My Best Friends’ Wedding

I have written this post a thousand times in my head (waiting for the photos to finally arrive!) and I suddenly find myself with a huge lump in my throat. It seems that words will just not do.

How do I describe the wedding of my best friend to the love of her life, the man who was waiting for her, her “twin flame”?

I can’t.




943683_10151413166615840_1603336758_n479858_10151413177355840_1572818476_n316298_10151413168530840_88459338_n485615_10151413173050840_989768571_n248029_10151413172560840_1750662031_n197746_10151413177820840_306696460_n320708_10151413176580840_1782970525_n944822_10151413181285840_442366140_n431928_10151417656875840_2097369977_n48054_10151413235155840_1551710535_n 190409_10151413184240840_1216849098_n 525243_10151413182695840_82728543_n 922867_10151413165565840_776001580_n 943023_10151413258815840_774016103_n 945445_10151413184885840_446557625_n 945984_10151417663155840_349393642_n


25 thoughts on “My Best Friends’ Wedding

  1. Oh, those photos are beautiful! The black and white ones seem so perfect, they all do! I love the crafty ideas in that, with the crochet name places, and the little notes as bunting. Absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Omigoodness Maryanne! What a beautiful heartwarming post about our magical day! Thank you! You brought tears to my eyes all over again! ..What my amazing friend never mentioned what that she selflessly made 60 crocheted gorgeous daisies for all the wine glasses, angelically delivered the most incredible speech,was a pillar of strength by my side the entire time and was gorgeous helpful bridesmaid that exceeded her bridesmaid ‘duties’ tenfold and yes she does have the most amazing legs too! Thank you my BFF xx I love you longtime

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