Fiiiiiinally I have an entry into the Made It challenge!

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi

Not too long ago, my sister-in-law Krystal asked me to make her some crocheted flowers for wine glasses – you know the little thingies that identify whose glass is whose. At the time I filed it under WGTIS (Will Get To It, Sometime) in my brain with all good intentions of getting there.

Yesterday, Vicky and I had tiny table at one of the local schools Spring Fair so for the past week I have been frantically making odds and ends to display alongside our yarn. For us it was an opportunity to give our Woolhogs Online yarn shop some publicity (see, I just shamelessly did it again heehee). Just for the record…I take my hat off to all of you that sell your products at markets. The stress is enormous and the time spent making stuff seems endless!!! Thank heavens we mainly sell yarn as I think I would seriously give it up as a bad idea.

Woolhogs market vinnis colourswoolhogs, elle premier cottons woolhogs crochet flowers vinnis colours, woolhogs

Anyway, I wanted to make a few flowers so naturally I went to Lucy for some inspiration – her May Rose pattern is so sweet and her tutorials are good enough for even the newest of newbies to grasp. I must be honest, my attempt to roll and sew it to resemble a rose made me want to fling my hook at something – my shortcoming, nothing to do with the pattern. But after a deep breath and a second attempt I discovered that the unrolled work looked a lot like the flower wine glass thingies I had envisioned. Eureka!!!!

So, I fiddled and fumbled but finally tweaked it so that I got what I was hoping for. Here it is

  • I used Vinnis Colours Bambi which is a 70% cotton 30% bamboo blend and a 4mm hook
  • SC = US Single Crochet DC = US Double Crochet
  1. Thread a bead onto your yarn (not the easiest thing in the world! I used very thin wire and used it like one would use a needle threaders – bend wire, insert into bead, thread yarn through the “eye” and yank hard)
  2. Secure the bead with a slip stitch
  3. Chain 14

woolhogs, vinnis coloursvinnis colours, woolhogs


Row 1. SC in the first 11 stitches (leaving 3 at the end – these will become the little beaded tail)

Row 2. Turn work (but don’t chain 1) * Work 6 DC in the first stitch, sl stitch in next *First petal made.

vinnis colours, woolhogs

Repeat between * another 5 times to the end and fasten off

vinnis colours, bambiIdentiDasies, woolhogs, vinnis colours

See how the work naturally want to coil?!

Lastly – at the bead end – weave the tail in between the original 3 chains to give it some firmness. Sew the other end along the base line too.

IdentiDaisie, Vinnis Colours, woolhogs

They natural coil means they simply fit onto the base of a wine glass without needing to be secured.

Whip up another 5 of these little babies and you have yourself a full set of IdentiDaisies (the term, appropriately termed by Krystal)

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi


I call theses Summer Fruits (just to be childish – and because I am OCD like that). Orange, Plum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana and Apple. See!


woolhogsvinnis colours, bambi


woolhogs, vinnis colours


And there you have it….Roll on Summer!

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, these may brighten up your chilly evenings – either way, give them a go.

Clink Clink!


34 thoughts on “IdentiDaisies

  1. I wish I could make these little flowery things, they’re so pretty! I’m reading your tutorial and I’m sure it’s pretty simple but for someone like me, I’m still trying to decode —yarn and beard are the things I’m familiar with, and that’s about it 😦 lol

  2. What a lovely post!!! Your little flower thingies are so cute! Love the look of your stall! Wish I could have been there, I would have bought lots of yarn! Enjoy the public holiday today! πŸ™‚

  3. Brilliant! I love them and will no doubt be having a go at them very soon. Well done for getting something finished for the challenge… Not sure I’m going to manage it this time 😦 but like Arnie says… I’ll be baaaaaaccckkkk!!

    • Thanks Trish! Don’t worry at all – Gosh, I am just so shocked at how you and some others make so many wonderful things…and them some….in such a short period. I look forward to your next offering xxx

  4. Maryanne you are like a magic lady, you can translate any idea into pattern language, how on Earth do you do it!!! And you have photographic finesse too you are seriously UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    • Ahhh thank you so much for reblogging this! I have been meaning to tweak it a little (after having just made 60 of them for my sister-in-laws wedding!) so if you want a variation… here goes:

      Add charm/bead and secure in place with a slip knot
      Chain 13
      Turn (don’t chain one)
      Single crochet in the next 12 stitches
      Turn (don’t chain one)
      Slip stitch into the first stitch
      Double Crochet into the second stitch, then 5 Triple Crochet into the SAME stitch (first petal made)
      Slip stitch into the next stitch
      *Triple Crochet 6 times into the next stitch (second petal made)
      Slip stitch into the next*
      Triple Crochet into the next stitch 5 times
      Chain 2
      Slip stitch into the last stitch (this effectively makes a little button-hole to secure the bead or charm to)
      Finish off and sew in ends


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