Made It challenge – Nice piece of work!

Not just a nice piece of work – it’s made by Jill from Nice Piece of Work!

Look what our fellow Capetonian (eek, so excited) whipped up for us all to be inspired by:

 A beautiful knitted bag which has inspired (once again) to give knitting another go!

You can view her post here

What makes it even better is that is Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday today!!!

What an incredible man – Happy Birthday Madiba xxx

Click on Froggy to see all our entries SO FAR!!!!

Come on, it’s not too late!!!

4 thoughts on “Made It challenge – Nice piece of work!

    • Thank you so much Ray, we loved having you here and appreciate all your LIKES. You have certainly left a your beautiful mark on our blog!!! Look forward to your next visit…better go and add some new things to see!

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