“Made It” challenge – More Entries!

Hello Lovelies

We have another 2 gorgeous entries into the Made It challenge! YAY…

I have to admit, I am LOVING being part of this awesome online community of creative, inspirational (yes I that word a lot but I mean it, so there) and truly warm bunch of people. When I first signed up for a blog a few short months ago –  just so I could have a URL to enter a challenge like this – I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that we would still be here, 103 followers later (!!!!!!! woohoooo) and having made the wonderful new friends we have made.

What I’m really trying to say is THANK YOU! Thank you for all the funny, educational, interesting and (uh oh, wait for it…..) inspirational posts – I love reading them and only wish for more time to get through them all! Thank you for all your comments, encouragement and friendship. And thank you for getting involved with the Made It challenge, I sincerely hope you are having as much fun as we are!!!

WHOA, ok ok…before this get even more soppy, here are the 2 new entries……

This first one is from the lovely Kayleigh over at Kakescrafts – her Teddy is one of the cutest ones I’ve seen (the stripes do it for me!)


Cuuuuute hey! You can view how this sweet little guy came into the world here

The next entrant comes with a little story….Robyn was one of Woolhogs first customers – she purchased some pure, local Merino wool – natural in colour with a turquoise fleck running through it – it’s really beautiful. Anyway, a couple of weeks later and unbeknown to Vicky or I, there was an article in one of our local newspapers (the biggest one!) and our little shop got a mention. Turns out that Robyn is the assistant editor of the publication and she did a little crafty article about a couple of new finds, wooohooooo!!!

During our correspondence I has asked her to send me a pic of what she was knitting and what she sent back is a MUST for the Made It!

This stunning Bandana Cowl was made for her friend Tammy who is a Cape Town surfer. The pattern can her viewed here  Lucky Tammy!

Thank you so much ladies

Oh…i WILL have my entry finished this weekend. I started something, hated it, scraped it, and another idea came my way courtesy of my little one…Let’s just say that it’s something to do with…catching dreams

Night Night!

Ps, for those who would like to enter, there is still time!!!! here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

7 thoughts on ““Made It” challenge – More Entries!

  1. Congratulations on your 100+ followers – how exciting! I’m very glad you stumbled into blogging 🙂 I love reading your posts, and thanks for opening up space to show off the work of others too. One day I’ll get organised enough to contribute something! 🙂

    • Thank you Laura!!!! Means the world…:) I have been playing with your buttons today and musing about my next project (my youngest daughter seems to think that your buttons are HERS! I will allow her to at least help me then!!!) Thanks again for your lovely comments xxx

      • Ooo, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the buttons! Keep an eye on them though – one or two may disappear and mysteriously end up in your daughter’s possession!

  2. Over 100 followers? Wow!
    I tried to enter this months challenge, but it crashed partway through. Apparently my link is already listed or something similar. My fingers are crossed that it worked!

  3. A bad habit of mine is that I read all my emails on my phone before I go to bed…the worst part is that I reply to emails with childlike enthusiasm only to discover the next morning that none of them went through – it’s becuase I am a techno-idiot!!! I see now that my response to your submission didn’t go through either arrgggg. Thank you so much! Your link was perfect and your jewellery is STUNNING!!!!!

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