October MADE IT challenge – PARP! It’s Grace, the Amazing Foxy Medallion Penguin in Lacy Wrist Warmers lying on a Chevron Cushion with a Snowflake Pokemon Headband. Ha!

…and if you can make sense of that, you’re a genius (forgive me, I had a few minutes to spare)

Hello & welcome to our fist October Made It show and tell, whoop whoop! I’m absolutely loving the entries and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the posts too – very entertaining!

It’s been a tough week on the home front with very nearly losing my stepdad. He has a pre-existing lung disease (COPD, it’s horrible) and was admitted to ICU about a week ago with flu. This is routine procedure so we weren’t too concerned. However, he suddenly took an almighty turn for the worse,  and barely breathing, he pretty much told us he was letting go. As you can imagine, it was devastating for the family and my brother and sister started making plans to come home. I was so mad that he could possible go in a hospital room! How he made it through that night, I don’t know but what really blew us away was that he almost miraculously started getting better the next day and just kept on getting stronger and stronger. Even his doc was amazed. You can imagine how overjoyed we were when he came home yon Sunday, looking better than he had in ages!

So it’s with a very happy, light and grateful heart that I show off our first batch of entries…enjoy

First up are oooodles of entries by O’Noodles!


Medallion Scarf by O’Noodles


Snowflakes by O’Noodles


Lacy Wrist Warmers

The first 3 gorgeous entries are from JIll from O’Noodles who, might I add, is not only super crazy talented and fun, she is also waaaaaaay ahead of the crowd and serves as a warning to the rest of us tardy folk that Christmas (gulp) is just a few weeks away. Eeeeeeek!  Her beautiful & exquisitely crocheted snowflakes are definitely something I’d like to try…..in about a gazillion years when I’ve had enough practice! Please click on each pic for a visit  to Jill’s posts for links to the patterns for her stunning medallion scarf  – which is super stylish – and her equally chic & elegant lacy wrist warmers.  Looks like both these items can easily be worn all year round, my kinda accessories! Thank Jill ♥


mew (1)

Pokemon by Vuchickens


Penguin by Vuchickens

We are once again spoilt with these absolutely beautiful visuals! Oooooooh how gorgeous are these delicious creatures!? Melissa from Vuchickens gets parent of the century award in my book, and I say this not because of the number of times her amazing creations take my breath away, but also for the gentle and wonderful way she has with her children. I wiped a tear or two while reading about this pink little Pokemon (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) who was made to cheer the kiddies up after losing a pet.  And just when my heart was nicely warmed, in walks Penguin to send me over the edge! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat and scarf ♥



A warm welcome back to last month’s winner YAY!

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs has entered these beautiful, trendy headbands. If you don’t already follow her blog, please do yourself a favour and stop by for a visit – your head will spin with excitement at all her amazing makes. Elena is busy with a very wonderful and highly relevant campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness in honour of her friend and these headbands are part of her Amazing Grace series of free patterns. If you’d like to make & donate to this cause, please get in touch. It’d be greatly appreciated ♥




Pillow Talk By Sewing Beside The Sea

Oh dear, everyone who knows me know I have a MAJOR thing for stripes and polka dots (if you don’t believe me, here’s a quick pic of my handbag…)

Photo (30)

hey? didn’t I tell ya!

…And the answer is YES.  I did almost fall over with ♥ excitement ♥ when I saw these awesome cushions by the lovely Avis from Sewing Beside The Sea. I had to laugh when she said they don’t match with anything in her house but “who cares”!! I couldn’t agree more. AND not only can you ogle over these babies, you can also follow the fabulous step by step photo tutorial to make some for yourself. WAHOOOO!



Foxy by Nice Piece Of Work


Baby Elephant

Is it happening to you too? Are you also avidly following Jill from Nice Piece Of Work‘s blog, waiting for the telltale title and trying to guess which gorgeous cuddly little animal beanie is going to be next?!!!! Foxy and Ellie join a very cool cotton (‘xcuse the pun) family: piggy, tiger, koala, penguin, hedgehog, panda and Mamma Jill won’t be stopped until she has 100 in her brood! ♥


I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the collection so far! Now all you have to do is ADD YOURS!

Happy Making 

Love Maryanne

made it

You can click here too!


September Made It – Doh meddy amaythin noo entries

Can du tel I dod da flu?

After a week of three ickie kiddies, I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded flu!!! Arrrg, so very inconsiderate of them to all be on the mend on this beautiful Spring, sunny day  while I have my turn to feel like a miserable, snotty lump of mess. Hmmmm…..on second thoughts my lovely hubby is now taking them out of the house for some much needed fresh air so maybe, just mayyyyyybe, it means some quite time? Woohoo, not so bad after all!

So before I crawl back into my nice warm, quite bed, I wanted to share all the latest entries with you. You will be delighted, as i am, to see lots of familiar faces and a fab newbie too…and boy oh boy, creativity just keeps getting better and better!

Lemme give you some of this months collection stats so far.

128 views, 26 links, 123 clicks – and it’s only the halfway through WOOP WOOP!!

So, I hope you don’t mind that I’m just posting pics & links this week as my brains is simply being quite rude and insisting I go to sleep. I know you’ll have a blast scrolling down & visiting all these lovely blogs. OOOOH, and before I go, I’m sure you’ll want to  know what’s up for grabs as this month’s prize??

buglets prize

Yip, the lucky winner will have themselves some stunning originals, so kindly donated by Barbara of Buglets by Barbs which will be made and sent shortly after the winner is announced (hence no pic of the actual prize). To view Barbara’s beautiful & totally wantable products and unique style, pop over and visit BUGLETS on Facebook. Gorgeous, don’t ya think!

