themselves.

First up…some wedding pics! These are really some (not-so-good quality)  “behind the scenes” pics taken on cell phones, so I will share the real-McCoy ones with you when they are ready.  But I can tell you in the meantime, the setting was sensational, the ceremony was heartful & beautiful…the entire day was magical! I promise to give the full love story soon ♥


The beautiful bride Krystal and her gorgeous little flower girls, about 10 minutes before showtime!


Little petals stealing the limelight!

woolhogs, Made It challenge

Me & my girls


The handsome groom Kiko with his Grecian Goddess Krystal – just arrived and ceremony about to start!!

Lots of excited nerves!

Lots of excited nerves!

Ahhhh, I can’t wait to show you more…to be continued

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On to other news….HOW I LOVE GETTING POST!

I WON, I WON! I entered a competition on Facebook, wrote a cheesy little poem and won this little treausure trove from www.notthemall.co.za YUMMY!

I WON, I WON! I entered a competition on Facebook, wrote a cheesy little poem and won this little treasure trove from http://www.notthemall.co.za YUMMY!

If you are in SA and need to send a gift, go and them out!

The wonderful Jane from Rainbow Junkie sent me this incredibly beautiful bookmark for being one of her top commenters (biggest fans!) and I have to say it looks even more stunning in real life!

The wonderful Jane from Rainbow Junkie sent me this incredibly beautiful Pineapple Bookmark for being one of her top commenters (biggest fans!) and I have to say it looks even more stunning in real life!

Thank you so much Jane!!

Thank you to all that have entered my litle giveaway and for liking me on Facebook – I’m drawing the winner later today woohoooo!

And before I introduce you to the next 4 FABULOUS entries into the Made It challenge, here is what’s UP FOR GRABS this month!

Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% warm Merino in Cream
2 x 100% cool Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% balmy Bamboo in Girl Pink

Right….and on to the ENTRIES!

A closer look at the cowl

Heritage Trellis Lace Cowl by Knitxpressions

Welcome to Knitxpression and thank you for entering the Made It challenge! The title of her post made me smile –.A Gift For Me – as I know that there are many of you out there that feels the same way I do. For me??!  I think we feel less guilty about sitting back knitting/crocheting the day away, feet tucked in with a cuppa on hand, letting the dishes pile up and the kids get filthy if we make goodies for everyone anyone else other than ourselves! Pffffffft to that I say! Good for you!!! I have become a huge fan of cowls and this Heritage Trellis lace is stunning!

Enjoy your trip to New Zealand x



Slipper Socks by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Jane is back (somehow finding the time between whipping up stunning gifts for her top blog supporters and her other gazillion projects) to share with us her newly finished, beautifully beaded, knitted sock-slippers!  Knitted socks have come a loooong way since when I was a kid and the ones my Gran used to make – these ones are super-stylish, playful,  PLUS they won’t break your neck!!! Pop over and read Jane’s post for a nifty way to make sure you stay grounded!


I’ve just recently met (well, through Planet Blog anyway) the fun, craaaazy Gray from Crochet by Gray and I LOVE her posts!!! She is funny, colouful and very talented – my kinda combo! This is her first time entering the Made It with these two fabulous crochet creations and I’m so happy that you will get to know her too (if you don’t already of course) and enjoy her blog as much as I do!

Spring Headband by Crochet by Gray

Spring Hand Flower by Crochet by Gray

Loving the “season” themed Spring Headband (modeled by her lovely daughter) and her Renaissance-inspired chain mail Hand-Flower!!! Gorgeous projects, thank you!


There’s still plenty of time to enter the Made It, simply click on FOGGY to add your post!

>>>>>  Click on FROGGY to add your LINK <<<<<

made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

My Made It entry Part 2 – My African Christmas Tree

A ginormous thank you to all of you who have already entered the “Made It”! I am delighted to see some of the “usual suspects” as well as some newbies this month. I for one, know how crazy this time of the year is, so I’m extra impressed at your fabulous entries!!

So here’s my mini-challenge to you (and by you I mean ANYONE who reads this – yes, even YOU)…..

*** Enter the “Made It” more than once this month!!! ***


Here’s my second entry (there may even be more, you just never know) inspired partly by Vicky and her son with their beautiful home made & decorated tree (pic below); partly by the fact that we can’t have a “proper” pine tree this year as we leave for the UK just before Christmas (and coming home to a lounge full of pine needles is not fun) and partly by my friend Liz who asked me to make her some crocheted decorations.


I went searching for inspiration for tree decorations and it wasn’t long before I ended up at Lucy’s door – here is the link to her Christmas Bauble pattern. Love this lady ♥ . I didn’t stop there either. I found this gorgoues pattern by AtergCrochet and suddenly I was on a roll, somehow meshing the two patterns together and churing out these sweet little baubles using a variety of cottons and bamboos by Vinnis Colours.

And this is how my own African Tree became to be….

