The Christmas Made It – Entries Galore!

Good morning!

I am thoroughly enjoying having my nephew here from Northern Ireland and we’ve been having a blast – so far these holidays we’ve been:

to the beach a few times
stuffing our faces everyday
swimming, swimming & more swimming (hopefully making up for stuffing our faces)
for a walk &  picnic to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
stand-up paddling at Silvermine Nature Reserve dam
talking “selfies”
out with friends
and generally having a whole lotta fun! 

unnamed (3)

My boy on the beach


My girls in the pool

unnamed (4)

“Selfie with Daughter”

My nephew won’t let me take photos of him, so I snuck with one in, heehee….

isaac 1

ok, he was actually helping my son!

Next adventure is a 6 day camping holiday after Christmans YAY!

♥ ♥ ♥


All is now OK back in the land of the Made It….Jill, we missed you so much, WELCOME HOME


Hellllooooooo Carol, who’s looking even more gorgeous on this stylish crocheted * in luscious* pink beret made by Jill from Nice Piece Of Work. If you’ve been following the previous posts you will know that there was a worry that it was going to waaaay to big but as usual, the Queen Of The Beret pulled it off perfectly – how’s that stunning ribbed effect?!!!   Ps, LOVE the photo-bombed pic heehee

210-blanketonbed (1)

Cottage Garden Blanket by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Finally, in all is stupendous glory, is Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner‘s CAL Cottage Garden blanket! After all those beautiful squares, the hours of dedication, the joining &  the sheer ability to construct such an enormous project, it has turned out fantastically well! I love this pic too, it somehow reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting of his room – it looks so vibrant. Click on the link (or the pic)  to the post where there’s a close up photo of the edging. The beautiful leaf pattern all around is Jane’s own design and finishes off the blanket perfectly


Snowflake by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another of Jane’s snowflakes.  A simple, beautiful design and easy pattern….this little snowflake will soon be joined by many more to become a table cloth! What a great idea, I cannot wait to see it progression and completion. Again, please read the post as Jane is asking to any ideas on how to best join them together. Enjoy!


Santa Hat with Detachable Beard by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Heehee LOVE IT! This super cute & cheeky Santa hat should come standard with all new  Dads – how much easier can we possibly make it for them ‘eh! Once again, the lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs shows us how talented she is and of course, generous too with tons of free patterns on offer.


Pineapple Doily by Cafe Crochet

I’m thrilled to welcome back J.G of Cafe Crochet this month and once again I’m in awe of her beautiful work. And like we’ve come to expect from this cafe, we’ve been dished up another  delicious projects – a Pineapple Doily in the mostly yummy colour (which I personally think is much nicer than the original pattern  – softer on the palette &  totally satisfying!)


Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl by Crafty Crusader

Woohoooo, our newest newbie! A warm WELCOME to the Crafty Crusader and her truly Scintillating Cabled Glamour Cowl. Not only was I blown away by the close up of this gorgeous cowl (wow, the stitching is stunning  & the sparkles so ….*swoon* ), I also giggled my way through her  post – love her style, my kinda gal! Oh, and if you wondering what “grafting in the pattern” was, (I totally wasn’t,  uh uh, never) there’s a great link too

Enjoy browsing –  be back soon

Love Maryanne


made it

~The Prize~

Dec Prize

October MADE IT challenge – Another dose of magical entries


Hope you are all having as wonderful week as I am….did I say that out loud. Yes, it’s been awesome. Stress free,  productive, busy….and it’s only Wednesday phew! I am really loving all the brilliant entries that are pouring in this month (hence why I am so behind in posting about them). So far we have 43, yip FORTY THREE entries and counting. Wahoooooo, this is going to be a record-breaking month, I’m sure of it!

Next in we have the lovely Millie from Millie On Her World who is back (yipee) again with two very delicious entries.



For those who’ve been following the Made It, you will know then that Millie and Cupcakes are pretty much synonymous! The swirl on the “cupcap” is particularly scrumptious – and there’s a tutorial too! And all that teeny tiny fruit and veg and BISCUITS…eeek, I have a real thing for miniatures too. WOW,  I’ve never really known anyone who has actually made any so I  super impressed!