Here are the next 15 entries…

Spotty Scarf by Pigtails

Skinny Scarf by Pigtails

Necklace by Pigtails 

Pigtails of Pigtails!


Rainbow Coasters by Rainbow Junkie

Jane from Rainbow Junkie


  5 of the Best iPad/Tablet Case Tutorials by VickyMyersCreations

Vicky from Vicky Myers Creations

tiny knitted C3PO and R2D2

Star Wars by Vu Chickens

Melissa from Vu Chicken

Crochet Childrens Booties by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs

Crochet Scarf by Hav2Havz

Crochet Bags by Hav2Havz

Rene fron Hav2Havz

Crochet Necklace by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny

Crochet Basket From All Things Moz

Moz from All Things Moz

09052013 010

Slipper Socks by DaniellaJoe

Patricia from DaniellaJoe

Transformed Army Jacket by ONoodles

What Can You Do With a Bag of Ducks?! by ONoodles

Jill from ONoodles


cover 1

Summer Shoulder Wrap

Jill from Nice Piece Of Work

June Made It – And we’re off!

Hello and welcome to the June Made It challenge!!!

I’ve had a hectic, fun-filled, busy week with work (yeah, day jobs!!),  plus I’m doing a course this entire weekend (will fill you in later) and (as usual) have left everything to the last minute!!! I hope you will forgive me –  I thought about not posting this post until Monday, but it just seems way too long to wait to ogle over all the fabulous entries we have so far. So,  instead of my usual style of introducing each entry (my absolute favourite part of the challenge) I thought that you’d probably prefer to see what’s “on offer” this month!

So here are the wonderful entries to the challenge so far – please click on the photos to take you to the original posts

Donkey Beanie by Calypso Crochet

Balloon Animals by MillieOnHerWorld

Balloon Animals by MilleOnHerWorld

Cotton Brimmed Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Bead Tassles by Nice Piece Of Work

Forget Me Nots by Jill O’Noodles

Chevron Bag by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Hippie Chic Crochet Bag by Angella Dee Designs

Monster Hats by Creative Granny

Summer Skimmer Slippers by Beatrice Ryan Designs

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

Pixie’s Pet Poodle by Vuchickens

How FANTASTIC are these!!!

Thank you ALL so much for entering, I am soooooo looking forward to the next batch of entries. Have a super weekend



made it

May Made It – Ten more tantalising entries!

Thank you all for your much appreciated, thought provoking feedback and comments in response to the question I asked about the Made It Challenge’s winner procedure – I love that you all took a little time to give it some thought.

I am still mulling over one of two things BUT am pretty sure I know what I’m going to do….but you will have to wait until the start of next month’s challenge to hear all about it. (Yeah I know, I know, I mean like that). June’s Made It is going to be lots of FUN and I will launch our “same same, but different” challenge just after the winner of May is announced. This month’s winner will be randomly drawn on the 31st so there’s still a good few days to get your LINK in!

The reason I have been holding off with telling you what the prize is….is because I am waiting for a delivery. In the meantime, here is a clue!


Right, as always, let’s get busy ooooohing, ahhhhhing and wowing! Look how awesome the collection is looking for far…


(I’m still waiting for InLinkz to make it possible to insert the live collection into the  blog – if anyone knows if it can be done, I want to hear from you!!)



Faery Hedgepig by Just Joan

Heehee I absolutely LOVE this deliciously cute Faery HedgePig by Joan of Just Joan – this is my kind of toy…that hair!!! This is Joan’s first entry into the Made It, woohooo! Make sure you go and visit her blog & say hello – its filled with all things crochet & colour…



Pom Pom Hat by Crochet with Tamara

Another newcomer to the Made It but no stranger to us crochet bloggers is the wonderful Tamara of Crochet with Tamara!!!! Tamara’s blog has got to be one of the most heartwarming one’s I’ve come across – so down-to-earth and generous. It’s truly an honour to be given such a glimpse into one’s everyday life. And can she crochet!!!!! Just check out these Pom Poms...



Pixie by VuChickens

*** WARNING ***

Do.Not.Click.On.This.LINK…unless of course you are seated, have lots of time, have good craft-self-esteem and someone to pick your jaw up off the table. All I’m going to say is…..that hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEAL*

(ps. Oh and Melissa,…Jonah is not playing with the doll, he’s going to clone her into his future wife!!)



Pretty Flowers by Jill

If you love your regular dose of Laughs, Crochet and Off-The-Cuff Life all in one, then you are already a follower of Jill from Nice Piece of Work! If not, you are clearly in the need of cheering up! Check out these beautiful colourful cotton crochet flowers – they are part of an ongoing project that Jill began here and we are all waiting to see the final Ta-Dah!



Greenwood Bag by ONoodles

Our other Jill from ONoodles has made this exquisite retro Greenwood Bag made from leftovers…yip STASH BUSTING, YAY!!!I love colours, they go so well together and really give the bad it’s vintage feel.


These next FABULOUS FOUR entries are from Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs!


Spring Time Face Cloths by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Flower Cleansing Pads by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Twisted Stitched Coffee Cozy by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Spiral Door Handle Baskets by Beatrice Ryan Designs

WOW, my head spin with her speed and creativity!

Click on each photo to see each of her posts where you will find some interesting links to patterns – while you are there, have a good look around for tons of inspiration!



Upcycling by Mtetar

…and while we are on the subject of head-spinners! I am a bit gobsmacked at what Mtetar can do with jeans!!!! Once again, I find myself daydreaming about being able to sew – I have tons and tons of old jeans around just waiting to be transformed! Please make sure you visit Projects by Mtetar for not only more info on this fine skirt, but also a load more magically made items!


And there you have it!