IMG_1749_640x480 IMG_1754_640x480




IMG_1759_360x480      IMG_1760_360x480


…add some more decorations…



1woolhogs christmas

♥ ♥ ♥

My “Made It” entry – Part 1

Just showing off just how easy it is to enter the Made It challenge……watch closely

  • Made this baby nappy/diaper cover (first saw this at seriously daisies – a seriously STUNNING blog ♥) and bought the pattern here – must say this pattern was a so easy to follow
  • IMG_1289About to run off and add this link to FROGGY
  • Ok, just one more pic before I do….
  • woolhogs(thanks Kimberly for the inspiration)
  • DONE!

See, easy as that!

Click HERE to add yours

More October Made It entires

Well hellooooooo!

I don’t know about you but the weeks are flying by and I find myself over-promising and under-delivering in loads of areas of my life. Not good. This has been one of those weeks where making a list just isn’t good enough – usually that can make me feel great for ages!

Am I the only one who wants to lock myself in a room and JUST CROCHET!?!

The only thing to do is actually get on with ticking those items off one by one and I am happy so say that I am getting “through stuff”! It won’t be long now before I can sit down quitely…ahhhh quite…and get busy with making something worthy to enter into the Made It! One day, I am going to shock you all – just like Patch did – by being early!!!

Anyway, enough about that – let me get on with showing you our latest entries

These stylish socks are another of Rene’s from Living in Sunny SA‘s  stunning creations! I am always amazed at how gorgeous her colours look. I’m never brave enough to use or to mix certain colours but she seems to have the knack!

 Check out this super funky……frisbeeee!!! Welcome to the challenge and thank you Lisa Victoria from YarnChick40, this is so cool. I love this pattern for a bowl too maybe? Beautiful stitching and colours.


Trish (from MadeByPatch), PLEAAAAAAASE get your online shop up and running (tell Mr P that it is vital)….I WANT THESE! Tooooo beautiful…

 I want to say a MASSIVE, HUGE, GIGANTIC *****  THANK YOU ***** to all of you who have entered/is entered will enter/reblogged/mentioned/though about/promoted this monthly challenge! I am gobsmacked at all the talent out there and how this wonderful online community is so willing to share and connect. I truly love it and I hope you do too.

Now before the violins come out – I will go. But before I do I want to share with you this Pink Ribbon. October is breast cancer awareness month and coincidentally I found myself hoofed off by my doc to have a strange lump checked out last Friday. Thank heavens all is fine but I can honestly say that the feeling of knowing that everything is OK rather than putting it off and fretting about it is just FAN-FRIGGING-TASTIC!

I highly recommend a check up ladies! Keep well xxx

Keep ’em entries comin’!

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge

Too technologically challenged!

I do not know how to add a photo to Pinterest without adding to my blog first.

There, I said it.

If I could hide this post and my shame, I would. (I suppose that can be done too but as I said, I’m technologically challenged so I can’t)!!!

So please just go about your business – making, baking, sewing, mowing – whatever it is you are doing this lovely day *whistling while you go* and don’t mind me while I try to get this pattern from my desktop to Pinterest. Sigh.

Oh yeah, and if you are making, baking, sewing and mowing, don’t forget to add it to the MADE IT 



Woolhogs, Identidaisies, Vinnis Colours Bambi

Vinnis Colours Nikkim, Crochet Heart, woolhogs

Bye for now



Fiiiiiinally I have an entry into the Made It challenge!

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi

Not too long ago, my sister-in-law Krystal asked me to make her some crocheted flowers for wine glasses – you know the little thingies that identify whose glass is whose. At the time I filed it under WGTIS (Will Get To It, Sometime) in my brain with all good intentions of getting there.

Yesterday, Vicky and I had tiny table at one of the local schools Spring Fair so for the past week I have been frantically making odds and ends to display alongside our yarn. For us it was an opportunity to give our Woolhogs Online yarn shop some publicity (see, I just shamelessly did it again heehee). Just for the record…I take my hat off to all of you that sell your products at markets. The stress is enormous and the time spent making stuff seems endless!!! Thank heavens we mainly sell yarn as I think I would seriously give it up as a bad idea.

Woolhogs market vinnis colourswoolhogs, elle premier cottons woolhogs crochet flowers vinnis colours, woolhogs

Anyway, I wanted to make a few flowers so naturally I went to Lucy for some inspiration – her May Rose pattern is so sweet and her tutorials are good enough for even the newest of newbies to grasp. I must be honest, my attempt to roll and sew it to resemble a rose made me want to fling my hook at something – my shortcoming, nothing to do with the pattern. But after a deep breath and a second attempt I discovered that the unrolled work looked a lot like the flower wine glass thingies I had envisioned. Eureka!!!!

So, I fiddled and fumbled but finally tweaked it so that I got what I was hoping for. Here it is

  • I used Vinnis Colours Bambi which is a 70% cotton 30% bamboo blend and a 4mm hook
  • SC = US Single Crochet DC = US Double Crochet
  1. Thread a bead onto your yarn (not the easiest thing in the world! I used very thin wire and used it like one would use a needle threaders – bend wire, insert into bead, thread yarn through the “eye” and yank hard)
  2. Secure the bead with a slip stitch
  3. Chain 14

woolhogs, vinnis coloursvinnis colours, woolhogs


Row 1. SC in the first 11 stitches (leaving 3 at the end – these will become the little beaded tail)

Row 2. Turn work (but don’t chain 1) * Work 6 DC in the first stitch, sl stitch in next *First petal made.

vinnis colours, woolhogs

Repeat between * another 5 times to the end and fasten off

vinnis colours, bambiIdentiDasies, woolhogs, vinnis colours

See how the work naturally want to coil?!