The Blooming Flower by Cafe Crochet

Stashes. We all have them but what do we reallllly do with them? Thank you so much J.G from Cafe Crochet for painting a beautiful picture of what a stash (or tiny part of) can blossom into. The colours are gorgeous, very Spring-like and of course the petals are perfect for using up all  those small leftovers. My sad-looking couch could use a few of these happy Blooming Flower cushions to liven things up! Sigh, my “must -do ” list is growing yet again



The Birthday Girl’s Sweater by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Amazing Grace Headband by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Ahhhhh how cute! I adore this little sweater, complete with colourful “pleats” made by Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs for her little granddaughter – Happy Birthday sweetie pie!. Goodness gracious though, I am have no idea how she (and so many of you crochet-machines) manage to make so many amazing things in such a short time. And speaking of AMAZING, please visit Elena’s Amazing Grace posts where you will find these beautiful headbands and more in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and get involved if you can.

* I have to add something important here…On the topic of breast cancer awareness, I have personally not used regular deodorant for over three weeks now (most are known to contain parabens and other dangerous chemicals which have been detected in cancerous breast tissue). The only thing I’ve use is BICARBONATE OF SODA, yip REGULAR ‘OLE BAKING SODA – literally slapped on dry!!!  I’d been on the look out for ways to avoid my teenage daughter from having to use dangerous cosmetics and body product and came across this while searching the web. It’s been working 100% perfectly. It doesn’t stop one from sweating (that’s unnatural) but there’s been no odours at all. Anyway, I had to share so do yourself a huge favour and give it a try *



Lonely Tree Shawl by Kake’s Crafts

I’ve heard plenty things about blocking but I can honestly say that except for one super interesting post by Alice of Knitnrun4sanity, I’ve hardly paid any attention whatsoever. Until now that is. This stunningly beautiful shawl made by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts looked fab in her first image but just came to life after it was blocked! The detail is so so beautiful, don’t you think!



Knitting Needle Case by Love, Lucie

When I grow up (hahahahahahhahahaha) I want to be just like Lucie from Love, Lucie. I go a little weak at the knees when I see such lovely orderliness & beautifully stitched up packages of crisp, totally wantable fabric in which things (that I would normally cram drawers/boxes/annoying people) fit perfectly into. I then want to cry because I know I could never EVER sew like this, nor be even 1% as organised for that matter. Love love love it Lucie!!!



I’m over the moon to introduce a new member to the Made It challenge! Welcome Susan from Susan’s Musing and thank you for joining in. Ok, sit down….Susan finished this amazing (the colours are sensational, aren’t they) Lucy– inspired Blue Waves Blanket in less than FOUR WEEKS, while working of other projects. AND it’s a gift!!!  I don’t think I’d be able part with such a master piece myself heehee. Amazing.

Thank you all who have entered so far! I’ll be back in a day or two with more

Love Maryanne


made it

You can click here too!

July Made It – A Lace Collar, a Cupcake and Bunting!

Good morning! Today’s Made It update is brought to you from the comfort of my bed!!! Its just after 8 and I have no intention of leaving my warm comfy pillows for the next hour – this is my reward time now that the kids are back to school. Now, let me just yell for some coffee…and toast?

Right,  let’s see what new lovely entries are in the mix.

Cupcake Pouch by Mille On Her World

Hello again to the lovely Millie! Keeping in with this month theme of “Things that make you go … YUM” (and there’s plenty of it too) is this delightfully delicious Cupcake Pouch made by Mille On Her World. How cute are those Polka dots?!!! Do you remember Millie’s dress that she whipped up for her holiday? The Cupcake dress? Well, this little accessory is just as gorgeous. Millie has included a brilliant tutorial too so go and have an ogle 🙂



Broomstick Lace Collar by Cafe Crochet

I love the synchronicity that you find when you have a look at the collections as a whole. Some months will have lots of the same elements or colour schemes – and here again we have some more YUM Polka dots. Isn’t this button just the perfect finish to a most beautiful, more delicate and luxurious looking collar – a little splash of whimsy in an otherwise vintage style garment! So happy to welcome back to J.G from Cafe Crochet with her wonderful Broomstick Lace Collar finished off in the cutest picots.



Crochet Bunting by Rainbow Junkie Corner

Another warm welcome back to Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner – you’ve been sorely missed! I must be the only person on planet earth never to have made bunting and whenever I see some I go into a bit of a “must make must make” panic – I love them. This time is no exception! These commissioned granny triangles are so well made (and even starched!) and look quite amazing in this colour scheme – I think I’m going to give these babies a try…


If you are reading this and haven’t entered the Made It challenge before then THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!! There’s still plenty of time to enter and this wonderful prize, so kindly sponsored by Tamara from Crochet With Tamara, is up for grabs



made it


June Made It – Feast your eyes

Hello all your creative-Goddess-types!