Lastly – at the bead end – weave the tail in between the original 3 chains to give it some firmness. Sew the other end along the base line too.

IdentiDaisie, Vinnis Colours, woolhogs

They natural coil means they simply fit onto the base of a wine glass without needing to be secured.

Whip up another 5 of these little babies and you have yourself a full set of IdentiDaisies (the term, appropriately termed by Krystal)

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi


I call theses Summer Fruits (just to be childish – and because I am OCD like that). Orange, Plum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana and Apple. See!


woolhogsvinnis colours, bambi


woolhogs, vinnis colours


And there you have it….Roll on Summer!

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, these may brighten up your chilly evenings – either way, give them a go.

Clink Clink!

Warning. Can cause Inspiration. Side effects include the urge to replicate.

Where the heck did Summer go? Hello from a cold, blowy, rainy Cape Town…a place famous for having “4 seasons in a day”.

We have another two entries into the Made It challenge and boy oh boy, they are Goooooood!

Rene from Living in Sunny South Africa – who is a machine, by the way  – has entered this absolutely beautiful summer cardi.  I love it and am inspired to attempt to make one, as I’m sure you all are!

This months entry from our lovely Rainbow Junkie is this super stylish Peg Bag – doing the laundry just got a whole lot better…and a stack more glamourous!!!


Thank you so much ladies 🙂

That’s 9 entries so far – If you  haven’t entered yet and are wondering if this is the month for you to do it?

It is 🙂

Just a reminder of what’s up for grabs…

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

Ta Da! Jill from Nice Piece of Work is giving away one of her gorgeous mirrors.

I am running off now assemble my post for the Made It – yes, yes…I have actually finished!

Catch you later

As alway, click below to enter!

made it challenge

Where in Cape Town…It’s Springtime!

You know it’s Spring in Cape Town by the number of smiling faces. We are simple just not cut out for the cold, grey, rainy, miserable weather that we are forced to endure for…well, um….for about 9ish weeks of the whole year!  But still….the promise of summer and all its wonderfulness is just too much excitement to contain.

Woolhogs on Boulders Beach

I mean, come on…we live on the coast, dotted with stunning beach after stunning beach. It’s hard not to get super excited and a little crazy when the sun comes out (even just a little) and the blue water beckons – brag brag brag!!!

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at Boulders Beach, Simons Town

My family and I got up early(ish) yesterday morning and decided to hit the beach in honour of it being 2nd September – officially the second day of Spring!!! Boulders Beach is arguable the most beautiful in Cape Town and is situated in Simons Town, near the tip of the South Peninsula and en route to Cape Point Nature Reserve

Besides that the beach is wonderfully sheltered and private, it’s most famous for its colony of African Penguins which roam freely and are closely protected. What an incredible experience for the kids to see such beautiful creatures up close. In fact, I missed the photo opportunity of the year – as we arrived through the gates we were greeted by a group of about 10-12 penguins just wandering up the path. No fear of us that’s for sure – they own the place after all!

woolhogs at boulders beach, penguins

The kids had fun exploring and running up, down, under and through the gaps made by the enormous boulders that are everywhere.

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons town

We had a picnic…

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town    woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town


And what would an outing be with out a spot of crochet, eh?!

Vinnis colours, elle premier cotton        Vinnis colours        vinnis colours, woolhogs


Ahem…ok, so I didn’t actually do much any crocheting…but I wanted to…we were just having too much fun!

woolhogs woolhogswoolhogs, vinnis colourswoolhogs

Miss you Sarah

Eternity…Sarah Ann Ralph

“Made It” challenge – August, we have a winner!!!

…who is it going to be, strutting her stuff down the red carpet? hmmmm……

well, who is it??????

Winner of the Made It challenge…..

Its none other than…..


*********      RENE from Living in Sunny South Africa   **********  for her beautifully knitted shawl!!!!  If you haven’t been to visit this lovely lady yet, do so NOW – inspiration guaranteed!!!!

Congrats Rene! Thank you for taking part – we all look forward to more, more, more of your wonderfulness!

I also want to thank each and every one of you for taking part, sharing your incredible creativity and for your friendship and inspiration. I am, once again, overwhelmed and encouraged by your participation and am so grateful that we get to share in each other’s day to day projects and aspirations…..Awesome!!!

Ok ok, mushiness over!

I am extending the invitation for anyone of you (whether you have taken part or not) to become the HOST of next month’s challenge. I am very happy to continue to host the Made It, but if you are keen to be the next bearer of this….

then please email me at maryanne@woolhogs.co.za…it’s a great way to connect with your blog followers (plus I will be here every step to make sure that you know what to do!!)

Love Maryanne