Hope you are all enjoying mid year (yes, MID YEAR) sun or snow – although from what I hear, some who are supposed to be seeing the sun, are definitely are not seeing the sun!

We’ve actually had a bit of both – which is really odd as South Africa very rarely sees snow and most certainly hardly EVER in Cape Town’s city center!


It must have been snowing because my hubby finally agreed to a new puppy. Meet the newest member of your family – Koco the teensy weesny Mini Daschund. I don’t think I have to tell you who now rules the house. Seriously, it’s like having a new born baby all over again!


Another rare sight in our side of the land are this stunning flock of flamingos that have taken up residence in Kommetjie, a beautiful seaside fishing village just up the road from me. They are incredibly graceful and beautiful creatures…




Well, I am delighted to show you the next beautiful bunch of entries to the Made It challenge.  It’s halfway through June and the collection is looking INCREDIBLE, so much talent out there and I’ve a feeling there’s a lot more to come too! By the way, you may have noticed that InLinkz also has had a make over – I have to say that I’m still trying to find my way around (it’s a little confusing) so if there are any hiccups, please let me know!


sam_19741 (1)

‘Big Top Tea Cosy’ by Jill ONoodles

Jill from O’Noodles   has entered this gorgeous, pom pom-adorned   Big Top Tea Cozy! There’s just something about pom poms, don’t you think! What I love most about Jill’s blog is that it’s always filled to the brim with wonderful colourful pics of all her work…have a look at this post with her stall – bursting with happiness.



“Maddie’s Infinity Scarf” by Measured and Slow

A warm welcome back to  Alyssa from Measured & Slow with this beautiful, snug looking  Maddie’s Infinity Scarf  knitted in the most luxurious yarn *drool*.  Her photos are amazing and always look so inviting. Oh, keep an eye out for the pattern for this scarf, coming soon.

I have to laugh, I think I may have as many sister-in-laws as you do Alyssa – 5 in total!!!



“Dragon Ribs” Hat by Nice Piece of Work

I’m still giggling at this post about “seaweed” and if you haven’t read it, DO SO NOW! So after that kind of experience, you can understand Jill from Nice Piece of Work wanting do make something that’s quick and easy. My ears prick up when I hear “quick & easy” (no, not in that way tut tut) so this  Dragon Ribs hat is sooooo up my alley. I WANT ONE! Love the chunky yarn & the colours…Jill posted a link to the pattern too



“Still Daisy” by Crochethome

Ahhhhh….if the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” is true, then Nela from Crochethome  can post picture after picture after picture… How beautiful is this Still Daisy dishcloth? If you haven’t already, pop over and have a browse around her blog- it’s serenity is captivating. And inspiration? WOW


img_0623 (1)

“Doilies” by Crochet Cafe

I am soooo inspired by this beautiful crocheted doily by J.G from Cafe Crochet. In her post, J.G speaks about doilies as being an easier project to tackle…well, to me it looks like the most difficult thing to do!!! I absolutely adore this doily with the little “pineapples” – so delicate and intricate!  This pattern is a freebie and she has very kindly posted a link so do check it out!


wpid-img_20130610_082924_601 (1)

“Big Girl Bonnet” by Beatrice Ryan Designs

The lovely Elena from Beatrice Ryan Designs   has submitted another of her stunning   Big Girl Bonnet. I love the chunky stitches,the cute button, the trendy look and that colour….GORGEOUS!!! Looking forward to seeing what’s next *rubs hands in glee*



The wonderful WONDERFUL Jill from Nice Piece Of Work has not just donated, but has made this months fabulous prize…and they’ve been a big hit on the blog

2 x BEADED TASSLES sets for the lucky winner to enjoy! Thanks Jill

                                                      Photo (10)  Photo (9)



Click on Froggy to ADD YOUR LINK!

made it

(I know, I’m a tease!) The WINNER is…


*** Congrats to J.G Burdette from Crochet Cafe ***




 Your Baby Aviator’s Hat is a wonderful & worthy winner 


Huge thanks to everyone who entered & voted, we’ve had such a fantastic response this month & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of new people – what FUN

J.G, I’ll be in touch for your address – enjoy your prize!

Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% Merino in Cream
2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink